Artraxmedia & Computer Systems

Artraxmedia & Computer Systems

Artrax Media and Computer Systems develops websites and applications in Uganda. We do online/digital (SEO,SMM,Email ) marketing. We help businesses use Google, social media, email, and websites to connect with current and prospective customers.

top web design and IT supportArtraxmedia and Computer Systems is a multidisciplinary ICT company with the primary objective of providing demand-driven quality solutions and business services for clientele ranging from small to medium enterprises(SMEs) and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). We are a diverse and dynamic team of professionals committed to empowering our clients with new and innovative work methods. Our team is confortable with providing robust and cost-effective Infrastructure solutions for small and medium offices and will discuss in length with your team and understand your business process and design a tailor-made solution which fits your budget keeping in mind not to compromise on quality and efficiency and scalability. Our range of services are aimed at having all your business ICT services catered for.

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With the increasing unemployment, fears of loss of jobs, collapsing businesses and irrelevant courses at higher institutions of learning, a host of people have been left confused not knowing what to do.

"21st Century Solutions to Unemployment and Job Creation in Uganda" a Book by Us for Us, is here to help you get practical solid advice you can rely on.

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Artraxmedia & Computer Systems


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[04/09/17]   I enjoyed thisnfrom @TECHNOLOGY WIZARDS...
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Sebunya Techno
Sanyu Batterylow
Magezi Internet
Alex Tokota
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Aggrey Night bundles
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Katungi Powerbank
Kasolo Smartphone
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[08/15/16]   We're here for good modern website design services,management information systems, networking and computer maintanance services as well as ICT consultation

[04/18/16]   Tips to Keep your Computer Running Smoothly:

Most small business owners don’t know much about basic computer maintenance and as a result, their PCs slow down or crash. The real issue is neglect: failing to update security patches and antivirus software, overloading the system with trial software or running five toolbars at once in Internet Explorer.
Of course, many small business owners don’t know much about cars either, but they know to give it gas, change the oil every so often and to keep an eye out for flat tires. It’s the same with PCs. You don’t need to be an expert to keep your PC in relatively good condition. You just need to perform a little basic PC maintenance and, more importantly, be observant.

1.Avoid turning your computer off with the power switch until Windows has shut down. The one exception to this rule is when your computer locks up and your hard drive is not running (hard drive light is not blinking). In this situation, you can turn the power off without harmful effects to the hard drive.

2. 2. I highly recommend that you purchase an UPS (uninterruptible power supply) for your computer. This will keep your computer from crashing during power outages, and will protect your computer from low and high voltage occurrences.

3. Backup, backup, backup, any data you cannot afford to lose to at least two separate physical drives. So backup data to external hard drives, USB/thumb drives, CD-RW's etc.

4. Check disc/Scan disk and Defragment often.

5. Use an effective update-able antivirus

6. Do not let a lot of programs load up when you start your computer.

7. Do keep at least 300 MBs of your C: drive free for Windows to use.

In case you're stuck or have a network..don't hesitate to contact us.. 15/03/2016

How to prevent ransomware: What one company learned the hard way Ransomware is on the rise. Your best protection? Something everyone knows they should do. 09/01/2016

The dying technologies of 2016 To every thing there is a season, and for some technologies the time to die is almost upon us.

IT admin:
- prevent SPAM email from reaching end users.
- educate users not to open any attachments that they are not expecting.
- ensure local anti-virus is up to date on all computers and is active (ensure the user has not disabled the protection).
- ensure your central shares (that endpoints update from) are receiving updates from Antivirus Update Manager - check your console.

Regular user:
- avoid opening any attachment emailed to you that you were not expecting.
- watch out for emails with attachments suggesting you must reply quickly or 'act fast' and hence feel compelled to open the attachment quickly - without considering the source.
-check your Antivirus shield in the system tray and make sure it does not have a red cross or warning triangle. 02/01/2016

Manatee sheriff warns people of scam that locks smartphones

Heard of Ransomware -Ransomware is a type of malware that prevents or limits users from accessing their system. This type of malware forces its victims to pay the ransom through certain online payment methods in order to grant access to their systems, or to get their data back. Some ransomware encrypts files (called Cryptolocker). MANATEE -- The Manatee County Sheriff's Office warns people to be aware of a new scam that uses a virus to lock smartphones up until people pay a fee.

[12/25/15]   We are here to get you solutions...i mean I.C.T


Artraxmedia & Computer Systems


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Who we are

Small to Medium business (SMEs) and nonprofit website design/app dev’t and online marketing using digital channels search as Google, social media and email to generate leads and build brand awareness for our clientele.

Our website design, Social Media Management and Search Engine Optimization packages are affordable. Customized Email marketing to reach out to your customers with new content, services, products, offers as well as appreciation.

We are comfortable with providing robust and cost-effective solutions for small and medium businesses and go at length in discussing with you in order to understand your business process and design a tailor-made solution which fits your budget keeping in mind not to compromise on quality, efficiency and scalability.

Our range of services are aimed at serving all your business ICT needs.




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