My millennial generation only wants smooth presidential transitions. Not quarter pin Vs hammers.
The roads & factories can happen under any leader just like they did under Amin or Obote.
Just peacefully get out of the way. Stop the entitlement. It's what's breeding violence.

M7 has nothing of substance to sell us.
where are u found in everything
Im so impressed with you poeple (KESS), where are you situated?
Hello farming friends .
At 22. -24. October ist the Int .fruit fair in Madrid Spain. FRUIT ATTRACTION . I will be there to contact European fruit importers . So when you are interested that I represent your company and try to help on export your products, send me a list what you can deliver and when .Until end of September
What quantity and what quality.
Price FOB on ship or airfreight incl. GAP documents.
Answer me on email [email protected] or Whatsapp +212 666 366517
Greetings from MARBELLA in Spain .
Don Ronaldo
Do you has a biocertificate and where I get this in Uganda or Kenya..please inbox me
Get hybrid f1 assila or DRD seeds with a 45% discount.

25g at 250,000/=
10g at 95,000/= and
5g at 50,000/=

Call 0758607712 or 0773275927
I love your ideology.
So wonderful to have such products
We're offering stock at $100 per share.
Our stock comprises of pharmaceuticals, seeds, a software diagnostic platform that's powered by artificial intelligence, and fertilizers.

You may find it interesting but our valuation as a biotech company is in the upwards of a couple billions.

So take a bet with us. Invest and buy our shares. Become a share holder and in a space of about ten years, your money will have accrued more value. Take this opportunity and secure your path to wealth. Get in touch for more info.

Kamya Samuel
What's the solution for bats ....they've invaded my house...
Bats have invaded my house....nothing seems to keep them away...anyone with a lasting solution?
Asking about the snake venom vaccines or generally animal bites
Is there any scientist who thought of this?
I have just lost a friend due to a snake bite

Biotechnology, Science & Design We are a biotechnology company. Our interests are in agriculture and pharmaceuticals. We are a biotechnology company and carry out technology development in the areas of drugs, agriculture and industrial processes.

Operating as usual

[03/25/21]   Crop protection and nutrition. A huge area of interest and with great potential to generate revenue

[03/25/21]   Some beasts just look aggressive. Mastering design for such speaks huge volumes for a brand. It speaks of sophistication and efficiency

[03/25/21]   I choose to be deliberate and intentional. Wishful thinking doesn't get things done.

[03/25/21]   I will sell. And when I'm done, I'll sell some more.

[03/25/21]   Debugging software hasn't been fun of recent. But if it works don't dare touch it. You'll most likely break it

[03/25/21]   The ex*****on may change but the vision has to stay.

[03/25/21]   A look back on a number of things I've done in the past and cringe.
But what to do?
I now have found peace with myself.
My vision is the only constant it seems.
#entrepreneur #success

[03/25/21]   I can either wishfully think about it or actually start working on it.

There's no middle ground.

I feel motivated to achieve.

[03/25/21]   I will definitely buy into what I've heard of, especially from word of mouth testimony.

The fundamental of #entrepreneurship is then creating a product & having would be user's know about it.

Eskaen - Creating Great Value 25/03/2021

Eskaen - Creating Great Value

At Eskaen we're building an African future of #biotech innovation. We find the low energy & efficient biological production of interesting fine chemicals quite interesting. Who knows we may come up with solutions applicable in other areas?

Eskaen - Creating Great Value Biotechnology, Biopharmaceutical manufacture.

[03/25/21]   Succeeding at anything I've learnt heavily hinges on your basic assumptions. If the assumptions are wrong or flawed, doesn't matter the amount of effort.

I now question everything but sometimes I need experiential knowledge.

[03/25/21]   Let me find out if success in #biotech under private industry is independent of place.
As per the way things are looking the odds are on my side.

Eskaen - Creating Great Value 25/03/2021

Eskaen - Creating Great Value

At Eskaen we use microbes or derivatives thereof to create value and products that meet a customer's needs

Eskaen - Creating Great Value Biotechnology, Biopharmaceutical manufacture.

[03/25/21]   If you'd like to own a percentage of a business that will definitely make you money reach out. We're pioneering biotech innovation in Uganda with ficus on active pharmaceutical ingredients

[03/25/21]   The driving force for me is practicality and marketability. Does that piece of information create something valuable? Does it solve a customer's pain point?

[03/25/21]   I want to look back upon my life with

[03/25/21]   What have I to lose other than my mediocre achievements? I oftentimes ask myself. Hence I try to think ever bigger.

[03/25/21]   Starting something. Is it wiser & safer to adopt tech & improve upon it in the context of Africa or to go for ground breaking stuff?

[03/25/21]   R&D is definitely expensive & because most African govts don't bother with funding such, the logical way out is tech transfer & adoption. This is compounded by absence of a significant number of #tech companies with significant turnovers to lead private led innovation

[03/25/21]   To know what you don't know!

[03/25/21]   A man's lifework is important. To be about and building something brings a sense of accomplishment and achievement and it feels nice.

[03/25/21]   I'm for #innovation but an innovation must be given the space, chance and time to see it's impact. That's the price.

[03/25/21]   Ground breaking stuff happens. Moonshots still are a thing. Keep looking and searching.

Become a proud co-owner 25/03/2021

Become a proud co-owner

When we cross the $20k mark we'll be ready to commercialize two products. Buy a part of our business

Become a proud co-owner Buy Stock or Shares

[03/25/21]   The number of NOs tends to always out number YEAHs. Quite simply, you're mostly not welcome. But the few YEAHs are that make a difference

[03/25/21]   The man who does interesting work never feels the burden of working. This I've discovered

[03/25/21]   The man who does interesting work never feels the burden of working. This I've discovered.

[03/25/21]   The man who does interesting work never feels the burden of working. This I've discovered.

[03/25/21]   I'm still holding onto the faith that it's possible and that my dreams are valid, holding onto the hope that one day I'll see my desire come to pass.
What about you?
#motivation #inspiration

[03/25/21]   I purpose not to let a day go by without talking about what my hustle or business. I'm a #biochemist & biotech #entrepreneur

Buy Stock or Shares 25/03/2021

Buy Stock or Shares

We've raised capital and are still raising as a start in the heart of Africa. We also want great things to happen but these won't without taking initiative. Become an investor with us. Buy our biotech stock

Buy Stock or Shares Buy Stock or Shares

[03/25/21]   There are times in not afraid to step on a couple of toes. I mean people have literally spread their toes everywhere.

[03/25/21]   The weight of failure can be overwhelming and crushing. But the faster I move one I've realized the more bearable it's gets. Forgetting the past failures & successes is key to achieving greater things.

[03/25/21]   I just wanna do great work! Smell the flowers. Eat great food. Have a great time. That's all.

Our Story

We are a life sciences, technology and design company. We believe for example in farming, not at nature’s mercy. For this reason we develop solutions and technologies to help the farmer obtain higher yields while maintaining soil fertility.

With our technology in form of Biofert k70, we achieve a number of objectives. The first is fertilization, followed by higher yields, faster crop growth, a more fertile garden at the end of the growing season and most importantly control of root rots and wilt in crops such as bananas, pepper, tomatoes, and so on.

We’re pioneering the green revolution indeed.

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