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Tar's Dog Training


There is a new found study that Grain Free dog food is BAD for your dogs! Feeding a Raw diet is best, but if you can't feed Raw,Google The Dog Food Advisor to see how your dog food rates up and start doing research on what is Best for your dog.

Educating dog owners about dog behavior while assisting them with their dog using Classical and Operant Conditioning through Positive Reinforcement.

Basic Obedience Home Visits: 4 Weeks - $200.00 (1 visit per week, training time up to 1 hour) Advanced Obedience Public Outing: 4 weeks - $260.00 out of home setting (1 outing per week, training time up to 1 hour) *weather permitting One day visit (on any day of the week) : $80.00 per each visit (up to 1 hour) $10.00 additional per each half hour Fast Track Training In-Home Visits: 7 Days - $700.00 (up to 1 hr per day) 1 per day visit up to 7 days at your home Advanced Fast Track Public Training: 7 Days - $960.00 (up to 1 hr per day) 1 per day visit up to 7 days in out of home setting *weather permitting **PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash, Pay Pal, and Credit Card/Debit Card. RETURN POLICY: All sales on Training / Packages and Daily Visits are final. With a passion and life long love of animals, I want to share my knowledge to help those in need of any type of training for your dog(s). I have an Animal Behavior College Professional Dog Trainer Certificate and a American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen CGC Evaluators Certificate. I myself also own 6 wonderful dogs whom are my joy and world as I'm sure yours are. My time and attention to your pets would be the same as if they were my own. I hope you will let me help you with all the training you need for your dogs.

Operating as usual

Remember to do Fun things with your dog to distract them from the booming sounds of fireworks...give treats for fun...and don't feel bad if you need to give some calming chews to take the egde off so they won't be too stressed.πŸ˜ŠπŸŽ‰
(Thurs. Dec 31, 2020)

Wishing Everyone a Happy Holiday Season! (Dec 25, 2020 Friday)

Pixie and Ryder waiting for their food, practicing " Sit " with " Leave It".
Ryder was pretty good, but Pixie was a bit impatient...lolπŸ˜„πŸ¦…
(Saturday December 19, 2020)


Properly Supervising Dogs - Whole Dog Journal

Did you know that in certain situations you need to Supervise your dog?....you Sure do, just as you would supervise your child in certain situations😊....this article has some great info on how to Properly supervise your dog

whole-dog-journal.com good dog supervision

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope EVERYONE is healthy and staying safe!πŸ¦ƒβš˜β€πŸ˜Š
November 26, 2020

This is good article with interesting points that I'm sharing. It's worth a read❀😊

How Your Behavior Influences Your Dog

The results of recent research at the DogStudies Lab at the Max Planck Institute suggest owner behavior has a huge influence on how well dogs perform on a β€œshowing” task

Interestingly, the more encouraging the owner, the harder the dog tries, but the less successful he or she is at completing the task

Owner enthusiasm seems to prompt a β€œready to obey” attitude in the dog that increases the dog’s effort, but decreases his or her accuracy

The more scientists discover about the brains of domesticated dogs, the more we understand about how similar they are to us; recent scientific discoveries indicate that our dogs feel empathy just as we do, and unlike all other non-primates, they make eye contact with us

Also, your dog loves the way you smell, she’s able to follow your finger when you point at something and she reacts similar to voices and the emotion in voices similar to the way you do


From the desk of Dean Goodding comes the article, and the photo comes from the camera of Becca Louise. Thanks to both of you for sharing.


Coconut Water...Does a Dog Good!

Not dog training, but did you know that coconut water is a Great natural source of electrolytes for your dog? Yes it is!..read the article to find out!πŸ•πŸ˜βš˜

bombbullie.com Keep Calm and Drink Coconut Water…With Your Dog! We spend so much of our time ensuring that our own diets keep us healthy, skinny, energized, or pretty, but what about our dogs? Many owners feed their pets the same, dry food day after day and then get upset about expensive vet bills when their dog...


Can Dogs Eat Pineapple? Benefits and Feeding Tips

This is not training related, but I thought I would share because I found it Interesting! Did you know that Pineapple is GOOD for your dog? Read the article to find out moreπŸ˜βš˜πŸ•

blog.homesalive.ca We love the delicious sweetness of fresh-cut pineapple, but have you ever wondered if you can share this tasty treat with your dog? Can dogs eat pineapple?


Do Dogs Know How Big They Are?

This is an interesting article I came across... πŸ˜ŠπŸ•βš˜

thebark.com Who among us has not been stepped on by a dog who seemed completely unaware that her paws were on our feet? So many dogs do this that it’s hard to guess what kind of general body-awareness dogs have.


What is a "Submissive Grin" in Dogs?


caninedimensions.blogspot.com A submissive grin is a fairly uncommon gesture made by dogs. It can be a bit tricky to tell the difference so people often misinterpret thi...

Having a little fun gettin' the girls to do some STAYS⚘😊⚘(7-18-20 Saturday)

Here is some Great loose leash walking!
My close family friend's son Wolfie is walking Coco with no distractions.😊⚘(6-28-20 Sunday)

When taking your dog out for a walk, it is Your job to be aware of your surroundings and notice things that may cause your dog to be out of its comfort zone BEFORE your dog notices them. The reason for this is so that you and your dog can be Safe on your walk.

In the first photo, Zenith is not looking at the horses and blackbuck (my example of distractions..lol). If you were to see them Before she did, you would want to turn and go the other direction until the distraction was gone(which would be the easier thing to do) .

in the second photo Zenith Sees the distractions, so you would get your High Value treats and ask her to Sit and Watch until the distractions are gone....OR make sure you have Enough distance between you and the distractions and use your High Value treats to distract your dog long enough to quickly but calmly walk past them.
Make sure your voice is happy so that your dog will want to pay attention to you. You can also make kissy or clicky sounds to get her attention.
REMEMBER: NEVER walk your dog on a flexi leash as you are only Asking for trouble and it would be Your fault.
Walk your dog on a 6ft leash so that you have control for safety.😊.(if you have any questions on this post, feel free to ask⚘😊).
(6-27-20 sat.)

Take some time when you are inside with your dog to do some quick and fun training!😊.
I happen to be sitting in a chair in the kitchen...feel free to "chang it up" and turn your training into a FUN GAME, as it should be!😊😊🌷🌷
(6-21-2020 sunday)

Here is a short video on leash walking. When taking your dog out for a walk, be aware of how HOT it is outside and Where you will be walking. You Don't want your dog's pads to burn on HOT pavement/asphalt so choose grass and shade(if possible) instead. Also, DO NOT stay out very long...this video was just over 1 minute long and already Arya was getting hot, so I brought her inside to cool off. The Last thing you want is for your dog to overheat! 🌷🌷.
Its OK to use high value treats on your walk....Use a Treat Pouch if you have one, so that you can easily get to the treats....I couldn't because I had to hold my phone in one hand and the leash in the otherπŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š.
Remember to use your training words to communicate with your dog.😊
(6-21-2020 sunday)

Here is some interesting food for thought regarding your pet's water bowl...(and perhaps their food bowl as wellπŸ˜‰)


Ever rub your fingers on the inside of your pet's water bowl and you feel a slippery slime of sorts? Well that invisible goo is called Biofilm.

Biofilm is a collection of organic and inorganic, living and dead materials collected on a surface. It is made up of many different types of bacteria bound together in a thick substance that acts as a glue to both hold the bacteria together and adhere it to a surface.

Biofilm can often be good bacteria but there is also the bad!

Biofilms provide a safe haven for organisms like Listeria, E. coli and legionella where they can reproduce to levels where contamination of products passing through that water becomes inevitable.

Bad Biofilms have been found to be involved in a wide variety of microbial infections in the body such as urinary tract infections, middle-ear infections and bladder infections.

Many pet parents are guilty of simply refilling the water bowl over and over without a wash and this becomes a wonderful environment for biofilm to soak around in.

How to reduce Biofilm:

Remember to clean your pet’s water bowl at least once a week if you can and change water daily.

For pet daycares where a host of different bacteria float around in water bowls, wash daily!

For best results, run your water bowls through a hot cycle in the dishwasher with an eco friendly, non-toxic soap to really clean out the biofilm!

Rodney Habib Pet Health Site

"An educated, informed and well-researched community of pet owners can only put more pressure on the pet food industry to be better! When pet owners know better, they will only do better!"

(P.S. - I am going to get lambasted over the "wash once a week at least" concept. However, after a wonderful discussion with a well known pro-active veterinarian/scientist, when she studied the bacteria looming in pets' water bowls she found if you have a healthy beast, biofilm can actually be full of wonderful, healthy bacteria. It's like playing in the mud as kids and having good bacteria all over you! So sometimes cleaning regularly can wash all the good stuff away. ;) )

How do you teach your dog to COME? The Best place to start is in your house either by yourself or with some friends.... In this video Im by myself and Im just using some kibble that Ryder likes. You can use Any high value treat your dog likes...if friends are helping you, they All need to have a few pieces of treat.
So I waited for ryder to be in the kitchen and I walked into the livingroom and called her. I use the word YES to mark the "Event " of her making a " B- Line" towards me. You will also hear me making Kissy and Clicky sounds to make myself appear more fun(which is perfectly fine) so that Ryder comes to me.
My guess is that something in the kitchen is far more interesting than coming to me, but she chose to COME.
Once she got to me, I gave her the treat and Released the behavior with the word OK.
I gave her a few moments to walk away from me before calling her to me again and following the same steps as above, said YES, gave the treat and released with OK.
You can practice this twice a day calling her about 5 or 6 times and call it good for the day. Remember that Repitation is the KEY. Once she is good at coming to you inside, you can try it in your back yard...NEVER let your dog off leash intentionally with the expectation that they will Happily come back if you are out in public. You Never know what will get their attention and it may be difficult for you to get them back. DO MAKE SURE your dog is SOLID on their recall INCASE they should ACCIDENTALLY get out of your hand, you can call them back to you. You have to ALWAYS make YOURSELF More Interesting than the world around your dog so that they are HAPPY to come back to you!β€πŸ˜ŠπŸ’

What does it mean when you " Install the Reward Marker"? You get high value treats, choose a word that you will use to mark correct behavior(mine is YES) and just feed the treats as you say the word. The food creates a positive association with the word so that when you are training, it makes it easy to shape behaviors. ⚘😊

If you are wondering how to teach SIT to your dog, this is how.
Get some high value treats, take them and lure them slowly towards your dog's nose and continue moving your hand Over their nose, to the back of their head(where their nose goes, their bottom will follow).
Keep your eye on their Bottom, not so much their face....the MOMENT their bottom hits the ground, reward mark it by using your reward marker(mine is YES) and give the treat and then release the behavior by using your release word(mine is OK) and then ask for a SIT again. ....repeat the steps.
Ask for 4 or 5 more SITS and call it good!πŸ˜‰πŸ˜βš˜


The Whole Dog Ecosystem

Here is an informative article on dog behavior..it has some interesting points!😊
Its a quick short read 😊⚘

adgtk-dayschool.com I find ecosystems fascinating. They are beautifully-balanced communities of organisms and species interacting with their environments in a mutually-beneficial way. So balanced, in fact, that any disturbance (species introduction or removal, climatic shifts, changes in topography, etc.) disrupts the....

Happy Easter 2020! I hope everyone is safe and well and finding time to have fun with your Best pal (or PalsπŸ˜‰)! 😊🐰🐣πŸ₯πŸ‡

Ryder and Coco doing a good job on Sit-Stay with duration and distance. When working a Sit-Stay and adding distance with duration, make sure you use a tasty high value treat to reward the wanted behavior. Good girls! (Ap.2, 2020 8:50pm)


Does Your Dog Get Chilly? Warm Up His Food in the Winter

When its chilly outside, its a good idea to put some warm water (not too hot but not too cold either) or warm broth over your dog's food to help him stay a little bit warm. Warm food is also better for their digestion. 😊

dogster.com During winter, heating up your dog's food can make mealtime more beneficial. Here's why.


Homemade Dog Food Ingredients: 3 Essential Foods for Dogs - Whole Dog Journal

Feeding the right food to your dog will help him live a healthier life. Here is some great info for those who want to make homemade food for their dog⚘😊

whole-dog-journal.com Whole Dog Journal steers away from providing dog guardians with step-by-step recipes for dog food, raw or cooked. We can share expert dog companions' personal protocols for feeding their dogs home-prepared, but quickly you will realize not only that the perfect dog food recipe does not exist, but th...

Not a training video, just info.⭐
There is nothing wrong with keeping your dogs warm with a DURABLE jacket when the temps get low. I've found that the Weatherbeeta Parka 1200D Deluxe Dog Coat is THE BEST because its easy to put on and off, keeps them warm and repels rain/snow. The "warmth level" is a medium, so that they are not too hot, or too cold.😊
Jan. 29, 2020 (wed.)

Nothing wrong with a bit of obedience before dinner, as long as its a Short session😊. A Wonderful sit, stay and leave it by Thor!
Afterwards, he got his dinner First while I mixed up the rest of the food for the others.😊⚘
Monday Jan.27, 2020 at 6:45pm

" T " is wishing EVERYONE a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020! She would like all pet owners to please stay home and keep their furry friends company during the fireworks celebration!
She would like you all to be Responsible and Safe!
I hope 2020 finds you ALL Happy, Healthy and brings you ALL that you want!!πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
(Dec. 31, 2019 6:42pm)


Dog/Dog Tolerance | BADRAP

Here is some GOOD info on identifying bad behaviors in dogs. It does not go into Great detail, but its just enough so that you have an idea of what to look for in their body language. Not All dogs will get along with eachother, just like people. They are selective with which dogs they prefer to be around and that is OK. Never force your dog to be around other dogs if he is displaying aggressive like behaviors towards other dogs.

badrap.org Understanding the Range of Dog Tolerance Levels A Normal Behavior that is as Flexible as it is Manageable

[11/23/19]   32 degrees is considered FREEZING. Bring your dogs and cats inside!! If for some stupid reason your dog is outside, make sure it has on a Weatherbeeta jacket or something equivalent and a nice dog house..not a plastic crate with holes, but a dog house FILLED with HAY...yes HAY! Hay acts like an insulator to help keep your dog warmer than blankets which will only ball up and become muddy and wet. Make Absolutely sure that the dog house is protected from wind and rain and that you have a heat light directed to the inside of the dog house. Make sure your dog can't get to the cord.
Please be a responsible pet owner and have your pet's well being in mind!

Congrats to Rachel, Sam and their GSP, Evy for passing the CGCA and the CGCU at the Bass Pro Shop today!! Yaaay!

If your dog is anxious about going into his crate, counter condition the crate to your dog by tossing high value food/treats in there and allow your dog to go in on his own to get the treats and come back out.
Start with the treat close to the entrance and gradually toss it farther back in the crate.
Once your dog is going to the back of the crate, close the door just briefly for 2-3 seconds and then let him out and start again.
Each time you close the door, add 2 more seconds.
Work the exercise until you can get at least 6 to 10 seconds with the door closed before letting him out.

Its a good idea to feed your dog his breakfast or dinner or both in his crate so he associates food(which is a Positive Reinforcer) with his crate and that will give him a Positive Association to his crate and he will look forward to going in.
Close the door while he eats and once he is done, let him out and pick up his bowl.

When you are home, put the crate(wire or plastic..I recommend a wire crate if not traveling) in an area of your home where your dog can see and be a part of the family, but leave the door open so he can go in and out as he wishes.
On occasion if he goes in, close the door if he is relaxing and then when he calm and ready to come out, let him out.
Once your dog is comfortable being in his crate, he should be able to sleep through the night in there. You may have to move the crate to your room, or just have an extra on in there so that your dog can be in different parts of the house and in his crate.
By doing this, it will help prevent him getting separation anxiety.

If you notice that your dog has a small amount of anxiety or nervousness when its pouring and thundering out, use a high value food or any food they love and feed them by hand or in a bowl or toss pieces on the floor for them to find and make a GAME of it.
This is called Counter Conditioning...by pairing high value food(or food they like) with things that make them a bit uncomfortable, you are changing the way they feel about that situation.
You can also use a high value toy or a toy they like,to play with them during the storm, or try food puzzles. If you can feed them outside on a covered area when it rains and play on a covered area when it rains, the better off you will be.
The whole goal is to teach your dog that things will still be FUN even if its raining.
Whatever you do, DON'T Coddle your dog, as you will only ADD to his anxiety.

***If your dog is Already Extremely anxious from the storm, he won't want to eat or play...the Best you can do is get some calming chews from the pet store or feed store and keep your dog in its crate covered up near you or in a place he is comfortable and calm in...and a place that is near you so that they feel safe until the storm passes.

⚘⚘my dogs in the video here are not afraid of the storm as you can clearly see...the video i took, happened to make a Great example of what counter conditioning is and how to help your dog cope when there is a storm.😊
(9-8-2019 sunday)

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