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Meche'Em Up Equine Services


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I am here to help Performance horses release stress or pain and make them Comfortable and relaxed. Hands on stress release...

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Nov. 21, 2020 in Seguin Texas

Slider making one heck of a barrel run with Me!
Hard work paying off!

He is solid as they come! I wished all horses came like him! I love him and he knows it!! my unicorn 🦄

Marlee McManus & Slider day 1 of BBRA FINALS

Such a huge heart I swear he even though he fell he made sure he didn’t hurt the jockey! In fact he was trying to get away from her and when he did he stayed for a sec then ran off scared! Both Horse and rider are fine! He is tough as nails!

He sure loves the Poles!!❤️ #BreakawayStick #DoesItAll #Breakaway

His favorite event!


My boy taking care of his lil Jockey! This horse has a huge heart and lots of talent! He does it all except heading!! I’d be lost with out him in my life!!

Naia & Slider

First jackpot and won money in Open and Youth!!

I just loving watching these 2! He just takes care of Naia !! #Priceless

Naia Folmer& Slider

Naia & Slider!! Had a awesome run Yesterday in Uvalde! The first time I have got to see them run barrels in person! I never once showed her how to ride him cause I knew he would take care of her! She has never practiced the barrels on him ever! We did more poles then anything else! They are a perfect lil team! I am very proud of Naia!

I think Slider is ready to chase calves fpr awhilw and not cans lol.

2nd rum back with a year off!! Been ropingthe dummy a lot and it shows!!

It felt great to have a rope in my right hand and the reins in the left riding my buddy!! Long time way over due!!

Kissing Spine:: Shows anxiety on the crossties such as shifting weight, bowel movements, etc
Resents grooming, especially over the back area
Drops or dips the back when the saddle is placed on it
Acts irritable or bites the air or the crossties when the girth is tightened
Makes it difficult to mount
“Scoots” forward as soon as mounted
Changes from normal temperament, demeanor, and even facial expression while working or being prepared to work
Has back stiffness or is hollow and inverted
Demonstrates a resistance to work such as refusing jumps or being “behind the leg”
Bucks, rears,, bolts, kicks out, tosses the head, shies
Unwilling to go “on the bit” or execute smooth transitions
Struggles to pick up or maintain the canter, the correct lead, or a proper three-beat gait; cross-canters, has a disunited canter, or breaks from the canter
Has loss of muscle mass across the topline
Reluctant to roll or lie down
Since many of these signs can be due to a behavioral or training issue -- or a medical condition unrelated to the back -- it is important to carefully document observations like these and share this detailed history with a vet so that they can come up with the most appropriate diagnostic testing and treatment plan.

**At one time this horse had all these problems. I never did the surgery cause it’s pretty pricey. So this is why I did the equine massage therapy along with Cold Laser Therapy! In 7 yrs I have owned him he has changed and turned out to be one heck of a Horse, that does it all with a huge heart!!! To this day still gets his therapy done alone with great supplements. HorseLogic Professional professionals edge! Has everything he needs to keep him happy and still going strong! Also takes care of his Jockey!! ** just wanted to share this! Never give up on your horse with this problem!! He gives his all and always want to please!! That’s why he is loved by so many people! And has helped win saddles for a lot of kids!! He loves his job!!

I am super happy for Naia today! Yesterday’s run fell short hitting a pole but came back today strong and a solid run!! She was one hole out making it back to the short go! They took top 10 back and she finished 11th in the average! For only having him and riding him 2 months that’s one heck of a accomplishment! She is the only kid that has gotten to ride him in Poles! It takes one hell of a Jockey to ride him and she rode him like a champ that she is! Can’t wait to see y’all run again!! When they click together they are gonna rock and roll!! It’s coming just wait and see!!! Thanks to Nikki and Wayne for giving Slider a chance and loving him just as much as I do!


Meche'Em Up Equine Services

No Neck No check

Finally back to doing what I love and know best!!

[05/17/20]   Sliderman doing his thing with Naia! Makes my heart happy! YRA in Hamilton Texas she won 4th in Poles and 7th in the straights! Can’t wait to see the Short Go on Sunday!

Meche'Em Up Equine Services

Meche'Em Up Equine Services's cover photo

Lil roping with Paisley Gibson! Brian Gibson’s little girl! Roping is in her blood she never gives up!

How to Control Horse Manure Piles Manure management options that will help you reduce that unsightly pile of horse manure in your barnyard.

Added straights to Slider and he liked it!

I have only let a few ride Slider in the Poles but this is the first time I let a 8 yrs old run him in Poles! I have worked hard to make me a horse that can do it all! But this is by far the best feeling in the world cause he LOVES the Poles and KIDS...

I can careless if I ever throw a rope again on him! I can sit and watch him take care of any kid and give it his any day!

He sure loves the Poles

Naia and Slider starting to figure things out! Makes me proud to see something I worked so hard on and it work out perfect for this little team!!

First day back in the saddle!

This Team Roping horse loves the poles no doubt!

Naia and Slider hit it off real good for first time to ever ride him. Slider is in awesome hands can’t wait to see this team grow!!

Meche'Em Up Equine Services

Naia Folmer and her smoking run today in Seeetwater! I am so proud of her..

Meche'Em Up Equine Services

Hard work and dedication sure does pay off. Slider and I Won🏆 the Windy Ryon Qualifier with a 1.70


Lampasas Cpra Rodeo

My first team roping in a very long time. Ol Roanie worked like a charm and we fit one another.

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Nov. 21, 2020 in Seguin Texas
Marlee McManus & Slider day 1 of BBRA FINALS
He sure loves the Poles!!❤️ #BreakawayStick #DoesItAll #Breakaway
Naia & Slider
Naia Folmer& Slider
I think Slider is ready to chase calves fpr awhilw and not cans lol.
No Neck No check




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