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CrossFit Rails


Thank you to all the Rails coaches for always encouraging and pushing me!! Especially tonight I have to thank Coach Kristina Granger Kessler! Thank you for partnering with me and for yelling at me and making me get through today’s WOD! Thank you thank you!!
Hey everyone! Tomorrow is Walk a Mile for a Child. So after you get done with your WOD you all can jog on over to the Aberdeen Police Department to Walk a Mile to bring awareness to prevention and awareness of child abuse. We meet at the PD at 10am walk will start shortly after. Would love to see you all there!!!
Happy birthday to one of the best coaches I know!! I hope you have a great day Kristina Granger Kessler!!! 🥳
Hey guys, thank so much for having me in for the Yogathon today! It was such a fun group! Have a great week - take care of those necks and shoulders!
just saying... 😂😂😂
Have been doing Crossfit since May of this year at CrossFit Rails it’s been tough and I have enjoyed every workout no matter how challenging it has been I kept at it. So now for all the hard work and with the help of Daniel McCoy, Alison, Jackie and everyone at CrossFit Rails for the encouragement. Now for some good news, I have been able to come off my blood pressure medication.
Hey CrossFit Rails! Just dropping y'all a quick update on your GameDay Qualifier banner status. You currently have 4 athletes signed up for the qualifier,💪 if you get that number up to 10 your gym gets a free banner in the GameDay 2019 arena! (obviously, you get to take it home with you too 😉) Help rep/promote your gym and get signed up my fitness friends. The qualifier was made to be fun, yet challenging and doable for any and all fitness levels. Hit us up anytime with any questions you may have regarding the qualifier. ❤️❤️
I had a chance to worked out with Rails on Vacation this summer. WOW!! What are great place, felt like I was at home with my gym family. What a great place.
It was so awesome seeing beautiful, familiar faces today and meeting some beautiful new ones! Thank you for the great workout and the positive vibes😊🙏
It's On!
We’re delighted to inform you that CrossFit Rails has been selected as one of the best Sports Centers in South Dakota by Best of AmericanTowns, a property of AmericanTowns Media! Here is the link to the page: For over 15 years, AmericanTowns Media has been the leader in highlighting the incredible work of great local organizations and initiatives. Best of AmericanTowns offers the most interesting and unique places in America right to the fingertips of the user with the opportunity to browse the best places to eat, live, and visit. We are happy to spotlight the excellence you’ve achieved in your work and hope you’ll share this with your followers on Facebook and tag us @bestofamericantowns! #travelfreely

CrossFit Rails is located in Aberdeen, SD and is Aberdeen's first official CrossFit box.

We opened our doors February 2015 in hopes to give the community a chance to experience what CrossFit is all about. CrossFit Rails is affiliated through the Aberdeen Family YMCA and we are proudly the one and ONLY Box located in Aberdeen, SD. Through our team, our mission is ultimately to provide the best overall workout experience we can while maintaining safety and intensity in every workout.

Meet Coach Jake! Jake Fuchs joined our coaching team about a year ago and we can’t remember life before him! Here are a couple fun facts about him!

Certifications: CF-L1

Profession: Respiratory Therapist at Sanford

College: Northland Community & Technical College in East Grand Forks, MN

Family: CrossFit Rails & brother Joseph, sister Chris

Favorite CrossFit Move: Snatch or Deadlift

CrossFit Move You Could Live With Out: Dubs or running

Hobbies: hunting & fishing

Bucket List: string dubs together 🤣🤣🤣🤣 or vacation in Bora Bora

Do you eat your ribs with your hands or a fork? Both - depends on the situation

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If you are looking for some core & cardio in your life then we have the perfect class for you! New, for the month of March, we are offering Amped Express! This 30 minute class will be fast paced, full of intervals, conditioning, and core exercises giving you the perfect extra burn for the day! This class would be great alone or stacked on top of your current fitness routine! Sign up available now through the Y! #amped #apmedexpress #cardioandcore #crossfitrails #cantstopwontstop #icaniwillendofstory

Awesome having these girls join us for a workout this morning!

CrossFit Rails went international today. Thanks Coach McCoy for introducing CrossFit to some French exchange students from P.C.!

Meet Coach Kristi Myhre! She is founding gym member, CrossFit & Amped Coach, and a total Double Under Wonder! Here’s a couple more facts to help get to know her!

Certifications: CF-L1, Amped Coach and Spin Instructor at the Y.

Profession: Health Services Manager at Head Start.

College: NSU

Family: Dana( married 20 years in April) Grace-16, Carson- 13

Favorite CrossFit Move: DU’s and squats
CrossFit Move you could live without: Anything gymnastics🤣

Hobbies: Working out, watching kids’ events, camping & hanging out with friends and family

Bucket list: travel to New Zealand

Do you eat ribs with your hands or a fork?
What kind of question is this?.....hands!

📸JL Photography

This week’s bio is getting pushed back until tomorrow so we can announce the newest member of the Rails family! @lindsayhabeck1 had a sweet baby boy! Henry Ray, 8lbs15 oz and 21.25 inches long. Everyone is healthy! Congrats Lindsay & Lance!
Lindsay is one strong momma! She continued to work out with us at CrossFit all the way up to her delivery. She modified movements, scaled her intensity, listened to the cues from her body, and worked with the coaches to ensure she was safely exercising. She is a total rockstar and we are so happy for her new journey as a momma!

Watch your step coming in, it’s very slippery, especially in the front! #babysteps #wearyouriceskates

What do you want to see at the Trainwreck this year?!?

A packed house, taped lines and lots of barbells make us happy! The 6th Annual Trainwreck is a little over 3 months away and want to hear from you guys! What moves are you hoping to see in this year’s comp?
#trainwreckclassic #acceptthechallenge #crossfitrails #crossfitcompetition #partnercompetition #crossfit

On this week’s addition of Meet the Coaches we have Kristina Kessler. Coach Kristina is a founding member at CrossFit Rails and has been coaching for a little over 2 years. Read on to learn more about her!

Certifications: CF-L1, Ace Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor

College: St. Ben’s in St. Joseph, Minnesota.

Family: Reed (husband), Eleanor (9), Gus (7), Sadie (3), Axel (1), Lucy & Pearl (dogs)

Favorite CrossFit move: Burpees & Hang Snatches

CrossFit move you could live without: THRUSTERS (they are from the devil)

Hobbies: Besides working out, hanging with the family, running, camping & boating at the lake, shopping, bingo

One thing on your bucket list: Go watch the summer & Winter Olympics

Do you eat ribs with your hands or a fork? With a fork, I like my ribs falling off the bone, judge away...

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We will be open for classes today at CrossFit! However, Amped is canceled and will be rescheduled for Monday, Feb 17. The YMCA has canceled all group fitness classes and child watch will be closed.

CrossFit Rails's cover photo

CrossFit Rails's cover photo

CrossFit Rails's cover photo

This is Coach Casey! She has been part of Rails since a couple months after we opened in 2015. First she was a member and then became a coach about 2.5 years ago. Here’s a little more info about her!

Certifications: CF-L1

Profession: Avera Careflight Nurse

College: USD

Family: Kids - Katie, Abby & Nick

Favorite CrossFit move: Anything heavy!

CrossFit move you could live without: The assault bike

Hobbies: Beach vacations, concerts, and kid’s sporting events

One thing on your bucket list: Become a professional cheerleader

Do you eat ribs with your hands or a fork? Skip the ribs, I’d rather have cake

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The next session of Amped P.M. is coming up! It will start on Monday, Feb 24 and run through Thursday, Mar 26. And NEW this session, when you sign up for Amped, you can attend any Saturday CrossFit class for FREE!
This class is the perfect combination of cardio and strength. It is as INTENSE as you make it, always FUN and can be modified to accommodate any fitness level or previous injuries. #amped #ampedup #icaniwillendofstory #crossfitrails

Teaching our kids how to be positive, strong, encouraging leaders will be the focus in Y.E.S during the month of February. First class is today at 3:30! Sign up online or at the YMCA! #youthempowermentsystems #YES #crossfitkids #crossfitrails #leadership #growingleaders

Meet Alison Kuch! Coach Alison has been a part of CrossFit Rails since almost the start and has been a coach for 2.5 years. Here’s a little more info about her!

Certifications/Job Title: CFL1, EP-C (certified exercise physiologist).

College: Northern State University, May 2015, BS Human Performance and Fitness
Current first year grad student at SDSU for Nutrition and Exercise Science.

Family: Jim, Becky, Jacob, Grace
& Hunter (boyfriend)

Favorite CrossFit move: squat snatch

CrossFit move you could live without: wall balls

Hobbies: working out but also drinking beer, being outside (in decent weather), cooking, exploring local coffee places, and spending time with those close to me.

One thing on your bucket list: Tour the Greek Islands.

Do you eat ribs with your hands or a fork? Hands, duh!

📸 JL Photography

Way to go Trista! Trista was working on her box jumps today and they were looking so good! Trista is a great example of someone who has been consistently coming to class & putting in the work and now the results are following! Also that look on Coach Casey’s face says it all!! We are proud of you Trista!
#acceptthechallenge #crossfitrails #hardworkgetsresults #goaldigger

The next session of Y.E.S starts up next week! The focus for the month will be on leadership. Call today or sign up through the Y online! #youthempowermentsystems #yes #crossfitkids #crossfitrails

Kickin’ off the Aberdeen Yogathon with a Warrior Flow class! Up next is Myofacial Restorative Yoga at 12! Come join us! #aberdeenyogathon2020 #crossfitrails

Next up Coach Jackie Braun! Coach Jackie is one of the founding CrossFit Rails coaches who started when the gym opened in 2015. Here are a couple facts about her!

Certifications: L1, American Council of excerise, ACE certified personal trainer, CrossFit mobility certified, CrossFit kids certified, Youth empowerment systems.

Profession: Aberdeen Catholic Schools
K-6 School Counselor
Assistant Track and Field Coach

College: Northern state university bachelor of science
-NSU masters of education
-certified school counselor.

Family: Shelby 23, jack 21, chase and Alex may make it to 17, husband John (27 years on Feb. 6).

Favorite CrossFit move: deadlifts and push press.

CrossFit Move you could live without:

One thing on your Bucket List: CMA Awards.

Hobbies: Reading, scrapbooking, fishing & kayaking at the river

How do you eat your ribs? Like a beast, hands down hands.

📸 JL Photography

We are excited to be part of the Aberdeen Yogathon again this year! We are hosting 2 different classes, at 10:30 and 12, both are 45 minutes long. It is a free will donation to join! Also, we will only be having 8am Open Gym and 9am Workout this day!

We are unable to use the back door this morning so please come in through the front door only. If there is no parking left on the street you can use the YMCA’s parking lot!

Aberdeen Family YMCA

CrossFit Rails will still have all classes today!

January 17, 2020 program weather updates

-Uproar (school age) will be open 6:30am-6:00pm and lunch will be served.

-No child watch
-No youth activities/programs including youth sports and swim lessons
-No Group Fitness classes

With a lot of new faces at the gym, we thought this would be a good time to introduce all of our coaching staff! We will be doing a short bio of everyone to help get to know them better! We’ll start with our Leader!
Coach Daniel McCoy

Certifications/Job Title:
CrossFit Manager & Personal Trainer Coordinator
CF L1, CF L2
CF Gymnastics L1
Active Life L1
Cooper Institute Trainer (Law Enforcement/Military)
First Aid
Dad Quality Approved

Benedictine College (Criminology/ Sociology Major) Currently working on my Masters through Benedictine College (MBA)

Wife- Teresa & Kids- Faustina 6, Anastasia 4. Daniel The 5th 3, David 8 Months.

Favorite CrossFit Move:
Squat Clean/ Ring MU’s

CrossFit Move You Could Live Without:
I like it all, but I could go without HSPU’s

One Thing on Your Bucket List:
Do an RX Competition

Do you eat ribs with your hands or a fork? HANDS!!!!!!!!

If you have been wanting to try CrossFit, now is your chance! We are having a FREE week of classes now through Saturday, Jan 11. Each class is led by a Coach and every single movement is broken down before the workout starts. Everything can be modified (both harder and easier) to fit your ability. We’d love to meet you so come on in & check us out! #acceptthechallenge #crossfitrails

Meet Jeff Howard. Here is his story about his CrossFit journey. If you are interested in trying CrossFit, we are having a FREE weeks of classes starting tomorrow! We encourage you to come to as many classes as you can! DM us with any questions!

We are excited to announce that we are now offering a second class time on Saturdays! We will have partner wods at both 9 & 10am every Saturday starting next week on January 11th. We know you guys are busy so hopefully this will help accommodate your schedules! #acceptthechallenge #crossfitrails #newyearnewclasstimes

Heads up, with this warmer weather & melting the snow we have a lake forming by our front door! We recommend wearing boots or parking in back!

Looking to shake up your workout routine? Check out Amped!
Amped is a 45 minute total body workout class designed to build strength, speed, and endurance all while burning maximum calories! Watch this video and what Austin has to say about it!
Join us in the New Year! The next sessions starts on January 6th. Check our stories for the times & dates! #amped #ampedup #icaniwillendofstory

Due to the road conditions and weather, CrossFit Rails and the YMCA will be closed all day! Check our stories for a great at-home workout option!

Please note our New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day schedule! We also have a drop-in Amped class on New Year’s Day at 11:00am!

Yep, you read it right, we are having a FREE WEEK of classes starting January 6th! If you have been wanting to check us out, want to learn more about CrossFit, or just want to come in for a couple great workouts, this is your chance! All classes & movements can be modified to accommodate any fitness level. Hope to see you then! DM us with any questions! #acceptthechallenge #crossfitrails #newyearsfreetrial

Good stuff Gina Karst

We can’t thank you enough for all of your generous donations to Safe Harbor! It is because of you that we were able deliver this mountain of diapers, wipes, snacks, shampoo & conditioner there on Christmas Eve! You guys absolutely rock!

We can’t thank you enough for all of your generous donations to Safe Harbor! It is because of you that we were able deliver this mountain of diapers, wipes, snacks, shampoo & conditioner there on Christmas Eve! You guys absolutely rock!

Such a honor to receive this award! We are so proud of all of the kids in this program and all of their effort every class! We love being able to offer this great program to the community!

A HUGE Congrats to the 2019 “Most Improved” Y.E.S. Training Center [email protected] 🔥🙌🏼
They have grown by leaps and bounds this year - and even blew us away by running a Summer Camp of over 60 kids per session! 🤯
They are the epitome of our Empowerment Word “Tenacity” - ‘I will always find a way’
Show them some love, gang! 🙌🏼

It’s time to start planning for January and we have 2 great kids activities for you! Both our Y.E.S program AND the YMCA’s Junior Chef class start on Tuesday, January 7th.
These two classes would run back to back (Y.E.S 3:30-4:30, Jr. Chef 4:40-5:50) every Tuesday for the month. First a workout then a lesson in nutrition and healthy cooking, the perfect combo! See the fliers for more details or DM us with any questions! #YES #youthempowermentsystems #crossfitkids #juniorchef

Trainwreck Classic


And here it is, after a few extra days of suspense, your official save the date for the 2020 Trainwreck Classic! 6th Annual Trainwreck on 6/6/20! Tag your partner and start getting ready for an awesome day of competing! #accepthechallenge #trainwreck2020 #crossfitrails #crossfitcompetition

Our Amped holiday schedule is here! We will be having 4 - 1 hour classes, all drop-in and $5 at the door! No need to sign up and everyone is welcome (previous participation in Amped is not required). All workouts will be a combination of strength and cardio and can be modified to accommodate all fitness levels! DM us with any questions! #amped #ampedup #crossfitrails #acceptthechallenge

Fun stuff

The Yogathon sites have been announced and we are ecstatic to have our biggest year yet! These are the businesses that reached out to us that wanted to participate..
and we THANK YOU!

Pinned Workshop Aberdeen: this is a first for this amazing location. Create, have fun and do yoga here!

Rebecca’s Yoga Wellness & Balance has Chair and Restorative Yoga and it's a beautiful studio

Midstar Labs with Kelsey who specializes in orthotics

Living Art Dance Studios so amazing!

Aerial Arts by Avery will have two special classes with pole fitness!

Boho Closet Boutique: last stop for wine and yoga!

Karisma Boutique will have smoothies, juices, coffees, and wine for everyone and typically they have specials during the Yogathon.

Revive Day Spa expect a sort of pampering yoga! They will also have specials during the yogathon!

Danger von Dempsey's Pizza & Brewhäus!!! WOW -- This is a first for us! Pizza and Wine. We recommend you come early!

CrossFit Rails: this is their second year and everyone loves this location!

Aberdeen Mall: first year at the yogathon!

Salt Serenity at Sticks and Stones: limited space and can hold 15 people at max. Special breath focused class here!

Rustic Roots will have specials and an amazing class inside filled with plants and art.

Avera Human Performance Center Aberdeen: NEW! This will be fantastic with Avera at a beautiful site filled with health and wellness.

Aspire inc: Second year with us and they are an amazing facility that helps serve many people in our area.

Then of course we will have both of our studios, hot and aerial (cool) filled with classes.

Thank you to all of our members for your continued generosity and time over the last few months! We would like to continue the giving spirit in December by bringing in items needed by Safe Harbor. If you are able help, we will be collecting these things until December 23:
(New) Underwear
Packaged Snacks - Chips & Fruit Snacks
Diapers - Size 4,5,6
Shampoo & Conditioner
Clorox Wipes
At CrossFit Rails, it is part of our mission to be impactful in our community and with all of your help, we are doing just that! Thanks for always accepting the challenge! #crossfitrails #acceptthechallenge

Thanks for the shout out Lexi! We are so thankful you joined our community a few months ago! You are so strong and so fun to coach! We love your passion and look forward to watching you grow!! #acceptthechallenge #crossfitrails #railsstrong

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility in Aberdeen?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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821 Railroad Ave SE
Aberdeen, SD

Opening Hours

Monday 16:00 - 20:00
Monday 05:00 - 13:00
Tuesday 17:00 - 20:00
Tuesday 05:00 - 08:00
Wednesday 16:00 - 20:00
Wednesday 05:00 - 13:00
Thursday 17:00 - 20:00
Thursday 05:00 - 08:00
Friday 16:00 - 20:00
Friday 05:00 - 13:00
Saturday 09:00 - 11:00
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Massenomics Gym is the strongest weight room in Aberdeen, SD. "Power for the People"

Aerial Arts by Avery Aerial Arts by Avery
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Avera Human Performance Center Aberdeen Avera Human Performance Center Aberdeen
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The Avera Human Performance Center is where all individuals can improve their strength and endurance, or recover from injuries. As a fully integrated fitness facility, our programs promote health, wellness, and balance throughout a lifetime.

Aberdeen Gymnastics Association Aberdeen Gymnastics Association
2200 S Roosevelt St, Aberdeen, SD 57401
Aberdeen, 57401

Aberdeen Gymnastics Association (AGA) operates under the auspices of the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU). If you are interested in competing recreationally or through a school program, join AGA today!

Balance Fitness Studio Balance Fitness Studio
2201 6th Ave SE, Ste 16
Aberdeen, 57401

Women's Fitness studio with hydraulic resistance weight training and cardio all in a 30 minute workout!

Next Generation Performance Center Next Generation Performance Center
3315 6th Ave SE, Ste 64
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