Analuisa Orozco

Analuisa Orozco

“Hi, I’m Analuisa, your social worker for the Big Valley community. My job is to accompany children, adults and families on their journey to wellness."

A State Certified non-Public Agency, AO Consulting & Counseling Services ("AOC") supports healthy lifestyles, wellness, and recovery while building resilience in our communities. By conducting early Behavioral Health screenings, assessments and referrals to appropriate services and programs, AOC serves as a frontline defense to the chronic Behavioral Health challenges facing our schools and communities. We help: • INDIVIDUALS and FAMILIES achieve recovery, resilience and recreation through selective wellness activities; we also secure resources, when available, for the unserved and under-served • SCHOOLS remove barriers to learning • COMMUNITY AGENCIES, GRANTORS, GRANTEES and LOCAL ORGANIZATIONS develop programs that meet their mandates and initiatives • OUR COMMUNITY become more empowered and organized to bring about positive change

Mission: Our mission incorporates a holistic approach, blending cultural practices with the best in physical, emotional, mental and spiritual care for those in our communities. We work to reduce disparities in communities through connection, motivation and the nurturing of wellness and resiliency. Using the most effective and evidence-based strategies, culturally competent and research-guided practice provides the high standards of care expected of us. We are driven to build a strong community through conversation, education and shared capacities.

The Living in Wellness Center

Reprinted from the Nov. 2015 issue of the "Big Valley News."

In the Spirit of Wellness…

Here we are again winding down from another good year. Seasons change, reminding us that nothing stays the same. We can change too! The remarkable thing about being human is that we have “will”, the choice, to “become” when we take time to reflect and open our awareness in order to make positive conscious changes. This is achieved through our wonderful brains, which we are learning is capable of repairing itself through the creation of new neural pathways.

This month I would like to start a series of writings on the subject of becoming emotionally well. So what does this mean? It means we all have the capacity to work on and improve our state of mind in order to make us healthier or keep us healthy. By doing this we can create the happiness we deserve. How do we do this? Well, first it helps to learn about some well establish principles on the subject of mental or emotional wellness and then we must take an inventory of our selves, our strengths and weaknesses and where we need to focus our energies in order to maximize our potential for enjoying life and reaching goals.

First and foremost, it is important to know and acknowledge our baseline emotional wellness, which oftentimes is determined by our biology. Even if we are challenged by biological circumstances, we can still develop skills and use tools to help us maximize our life experiences. Sometimes we have life experiences that affect our emotional wellness. Learning and knowing how our past experiences affect us in the present moment will help direct attention to areas that need focus.

There are 5 factors that help us achieve healthier states of mind and those are: self-appreciation, resiliency (our capacity to stay positive, find meaning and humor in life), affiliation (our capacity to connect with others), negotiation, (our ability to re-learn from others and re-evaluate our beliefs based on new information) curiosity, exercise and leisure activities (like reading, writing, playing an instrument). So the question is, where do YOU stand with respect to each of these factors and DO YOU WANT to improve or “pump up” your emotional wellness? We all have that choice. If we make a conscious choice and decision to improve, make a change, step up to the challenge, then we have the power of intention on our side. With the power of intention comes the energy to make the changes, create new habits and patterns and ultimately reach our goals.

So, over the winter months, I will be covering the five factors to emotional wellness and provide ways and resources that may help one improve in certain areas. It is important to acknowledge that we all are growing beings striving and deserving to achieve states of wellbeing and we all have something to learn… There is support in our community to help you find the sense of well-being that you deserve. Visit the Wellness Center in Adin!

“The ability to be in the present moment is a major component of mental wellness.” ~ Abraham Maslow

May you be curious on your journey in seeking wellness and may you live with ease.

Analuisa Orozco, MSW, LCSW, PPSC ~ Behavioral Health Provider at The Wellness Center

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