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Hand made Kirigami boxes, 50-75% recycled materials. Unusual gift items and souveniers from "Monkey Island, OK' on the banks of Grand Lake of the Cherokees. Also 'Longstick' caligraphy, original paintings and prints. Caricatures, recycled art pieces, jewelry and metalworks. In the future look for cards and moblies like you've never seen before.

Day 60
3-4 hrs (My first real bird)
Was inspired by my friend Karen who’s loved this character she named ‘Flash’ for years. He comes to her dock, poops and leaves. About a wk ago she sees him down on the dock struggling with his foot. Without a second thought she goes to his aid. His foot has gotten caught between the boards and his leg is evidently badly broken. Back up to the house to get something to cover his head while she pries it loose. What to do now?

He’s quiet so she leaves him to get her phone to summon help. When she goes back...he’s gone. She followed the shoreline searching for him for hours till it’s dark. Dear God.

She wept until she was sick with regret. What if’s raged in her mind. This wasn’t just a bird this was her friend, her beacon of light. Oh my, as one of her friends we all knew she was suffering terribly over this loss.

Just about the same time another of our close friends lost her fav Mama kitty. More tears.
In less than a week two losses. Damn.

Good news,
Flash the bird returned unharmed (it was another one who’d been injured) AND Loyce’s cat returned and has been snug in her lap ever since!
It’s a HAPPY ENDING and they’re TOGETHER again!

Day 13
Time 3 hrs
Windsor Newton Acrylics
The wheels in my head were turning full speed this morning trying to decide if I wanted to take my first paint-blob-peel picture apart to make a different one using a black background. Easy decision.

Next I’ll need to create a vase for it. Hmmmm. Had to dig for a bit but came up with the
cover of an old ad magazine from Huntington Beach, CA. Perfect.
Realized some of my brainstorms are hard to describe so I took the 2nd photo for you to see how it works. Tah Dah!
Enjoy and thank you for your continued support.

Day 58
Windsor Newton Acrylic
FANTASY, Yes! These are truly a fantasy of mine. The ability to arrange flowers and have a bouquet that’s eye pleasing. My tries with real flowers are notoriously awful.
This is the paint I peeled off my gray Palette paper. (Note:I thought at times that some of my palettes were prettier than the painting).
A few weeks ago I began saving them.

Last nite while attempting to tidy my Studio I was making a stacks to put away when a chunk of paint peeled off. Ting!
That was easy. The rest of this story is in this photo. Tah-dah!
Thanks for viewing, Cloudpants

[05/01/20]   Could 2 friends or family members just copy and repost?
This time is especially hard for people with depression.
Just two. Any two. Say done.

Urban (She likes to thinks she is)
Time 2 hrs
And I quote her verbatim.
“So who the hell told me this outfit would make me look skinny?
I haven’t a waistline, and the color is so BLAH! I’d have done better had I gone to 2nd Chance Thrift Shop and spent a fraction of the $$$”!
Thanks for viewing
Monkey Island, OKLAHOMA

Windsor Newton Acrylic
Time 2-3 Hours
‘Mary, Mary quite contrary, how does your garden grow?
Bluebells & Cocker-shells and a bunch of damn weeds!
Thanks for viewing
Monkey Island, OK

Day 32
Windsor Newton Acrylic
Time 2-3 hrs
‘Nothing is unreal as long as you can imagine like a crow’
Muniz Kahn
Thanks for viewing
Monkey Island, OK

Isolation Art Challenge
Windsor Newton Acrylics
Bodhi was born with lips of peace. Freed from hate, jealousy and ego. He rises out of the ancient earth, destroyed but sprouts again an again.

Flight #24
Winston Newton Acrylics & Alcohol ink.
My closest friends deserve MUCH recognition. These are the Cottage Girls of Monkey Island, OK

Need someone to show up at the hospital almost before they check you in? Need someone to feed your pet should you need one on short order? Need someone to go shopping for you during this Pandemic? Need encouraging words, money or help moving?
That’s who these friends are to me AND one another.
I chose the simple little birds to represent them though each is an Eagle to me.
Thanks for viewing
Monkey Island, OK

#23 Dark
Winston Newton Acrylic
Time under 3?
Last nite I had to slap my own hand every time I reached for the neons. Nope. The theme is DARK. So yes, I can paint something that’s not a ‘Mary Poppins’.
Don’t need to go skipping across a field of clover with my pretty wide brim chapeau tilted, baby blue ribbons floating over my shoulders.
Occasionally need to face this day with the reality of our collective grief. Yesterday was that day for me.
Thank you for viewing.
Monkey Island, OK

Day # 20
Play-Date for Me

Windsor Newton Acrylics
Time: 2 hrs
My FAVORITE thing to do!
Not gonna tackle a lengthy project. Am just gonna play this evening.

Hmmmmmm. Oh yeah, flowers, bright and colorful. Break out some of the Neons and find a reference photo. My friend Valerie Fried painted some beautiful posies that I know I took pics of. Yaaaaay!
OK I can do this.
So here are flowers that made me happy. Am working on a tiny 2nd bdrm that is on its way to being my Frida Kahlo room and this will be perfect in there!
Hope your play-date was as delightful as mine!
Monkey Island, OK

Day 19
Windsor Newton Acrylics
Most Mystical creature in our world
Time: About 4 hrs
Every time I paint a horse I add on ‘Oh, I’m not a horse person.’ Apparently I’ve been lying to myself. My track record says it all as I’ve been online looking for horses to paint. Duh.
Here’s where I fess-up. I AM A HORSE PERSON.
Is there a 12 Step Recovery Group for this?
Enjoy and thanks for viewing
Monkey Island, OK
Monkey Island, OK

Keeping sane during isolation. The one on the right is by a Michigan artist whose name I’ve blanked out on. Thought he’d be happier to have a family so having accepted the invite from Isolation Art Challenge I created one for him. Enjoy!

Day 17
‘Captain Scout of ‘Squeaky Toys’
2.5 hrs
Hey, I’m a tried and true cat-person. Nope, I NEVER want a dog. Ever, ever, ever! But my fav ex-husband does...want a dog. At least I got to choose one from a litter of three and at first glance they were snuggled up in a puppy pile. I’d previously (unseen) agreed on a silver female.

On top of the wiggling mass was a goofy looking white male with brown spots. As I went to lift him off to the side to see the female my eyes locked with his, I became his in 5 seconds. Holding him close to my heart I walked into my Studio with him and I was done choosing . WHAT?

That’s not the female! Wait! Are you sure!
Yes, I’m positive I reply. That was 4 years ago and from this painting I’m thinking you’ll easily see how I feel about my friend!
Blessings on those of you who also chose to feature your pet as your friend.
Cloudpants of Monkey Island, OK

Day 16
‘They Call Me Mellow-Yellow’
Time: About 2.5 hours
This is Easter Sunday and I wanted to do something lighthearted and give you a smile. This character is the result of a 2nd broken gourd, a boring brown vase, beads and raffia that I painted yellow and her face was dripped with alcohol ink and hot glued back into the head. The mouth line is the result of where that section was broken out.
Enjoy a grin on me.
Monkey Island, OK

Day 14
Windsor Newton Acrylics
Time can't be determined as I work on 2 or more pieces at a time. Good guess a couple of hours.

Known for their loyalty and ability to calm and comfort I chose this guy to paint for my #14. Actually don't consider myself to be a 'horse person' but I do find them interesting to practice my skills on. This guy just happens to be the horse that comes to me in my dreams when I am overtired or stressed.
For some reason I don't ride him. I merely nuzzle his face and inhale deeply .
Within moments I am feeling much better. Funny when I awake the next morning sometimes I can still smell him.and smile.
Thanks for viewing
Monkey Island, OK

Day 12

Tornado season always makes me ask myself, what exactly falls under that heading? Yes, some cash, meds, billfold and my dog Scout. Practical.
While cooking dinner last night I took a few mins to ponder this question. What, if any other essential item would I include? It has to be small and have huge sentimental value. Hmmmm, so many choices. Was about to flip potatoes in the skillet and in an instant I KNEW. It was in my hand!

What? The spatula I was using was as close to my Mothers laughter as I could get! Huh?
Never pull it out to cook that I don't have a smile when I use it.

Albuquerque 1980's was my Mothers home at that time. While visiting I'd gone outside for something when from her kitchen I heard her screech! Went running in and she was laughing! Mom, you scared me witless. She laughed harder, that kind that causes girls to cross their legs. What? I don't see anything amiss.

By now I'm starting to giggle too. She laughs more and tears are ruining her mascara. What? Just tell me! She points at the little skillet she'd been using. The spatula handle was hooked over its rim. And what? Damn, just tell me! Now!!!

Hopping along, legs crossed she makes her way to the ladies room and unbelievably I can still hear muffled laughter.

Somewhat composed she comes back to the kitchen and points to the skillet again. I give up. Mom picks it up and I quickly realize what was so funny. The spatula handle had melted to a perfect fit around the edge of the skillet and could NOT be removed. She'd already dumped the slightly burned eggs she'd been cooking and turned the skillet upside down to show me.

Yes, by then I started laughing which set her off anew. Can't tell you how long this incident lasted but the next morning my tummy muscles were sore and a half roll of paper towels had been used to sop up our ruined makeup.

Of every wonderful and interesting thing I own, there's nothing more essential than the memory of my Mothers laughter.
Thank you for viewing
Monkey Island, OK

Note: I put the skillet on the freezer and the spatula with it’s new curved handle popped right off. When she passed in 1995 one of the few items I put in my purse was that spatula. It broke a couple of years ago and I took it to a welder who repaired it for me.

Day 5
Artist: Cloudpants
Muddy Creek
Mt Ida, AR
A Secret Garden? We’d unloaded our sea kayaks at the river in town. Seemed he’d brought an excess of camping gear for just one day. About an hour into paddling he signaled me to follow him into a thicket and get out of my boat. The rope he tossed me landed with a thunk on my kayak and as per instructed I tied it thru the front loop and pulled it behind me. The rushing water hit at waist level and I followed. I’d likened it to a seldom used path on dry land.
Then he raised his hand to stop and wait. Don’t move! He’d be back in 5 mins. Hmmmm not sure about this plan. But trusting him, I waited and waited some more. There he is! He took over my boat and I followed.
Dear Heaven, how did he do all of this! A small screen tent was set up with a blanket inside and a huge basket of food, bottles of wine AND a bouquet of my favorite flowers. It WAS a Garden with a small waterfall splashing nearby. It was if I’d stepped into a very private, incredibly beautiful movie set.
How did you know about this place I asked?
His family had been coming to the area for 40 yrs and he and his brother found it when they took off exploring when he was about 10 yrs old. When the Gods give you a small miracle step in, embrace it and then write a very short story to go with the painting. Yes, a GIFT!

This isn't quite finished but will be next time I'm working in Studio. This young lady was one of my fastest, most inspired paintings. Colors and shapes seemed to simply flow from my brush to the paint and magically to the canvas. Must give credit to my friend Ross Maute for donating the canvas' that he'd done an Acrylic pours on. Lucky Lani!
Note: Actually enjoyed painting this young lady so much I'm doing another of her on a different pour from Ross.
Thanks for viewing!

Magical Mystical Alpacas

Welcome to the Crooked Little Cottages! This will be my 2nd Christmas holiday here. Have never loved a home like I do this place. Feel happy waking up here every morning and look forward to spending the rest of my life right here!

Pain Free.

She was just too pretty to be in the background where I took the pic!

Frida in her kitchen. Mexico City, 1930's. Rare semi-nude taken by Diego Rivera.

Beginning today I'll be posting my contributions to our Frida Exhibit in March. This is Frida in her later years, feeling despair over Diego cheating on her...again.

It's Gone Viral

Too good not to share! This is Noramarie as a grown up!

When your hair is spot on! 🦙😂


What I thought of today. Enjoy!
PM me for more info.

No better way
To bring life in
Than out from a dream.
Jack Parken spoke this painting.

No better way
To bring life in
Than out from a dream.
Jack Parken spoke this painting.

First 2 paintings of 2020. Find real enjoyment in mixing it up with different styles. Jorge and Tom.

Little Willow, she glimmers in the sun and trembles when the breeze tussles her hair.
She looks up thankful for the pine trees piercing the sky. We all need warriors by our side.

This is Tippi,
Part bird, part human with wings that spread across the sky, oh why oh why am I so afraid of heights.
"What if I fall?" She says.
But the Wind says, "What if you fly?

Phil Epp, a fb friend recently posted this photo he’d taken. Something about it grabbed my heart and said PAINT THIS HORSE. My work is generally lighthearted and often comical but every now and then I feel the need to take a step off the diving board. And I did.
Thanks for viewing. Enjoy

Do you think Santa got my letter? Huh, huh, huh?
He's gonna bring me an Alpaca of my very own! I know it, I just KNOW it!
I've been a VERY good boy!
Santa can't bring you an Alpaca. He doesn't bring Alpacas if you have no place to keep one. We don't have enough
land to keep any. Besides it would be too lonely if we only got one, they like company. Yes, I know you could keep it company.
Scout, you're a dog. A perfect companion for me. Santa can't turn you into an Alpaca, ever. I know you're sad but trust me, Santa will bring you something wonderful.
I love you. You have lots of wonderful Facebook friends.
Say Merry Christmas to them Scout .
MERRY CHRISTMAS FRIENDS! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
NOTE: This baby is named Cloudpants after our Gallery. This is the one he really wants!

NEW SERIES! The Cloudfolks!
These are not currently for sale.
PM me if you're interested for when they do.
Price range $100-$700.

Alpaca socks, scarves, sweaters, toys, gloves, and a few pairs of oh so warm tights. Warmth, insoles for sore, cold feet. Be dry and do it with style. Folkmanis puppets, teddy bears and alpacas, blankets and throws, and even one Alpacopoly game in stock. Check us out. Zena Suri Alpacas. You don’t have one of these.
NOTE: this is where my Zena Alpaca Series took off from. A few of the last pieces I painted are there as well as cards and magnets!

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