Cherry Jenkins Dog training

Cherry Jenkins Dog training


I found you!!! Thank you so much for Coco!!

English born living in S.A Texas, I have been training dogs for over 30 years. I Train private clients and adopters of dogs from In Dog We Trust rescue

I have been training dogs during a span of over 30 years, I train most areas of dog training and specialize in service dog work. PTSD light mobility and retrieval are my specialties. I am an independent contractor and can be hired by the hour. I work with all breeds and love nothing better than to help with problems to help prevent dogs winding up at the shelter when they just needed some help! I also offer online training for people too far away to travel. This has been proved to be quite successful. I cant fix every dog, (I'm only human) but I will always give it my best. Dogs have been my life and I am always willing to share my knowledge..

Service dog Training with gorgeous Cooper and his handler A, Target Selma TX

Get Rid of Your Retractable Dog Leash, Stat! If you walk your dog on a retractable dog leash, you need to read this article before you or your four-legged friend wind up hurt.


Dublin Veterinary Hospital

This is the second dog in the last two weeks that we’ve had come in to our hospital with this type of bone stuck around it’s mandible. Separate companies but the EXACT same design.

Please do NOT buy this type of bone for your pup! It’s not worth the risk. Luckily for this patient, our technician was able to wiggle it free but our previous patient was under general anesthesia for nearly a half hour while we went through every tool in our arsenal to saw through both sides of the bone safely.
Both dogs are lucky that they did not end up with lacerations or broken teeth

****The second set of pictures is another common culprit that, when lodged over teeth, nearly always requires sedation to saw it into two parts.One of my dogs managed to get one over his bottom teeth last fall. It was awful; my Vet had to sedate him and saw it off!
$90 later I came home and tossed all of the others out in the trash.
P.S. It's amazing, if you read some of the comments, how many dogs have been traumatized with these very same bones and chew toys!!

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Training Retrieval

Training retrieval with my client.l. A very useful command for people who are unable to reach or get things for themselves.In this video we were teaching the dog to get his phone. We start with just the case so he has the idea and his teeth wont damage the face of the phone. Apologies for poor lighting.

TRAILER: Rescue Dog to Super Dog | Wednesday 8pm | Channel 4

I am thrilled that I was a part of a new production in the UK about rescuing dogs from shelters and training them to be service dogs. The production team of Plimsole productions in the UK and I spent hours on the phone while I explained how service dog training works and how to train,they have hired some of the best trainers in the UK to be a part of it but they had never done service work before which is where I came in.The series launches on Wednesday 8th June 2016, Its a true honour to be part of this,.. heres the trainer.. Specialist dog trainers Jo-Rosie Haffenden and Nando Brown scour the kennels of the Dogs Trust and Battersea Cats and Dogs Home looking for suitable strays t...

Mobility training today. Oscar the Boerboel dog has been trained by me to walk slowly for his owner and close to support his owner if he becomes unsteady, Oscar has done well I am proud of him!

Funny.. but very true!!

Choking Hazards for Dogs

Very useful info!! Choking Hazards for Dogs

Training Jasper to retrieve part 1

Jasper is just a pet and has never had any form of training apart from sit and stay, In the next 2 videos I will show you how to get the dogs interest for retrieving and then fetching objects, this is for service dog training for the disabled and NOT for competition

Training Jasper part 2

Jasper has never been taught to retrieve before, so first I get him interested in the object.

Training Jasper part 3

Now Jasper knows to retrieve the peg, (clothes pin) I could go on to teach him how to give things to me in my hand, I could also go on to other objects. This is a part of Service dog training to retrieve for disabled people NOT for competition.


An old video I thought I´d share. This is Training Jace, a Board and Train client.

as title

[12/08/14]   It amazes me the reasons why some dogs wind up at the shelter, some are owner surrenders because they couldnt cope with a certain behavior which is often so easily fixed. You wouldnt throw your child in a childrens home for misbehaving.. so why do it to your dog?

Laurie from Service dog express came to evaluate Lola to become a service dog. She passed! My initial domestic training with Lola has given her a great start! It has given us the idea to rescue, train the basics and become our own rescue! Well done Lola, we're proud of you!

[02/22/13]   Ever experienced when a dog refuses to walk ahead on wants to go the other way? Sometimes dogs will even lay down in protest. Heres how to deal with that..Dont fight or argue with your dog, just stand still. Imagine a child saying to you.. "Im going to my room and Im not coming out!".. you'd most likely respond with.. "go ahead cos you wont get your way with me that way." This is the same attitude to have in a dogs refusal to walk the way you want, Stand there quietly, in a few moments attempt to walk the way you want again, if it still refuses repeat the process. The dog eventually will get the message that YOU are in control of the walk and not him, he will eventually give in knowing he has no choice or he just has to stand in the same spot.

[02/22/13]   I get some private messages about dogs coming when called. First.. NEVER chastise your dog for coming to you eventually..even if its taken a while, a dog associates .. so telling him/her off for coming too late is the same as telling him off for coming to you at all.. always praise with rewards and keep it consistent.

[01/19/13]   Cant get your dog to do a certain task? Try getting a different treat than their usual ones and only give that treat for the task in hand, its something different and something your dog will look forward to when they accomplish it.

[01/19/13]   Does your your dog snap food from your fingers? Heres a tip.. hold the treat in a closed fist and work the treat out slowly so it takes it gently from your hand.

[01/14/13]   There are many reasons why one should never over spoil or over 'baby' your dog. The main one being, too much coddling and not enough discipline can lead to a very anxious dog and can lead to aggression. Dogs are not children and need to live their lives as such. :)

[01/08/13]   Just like humans, dogs can have annoying habits, Does your dog have an annoying habit?

[12/24/12]   Merry Christmas and a happy new year to everyone! Remember to love your dogs but dont spoil, and a well trained dog is a happy dog! :)

Be Their Voice {Stop Animal Cruelty}

Be Their Voice {Stop Animal Cruelty}

[12/10/12]   Remember folks when buying gifts for your dogs, stay clear of raw hides, as they can clog the stomach and cause surgery, and squeaky toys can lose their squeakers which your dog can choke on!. and its often a good idea to let your friends and family know too, for their dogs and if they buy for your dogs as well. :)

[12/08/12]   One of the first things I teach any owner is how to get their dog to come back to them when called. For little dogs I use a retractable leash, for larger dogs a long rope. Let them run ahead and then call, if they dont respond the leash is pulled back, when they return they get a treat, eventually they come back without having to pull on the leash or rope. Always make sure there are no distractions for your dog when training him to do anything.

If you have more than one dog, teaching 'group sit' is great for them as a social pack following the leader and also for the owner enforcing who's boss. Always make it fun and rewarding.

[11/23/12]   Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and your pups behaved themselves around the table! :)

Cherry Jenkins Dog training's cover photo

[11/08/12]   One of the hardest type of dogs Ive had to train is the nervous type. Simply because dogs learn by association, so giving that treat must never be at a time when it is feeling fearful because it only enforces the emotion,.

[11/06/12]   If you had to choose between 2 local dog trainers which one would you choose?... The trainer with the certificate, or the trainer with many years experience in training dogs? (Remember you dont have to have a cert to be a trainer)

[11/06/12]   So this morning, I am woken by four dogs jumping on my head and my face being licked into submission to get up, I figured.. Hmmm perhaps I can train them out of that.. then thought.. Naaah.. scratch that.. I love it. :)

[11/05/12]   Throwing a ball for more than one dog can cause arguments! I have trained mine to take turns, Maddie runs after the first ball, Paris the second and Julius the third. They each wait their turn and it solves so many problems :))

[10/24/12]   A true statistic shows that dogs left alone in yards, are more likely to have aggression issues than with dogs who are members of a family and live indoors with them.

[10/19/12]   When adopting/ rescuing any dog, theres key points one must consider,these are points that all responsible owners follow. Size of dog to fit your surroundings.. energy of dog to fit your lifestyle, coat of dog if you dont want to have heavy responsibility with grooming.. and finally is the dog trained? If you do not know how to train a dog or dont have time to.. pick one that is already trained in the basics, to give it back or have it destroyed because you didnt think things through is not only irresponsible it is totally unfair on the dog who could have had a chance with someone else who could handle its needs.

[10/15/12]   I had a phone call yesterday asking me advice about a dog who is continually being returned to the rescue because once he gets settled in, he starts to become jealous over his owners and starting problems between the other dogs. The first thing I told them was that the dog wasnt being jealous, he was insecure and protecting the good thing he'd found with his new owner. Not surprising when you think of seven house moves! The trick is to not pet any dogs when THEY want it, affection is on the owners terms while the dog is learning his place in the pack. If the dog begins to become aggressive, the owner must discipline immediately by grabbing the scruff with a firm NO and making the dog back up and away from the owner. I had this issue with Lola one of my fosters, she'd had a tough life and when she settled in she wanted to keep hold of this good thing and growled at my dogs when they came near me. She learned very quickly from me that this was unwanted behaviour and the only way she was allowed to be near me was if she accepted the presence of my other dogs.

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Training Retrieval
Training Jasper to retrieve part 1
Training Jasper part 2
Training Jasper part 3




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