Will WAKR be broadcasting the Cleveland Indian games starting July 23, 2020?
Will WAKR, 1590 AM, be broadcasting the Cleveland Indian baseball games during the 60 game season starting July 23, 2020?
I am loving the music being broadcast. It has been said that "music soothes the savage beast" and I feel that WAKR is playing what is relaxing in this stressful time. I mention your WAKR to everyone I talk with. Please continue.😀 mm
Nothing yet about Bob Friend; "My Boyfriend" and the "Dream Machine"? I listened to him when I was a child in the '60s and still enjoyed listening to him until he retired. He was a very nice person when I met him in person too. RIP Bob, you are missed on the air! God bless and condolences to his family.
Hello child of God… With the coronavirus. we are going through tough times, but God is with us. Keep washing your hands, but most of all keep praying. Here are two great poems from the book “I LOVE GOD by Gregory St. James Mundy Please enjoy and share with anyone you know may benefit from them God Bless. Hard Times Have you ever felt like the whole world was on your shoulders? Like everyone was out to get you and trying to run you over? No matter what you do, it always turns out wrong. Everything around you keeps falling as you try desperately to hold on. Everybody seems to be going up, while you keep heading down. Everyone has something to smile about, while you wear a frown. They all seem to be doing well and climbing up to the top. They all get to drink from the cup of success, but you never get a drop. Nothing ever seems to go your way and you don't even know the meaning of the word Luck? No matter how much you scrape and save, something always comes along and take your last buck. Well... just remember the man who complained about not being able to buy a new pair of shoes, until he met a man with no feet. The girl who complained about having to wear glasses, until she bumped into a blind man on the street. The boy who complained of having to eat his vegetables, when there are kids starving in the world with nothing to eat. The woman who complained about her baby crying all night, while some are born never to speak. Your life may not be as good as others but remember that there is always someone worst off than you. So instead of complaining of what you don't have, take the time to thank the Lord for what you do. DEATH Will the pain ever leave me, will the hurt ever cease? The feeling that we feel when a love one is deceased. The tears that cannot be held back, but so openly flow. The feeling of complete emptiness that you feel from head to toe. I have not lost a relative or a friend, but surely a piece of myself. People gather to offer me sympathy, but they had no idea of how I felt. Losing someone who was so dear and close to me. Trying hard to be strong but feeling complete misery. Never again seeing their smile or being able to share again the fun we had. Wishing that I could just take back some of the things I said. There are so many things I wish we could have done that we never had time to do. Like taking the time out to just spend a little bit more time with you. All the things that I thought that we had a lifetime to do. Now I must convince myself that I will not be doing them with you. There were times when you made me mad and got on my last nerve. But it was nothing compared to all the good times that the two of us shared. Losing a loved one is such a hurting pain. To say how you feel, one is not able to explain. Knowing that you have lost something that can never be replaced. Feeling an empty loss that no amount of time can ever erase. The only comfort is given is knowing of their final resting place. Will be with the Almighty One, The Lord, Our Grace.
Can anyone tell me about the history of this 2 LP album I bought MANY YEARS back titled "WAKR Number 1 Music "Solid Gold"? Produced by Variety Clubs International. I know VCI is a non-profit Charity for the health and benefit of children across the world. But, I would love to know more about it. Thank YOU in advance 😀
Good day, Food is very near and dear to our business. Safety is a priority for us. Providing solutions is something we do very well. Our local family owned Food Distribution company has been in business for 60 years in the supply chain side of the Foodservice Industry selling mainly to family owned restaurants within our state. We supply well over one thousand restaurants on a weekly basis by purchasing, warehousing, and delivering over 4000 items to choose from. As you know the restaurant industry has taken a major blow with its service limited to carryout and third party delivery - all to a very nervous customer base. All the while retailers are struggling to keep their shelves full with a 50% increase in demand. Therefore, we’ve quickly put together a food staples and non-food staples program for our community citizens in Northeastern Ohio. We are offering a safe shopping experience, with curbside service, and a focus on providing staples like ground beef and toilet paper, which we have in ample supply along with bottled water and gallons of milk, fresh eggs, and fresh and frozen vegetables too! Since we own a meat production facility, we are also offering hamburger patties, beef steaks, pork chops, sausage, and chicken. Our supply chain is different than that of most grocers so we are not realizing the same shortages. Shop with confidence knowing that we can fill your order.
Why no picture of jeanne destro and I have NOT heard any songs from Johnny Mathas. Why not ?
Hi! Do you broadcast in AM stereo on 1590? if not, do you plan to in the future? Thx, Dave.
Hey, can't y'all call it WAKR-FM for once?!

The Facebook home of 1590 WAKR 1590 WAKR is part of one of the most advanced radio broadcast facility in Northeast Ohio. Our broadcasts are produced by one of Ohio's largest radio news operations using state-of-the art equipment.

We're located at 1795 West Market Street, Akron just two doors down from Akron's famous West Point Market. Our phone number is (330) 869-9800. Our studio line is (330) 370-1590. Reach our newsroom direct with tips (330) 864-6397.

Mission: Soft Hits You Love All Day! Listen during the week to the Ray Horner Morning Show between 5:30am-9am, Tim Daugherty between 9am-2pm and Lynn Kelly between 2pm-7pm. Still catch The Tribe, Ohio State, The Browns & The Cavs!

Operating as usual


Akron Dish: For first time, B&K drive-in staying open through winter in Cuyahoga Falls

Great news! 🙌🏼

beaconjournal.com Downtown Akron welcomes new eatery, West Side Bakery celebrates all things apple, ThaiSoul Fusion relocates and more.

This fall may look different, but our passion to end breast cancer remains the same. Join the American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer movement for Tributes at Twilight at the Akron Art Museum on Thursday, October 22 starting at 6:30pm for a visual tribute luminaria presentation. Plus, our very own Lynn Kelly will be there! 💗

Dedicate your tribute and help save more lives by today at MakingStridesWalk.org/Akron www.MakingStridesWalk.org/Akron


‘Heartbreaking’: Cleveland staple Sokolowski’s closes after nearly a century

Sad news ☹️

fox8.com Sokolowski’s University Inn has been in business for 98 years. The family says the restaurant was unable to recover from the coronavirus pandemic and restrictions that followed.


Dr. Rob McGregor Discusses COVID-19 in Children, Teens

Dr. McGregor also warns parents about Halloween gatherings and trick-or-treating, saying the Halloween mask is not a substitute for a regular facial mask.

wakr.net Plenty has been discussed about the effects of COVID-19 with the elderly and infirmed, but what about the children and teenagers? Dr. Rob McGregor is the chief medical officer at Akron Children’s Hospital, and he joined the Ray Horner Morning Show to discuss the findings medical professionals are ...


Gov. Mike DeWine signs bill approving to-go cocktails in Ohio permanently


wkyc.com Ohio is now the 2nd state in the nation to permanently allow the temporary measure taken in response to COVID-19.

FYI 👇🏼

The Good Samaritan Hunger Center has canceled food distributions for this week. Distributions will resume next week starting 10/19 at Joy Park Community Center.

Peanut Shoppe of Akron

So happy they’re open! 🙌🏼

Right now!

City of Akron, Ohio - Mayor's Office

Did you know there are 6 proposed amendments to the City of Akron Charter on the Nov. 3 ballot? The second proposed Akron Charter Amendment is Issue 3: Human Resources Modernization.

Issue 3 would maintain hiring practices that are fair, competitive, and efficient, while developing a more inclusive and modern City of Akron human resources department. It would expand the selection pool for hiring to increase access to opportunity and clarify the hiring process based upon principles of merit and fitness. Issue 3 would define the duties and functions of the Human Resources Commission and the Director and Department of Human Resources; update rules related to probationary and temporary employees and the process for hearings and appeals for classified employees. #KnowTheIssuesAkron

You can read about all of the proposed amendments at www.akronohio.gov/2020issues.


Paul Viollis on Rise in Militia Groups, Domestic Terrorism

The CBS News security consultant talked about how social media is assisting in the rise of militia groups and domestic terrorism.

wakr.net Domestic terrorism and militia groups have been on the rise for several years, though the year 2020, from the pandemic to election rhetoric, may have ramped tensions up. Paul Viollis is a security consultant for CBS News, and he joined the Ray Horner Morning Show to share his expertise on the subjec...

Congratulations to LeBron James! 👏🏼

Congratulations to LeBron James on becoming a four-time NBA champion! #JustAKidFromAkron https://www.beaconjournal.com/story/sports/nba/2020/10/11/lebron-james-nba-finals-miami-heat-game-6-championship/5964532002/ via Akron Beacon Journal

Cleveland Browns

Victory Monday! 🙌🏼

This is how we're waking up on #VictoryMonday 😎

FYI 👇🏼

As a reminder, all municipal offices will be closed today in observance of Italian-American Heritage and Culture Day.

On June 29, 2020 Akron City Council passed Resolution No. 184-2020 recognizing and declaring the second Monday in October as Italian-American Heritage and Culture Day in the City of Akron to honor the history, culture, and contributions of the Italian-American Community to Akron and Summit County. Italian-American Heritage and Culture Day replaces the local recognition of Columbus Day.

There will be no delay in curb service. Trash/recycle collections will continue as usual for the week of October 12th. https://www.akronohio.gov/cms/news/ed7521beaa93bc76/index.html


Dr. Richard Londraville on 'Long-Haulers,' Regeneron

Dr. Londraville talked about the potential long-lasting effects some who've had Covid-19 and recovered are experiencing.

wakr.net Though over 200,000 have died in the United States from COVID-19, the majority of those infected have survived the virus. However, there are still potential long-term effects for those who have recovered. Dr. Richard Londraville is a biologist at the University of Akron, and he joined the Ray Horner...

It's Game Day! 😤

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Lock 3 Akron, Ohio

Tonight! 💀🙌🏼

Looking for something fun to do with the kids? We are showing Beetlejuice tonight at Lock 3. Bring the family and grab a square, movie starts at 8pm.

Check this out! 👇🏼

It's a glorious, sunny October Friday and the weekend is looking great, too! I've put together a small list of activities that can help you #pictureyourselfonmain this weekend. For more Picture Yourself On Main programs (and there are a lot of them!), visit https://bit.ly/PictureYourselfonMain

1. Tonight from 6 - 8 pm in Lock 3 Akron, Ohio, join us for #PictureYourselfonMain: Community Painting a painting activity where you create your own self portrait on a paint brush. Stay for Free Movie Night at 8 pm, and enjoy Beetlejuice with the whole family.

2. On Saturday from 1:30 to 5:30 pm Akron Children's Museum hosts Monster Rocktober with an afternoon of family friendly, physically distanced fun. From 6 - 9 pm, celebrate the University of Akron Sesquicentennial Celebration with live music from Theron Brown, drinks in the DORA, specials at The Lockview, The Barley House, and Chill Artisan Ice Cream, and more. A lot more.

3. On Sunday, NOMZ the Marc Lee Shannon & Brunch @NOMZ - FREE SHOW from 12 to 2 pm.

And be sure to get tickets for the Akron Civic Theatre's live, interactive online show Remote Control With Max Major, beaming out on Saturday and Sunday at 8 pm. Max unleashes real-life Jedi mind tricks on unsuspecting participants who soon discover that yes, he really does know exactly what you’re thinking! Get your tickets early to really enjoy the interactive fun.

BONUS: On Monday, October 12, join us for Concerts in the Commons: The Angie Haze Project, performance outside of Musica in Maiden Lane. It'll be live-streamed to DAP's page, or you can check it out in person (just wear a mask and stay physically distanced). 6 to 7 pm.


Sean Lennon Reflects on 10 John Lennon Solo Classics

John Lennon would’ve been 80 today. What's your favorite song of his? 👇

rollingstone.com With the release of new compilation Gimme Some Truth, Sean combs back through his father’s post-Beatles catalog, and gives his personal take on “Isolation,” “How Do You Slee…

Text the word "PUMPKIN" to the WAKR Studio Line at 330-370-1590 for a chance to win a Family 4 pack of tickets to Nickajack Farms - Pumpkin Days
2020 Fall Festival! Open daily, check NickajackFarms.com for times.


Pay homage.

The Ohio State University Marching Band played "Hang On Sloopy” for the first time in Ohio Stadium 55 years ago today!

Pay homage.


Bob Ethington on the Life, Legacy of John Lennon

Our pop culture guy talked about the life and times of John Lennon, who would have been 80 today.

wakr.net As Howard Cosell once said, John Lennon was “the most famous, perhaps, of all the Beatles.” On October 9th, if he were still alive, he would be celebrating his 80th birthday. Bob Ethington recently retired from the Akron-Summit County Public Library after three decades, but he remains the pop cu...

Get ready for a Non-Stop Listening Hour on WAKR! 🙌

Tune in Monday thru Friday in the 9am hour and hear your favorite soft hits! Brought to you by: Vaccaro's Trattoria & Catering.


This Week in Tech with Jeanne Destro-10-9-20

How the Ohio Supreme Court just let Amazon off the hook for allegedly causing the death of a Northeast Ohio teenager, and how technology is being used to connect senior citizens with much needed care and social contact, during the pandemic. https://bit.ly/3iFuqnr

wakr.net How the Ohio Supreme Court just let Amazon off the hook for allegedly causing the death of a Northeast Ohio teenager, and how technology is being used to connect senior citizens with much needed care and social contact, during the pandemic. Featured guests include Akron attorney and former Universit...


Student Athletes of the Week: Darin Hudak & Kelsie Horner

Congratulations to Darin and Kelsie from Tallmadge High School for being our Student Athletes of the Week! Brought to you by NECA-IBEW and Akron Children's Hospital.

wakr.net We travel east this morning and head to Tallmadge High School, where we are introduced to two Blue Devils. Darin Hudak is a monster on the links. As a senior, he is a four-time All-Suburban League first-teamer, and recently took home the 2020 Suburban League American Conference Player of the Year ho...


Today, Akron Fire Department held a memorial to honor the brave firefighters from their department's history who have given their lives in the line of duty. We remember them and salute them as the heroes that they are. This most meaningful of sacrifices is one that can never be repaid.

FYI 👇🏼

Did you know there are 6 proposed amendments to the City of Akron Charter on the Nov. 3 ballot? The first proposed Akron Charter Amendment is Issue 2.

Issue 2 would require the City to promptly release body worn or dashboard camera recordings that document uses of force by police officers resulting in death or serious bodily injury, so long as the release is permissible under state and federal law. The amendment is designed to increase transparency and make these important public recordings available to the community quickly. #KnowTheIssuesAkron

You can read about all of the proposed amendments at www.akronohio.gov/2020issues.

Text the word "PUMPKIN" to the WAKR Studio Line at 330-370-1590 for a chance to win a Family 4 pack of tickets to Nickajack Farms - Pumpkin Days
2020 Fall Festival! Open daily, check NickajackFarms.com for times.


Akron Mayor, City Council Considering Doorbell Camera Use

Doorbell cameras could be a way to lessen the crime rates in higher impacted areas, according to Margo Sommerville.

wakr.net Mayor Dan Horrigan and Akron city council have mulled over ways to mitigate the crime rates that have spiked in the city in 2020. One of those possible solutions could be the way of the doorbell camera. Margo Sommerville is the president of Akron city council, and she joined the Ray Horner Morning S...

Mark your calendar 👇🏼

Lock 4 Wednesday night concerts moving to Lock 3 to allow room for social distancing. Beer, wine and snacks will be available for purchase. Guests are welcome to bring their own food from home or a nearby restaurant and enjoy a show.

October 7 AZ-1 - As ONE
October 14 Acid Cats
October 21 WE FUNK
October 28 Swizzle Stick Band


Music lovers’ garage sale to take place at Jacobs Pavilion

Wow! 👀

cleveland.com A garage sale featuring local musicians, rock writers, collectors and more will take place on Saturday, Oct. 10 at Jacobs Pavilion.

Check this out! 👇🏼

Main Street is open! Come on down to support local businesses and get up to 10% EXTRA* back in Blimps on the #Akronite app. That means you get to double up on reward offers to earn up to 40% back in Blimps when you shop on Main Street.

Download the app, link your card, and start earning blimps today! Make every action count on Main Street.


LeBron James, ‘I Promise School’ students to be featured on iconic Wheaties box

This is awesome! 🙌🏼

fox8.com LeBron James, I Promise School students to be featured on iconic Wheaties box


Dr. Thomas File Discusses COVID-19 'First Wave,' Hunt for a Vaccine

Dr. File also urged the listeners, more so this year than others, to get their flu shots.

wakr.net The threat of COVID-19 is ongoing, anywhere from small towns in the middle of America all the way to the White House. Dr. Thomas FIle is with Summa Health, and he also heads up the Infectious Disease Society, and he spoke in depth of these threats on the Ray Horner Morning Show during his bi-monthly...


Indians' VP Previews 'Interesting' Offseason

Bobby D joined Ray's show yesterday to preview the offseason and the challenges that lay ahead for the Tribe.

wakr.net The Cleveland Indians’ abbreviated season came to an end with an abbreviated postseason run of just two games, both losses to the New York Yankees. But unlike most offseasons during the Tribe’s run of success since 2013, this one in particular brings plenty of questions. Bob DiBiasio, VP from th...

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