Hopper Katahdin/Dorper Farm

We are a small family farm raising Katahdin Hair Sheep and Anatolian Shepherds.

So true

Finally! Get to move equipment in to spread the good 33C gravel in front of ram pens. No more slipping and sliding lol. Now we can get in and build permanent pens

Sold a ram lamb today. He is 41/2 months old. I wanted to thank Heather Holland Pleasants for the purchase.

It has rained so much my lambs are just muddy. I did get a picture of one of our katahdin/ Dorper Cross ewe lambs. You can sure tell it is Freddys!

Hopper Katahdin/Dorper Farm's cover photo

Hopper Katahdin/Dorper Farm's cover photo

Ram lambs 3 to 4 months old

Ewe lambs 3 1/2 to 5 months old

Taking this video from the camera. It looks like the older ewe lambs is not that upset getting taken away from their moms lol.

Finally got the ewe lambs and ram lambs separated with the help of David Givens, Shasta Marie Abbott and Shawn Givens. This is our ewes this year, 6 weeks to 2 1/2 months old.

Buttercup took her twins on a adventure today lol. It is weird having newborns when we are weaning all the others.

Buttercup, our 5 year old ewe, who decided she did not want to breed with the group, was bred November 2 gave us twins last night. 6 weeks after everyone else has lambed.

OMG we deleted two creep feeders so hopefully tomorrow we can get lambs to follow their moms into control area to be weighed and separated. They were put out with only one little creep. A lot were to big to fit through the creep gate lol

One day without rain! We cleaned out barn and reapplied lime to build a pen for weaning.
Dan pulled out the big guns to clean some mud out of our way. I’m so tired of all this mud. Tomorrow we weigh and separate lambs.

Sammy the Lammy is blending in.
He is now 5 weeks old and does the lamb run and has taken up with a couple of ewe lambs lol.

Well the creep is empty in lower barn so the creep in birthing barn is filling up lol!

So proud of the triplets that were bottle babies last year!
Each had their babies this year and no issues! They are good moms.

Had a near disaster last night. Went down to barns to check lambs. Looked over to birthing barn and I thought I was looking at a dead ewe! Went down to see and she was laying in mud not moving. Her eye opened and I was trying to get her to her belly. Dan drove me to the house and I got the banamine and Zactran. Gave her banamine and dan went to get tractor so we could move her, I gave her Zactran. We rolled her into bucket and all of a sudden her head came up, she probably thought we were going to bury her lol, put her in birthing barn where I just grabbed a handful of soda a shoved in her mouth. We left and came back home. Well this morning she was out with other ewes. Thank God, I only have 4 feeders with soda in them. She is still muddy.

We are taking down jugs and cleaning barn to put in the pens for weaning.

[02/21/20]   We are officially done with lambing. Yeah!
I really liked the birthing barn.

Well since tractor would not start Linda Lunsford let us use hers. The ewes were locked in the lot they eat their corn in for a lot longer than usual. We had to spread hay along upper road because of flooding. They were so happy to get out!

Well some of the lambs are staying dry while moms are up eating. Others are in lower barn and hay barn. Flood waters are rising!

I am so friggen over this shxx!

Well the lambs found a dry spot while moms were eating!!

I am so proud of our little corn grinder. Just perfect for us.

We had triplet ewes last birthing and the first had hers a week ago. I looked in camera and saw one in labor by the time I got down to barn both triplets had two legs and nose showing. Lol they were born in less than five minutes.

I love it when they run!

David Givens spoil the rams. Tipper is enjoying the attention.

Never thought we would run out of room but still have about twenty first timers so we swapped areas. Babies and moms now have the muddy outdoors and birthing barn. 107 lambs were released today lol.

My bottle babies! They like the heat lamp.

Three more sets of twins since last night!

Crashed last night! Saw a single on camera and it looked good. Went back to sleep. Linda Lunsford texted to tell me I had triplets and two singles lol.
Tipper did a good job with these triplets.

Best friends and helpers anyone could have!

Lambs do love to play while moms eat!

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