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I have had my own private counseling business since 2003 when I became a Licensed Professional Counselor. Please learn more about my services and qualifications. I am a Christian counselor and am EMDR and BSP certified.

I currently have an office in Sterling at 400 Chestnut.

Mission: To help everyone to have a newstart in life. Everyone deserves to have joy in the morning.

Newstart Therapy

Daily Devotional | A Tall Statement | Amazing Facts Today's thought: Among the land animals, giraffes stand head and shoulders above the rest, towering up to 18 feet above the grasslands of Africa. Giraffes are herbivores, and their extended necks combined with an 18-inch-long tongue allow them to reach the tasty leaves high in the tall, thorny acaci...

♡10: nurture your commitment
Don't take your partner for granted. Don't become complacent about the relationship. Don't assume that the relationship will simply grow and flourish without attention and intention. Relationships thrive only when both parties continue to nurture their commitments.
Parachin, V. Signs of the Times. Nov 2014

♡9: Compliment your partner publicly
Private praise is good, and public praise feels even better. Be your partner's cheerleader on life. Parachin, V. Signs of the Times. Nov 2014

♡8: Encourage growth and change. As time goes on, neither of you will be the same as when you first met each other. All of us grow, change, and develop. Expect this. Respect it. Encourage it. American novelist Pearl Buck wrote, "A good marriage is one that allows for change and growth in the individuals and in the way they express their love." Parachin, V. Signs of the Times, Nov 2014

♡7: Be supportive. Show support and understanding when your spouse is going through a hard time. Offer a listening ear. Do whatever you can to lighten his or her daily burden.

♡6: fight fair.
Remember this advice from columnist Ann Landers: "All married couples should learn the art of battle as they should learn the art of making love. Good battle is objective and honest, never vicious or cruel. Good battle is healthy and constructive and brings to a marriage the principal of equal partnership."
Victor Parachin, Signs of the Times, Nov. 2014

34 ways to make your marriage happier Signs of the Times Nov 2014
♡5: be a Galatians 5:22-23 partner. Bring theses virtues into your life.

34 ways to make your marriage happier Signs of the Times Nov 2014
♡4: curb criticism
Think twice before you criticize. Offer many more compliments than criticism. One careless criticism can undo a score of kind acts.
My observation....if we do this to raise healthy children then we should do it to maintain a healthy marriage

34 Ways to Make Your Marriage Happier Signs of the Times Nov 2014
♡3: Mind Your Mind
Rather than recalling and rehashing bad memories, focus your mind on good and great marital moments. As Jesus once asked, "Why do you entertain evil thoughts in your hearts? " Matthew 9:4

34 ways to make your marriage happier. Signs of the Times Nov.2014
♡2: accept each other. Too often, partners try to change and improve their mates. Rather than that, apply these words of the apostle Paul to your marriage: "Honor one another above yourselves" Romans 12:10

34 ways to make your marriage happier from "Signs if the Times" Nov 2014
♡1: Treat your partner as you would a new friend. When researchers from the University of British Columbia asked 31 couples to talk with either their romantic partner or someone they'd just met, both sexes made more of an effort to be pleasing and likable to the strangers. The lesson: don't take your partner for granted or act blase or tired with him or her.

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Newstart Therapy

Newstart Therapy's cover photo

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May the sunshine of God's love fill your hearts with joy!

shared from a friend this morning. What have you shared with your friends lately? God is so good

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[11/09/12]   Wow. Haven't kept this up lately. I hope whoever reads this had a good day. Everyone should be able to wake up and have joy in the morning. What needs to change in your life? What do you have control over? One step at a time to climb a mountain and one bite at a time to eat an elephant. You can do it!

[09/05/12]   Hello World. I haven't had time to inspire and encourage lately. Lets all motivate each other to be the best we can.

[08/02/11]   I thought it through and if you did one acronym a week and two on Saturday you could change your lifestyle and be healthier and happier. Sunday- Nutrition; Monday- Exercise; Tuesday-Water; Wednesday-Sunshine; Thursday-Temperance; Friday-Air; Saturday-Rest and Relaxation and Trust in God. Of course we need to follow this advice every day but one day at a time is a good start. A new start.

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Hey everyone, I have my website up. Still need to do some tweaking on it. come and visit and have a peek. Marta Wells provides counseling and therapy services in and around Sterling, CO. Christian counseling, EMDR, brainspotting,

shared from a friend this morning. What have you shared with your friends lately? God is so good

[07/28/11]   Hope you have a song in your heart today. Went out and had my walk this morning and did my exercises. The E in Newstart stands for exercise. Studies have been done that show exercise is one of the best solutions to fighting depression. Walk the blues away today.

Here is a sunset to end your day. One of Tony's from the past. Enjoy God's love signs to you.

[07/28/11]   newstart therapy is an acronym borrowed from the Weimer clinic in California for thier NEWSTART program. The N stands for nutrition. Did you eat your 5 fruits and vegetables today? Whole grain? Complex carbs? No sugar or limited sugar? Wow, if we all chose one good healthy thing to eat or not eat tomorrow, we will all be healthier and happier.

July 25, 2011

[07/26/11]   Everyone deserves to have joy in the morning. "Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning." Psalm 30:5 My joy this morning was waking up to a giant Purrrrrrrr. Venture was sleeping on my head, oh, I mean the top of my pillow. Tony reached his arm across the pillow and started petting her and the loud purr woke me up. I am so blessed to have a wonderful husband that loves cats.

[07/22/11]   Good afternoon and welcome to my first day on my Newstart page. The picture is of my dad's dog and the wild deer that come to visit in his backyard. How appropriate to link the wild with the domestic in our own lives. We are all wonderfully created and have the opportunity to interact in a gentle way. I hope this page will help us all to enjoy the journey of life.

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