Plexus Ambassador- Krystal Schneekloth

Plexus is a company that has most natural and wellness products. Please Check out my website today to try Plexus products or become an ambassador today!

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Plexus Ambassador- Krystal Schneekloth

Ask me how to limit your cravings, be healthier and live!

Ask me how to limit your cravings, be healthier and live!

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STOP some of those


Thank God Plexus is on my road to healthiness! 4 clean eating....,.still on it....otherwise i would have quit this diet plan by now!!!! cravings limited....

[01/23/15]   well..glad to report I had to go shopping for a new outfit for a gathering Saturday...because I have given most of all my fatter clothes away....thankfully don't have too many of them around any more. Thank you plexus for letting me stay here and NOT gain!

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Way to go MEL!

I have been on Plexus for 12 weeks tomorrow. This morning I stepped on the scale, and I saw a number that I haven't seen in a very long time (I won't be posting that number! lol). I have lost *40* pounds. No, that's not a typo, yes, 40 pounds. My inches lost have been right around the same as my weight loss thus far but I didn't have time this morning to do new measurements & pics too! I'll post measurements next week with my weekly update. I am taking Slim, Boost, Block, Bio Cleanse, and ProBio5. Since starting Plexus, I am sleeping better, I have more energy, and stamina, and hair and nails are healthier (and grow faster!). I have even noticed that I don't have a yucky film in mouth in the mornings because the "bad" bacteria is all gone thanks to my Plexus! My cravings are much less, my appetite is far more controlled, and I feel satisfied so much easier. Do I still want chocolate from time to time? Yes. Do I still have some chocolate from time to time? YES!! Do I eat the whole bag? NO!! I eat a few pieces, or a few M&Ms, and I am totally happy! I love that *I* am the one in control of what I eat, food does NOT control me anymore! Another thing that I noticed just this morning is that my immune system must be stronger, all four of my kids have been sick over the last couple of weeks with the cold/sinus/respiratory stuff that has been going around. I have not even had a sniffle! Coincidence? I think not!!
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Here's another great testimonial from Plexus: Tina
What if you were in so much pain that it took every ounce of energy you had to move? What if you were so exhausted that you stayed in bed most of the day every day? What if when you did try to get up you had to take a nap from moving to the bed to a chair? What if you had digestive problems that were so bad that you couldn't use the bathroom for days and sometimes weeks at a time? What if the only way you could sleep through the night without getting sick from acid reflux is to have a bottle of Tums next to the bed that you would wake up and take every couple of hours? What if you got migraines so bad that you had to have complete silence in a dark room on the pain would make you sick? What if those migraines were 4 out of 7 days every week? What if you went to multiple doctors for help for all these things and they told you it was all in your head? What if they told you that you were just lazy and if you would just get up and move all your symptoms would go away? What if you couldn't get anyone to give you a diagnosis so your family started to think you were crazy as well? What if you had 3 children that had to climb in bed with mom in order to spend any time with her at all? What if you tried every medication the doctors could throw at you and all you were getting was side effects? What if you tried everything to lose weight and nothing helped and you only kept getting bigger? What if you finally, reluctantly tried Plexus and it took away your pain, you had energy, you no longer had digestive problems, your acid reflux was gone, and your migraines went away? What if you felt good enough to not only get out of bed but to go outside and play football with your boys? What if Plexus could change your life? It did for me.

Plexus Ambassador- Krystal Schneekloth


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Do you need to lose those extra pounds and or get healthy? It is NO EXCUSES NOVEMBER!..PLEXUS SLIM Boost and Block is for you..Also we have protein shakes, nerve complex, XFactor antioxidant vitamins, family vitamins, Pain relief, Pain relief cream, BIOCLEANSE and PROBIOTICS....3 day trial pack, 7 day trial packs, 30 day supplies. Plexus continues to help people reach their health and weight loss goals. See even more success stories in this short video.

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[11/01/14]   I will be in Fort Morgan at the Riverview Christian School Tomorrow from 10am to 1pm! Come and see me! I will have product on hand that you can purchase if you would like to try it out!!

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Plexus Ambassador- Krystal Schneekloth

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