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Specialties Sales and Repair

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Operating as usual

Have a safe and wonderful holiday season.

If you haven’t had your heating system checked out this year, please take the time to get it looked at.

This furnace was in use last year and the customer had me look at it this season due to it not heating the house properly. I have no idea how this situation didn’t turn out worse for the customer but I’m glad nothing happened.

I cleaned out furnace and everything is now working as it should.

Had a blower motor, in a furnace that would not turn on, I found a lot of corrosion on the control board. I brushed of connections, and blower motor started to work again.

A few clogged drains , that were cleared out

Had some critters chew the insulation off a line set for a wine cooler. I redid the damaged insulation, then applied another vapor barrier and sealed line set penetrations for vault.

Had a couple of reach in boxes not getting down to temp
The first box was a refrigerator that had a clogged up condenser coil. temp was near 83 when I looked at box, after brushing out coil, the temp started to drop pretty quick. 67 in just a few minutes.

Second box is a reach in freezer, that had the same problem . When I arrived the temp was 32, after brushing the coil out, it dropped down to 16 quickly.

Had a cooler evaporator that was developing an ice build up near center of coil. I found that the drain pan had eroded to the point that it had created holes , which when the fans were running, would pull air through the drain pan, causing the water to splash up and freeze on the coil. I removed , cleaned,and repaired pan with epoxy. The tape was temporarily on pan so the epoxy could set. The tape was removed and unit is back in service.

had a walk in freezer that had been cascading ice onto shelving and floor.

I found that the drain line had a restriction in it,causing the water to back up into pan. The ice built up in pan enough to push pan down causing the water to flow out the left side of evaporator.

I replaced frozen drain line, repaired pan,and got customer back on line.

had a walk in cooler evaporator coil that needed cleaning.
I brushed out coil,sprayed foaming coil cleaner on coil,then re brushed coil clean.

had a walk in freezer freezing up evaporator coil and case. I found a bad defrost timer (not advancing), I replaced timer. Upon further inspection of unit, I found damaged wiring (black wires) , at disconnect lugs. I cut off bad sections of wire and got machine back on line.

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Customer had a unit not controlling correctly. Mice had chewed the control wiring up , causing the condenser to have intermittent cooling ,heating, even switching modes while running.

We replaced damaged wiring, and put it in flexible conduit to protect it from reoccurring.

The tempting fruit, was also removed from the area.

Finding and repairing a restricted strainer on a package unit

Gecko causing my customer a lot of grief.

During annual ice maker cleaning/maintenance, we found a contactor that was starting to fail.
We were able to get the part changed out before customer had any problems

Before and after rebuild ,of heating elements

Freezer evap install

Specialties Sales and Repair

Condensing unit we changed out

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We supply service for air conditioning ,refrigeration, ice machines for residential and commercial customers.
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