Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy

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บริษัท  วิลล์คอน เมเนจเม็นท์  จำกัด
บริษัท วิลล์คอน เมเนจเม็นท์ จำกัด
34/449 อาคารสายลมคอนโดเทล ชั้น 19 ตำบลเทพารักษ์ อำเภอเมืองสมุทรปราการ จังหวัดสมุทรปราการ, Muang Samut Prakan
เงินด่วน เงินเร็ว รับจำนำรถยนต์ big bike มอเตอร์ไซ
เงินด่วน เงินเร็ว รับจำนำรถยนต์ big bike มอเตอร์ไซ
1526/55 หมู่ 4 ถนนเทพารักษ์, ต.เทพารักษ์, อ.เมืองสมุทรปราการ, จ.สมุทรปราการ, Samut Prakan
AIA Srankorn
AIA Srankorn
1919 หมู่4 ถ.สุขุมวิท ต.เทพารักษ์ อ.เมือง, Samut Prakan
PK Garage
PK Garage
ซอยแบริ่ง 14 ถนนสุขุมวิท 107
91/4 หมู่ 6 ถ.ประดิษฐ์สโมสร ต.บางเมืองใหม่ อ.เมือง จ.สมุทรปราการ, Samut Prakan
อบรมนายหน้าอสังหาฯ มืออาชีพ กับ RE/MAX GreenWay
อบรมนายหน้าอสังหาฯ มืออาชีพ กับ RE/MAX GreenWay
สุขุมวิท 117
Money For Friend
Money For Friend
1881/28 ถนนสุขุมวิท บางนา
164 ซอยสุขุมวิท 105 ถนนลาซาล, แขวงบางนา, เขตบางนา, กรุงเทพมหานคร
ถนน ปู่เจ้าสมิงพราย, Phra Pradaeng
259/10 ต.สำโรงใต้ อ.พระประแดง จ.สมุทรปราการ, Phra Pradaeng
Deco condo Bangna sukhimvit 70/5
Accounting and Lawyer
Accounting and Lawyer
889/106, Phra Pradaeng
สินเชื่อเงินสด เจมันนี่
สินเชื่อเงินสด เจมันนี่
91/4 หมู่ 6 ถ.ประดิษฐ์สโมสร ต.บางเมืองใหม่, Samut Prakan

This page will help people to get out from Rat Race Cycle. This page will provide a financial solutions to the needs of the people.

WATCH: 10 biggest scams in PH | ANC - ABS-CBN News Channel

I'm sharing this video for many dreams and hope destroyed by scams if we will not increase our financial knowledge. Through the years, billions of savings that could have gone to creation of new businesses, education, retirement, homes, and even social causes have been siphoned away by financial scams.

Should you pay off your debt or invest?

Building a solid financial foundation gives confident in investing in higher investments. If you have money, should you use it to pay off your credit card debt or invest?

Lessons From The Steps To Financial Peace Seminar

When I learn this, it change my life totally. Last Friday, I attended the Steps To Financial Peace seminar. Overall, I had a great day full of learning, inspiration and motivation. And today, I’m sharing with you the most important lessons I learned from the seminar. But first, let me ask – what does financial peace mean? Is it simply having lo…

Financial Literacy

7 Reasons Why People Need to Increase their Cash Flow | Building A Solid Financial Foundation

Each individual is capable to generate more cash flow. We need time to learn and time to apply. 1. Debt Most people are in debt. People believe without debt life is not challenging and they believe debt is part of the culture. Getting out from debt people ...

A Quick Video on The Benefits of Investing in Mutual Funds

One of the best vehicles where you can save your money.I found a relevant and informative video from Fitz Villafuerte's blogs. Here’s a great video I found which gives an overview of how mutual funds work and the benefits of investing in it. It’s a public awareness message created by UBL Fund Managers, and first uploaded through their Youtube channel, Smart Savings TV. So if you’ve always wondered what a mutual fund is, and…

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"Small things can become BIG for BIG things come from small beginnings"

Part 2: The Rule of 72 “The Power of Compound Interest”.
Many people in the past got scammed because they want to get rich instantly. They thought the money would get double easily every 3 months or 5 months. Let us be reminded to avoid get rich quick scheme so that we cannot be scammed. Using the rule of 72 you will know how money will grow.
Albert Einstein invented the Rule of 72. The number 72 is constant. Dividing the number 72 by the interest rate of your savings or investments will give the estimated number of years it will take for your money to double.
Example 1: (72 ÷ 4 =18)
Seventy-two (constant number) divided by four (the interest rate) = 18 (the number of years your money will double.). Your money doubles every 18 years so when you save 100k at the age of 29 it will double at the age of 47, so now your money will become 200k and it will double at the age of 65 so it become 400k.
Example 2: (72÷8 = 9)
Your money doubles every 9 years. At the age of 29 you save (100K), at the age of 38 it will double (200K), at the age 47 it will double (400K), at the age of 56 it will double (800k), and at the age of 65 it will double (1.6 M).
Example 3: (72÷12 =6)
Let us learn. Try to solve this one. Seventy-two (constant) divided by _____ (the interest rate) = ____ (the number of years your money will double.). Your money doubles every ____ years. At the age of 29 you invest 100K and it will double every 6 years. With the compounding principle at the age of 65 your money becomes 6.4M.
Conclusion: The higher the interest rate the shorter the years to double your money.
Which of the example do you want your money to grow and to double Example 1, 2 or 3? This is the secret of the wealthy and now it is open to all. Take a decision to make this learning into action.
“He, who understands it, earns it. He who doesn't pays it.”
― Albert Einstein
Learn more and increase your financial I.Q. Save and invest properly.

Part 1: The Wealth Formula.
There are two factors affecting you in building your wealth.

The first is TAX. The government provides goods and services to the people. To pay for these goods and services, the government collects taxes from the people and business in the community. The problem is the more you earn the more you are tax.

Second is INFLATION. Maybe you wonder why in 1990 you can buy burger, fries and cola with your 39 pesos, in 2006 you can buy cola and burger, and in 2013 you can buy only a burger. It is because of inflation. Inflation is a general increase in prices and fall in purchasing value of money.

Tax and inflation affects very much in building your wealth. It has an effect on your purchasing power. The solution is to learn how to use THE WEALTH FORMULA. The Wealth Formula will help you on how to take advantage against tax and inflation. In EXAMPLE 1, did you win or lost? How about EXAMPLE 2? There are more plans that give 10% or more interest rate, would you take the risk? Learn more, increase you financial I.Q.


X-curve concept shows that there are two lines, when it comes to your financial life: first line is GOING UP and the second line is GOING DOWN.

The first line, GOING UP, is called “Money Line” or the “SAVING LINE”. In life, when you started to earn, you try to set your mind to meet a goal, which is to increase your Money Line. In order for you to meet your goal, you increase your savings from zero to the Big Savings, but sometimes you wonder why you can’t reach your goal. The reason why something hinders you is the second line, the “Going Down” or known as the “Responsibility Line”, which shows your responsibilities about food, shelter, clothing, health, education, debts or loans. For you to provide your family’s basic needs, you worked hard, but then it is not enough because your income is not stable, in short, it is just temporary, whereas, your basic need is permanent.

In LIFE, there are two IF’s (L – IF –E)
The first IF asked: What if you die soon? Who will sustain your family’s need? What will you do solve this problem? That’s why you need to get a proper PROTECTION or an INCOME REPLACEMENT, so that, whenever you’re gone, you could still support your family’s essential needs.
The second IF asked: What if you live too long? How will you sustain yourself and your family’s need? At this moment you can no longer work and earn money for a living, that is why you have your “Money Line” or the “Savings Line” so that, you can still support your living. As you increase your Money Line, you will be secured.
• Most people know how to work hard for the money.
• What they do not know is how money works for them. (Learn proper investing, increase you financial IQ.)

" People don't plan to fail, they just fail to plan!"

People want to have financial security and IMG (International Marketing Group) provides six (6) steps on how to gain financial security.
1. Increase Cash Flow
Earn additional income. Have your own business, make tutorials, have a garage sale, use your skills (speaking, writing, cooking or computer skills).
Manage expenses. Classify needs and wants. Learn how to prioritize things.
2. Manage Debt
Sometimes, debt becomes a habit, and partly becomes a culture. You can do something to change it:
Live simply. Stay away from materialism. You don’t need to follow the trend and always buy 50% sale.
Be financially literate. Attend seminars and educate yourself by learning, reading and listening some financial literacy program.
3. Create Emergency Fund
There are people who really make to save, which is good, but they don’t have Emergency Fund. In emergency fund, you should set aside at least three (3) months of your income, to help cope with the emergencies and unexpected changes:
Job loss or business slow down
Major damages or repairs for home, business properties, cars, etc.
4. Ensure Proper Protection
People take insurance for their car. When they commit accident, the car is insured, but is the person inside the car is INSURED? If NOT, it is very important to ensure first, yourselves and your family, and your valuable things. Therefore, you need Income Protection/Life Insurance.
Life Insurance protection can help you replace your income, help finance your children’s education, pay estate tax, pay debts, etc. instantly. Life insurance is instant money. Before you build your wealth, you need protection for your health, life and assets.
5. Build Long – term Savings
Make first a financial goal before you invest. You need to invest to outpace inflation, and to minimize taxation.
Invest safely and correctly by increasing Financial IQ; and
Invest on asset (things that create a passive income)
6. Preserve Your Estate
Finally, you need to prepare how to transfer your inheritance to your children. Don’t allow banks and government to take the things that you build.

"The pattern of get up, go to work, pay bills, get up, go to work, pay bills . . . their lives are then run forever by two emotions — fear and greed. Offer them more money, and they continue the cycle by also increasing their spending. This is what I call the Rat Race.
— Robert T. Kiyosaki, Rich Dad, Poor Dad"
Most of us we wanted to get out from Rat Race Cycle but then we do things over and over again with the same outcome. To change the outcome the 1st solution is to change the old things we do. Second I suggest the Prosperity formula. First, return 10% of your income to GOD and pay yourself 1st by saving 20% of your income. The 70% of your income will use to pay your bills, expenses and lifestyle.

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