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Home of the ULTIMATE Body Applicator and many more AWESOME products to help you get healthy!!!! Totally enjoyin this journey with this amazing company and helping people change their lives!!! :)

Living healthy and eating clean is the way to go!! Feel better and be inspired!! Create a goal and stick to it!! It Works Global has amazing products that will help you on this journey!!! Why not give them a try??? Contact me today to get started on your journey!! You won't regret it!!! crystalamey.myitworks. com


THIS is hands down the best pack‼️🙌🏻 I LOVE the New Shake!! I can save you $80 TODAY!!! 🎉
If your goal is to burn calories🔥, fight fat💥💥💥And build muscle💪🏼 as you tighten, tone, and firm, then this is THE Pack for you!!! The Metabolic Burn Pack has been synergistically designed to support your weight loss goals!🤸🏼‍♂️

•2 single pouches Ultimate Body Applicator
•1 bag It Works! Shake
•1 bottle Ultimate ThermoFit(60 Tablets)
•1 bottle Advanced Formula Fat Fighter(60 Tablets)


YUMMO!!! Happy Valentine's Day!


Have you ever found yourself saying, "I wish my metabolism was faster?" If you can answer yes to this question, then this product is for you!

You can use it solo but for the best results use it in our NEW target trio pack!


This tasty alkalizing powder is the BEST natural defense against flu and cold season!!! 8 servings of fruits and veggies, no soy, no dairy, allergen free, and non gmo. Order online @ crystalamey •myitworks•com or MSG ME!!


A nutritional boost of prebiotic fiber + a sweet blend of fruits and veggies... YUM! Our fave way to snack! #Nutrition


It's SO much MORE than a garnishment on top of a steak.

I'm in AWE tonight at the formulators of our products!!! Recently our #Greens were reformulated. One thing they increased by NINE TIMES was the Parsley. 🌿

Check out what #parsley does for you!!👇👇 YOU should be taking our greens. YES YOU🤗

Studies show that myristicin, an organic compound found in the essential oil of parsley, not only inhibits tumor formation (especially in the lungs), but also activates the enzyme glutathione-S-transferase, which helps the molecule glutathione attach to, and fight against, oxidized molecules. Myristicin can also neutralize carcinogens like benzopyrene in cigarette smoke that can pass through the body, consequently fighting against colon and prostate cancer.

Parsley is rich with an antioxidant arsenal that includes luteolin, a flavanoid that searches out and eradicates free radicals in the body that cause oxidative stress in cells. Luteolin also promotes carbohydrate metabolism and serves the body as an anti-inflammatory agent. Furthermore, two tablespoons of parsley contain 16% of the RDA of vitamin C and over 12% of the RDA of vitamin A – two powerful antioxidants.

Along with luteolin, the vitamin C found in parsley serves as an effective anti-inflammatory agent within the body. When consumed regularly, they combat the onset of inflammatory disorders, such as osteoarthritis (the degeneration of joint cartilage and the underlying bone) and rheumatoid arthritis (a disease causing inflammation in the joints).

💚Healthy Immune System
The vitamin C and vitamin A found in parsley serve to strengthen the body’s immune
system, though in different ways. Vitamin C is necessary for collagen, the main
structural protein found in connective tissue. This essential nutrient will not only accelerate
the body’s ability to repair wounds, but also maintain healthy bones and teeth.

💚Vitamin A, on the other hand, fortifies the entry points into the human body, such as mucous
membranes, the lining of the eyes, and respiratory, urinary and intestinal tracts. Moreover, lymphocytes, or white blood cells, rely on vitamin A to fight infection in the body.

💚A Healthy Heart
Homocysteine, an amino acid that occurs in the body, threatens the body’s blood vessels when its levels become too high. Luckily, the folate (or vitamin B9) found in parsley helps convert homocysteine into harmless molecules. A regular garnish of parsley can help ward off cardiovascular diseases, such as heart attack, stroke, and atherosclerosis.

💚Vitamin K
Two tablespoons of parsley have a whopping 153% of the RDA of vitamin K, which is necessary for the synthesis of osteocalcin, a protein that strengthens the composition of our bones. Vitamin K also prevents calcium build-up in our tissue that can lead to atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease and stroke.

Finally, the vitamin K found in parsley is essential for synthesizing sphingolipid, the fat needed to maintain the myelin sheath around our nerves, and therefore our nervous system as a whole.


Love this‼️

1 wrap is a Treat 🎃
4 wraps is a Treatment 🙌🏻
12 wraps is a procedure 😱

#Whynotyou #bringingsexyback


Don't let tired and achy joints get you down this #Wraptober! Promote healthy and flexible joint movement while strengthening the cartilage in your joints with Relief 💪!


If you or anyone you know suffer from digestive issues...let me know! These probiotics are a game changer 👊🏻💚👏🏻🎉 Adding 1 thing into the mix diet can make a HUGE difference!


Hey sleepy-head 😴! Wake up tomorrow morning fresh faced and glowing ✨ after overnight moisturizing with RepairAge! 🌙 #SkinCare


Every tummy needs a little love 💚, but don’t just love half your guts—love ALL your guts! We are so excited to add 10 BILLION Probiotic cultures to our daily regimen! With just ONE ☝️ capsule you can show your body how much you #LoveYourGuts!






Product Tip:
To take your Greens simply mix with any beverage! I like Berry in water or unsweetened tea (can use a juice too). If you prefer orange they are delish mixed with orange juice! Berry or Orange can also be mixed with our Protein Powder. I like Vanilla with Berry for a yummy treat or Orange with Vanilla for a Creamsicle taste😊



OMG!!! SERIOUSLY!!!!!????? Our products never cease to AMAZE ME!!!

We #LoveYourGuts 💚 so much we made a Probiotic PLUS a prebiotic to love ALL your guts just as much as we do! Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that are good for your health, especially your digestive system.They help keep your gut healthy so you can work your biz as your BEST SELF 🚀!


Are greens just got ALOT GREENER and more cleaner!!!! WOOT WOOT!


😳20 cartons of blueberries on the left, verses 2 Green Chews on the right?!? Yes, 2️⃣Chews = 2️⃣0️⃣ cartons of blueberries!!!!! You and your kids will snack your way to better health with a deliciously sweet blend of fruits and veggies in a super soft chew.🍒🍏🍉🍎🍌🍓🍅🍆With a nutritional boost of prebiotic fiber, support for healthy blood pressure🌡levels, and free-radical fighting antioxidants in every serving, Greens Chew packs a powerful punch to support your overall health and wellbeing.❤️

✅Boosts your body’s natural defenses against free radical damage
✅Supports healthy nutrition and digestion with prebiotic dietary fiber
✅Contains antioxidant-rich ingredients
✅Fueled by Pterostilbene to help maintain healthy blood pressure levels and promote heart health
✅Delicious blueberry-filled flavor

Natures Starbursts!!!🏆 If you would like to try this delicious snack for 90 days and give me your feedback please send me a message!


Who would LOVE to detox their body daily by eating Popsicles?! 🙋🏼

Get the same healthy benefits from our GREENS🍃 but in Popsicle form!!

•Energy ✨
•Full servings of fruits AND veggies🍇🍓🍑
•pH balance

My favorite way is to mix ours berry flavored greens in raspberry lemonade and freeze!! 😋

Try it out and tell me how you prefer to consume our GREENS! 💖


Smooth your skin's tone and texture BEFORE having fun with your make-up💄! Lip & Eye provides a tensor effect.
What does that mean??

It means that Lip & Eye smooths the skin immediately and visibly, lifting and tightening the area under the eye ✨ to help minimize baggy appearance! #SkinCare






What makes Ultimate ProFIT better than other “protein” products on the market? 💚

Ultimate ProFIT is not just a protein; it’s a superfood nutrition product that gives you total body benefits that can improve your health and your waistline.

If your goals are to build a stronger, leaner figure, the superior protein blend in Ultimate ProFIT is proven to give you ultimate results. Ultimate ProFIT is powered by Sustain-It,TMa smarter protein blend of non-hormonal whey and soy proteins that delivers maximum bioavailability in every gram, allowing you to nourish and build lean muscle mass, experience quicker post-workout recovery, and even maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

The Sustain-ItTM blend not only contains a superior protein blend, it also promotes optimum digestive health through its blend of seven different soluble and insoluble fibers.

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My friend Jen Kellers testimony on the cleanse!!


Here's another testimony of the cleanse from one of our testers!!!


Gets yours TODAY!! Ask me how!! #cleanse #healthy #gentle #whynotyou


Here's a testimony from one of our testers on the new CLEANSE!!!




Healthy relationships—the strength of your family—they're VITAL, right?! But it's also important to keep those bones strong, your heart healthy, and your body nourished 💪... and It's Vital Minerals is here to help you with that 💚!



It's a new year- who's ready for a new start?!

Introducing our New
It Works System❕❕❕

$119 for a box of wraps, greens, Thermofit and New special blender bottle.

Special pricing January ONLY!!




Get ready, get set...BOGO IS BACK! 💥 Buy one #CrazyWrapThing, get one FREE 🙌! It really IS the hap-happiest season of all!

BOGO Wraps start at 9am 🌞 CT tomorrow! Get ready 🚀!


If you see just #ONE of the pictures I post, I hope it's THIS one. THIS is the one that will impact EVERY aspect of your health and how you feel on a daily basis.

What does a swimming pool 🏊🏻have to do with your health? Our bodies are mostly water right?

💥Imagine this pool is your body👇🏼. When you don't care properly for the pH of the water it's #GREEN and #YUCKY . Right now the majority of your bodies are the pool on the top...And you wonder why you feel sluggish and fatigued 💤😴, why you have trouble with digestion 💩 and stress, why you catch every bug 🐞 that floats in your path

💥Balance that pH and voila!! Clean fresh water! Want to feel like the pool on the bottom🏄🏼?!


Who out there LOVES their #GREENS?! Are you Team Orange or Team Berry🍇?!


😱Who uses a Multi-vitamin and they notice NO Difference🙋😠?? These 75+ phenomenal ingredients offer ✔Increased Immunity
✔Digestive support✔Anxiety and ADHD support✔Addiction & Craving support✔Cholesterol & Blood Pressure support✔Supports symptoms associated with MS, auto immune disorders & allergies ✔Aids in weight loss ✔Non-GMO, Mint coated for aiding in inflammation (no😞nausea from vitamins) ONLY $29 at MY wholesale price for 30 day supply. Paired BEST with Greens (Dynamic Duo). #multivitanim #healthy #greens #yestheywork


TWO BOGO’s⁉️ What❓the WHAT❓❓ Yes, you read that right: We have 2️⃣ BOGO deals going on RIGHT NOW for #BlackFRIDAY! From NOW through November 2️⃣9️⃣th, buy one WOW, get one WOW FREE❗️ Also if you want to add a Lip & Eye AND exfoliating Peel FREE buy 1️⃣ get1️⃣ ❗️ How can you say “NO” to that⁉️ Happy Shopping & Happy 🦃🦃🦃Thanksgiving. I sure ❤️ a day centered around family, food and gratitude😊



Truth alert!!!!

Please don't eat this with no questions, then ask me the origin of every ingredient in our plant based, non GMO supplements. 🍅🍆🌽🍠🍇🍈🍉🍊🍋🍌 #truth #choices #healthy
Thank you! 🙌🏼


New formula!!! Yea!! Same taste!!! #energydrinks #betterforyou #yummo

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