Cassie Reuer Tres'-Chic Salon

Hello All! My name is Cassie Reuer and I am the proud owner of Tres-Chic Salon in Aberdeen, SD! You will see my work here and my passion for what I do�

🎉Happy 20th Birthday to Trés-Chic Salon and Spa! 🎉To celebrate 🎊 everyone who sat in my chair during this Holiday Season got to put their name in for a chance to win this Basket of Product! Thank you to all my clients for always supporting me and choosing me these 13 yrs I have been behind the chair! 💎Congratulations to Nicole Crawford for being the winner of Gift Basket of Product worth $200! 💎

One of my Favorite color corrections I have ever done! She had mostly virgin hair with prelightend ends. She asked for an Ombré 3 months prior to sitting in my chair. She showed me an inspiration picture and we went with it! She wanted a deep red base we used @redken color gels and @matrix VLites. I did a heavy foliage , baby lights, and free hand painting to get the perfect blend!
@lizathares Swipe right 👉🏻 to see more ! @ Trés-Chic Salon and Spa

Trés-Chic Salon and Spa

I am extremely humbled Tres-Chic Salon received #2 for Top Rated Local Business In Aberdeen, SD for 2019 Beauty Salons and Spa and #15 for overall Business in SD! We strive to serve our customers with the best quality, value, timeliness, experience, and over all satisfaction! Top Rated is built on these 5 pillars of customer experience and created to empower both businesses and consumers! They also use the reviews from these 5 Websites which publish crowd-sourced reviews about businesses.

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Top Rated Local is the latest website and app to look up local business with a more accurate over all review. Please help us build our reviews with your experience! Please visit or the app Top Rated Local and give us a review! We are under
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▪️Tres-Chic Salon is #2
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The best compliments are positive reviews from our customers of 20 years!

So after you leave a review at any of these websites

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or all of them ...comment below 👇🏻 with the number of reviews you left for us and that is the number of times you will be entered in for a giveaway! Thank you for your continued support and good luck! We will be drawing for a winner at the end of the month!

Naturally Curly Hair is my Jam 🙌🏻 @ Aberdeen, South Dakota

Boho Braids for Bridesmaids ✌️

One of my beautiful brides! It is so awesome when I get to go from doing clients hair in high school to doing their hair for their Wedding Day! It has been an amazing wedding season so far!

📸 I got this beauty ready for her Senior Pictures 📸 She came in with virgin hair and had a vision of what she wanted. Baby-lights mixed with some hand painted pieces using my favorite @framar brushes. I styled with @hottoolspro 1 1/4 in curling iron using @kenraprofessional hot spray. Check out her before 👉🏻 @ Trés-Chic Salon and Spa

Cassie Reuer Tres'-Chic Salon

🇱🇷Happy Fourth Of July! 🇱🇷 I created this look with! When your Mom is a Hair Stylist ... your going to have cool hair for the Fourth! Photo Session with my boys in front of the Salon ❤️ Let Freedom Ring ❤️ @ Trés-Chic Salon and Spa

🔥 This Girl is on Fire 🔥 When your girl is another Stylist and knows what she wants she mixes it herself!
The Chemist 👩‍🔬 @amber.sandve_cosmetologist
The Painter 👩‍🎨 @cassiereuer @matrix was the paint 🎨 You can’t beat matrix vivid and vibrant reds! How beautiful is my friend?! Show her some ❤️ @ Trés-Chic Salon and Spa

Tres-Chic Salon is family owned and has been serving the Aberdeen area for 20 years! We are humbled to be nominated for Aberdeen American News Readers Choice 2019! Only a couple more days left to vote! Click the link below to cast your vote! Thank you for supporting local!

10 Fun Facts About Me

1. I will be celebrating 13 years behind the chair this year!
2. My husband and I are the Owners of Tres-Chic Salon which is a booth rental Salon, including 9 Stylists in Aberdeen, SD. We will be celebrating 20 years of business this year!
3. I live in small town Warner, SD (population is 480.)
4. My commute to Aberdeen, SD (population of 28,338) is only 12 miles and about a 15 minute drive.
5. I met my Husband by his Mother (Vonnie) asking me for my number and sweet talked my Boss Stacey Aberle at the time to get my number for him, he had never met me, or seen me before our first date. He proposed after 6 months and we built our first house together in 2008 and have accomplished a million projects since! We just celebrated our 10 yr Anniversary! Landon is one of the most talented and dedicated man I have ever met! He can do anything he sets his mind to. He is a electrician by trade but hobbies of building, woodworking, lawn care ( loves his grass to look like carpet), and beer brewing in the garage.
6. I grew up on a farm by Webster, SD where some of my favorite smells can be found. Horse sweat is one of them.
7. I am a Mother to 2 Beautiful healthy boys who are 5 and 2.
8. Our favorite things to do together is fishing, lake time, family time, T-Ball, soccer, and wrestling. (Yes, I am a crazy wrestling Mom who looses her voice after every tournament 😆 I love every minute of it!)
9. My favorite meal would be Prime Rib at Chelsea, SD.
10. When I am not doing hair ... Some of my hobbies include family time, fishing, hunting, sewing, crafting, gardening, decorating, and concert going.

Trés-Chic Salon and Spa

Voting Starts today! Please take the time to Vote! Thanks for supporting local!

Voting Starts Today! Tres-Chic Salon is honored to be nominated for Readers Choice 2019 along with four of our Stylists! Please take the time to vote!
luck on the link and Scroll Down and Go to
-Beauty Salon
-Tres-Chic Salon
-Beautician / HairStylist

Tres-Chic Salon is honored to be a nominee for the American News 2019 Readers Choice. Also, four of our Stylists are nominated for Favorite Hair Stylist Cassie Reuer, Nicole Mann, Kayla Schwan, and Ashley Dean. I am so grateful to be nominated along side these talented and well deserving Stylists! Voting starts June 10th! Thank you for always supporting local!

PC- J. Simon Photography

Cassie Reuer Tres'-Chic Salon

Trés-Chic Salon and Spa


TRES-CHIC SALON WILL BE CLOSED TODAY. If you have an appointment today your Stylist will be in Contact with you. Thank You!

🖤2019 Goals 🖤Pray, Slay, Dream Big, Work Hard, Stay Focused, Be Intentional, Give Back, Be Grateful, and Surround Yourself with Inspiring Beings REPEAT! BE The BEST VERSION OF YOU. Grateful for this Tres-Chic Salon Family. 🖤

📸 PC @j.simon_photography

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Thank you J. Simon Photography for capturing the sweetest Christmas Pictures. Cameron - 1 yr old.
#aberdeensdphotographer #grotonsdphotographer #sdphotographer #christmaspictures #christmaspictures2018 #santaclaus #santa #familyphotography #boymom #believe #gap #gapkids #gappjs #gapbaby #gapflannel #flannelpjs #jsimonphotography

Thank you J. Simon Photography for capturing the sweetest Christmas Pictures. Cameron - 1 yr old. Graham- 5 yrs
#aberdeensdphotographer #grotonsdphotographer #sdphotographer #christmaspictures #christmaspictures2018 #santaclaus #santa #familyphotography #boymom #believe #gapkids #gapflannel #gappjs #gap #gap @ J. Simon Photography

Thank you @j.simon_photography for capturing the sweetest Christmas Pictures. Cameron - 1 yr old.
#aberdeensdphotographer #grotonsdphotographer #sdphotographer #christmaspictures #christmaspictures2018 #santaclaus #santa #familyphotography #boymom #believe

Trés-Chic Salon and Spa

We hope you find the blessings in each day and cherish the "little things" of each day in 2019. Wishing You A Very Happy New Year!
~Tres-Chic Salon

P.C. J. Simon Photography

Sometimes we get to get our hair done! Wine 🍷 is the color pallet here. @ray.zakrzewski prelightened her because we wanted the vivids to pop a little! @amber.sandve_cosmetologist formulated her own color and I did the application. Team work makes the Dream work! I am in love with the richness!
#socolor #iamme #stylistsupportstylist #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #treschicsalonaberdeensd #sdstylist
👩‍🔬Chemist- @amber.sandve_cosmetologist
👩‍🎤Artist- Cassie Reuer Tres'-Chic Salon
👨‍🎨Soap Cap- @ray.zakrzewski @ Trés-Chic Salon and Spa

Who loves putting warm and cool tones together ? 🙋‍♀️ Baby lights for days! I used @matrix V-Lights for the lightner and @redken shades EQ!

#salonowner #matrixvlites #framer #redkinshadeseq #iamme #babylightsandbalayage #babylights #local57401#sdstylist #treschicsalonaberdeensd @ Trés-Chic Salon and Spa

I love to play with reds from different color lines! Here I used the new @matrix vinyls rose copper and @matrix gilded gold. We curled using @hottoolspro 1 in curling iron with using @surfacehairhealth protein cream for the protectant giving an overall soft and romantic look!

#matrixsync #matrixvinyls #framer #matrixcolor #matrixcolor #matrixvlights #iamme #hottoolscurlingiron #treschicsalonaberdeensd #sdstylist #livelocal57401 #redhair #matrixhair #matrix @ Trés-Chic Salon and Spa

Cassie Reuer Tres'-Chic Salon

#kidscuts #boyshaircut #boyhaircutswag #hardpart #treschicsalonaberdeensd #sdstylist

Boys haircuts are my JAM . Maybe because I am a boy mom I have an extra soft spot for these sweet boys in hopes my boys will be just as sweet as them.

#livelocal57401 #treschicsalonaberdeensd #menshaircut #menshairstyle #menshairstylist #salonowner @ Trés-Chic Salon and Spa

JB always has a smile on face during his whole haircut! He likes to change up the detail from lighting bolts, to zig-zags, to straight lines. JB likes a tight fade with a hard part and detail! So fun to watch you grow buddy! One of the sweetest boys I know ❤️

#treschicsalonaberdeensd #sdstylist #kidshairstyles #boyhaircutswag @ Trés-Chic Salon and Spa

Inspired by @keonthebarber on stage at the @americasbeautyshow! There is something so memorizing watching men’s barbering at Hair Shows. I love that I can take the simplest tips and add them to my everyday haircuts. Mason is the sweetest boy ever and I asked him if I could use my new tools and some things I learned at the hair show and he said sure! The next time he came in he asked “Cassie will you do that same thing you did last time?” Of course buddy!
#aberdeensdstylist #livelocal57401 #treschicsalonaberdeensd #sdstylist #menshaircut #kidshairstyles @ Trés-Chic Salon and Spa

Cooper Penny was the inspiration for this over all tone! We used @redken gels for the base and toned with @redken shades EQ.

#framer #behindthechair #redkenshadeseq #redkinobsessed #redkincolorgels #redkincolorist #livelocal57401 # #treschicsalonaberdeensd #sdcolorist #aberdeensd #aberdeensdstylist

👆🏻Pinterest Hair Goals Right Here 👆🏻
We darkened her base with @matrix Sync and lightened with @goldwellus. Foil placement I learned from the famous @larisadoll on stage at the #americanbeautyshowchicago.
Feeling the love from another Hair Stylist, constant conversation, so many things in common that both our hearts share the same passion for. This lady is an Entrepreneur when she wants it she goes for it! She was a self employed Cosmetologist for years and has now recently started and built her own photography business in Groton, SD. Go check her out if you haven’t already and show her some ❤️ @j.simon_photography every hairdressers dream to show up to a hair appointment with a pumpkin spice latte in hand 🎃 ☕️ 💕ThAnks @njasimon your awesome!

#pumpkinspicelatte #livelocal57401 #salonowner #entrepreneur #treschicsalonaberdeensd #aberdeensdphotographer #grotonsdphotographer #womanliftwomanup @ Aberdeen, South Dakota

@marybyrd_saloncentric and @surfacehairhealth education never disappoints! We learned a new technique by the hairline for blending but still have those light blondes around the face and great blending when you pull your hair back! I used @matrix color for the base and @matrix V-lights for the lightener.

#surfaceeducation #matrixartist #mayrixcolorsync #matrixvlights #treschicsalonsberdeensd #livelocal57401 #salonowner #foilage @ Trés-Chic Salon and Spa

Wishing @morganrozell an awesome year at her first year of college! This beauty can pull any look off! She was ready to go shorter and add some more depth so we did just that! I beautiful foliage using @redken color and @matrix V-lights. For the haircut I used the famous @philipwolffhair tips and tricks from a class I took in Chicago!

Swipe Right for the Before 👉🏻

#redkincolor #matrixvlights #foilage #philpwolffhair #americanbeautyshow #treschicsalonaberdeensd #livelocal57401 @ Trés-Chic Salon and Spa

We did an all over color for Kris using @redken color and my favorite @framar brushes! To enhance her natural texture I used @kenraprofessional hotspray and the @hottoolspro 1 inch curling iron. To separate the curls and give the hair a hydrated look I love using @surfacehairhealth oil.

#redkincolor #redhairdontcare #redhair #hottoolscurlingiron #treschicsalonaberdeensd #livelocal57401 #salonowner #behindthechair #framer @ Trés-Chic Salon and Spa

Mavis is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside! I did a hand painted foilage with cool Icey blonde tones. We curled with the @hottoolspro 1 in curling iron.
#redkincolorist #redkinshadeseq #redkinobsessed

#themanyfacesofcam #theforceisstronginthisone #starwarsfanatic #birthdayboy🎉 #boymom

Graham’s Birthday Shenanigans
#familyiseverything❤️ #theforceisstrongwiththisone #starwarsfanatic #birthdayboy🎉

Graham’s Birthday Shenanigans
#maytheforcebewithyou #starwars #theforceisstrongwiththisone

Cam man ❤️
#themanyfacesofcam #boymom

My boys ❤️

Graham’s First Day of School!
#boymom #firstdayofschool

Cam Man turned #1 in March!

My baby turned #1 in March

My baby turned 1 in March!

👉🏻She wanted wanted to freshen her hair up before graduation weekend! 👩‍🎓

🎨We kept her base her natural color and gave her a hand painted custom boliage for an overall sun kissed look!

🎓Congratulations to all the 2018 Graduates! 🎓

✂️Stylist-Cassie ✂️

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