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Taskworld is a project management application with enterprise chat. A workspace where even the most daunting projects are like child’s play. Organize workflows, chat with your team and safely share files no matter where you are. Taskworld allows you to create a workflow that works for you. Use kanban boards for weekly sprints, work across departments or build your own workflow from scratch. Stop hunting down files scattered across the web and save time. When all your files are in one place, knowledge sharing becomes a part of your team’s culture. And we all know one of the hardest parts of teamwork is communication. Chat with the whole company, with your team or one on one. With Taskworld chat, it’s one click away. Ask the questions you need, share ideas, get immediate feedback and go. No more waiting for meetings or emails. .Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/taskworld .Join us on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/taskworld .Pin our content: https://www.pinterest.com/taskworld/ .Join our community on Google+: https://plus.google.com/+Taskworld

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How to Manage Your Remote Team?

Find it challenging to manage your #remote team?

Discover a few actionable tips on how to get started in this article!


taskworld.com At Taskworld, we have been working remotely for over 7 years. These tips are based on our own hits and misses with remote management.


Fake Agile: 6 Ways to Sniff it Out

Agile isn't a destination; it's a journey!

#Agile is a golden framework for teams to stay flexible and adapt to non-stop market changes.

However, teams & leaders can often fall prey to it becoming just another buzzword - it feels great to say it, but can actually hurt our teams.

Similar to "fools gold", nice labeling without substance is what we call "Fake Agile."

So how do we sniff it out, avoid the #buzzword trap, and catch ourselves before it's too late?


taskworld.com Agile frameworks without an Agile mindset do more harm than good. It's important to understand how to spot fake Agile practices.


6 Misconceptions About Remote Work

With everyone's interest suddenly focused on #remotework a LOT of information is being passed around. Despite people's best intention, though, a lot of #misinformation can be passed around.

To ensure your team doesn't fall prey, discover 6 remote work myths and why they shouldn't influence your decisions!


taskworld.com There has never been a better time to dispel popular misconceptions about remote work. Discover 6 misconceptions about remote work!


20 Interesting Stats About Remote Work

The COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic has forced even the traditional organizations to wake up and smell the coffee – remote work is the future of work.

Why does everyone keep saying it? Take a look at these stats:

#remotework #workfromhome #wfh

taskworld.com Suddenly, the world is going remote. So what's the low-down on remote work? Here are 20 very interesting facts and stats about remote work.

Nothing can stop our intrepid teams!

We recently hosted another Taskworld Inc. All-Hands town hall meeting - this one was FULLY #remote though.

Led by our Head of Engineering champion, @Witek, we got an amazing update on the progress the engineering team is making. We also heard how new hires are adding to our already robust engineering process as we continue to build and maintain excellent service and value for our users.

After the core updates, we took time to go around and each talk about our experiences in transitioning to the new work environment.

Some of the things we talked about include;

- Connecting with old friends, and communicating more with our families
- Building our at-home workout routines
- Cooking delicious food
- Creatively celebrating birthdays with the incredible access to technology we have
- Finally picking up the habits that we’ve always wanted to, but were always too busy for
- Meditating & reflecting more

While this pandemic is certainly a tragedy, we can also see it as an opportunity - it's a chance to connect with ourselves, and family or friends that we haven't talked to in a long time.

We’re trying our best to stay strong and adapt to #covid19, and we'll continue to support teams' transition to remote work!


8 Ways to Keep Morale High Among Remote Team Members

Remote work won’t just be an important part of the future of work, it is the future of work. And it is here.

But it’s not all fun and games, poolside chairs, peppy cafes, and pajamas. Remote work has its own share of challenges. In this post, we’ll talk about one of the most talked-about challenges of remote work – team morale.

Team morale is influenced by a series of everyday behaviors, pat on the back, team lunches, water cooler conversations, after-work drinks. Remote employees often miss out on them. So what can we do to keep the morale high among remote team members?

#remotework #remotemanagement #morale #leadership

taskworld.com People are increasingly switching to remote work as their preferred (or necessary) way to get work done. Here's how to keep morale high.


Being a Connected and Grounded Person at Work

When we’re grounded, it means that we’re feeling invested, fulfilled and finding meaning in our work. While it’s normal to experience phases of being ungrounded, a sustained and prolonged experience can severely damage our overall wellbeing.

Being ungrounded usually occurs when we have a massive work-load with a seemingly limitless supply of deadlines on the horizon. It can feel like we’re struggling to reach the surface of an infinite task ocean, and we resort to going into hyperintense work mode.

We often ignore early signs of impending “ungroundedness” and wait for a meltdown to finally muster the will to take action. That said, it’s important to note the signs and take action as soon as possible to ensure our #wellbeing & #productivity

taskworld.com Despite how "plugged-in" today's world is, it is incredibly easy to lose touch with the people we work with. So, how do we stay grounded?


8 Etiquette Tips for Using Chat at Work

Chat is rapidly replacing emails for internal communication at work. Unlike emails and presentations, there isn’t much awareness about chat's etiquette. You might find yourself asking, “How the heck should I actually send this message?”

We still tend to apply the same standards to work as our private chat. It’s important, however, to differentiate between personal and professional chat habits, and there are a few ways we can do that. So, what can we do to appear more professional while using #chat at work?

#messaging #remotework #teamwork

taskworld.com Whether in office, or at home, chat is a super useful way to stay connected with team mates, and organized on tasks. How do we use it best?

One way Taskworld Inc. is being proactive during our newly #remote environment is with "Learning Bites" workshops.

Essentially, it's an internal webinar series, where our team will propose ideas they are passionate about or think are useful and share (anything from coding, to cooking, and anything in between) with everyone else.

In our most recent one Tracy Davies, our stellar Head of People, hosted a "Remote working tips" Learning Bites workshop where several Taskworld employees attended and learned about some awesome tools, tips and tricks for adjusting to the #digitalecosystem. You can see that Florian Cornu, Data & Product Insights Superhero, thought the lesson was "out of this world" with his space background - haha.

Up next is "Katia's Kitchen" where Katia Bassan, Assoc CIPD and Group People Lead extraordinaire will be providing us much-needed tips on making the perfect pizza!

How are you, dear reader, tackling the current situation? Are you suddenly doing the things you didn’t have time to before? Or are you busier than ever with #remotework?

Stay safe, and remember; if we all do our part, we can beat #covid19!

P.S. Comment below if you think we should make these public in the future! :)


How to apply the Pareto principle at work

Better known as the 80/20 rule, how can we apply the golden ratio of productivity at work?

#paretoprinciple #productivity

taskworld.com Maximum yield for minimal effort? Sounds like a dream. Vilfredo Pareto may have unlocked the secret to doing just that.


Does Your Project Management System Support Your Remote Team Members

A solid project management software is indispensable for effective teamwork. Its importance only amplifies when your team has remote members. Learn which features you should look for when picking a PM system for your remote team.

#remotework #projectmanagement

taskworld.com Deciding on the right project management system can be tough - let alone picking a system that includes remote workers.


How to Increase Team Buy-In for a New Project Management System

Even the best project management software comes with a learning curve. There will be trade-offs, and employees will express their frustration in a variety of ways — and for a wide array of reasons.

#projectmanagement #saas #taskmanagement

taskworld.com Getting buy-in for a new project management system can be tough. There's always groans and grumbles, but it can be well worth the trouble.


Country Culture vs Company Culture – How to Walk the Tightrope

Should company culture take precedence over national culture or vice versa?

#culture #startup Taskworld Inc. Slido

taskworld.com Aligning company culture with the culture of the country where you business is situated is a fun challenge.


Awesome UI and function updates [Feb 2019]

At Taskworld, we're always listening to your feedback and making feature improvements. Catch up on all the action that happened in February.

taskworld.com We won't stop improving our awesome software, thanks to your great feedback!


How Project Managers Can Increase Visibility into Their Team’s Work

Proper project visibility doesn't require micromanagement. There are opportunities to do so without without jeopardizing positive work environment. Let's take a look at them.

#projectmamagement #transparency

taskworld.com Visibility is key for cross-organizational understanding of goals and projects. Here's how project managers can increase their visibility.


8 Ways to Keep Morale High Among Remote Team Members

To say remote work is on the rise is an understatement. It is the future and it is here. In this post, we discuss one of the biggest challenges of remote work - team morale.

#remotework #remotemanagement #taskworld

taskworld.com People are increasingly switching to remote work as their preferred (or necessary) way to get work done. Here's how to keep morale high.


Eventpop | [Tech Me Out] #2 What Do Quality Assurance Engineers Do?

Taskworld’s own Head of #Engineering, Marek Tuchalski, will be speaking at the Getlinks event, “Tech Me Out #2 What Do #Quality Assurance Engineers Do?” on Tuesday, 25th February. The event will be hosted at True Digital Park from 7pm until 9pm.
Marek will be discussing the evolution of QA over the past 15 years, and how crucial it is to meet the expectations of stellar user experience every time.
Marek’s wealth of knowledge will be shared on a panel where the host and guests will ask questions.

Some topics include:
- Rapidly growing need for advanced QA in modern business
- What are professional "Breakers" (Hint: Not break-dancers)
- Where things are moving in the industry, and cool stuff to look forward to.

To attend, sign up soon at http://ow.ly/tpMg50yskIG — don’t miss the opportunity to learn from the best!

P.S. There will be free drinks for those in attendance :)

@ https://www.linkedin.com/in/marektuchalski/

eventpop.me View more details on Eventpop


Why Tasks Fall Through the Cracks (And How to Keep Teams on Track)

Ad hoc tasks are those spur of the moment, but needs-to-get-done kind of jobs that seem to come out of nowhere. Often they come about when a colleague walks up and asks,

"Hey, can you do this for me? It's really important."

They never really seem to stop coming, and always pull our thoughts away from the task at hand — it's jarring and can completely derail our train of thought.

When these pile up, it's so easy for little tasks to go "missing."

They're accidentally forgotten only to come up in a month or two, evoking a defeated sigh, an abrupt apology, and finally getting back to it.

It's not fun to lose them, and can start to wear down your #team #morale.

Check out our recent article if you want to identify why it's happening, and how to get on top of it :)


taskworld.com Whether knee-deep in a mountain of emails, or day dreaming about a sunny vacation, it's easy for tasks to fall through the cracks.


6 Signs You’ve Messed up Your Team’s Performance Appraisal

#Performance reviews can be a touchy subject for some, but they are absolutely crucial for ensuring teams are staying on track.

Nailing them can be a challenge, but they ultimately help your team know where they're at, and how they can progress in their roles.


taskworld.com Performance appraisals are critical to help your team stay on track and feel they have the insight to improve themselves.


How to Get Started with Agile Planning as a Project Manager

The workplace is more fast-paced than ever, and the need for #flexible workflows is growing rapidly.

Agile planning is a framework that allows for consistent and dynamic workflows. In combining dedication to deliverability and willingness to shift direction, #agile teams are able to address problems and tackle solutions for improving customer experience.

Agile planning demands #projectmanagers take on a more open form of leadership, empowering their teams with trust to tackle granular tasks, while they have a bird's eye view to steer the team in the right direction.

Does your team use agile planning?


taskworld.com Agile is a great framework for adapting to rapidly changing requirements in growing industries around the world. Here's how to get started.

"A team is not a group of people that work together. A team is a group of people that trust each other" [Simon Sinek]

The world is changing at a rate that’s difficult to comprehend. Technology is progressing exponentially, and it’s incredible to see the massive jumps year to year.

Just think - the power of tech & software since 2010 has jumped forward massively.

Since 2000? There’s an ocean of difference.

It’s only going to get faster and faster with time.

That’s why #Transparency is more important than ever. In an age with information changing so rapidly, it’s important for teams to stay agile. To best do that, they need to have access to the right information when they need it.

To let our teams at Taskworld know that they are valued and that we #trust them, we host monthly town hall meetings. ALL of our team members are invited to attend either in our head office, or remotely, where we go over company goals, where we are at, why we are making or have made certain decisions, our financial projections and more.

We believe in transparency and trust because it empowers our #teams to succeed, and reach their goals along the way.


What is Absence Management? 6 Ways to Reduce Absenteeism at Work

When absence from the workplace is on the rise, it's important to find out what's going on and take solid steps to finding out the root cause(s). Then, it's all about figuring out the right #solutions for your team 😊


taskworld.com Absenteeism is a downward facing positive feedback loop. When company morale is down, people might avoid work. Then, morale drops more.


How Busy Work is Killing Your Team’s Productivity

#Busywork is absolutely detrimental to high performance — it's the kind of work that keeps you, well, busy for hours on end.

At the end of the day, however, it feels like nothing is getting accomplished. It can leave your team feeling like they're scrambling for a goal but making little to no progress along the way.

The best way to stop it is to spot it, and take some of these actionable steps to get things back on track.


taskworld.com We're all guilty of it. It can sneak up on us and often takes someone else to notice its there. Yup, let's talk about busywork.


How to Hit the Ground Running as a New Project Manager

New project managers,

When starting a new position at a company, there's a lot to work through right off the bat.

From just getting started to managing employer and client expectations, considering all angles is a must.

But how can you best do it? What if you're battling with imposter syndrome along the way?

We've got you covered #projectmanagers 👍


taskworld.com Getting into the swing of things with a new project management role can be intimidating. Read our top tips and hit the ground running!


What is Pacesetting Leadership? 4 Real-World Examples

Setting the pace in the workplace is crucial. Choosing the right balance is an art AND a science, but it can be tough to choose the best place to start.

Set the pace as too fast, and you'll outpace your teams, ultimately leading to stumbles and burnout. Too slow and things can feel like they're not moving.

Read more to get some inspiration about what pace would work well with your #teams.


taskworld.com Many people want to be leaders, but rarely consider the types of leadership they can emulate.


The 15 Best Websites to Follow as a New Project Manager

#ProjectManagement is a rapidly growing occupation with a lot to know. Beyond that, there are often new tips & techniques being developed, and it's hard to stay on top of it all!

From newly certified project managers to the most seasoned among us, here is our list of top website resources to ensure you are on top of existing and emerging best practices. 😀


taskworld.com As a new project manager, remembering everything can be tough - these 15 websites help make sure you're keeping on top of your game.

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