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The Edge Rehab

Specifically designed for men aged approximately 18-28, The Cabin Edge offers a revolutionary programme addressing addiction and behavioural issues.

Welcome to The Edge, a revolutionary addiction treatment programme that does not merely achieve recovery from a prescription drug or alcohol addiction, but instils in them a new perspective on life and enthusiasm for the future. We approach addiction by engaging young men in intense physical activity, social responsibility and a search for meaning, while incorporating The Cabin’s highly successful 06/01/2020

For teen boys, friendships can curb toxic masculinity

Friendship and community, crucial components of recovery.
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#AddictionTreatment #ToxicMasculinity Study shows that teen boys with more progressive attitudes toward gender are less likely to be violent. 19/12/2019

Is your adolescent hitting the bottle?

Interesting read...Let us know what you think Dr Paras, life-leadership coach and Founder of Matrrix, shares how binge drinking and alcoholism in teenagers can be combated 06/12/2019

Nearly 1 in 4 young adults have 'smartphone addiction,' study says

Studies found that about 23% of people ages 25 and under have problematic smartphone usage.
#DigitalAddiction It's not a secret that smartphone usage has made our lives easier in many ways, but these devices are also increasingly becoming a problem for children and young adults, a new study says. 30/11/2019

Worsening mental health among young Australians has experts puzzled

Results from a recent study showed 15.6% of young men aged 15-19 experienced psychological distress. Almost a quarter of young people are facing mental health challenges, with young women twice as likely as young men to be grappling with psychological issues. 22/11/2019

Teen authors urge boys to express their feelings

Expressing emotions in a healthy way is so crucial for good mental health and imperative for a successful recovery. Riley Campbell, Shirelle Hurt and London Jones noticed that boys and girls are sometimes given different messages by family, friends and society. It's OK for girls to cry and show gentle or vulnerable feelings. Boys are often told to hide these feelings. They are expected to be tough and angry inste... 12/11/2019

China imposes video game curfew for minors

Last year, the World Health Organization listed gaming addiction - which they call “gaming disorder” - as a mental health condition for the first time. The latest move to curb video game addiction also includes spending limits on gaming accounts.


The Cabin

Our digital addictions specialist, Jamison Wiggins and Cam Adair, a partner of The Cabin Group, talked to The Sun about the epidemic that is gaming addiction.


The Cabin

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There is a lot of controversy about gaming disorder being classified as a mental health condition. Do you see gaming as something that can become addictive? 08/11/2019

Small Tucson nonprofit mentors young men about healthy masculinity

Educating young men about healthy masculinity will do so much in helping them to relinquish the negative social conditioning and messages that men recieve in society. #HealthyMasculinity One circle at a time, a small nonprofit is working to change young men’s ideas about healthy masculinity. 07/11/2019

Teen Video Game Addict Found Slumped Dead On His Computer

It is always so sad to hear that someone has passed due to addiction, especially when they are so young. Video game addiction is clearly, very real and a growing epidemic particularly, in young men. Because of this we are soon launching a new treatment programme aimed specifically at this problem. A teenage video game addict was found slumped over his computer, having died after apparently staying up for days on end to play online. 24/10/2019

Rising cannabis use among young Hongkongers worries experts

“Research has shown that cannabis can affect memory, make a user feel anxious and increase the risk of developing a psychotic illness, such as schizophrenia” Some abusers say cannabis led them to experiment with other drugs, ending in addiction. 27/05/2019

Gaming disorder gets WHO recognition as legitimate condition

The WHO this weekend officially declared gaming addiction an illness. Great to see the potential severity of this addiction getting the recognition it deserves.

#GamingAddiction #TheEdgeRehab The World Health Organization now officially recognizes ‘Gaming Disorder’ as a condition, though critics say there isn’t enough evidence to substantiate it. The decision to recogn… 22/05/2019

Gaming Addiction Programme at The Edge rehab Center. - Letting The Light In

"It’s a chicken and egg situation really, because drugs and gaming are causing the anxiety just as much as they’re being used to self-medicate it."

Our Programme Director John Logan goes into the complexities of addiction in an interview with Letting the Light in. I was delighted to be able to interview John Logan, Programme Director and Head Counsellor 22/04/2019

People are more likely to film an incident than help: Do social media Likes matter more?

"Social media algorithms are designed to get users to keep clicking and posting, and constantly engaging on the platform, so as to keep getting approval from other people."

Our programme director John Logan spoke to the Strait Times about the impact of social media addiction. SINGAPORE - A mass brawl in Geylang involving around 20 people: Caught on camera.. Read more at 12/12/2018

Sydney man dismisses alleged livestream assault of partner as 'one-off thing'

Has Dopamine got us hooked? John Logan, Head counsellor at The Cabin Edge said Dopamine releases can trick the brain. And gaming addiction is now a recognised disease. #Gaming #Disease #WHO #Dopamine Luke Munday, who has been suspended from his job at Telstra, says viewers 'don't actually know what happened off the camera' with his partner. 12/11/2018

Gaming addiction: Does treatment work?

Hotly debated is whether compulsive gaming is a disorder in itself or a sympton of other mental health conditions – but the one thing that experts on both sides agree is that excessive gaming IS tied in with mental health issues AND should be addressed.
#gamingaddiction #fortnitegamer #quitgaming From online communities to boot camps, people are seeking help for problem gaming — but what do we know about the best way to treat it? 10/11/2018

Exercise Can Aid Addiction Recovery - The Cabin Edge

Even moderate exercise can make you feel great as “feel good” chemicals such as endorphin are released in the brain. More and more studies are showing that this process can aid in recovery from various addictions. For how, read on. #TheEdge #TheEdgeRehab Did you know that moderate exercise can create a "feel good" factor? Find out more about how endophins can help to aid addiction recovery at The Cabin Edge. 09/11/2018

Effects of Binge Drinking Explained - The Cabin Edge

Binge drinking is socially acceptable in many countries around the world. However, new research shows that even one session of binge drinking can have serious negative health effects. #TheEdge #TheEdgeRehab Worried about the effects of binge drinking? It could be more harmful than many thought. Start to get the help that you need today at The Cabin Edge. 08/11/2018

Zombie Drug Flakka: The Deadly High

The ‘Zombie Drug’ Flakka has been the cause of concern through horrifying headlines overseas but is now becoming a terrifying reality on the streets of Australia. #zombiedrug #flakka #addiction #recovery The ‘Zombie Drug’ Flakka has created horrifying headlines in the US and is becoming increasingly more available across Australia. 08/11/2018

Intelligent Teens More Likely to Take Drugs

Research suggests that intelligent teenagers are more likely to grow into drug-using adults. #TheEdge #TheEdgeRehab Studies show that intelligent teens are more likely to use drugs or alcohol by the time they reach adulthood. 07/11/2018

Stop Enabling Addiction and Start Enabling Recovery

Enabling addiction can feel just like helping, but it actually blocks the road to recovery. #enabling #addiction #recovery Enabling addiction greatly hinders an addict’s chance at recovery, but can be difficult to spot, especially in ourselves. Learn how to really support your loved one’s recovery. 07/11/2018

Making Relaxation a Part of Recovery

Recovery from #addiction isn’t easy, but adding relaxation into your daily routine can make a world of difference. #recovery #selfcare #mindfulness Self-care and relaxation are essential for preventing relapse during the process of recovery. 07/11/2018

The UK's Fake Xanax Craze | The Edge Rehab

Why all the stress about a little anxiety pill? The unpleasantly real impacts of fake Xanax may surprise you. #TheEdge #FakeXanax Call it a Xanax crisis or epidemic, the growing anxiety surrounding Brittan's latest self-medicating drug craze is causing havoc among college-aged kids. 06/11/2018

Are Internet Addiction & Mental Health Problems Linked

Do mental health issues lead to internet addiction, or is it the other way around? #TheEdge #TheEdgeRehab As more young people are struggling with internet addiction, research suggests that the problem could be worse than we thought. 05/11/2018

Nature Enhances Addiction Treatment

Outdoor activities factor heavily into the addiction treatment programme at The Edge. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at a few ways in which we incorporate nature into treatment and offer insight into how these measures help young men overcome addiction. #TheEdge #TheEdgeRehab Find out how incorporating nature and the outdoors into addiction treatment can increase your chances of a successful recovery. 04/11/2018

What to do if Your Kid is Addicted to Ice

Ice is dangerous, affordable and available – and parents have good cause to be concerned about their kids’ exposure to it. #TheEdge #TheEdgeRehab Ice addiction in young adults can seem impossible to overcome, but there are steps that family members can take to help. Learn more here. 03/11/2018

Dealing with Emotions in Addiction Recovery

Men are often speechless when it comes to their own emotions – this can detract from the success of recovery. #TheEdge #TheEdgeRehab Many young men are taught that ‘negative’ emotions like sadness or anger are inappropriate, but suppressing your emotions interferes with addiction recovery. 02/11/2018

Family Involvement in Addiction Treatment

Addiction treatment is more successful when family gets involved. #TheEdge #TheEdgeRehab Addiction treatment is more successful when the family gets involved. 01/11/2018

Teen Drug Dealer Turned Mentor

At 13, Hoang had 7 cars, $20,000 in jewellery, a motorcycle he didn’t even know how to drive, and a heroin addiction. #TheEdge #TheEdgeRehab The inspirational recovery of Tony Hoang, a former gang member and heroin addict from Sydney's notorious suburb of Cabramatta. 01/11/2018

'I was having panic attacks': online gaming addiction is real

Gaming Addiction – the hottest topic of 2018!! The Sydney Morning Herald talks to experts, including Cam Adair of Game Quitters, and John Logan of The Edge about why the need for residential programmes to treat this “newest” disorder. #gamingaddiction #internetaddictiontreatment #socialmediaaddict By his late teens, Cam Adair was playing video games 16 hours a day. 31/10/2018

Overcome Social Anxiety Without Alcohol | The Cabin Chiang Mai

Learning how to overcome social anxiety without alcohol is an important step on the path to recovery. The Cabin Chiang Mai takes a closer look at what social anxiety means and offers tips on how to handle interactive situations without relapsing. #TheCabinChiangMai #TheCabin #Addiction #Recovery Learn how to overcome social anxiety without alcohol. We take a closer look at social anxiety and offer tips on handling social situations without drinking. 31/10/2018

Social Media Use and Depression Are Linked

For young adults who have never lived without online platforms like this, social media could be contributing to complex mental health issues. It may even be leading to higher rates of depression and addiction among youth. #TheEdge #TheEdgeRehab Could your son's social media obsession place him at greater risk of depression and addiction? New studies suggest that's a strong possibility. 30/10/2018

A Dangerous Game: Teens and Gambling Addiction

Teen gambling can end up costing far more than what’s in your wallet. #TheCabinHongKong #teengambling #gamblingaddiction As the age of first-time gamblers gets younger and younger, the risk for teen gambling addiction increases. 30/10/2018

How New Brain Cells Created by Exercise can Help Recovery

The other way of repairing the brain damage was much simpler… The mice were simply given a wheel to run on. #TheEdge #TheEdgeRehab A new study proves that exercise can actually be help your brain create new cells, helping rewire an addicted brain and aiding in recovery. 29/10/2018

7 Signs that Your Loved One is Addicted to Drugs

If you are concerned about a loved one’s substance abuse and you notice they exhibit one or more of the following changes in behaviour or appearance, than an alcohol or drug addiction may be present. #TheEdge #TheEdgeRehab Know about the common signs of addiction? Find out more about the 7 signals that a loved one is addicted to drugs or alcohol at The Cabin Edge. 28/10/2018

Hint: you’re missing out on things that are exponentially more interesting.

Despite popular belief, marijuana is addictive, and it could be costing you thousands of dollars per year, not to mention seriously compromising you in ways you might not even see. Let’s break it down. #TheEdge #TheEdgeRehab When you really take a look at the effects marijuana has on your life, you’ll be surprised to see just how much it’s costing you. 27/10/2018

Getting Your Young Adult into Rehab - The Cabin Edge

When it comes to addiction, it’s common for young people to be more open with a trained professional than they would be with their family members or friends. #TheEdge #TheEdgeRehab Concerned about getting your young adult into rehab? Find out more how you can motivate your son to getting the help that he needs. Visit our site now. 26/10/2018

Did you know that a single close friendship can help your teen avoid addiction, depression?

Did you know that a single close friendship can help your teen avoid addiction, depression and anxiety? #TheEdge #TheEdgeRehab Teen relationships dramatically impact mental health. Find out how to help your kids form friendships that keep them happy – and addiction free. 25/10/2018

Is Cough Syrup Misuse Something to be Concerned About? - The Edge

US lawmakers identify simple steps they say can curb teen abuse of over-the-counter cough syrup. #TheEdge #TheEdgeRehab Teens are buying, abusing and getting addicted to cough syrup—in the U.S. and globally. 24/10/2018

Is your son’s boredom causing problems at home this holiday season?

Is your son’s boredom causing problems at home this holiday season? #TheEdge #TheEdgeRehab Is boredom encouraging your son to abuse drugs or alcohol this holiday season? Maybe staying at home isn't really what he needs.



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