The country cabin chiang mai

The country cabin chiang mai


Anybody have the GPS for this restaurant please?
Always great to see Tony Wj Youngand Thoi, Surely always GOOD calm , great view's,
Sunday special. A tasty treat. Lentil and coriander soup with chunky homemade bread, followed by the big boy chicken roast dinner. Tony's Yorkshire pudd is champion lad!
Sunday special. That was a treat, starting with lentil and coriander soup and homemade bread. The chicken was soft and succulent, the Yorkshire pudd almost good enough to make me think of returning to U.K. No wait, I can get Tony's here. Crisis over!
good food good service
thanks you so much good food good service
good food good service thanks you
This is a great place to eat :)
Tony this looks great. I'm so happy for you . You have done an amazing job. Your food was always amazing. I still make the Thai green curry with boiled eggs lol. Miss coming to see you in Wales. Hope all is well x
My Favorite place to eat in CM. Another fabulous meal with great friends overlooking the rice flields, perfect.

Great views and great food, prepared by professionals. for directions please look for us on google maps.' the country cabin'


Dont forget to book your sunday​ roast. Todays its nz leg of lamb with mint sauce 360bht, pork shoulder with apple sauce 300 bht and chicken with bread sauce. 280 bht, Brussel sprouts, cauliflower cheese, broccoli and roast potatoes all with real gravy and yorkshire puddings. Booking is recomended. Everything is fresh and homemade.

Yep its sunday tomorrow so dont forget to book your sunday roast.

Tonights extra special is Chicken alloo, with naan and onion badji. 250 bht, come join the party.

[07/24/18]   This weeks special is that old French classic chicken and mushroom fricasee, served with boiled rice. 200 bht.

Dont forget to book your sunday roast. Tomorrows dessert is lemon sponge cake with custard. Roasts are Nz leg of lamb lamb, chicken or pork with cauliflower cheese, baton carrots and broccoli or sprouts. All with yorkshire pudding and real gravy.

This weeks special is Lamb Ragoux, with fresh thyme, red wine, roasted shallots, garlic and fennel seeds. served with are own fresh bread and home made butter. 260 bht.

Todays dessert with roast lunches is Apple crumble with custard, hope to see you later. all roasts come with fresh vegetables, roast potaoes and yourkshire puddings and real gravy.

This weeks special is spicy Peri Peri chicken breast with safflower rice 220 bht.

Comfort food nice and simple, homemade lincolnshire sausage butty with onion

Todays dessert with our usual roast dinners is bakewell tart with custard. Booking is advisable.

Tonights special is Tandoori chicken with pilau rice, naan bread or popadom with condiments. 220 bht.

This weeks special is chicken and mango salad, with fresh tarragon and dijonaisse. 180 bht

Tomorrow is sunday roast day so do not forget​ too book your table. Roast lamb, chicken or pork. All with yorkshire pudding. Everything home made to traditional recipes.

tonights and tomorrows special is Hong kong style sweet and sour pork with egg fried rice and prawn crackers. made with pork filet. 220 bht

[06/21/18]   Because a few customers couldnt make it here yesterday for the liver and on​i​ons, we are having this dish on special again today.

[06/19/18]   Tomorrows special is liver and onions or bacon, with mash potato and fresh vegetables 180 bht

Dont forget your sunday roast. Nz Lamb, chicken or pork all with yorkshires and sauces. Bread and butter pudding with custard and chicken and vegetable brorh. Advisable to book

Seventies style, lightly smoked mackeral pate served with salad, dill cucumber and our own home made campagne bread. if you would like to travel back in time, then please stop by 140 bht. sorry we do not have Blue nun.

Tonights and tomorrows​ special is Texas style smoked ribs with slaw and fries. Also making today is smoked mackeral pate. Photo to follow.

Dont forget your sunday lunch tomorrow, Roasts are NZ leg of lamb 360 bht roast chicken 280 bht and pork 300 bht. All with fresh vegetables, potatoes and yorkshire puddings. All home made. Soup of the day is Carrot and coriander, dessert is bread and butter pudding and custard,. served all day, very advisable to book.

The special for today and Saturday is that favourite of all British sausages the Cumberland ring, served with buttered mashed potatoes and a rich beefy onion gravy. The recipe for the sausages was taken from the cumberland county councils website as being traditional. price is 240 bht.

Available everyday day to eat in or takeaway, fresh bread various types, crumpets, tea cakes, steak and guinness, steak and kidney, chicken and mushroom pies, chicken liver pate, herb sausages, cumberland rings, numerous Indian and Thai curries, haslet and much more, all home made to a very high standard. order yours today or enjoy them cooked by us while you enjoy the country scenery.

Dont forget your Sunday roast. Soup of the day is pea and ham, dessert is Apple crumble with custard.

Marinading right now is​ ​tomorrows special​ which​ is​ ​jamaican jerk chicken​ with​ rice and​ peas.​ Will​ be​ cooked over charcoal and​ lam yi wood 220 bht.

Todays​ special is​ spicy homemade chiang mai​ sausage​ with​ Thai​ bean salad​ 200 bht.​

[05/24/18]   Coming soon a very high quality Chiangmai sausage.

New item on the lunch menu. sausage butty, have it how you like, raw onion, cooked onion, ketchup, mustard or brown sauce, with fried egg, you decide. sausages and roll are home made. 120 bht. 10 bht extra for egg. or why not try our sausage mash and peas with rich onion gravy. Sausages also available vacuum packed 98 % pork 2 % herbs and spices 300 bht per kilo.

Todays soup and dessert with roast dinners is chicken​ and​ vegetable broth and seasonal thai fruit salad with​ lime ​sherbet icecream. Roasts are NZ leg of lamb and real mint sauce 340 bht, 1/4 chicken and bread sauce 290 bht and pork shoulder with apple sauce 300 bht. All with yorkshires fresh vegetables and roast potatoes, served all day.

Pork and sage sausages in real skins and quality meat, with no fillers, only fresh herbs and spices. vacuum packed. 300 bht a kilo. Or try them at our restaurant with mash, peas and onion gravy, 220 bht. can also supply wholesale.

Intoducing our new and improved steak and guinness pie with Mashed potato and minted peas. crammed with Australian steak and comes with a rich Guinness and onion gravy The Pastry is an all butter short crust, also available with home made chips. 250 bht

[05/13/18]   Todays dessert with roast dinners is Banana fritters and icecream 50 bht. the soup is cream of asparagus 70 bht

Tomorrows special is Asparagus, bacon and egg salad with a balsamic dressing 220 bht.

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