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We deal in wholesale and retail for solar, air conditioning and refrigeration, industrial and domestic goods. We also do repairs and maintenance.

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[04/06/16]   Electric power cables:
Domestic electric cable in Uganda is usually available to British Standard.
The cables are colour coded (harmonised world over). Below we give both the old and new cable colours.
The standard Uganda domestic electricity supply is 240 volts AC.
Solid core cables should never be reused - although they can be bent into shape, they are not designed to be flexed and repeated movement can weaken the cores causing then to become weak, overheat or fail.

Twin core and earth:
Consists of two insulated solid cores with a bare copper earth conductor between the inner cores and an overall PVC sheath. The colours being:
=>Live Red Brown
=>Neutral Black Blue
=>Earth Green and Yellow (the earth feed is normally bare copper in mains installation cable, the Green and Yellow applies to the coloured sleeving which needs to be fitted where the earth is connected to a fitting or appliance.
core size mm2 current (A) wattage (kW) at 240v typical applications
1.0 14 3.25 lighting
1.5 18 4.25 lighting
2.5 24 5.75 power circuit
4.0 32 7.75 power circuit, shower
6.0 40 9.75 shower, cooker
10 53 12.9 cooker
Note: The currents and wattages shown are for the cables in 'free air' installations, the cables should be derated if cables are run together or in such a way that the thermal rise of the cable is not free to dissipate.

Types of cables that may be found in older premises.
Rubber insulated, two core (multi strand) covered with an outer lead sheath. If there is any of this very old wiring still installed, it should be isolated and replaced immediately. With the age of this type of cable, it is almost guaranteed that the rubber insulation will be degraded and breaking down, any failure of the insulation can cause the outer covering to become live - an installation still using this type of wiring is unlikely to have modern trips fitted in the consumer unit or a master earth leakage trip.
Rubber insulated, two or three core (multi strand) covered with an outer rubber sheath. The danger with this type of cables is the degrading of the rubber especially where a terminal has become overheated. The wiring should be considered ready for replacement.
PVC insulated, three core (multi strand) covered with an outer PVC sheath, this may still be in good physical condition. Two points to watch for are:
> Broken individual strands - this will reduce the current carrying capacity of the cable and can cause the wire to overheat at screw terminals.
> Earth wires which are just twisted together - this is not a function of the cable but the method of installation common at the time this type of cable was available.

Armoured cable:
Armoured cable is normally used to transfer power either underground or overhead. The construction is normally the inner cores (which are generally multi strand) being individually sheathed, then covered by an initial overall plastic sheath, followed by the protective wire armour with a final outer sheath to hold it all together. The inner cores may number two, three or four depending upon the application.
The wire protective armour should always be earthed at at the supply end to ensure that it cannot become live if the the cable is severed or a fault should develop within the cable.
Installation of armour cable should be left to professional contractors, not so much because it is difficult but because of the safety implications if overhead or underground installations should fail to meet the exacting installation requirements.
The ratings below are typical for three core armoured cable but individual manufacturers will give specific ratings for their own cables which should be used in preference to the following.
Core size mm2
current (A)
wattage (kW) at 240v
1.5 18 4.25
2.5 24 5.75
6.0 41 9.9
10.0 56 13.5
16.0 85 20.5
25.0 104 25.25

[07/03/15]   Hello Friends, Hope every one is doing fine! Here are some of the electrical tips you need to know to stay safe.

Follow our simple electrical safety tips to keep yourself and your family safe at home.
General tips
• Always call a certified electrician to do any wiring in your home.
Electrical panels, fuses, and outlets
• If a fuse blows, turn off all appliances and lights that are on the circuit before changing the fuse.
• Use a flashlight. Don't try to replace a fuse in the dark.
• Replace a fuse with another that has an identical rating.
• Loose fuses can overheat. If you have plug-type fuses, you should periodically check to make sure they're snug.
• Never replace a fuse with a coin or other metal object.
• Use ground fault circuit interrupters on all outlets located outdoors.
Cords, extension cords, and plugs
• Pull the plug, not the cord, when disconnecting an electrical device.
• Never remove a plug when your hands are wet, or if you’re touching a metal object.
• The third prong of a plug exists for safety reasons. Do not break it off or bypass it.
• Use only three-pronged extension cords outdoors.
• Keep cords away from sources of heat and water.
• Cords and plugs that show signs of wear or damage need to be replaced. Stop using them immediately.
• Do not place a cord under a carpet, through a doorway, or anywhere that it could be stepped on.
• Always use extension cords that are properly rated for the amount of electricity you'll be using.
• Extension cords are intended for temporary use. If you need a permanent solution, call an electrician.
• Coil up excess cord length and keep the coil intact with plastic ties or Velcro straps.
• Use a certified power bar if you need to plug multiple items into an outlet.
Electrical devices, appliances, and power tools
• Unplug the toaster before prying out that stuck toast.
• Unplug your electrical gadgets when they're not in use.
• Keep your electrical devices away from sources of water.
• If you use an electric lawnmower, only cut the grass when it's dry and never when it’s raining.
• Insist on appliances and tools that have been certified by standards authorities.
Power lines and transformer boxes
• If you need to prune or remove a tree near a power line or a ground-level transformer box, call UEDCL on +256 312 330300
• When using a ladder, keep it away from overhead power lines. Only use ladders on stable surfaces, and have someone hold the ladder when you're on it.




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