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Thailand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world have a beautiful cultural, life style, traditional, Nature, and famous about beach and diving sport such as Koh Tao, Koh Phangan, Koh Samui, Phuket, Krabi, Phi Phi Similan Island or trekking in the jungle at the north Thailand such as Chiangmai, Chiangrai visit ruins temple and historical place such as Ayutthaya. Travel with us, friendly stuff ,Service of mind…


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Amazing Thailand!
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The Emerald Buddha Temple Thailand #emeraldbuddhatemplebangkok #thailand #sandyindeetravel

The Part of Grand Palace Thailand #grandpalacebangkok #grandpalace #bangkok #thailand #sandyindeetravel

The Grand Palace Thailand #thegrandpalacebangkok #bangkok #thailand #sandyindeetravel

The Guardien of Emerald Buddha temple at Bangkok #temple #emeraldbuddhatemple #emeraldbuddhatemplebangkok #bangkok #thailand #sandyindeetravel

The Guardien of Emerald Buddha Temple #emeraldbuddhatemple #bangkokthailand #thailand #sandyindeetravel

The Emerald Buddha Temple @bangkok #themeraldbuddhatemple #bangkokthailand #thailand🇹🇭

The meditation temple "Wat Thammayan #sandyindeepateaw #watthammayan #phetchabun #thailand #sandyindeetravel

This is sad story happen in Chiangmai while covid-19 breakdown in Thailand a forest fire in Chiang Mai caused a lot of damage, wildlife died and the highest air pollution in the world at this time.#savechiangmai #savethailand

(22.40 น. 27/03/2020)
น่ากลัวมากๆ และยังคงลามอยู่เรื่อยๆ
เชียงใหม่ไฟไหม้หนักสาหัสมาหลายวันติดแล้ว 😞
ภาพ : ทีมโดรนอาสา

Every year, 6 April is observed as Chakri Memorial Day. The Thai people commemorate the contributions of the kings of the Chakri dynasty, who have been ruling Thailand since 1782. Each Chakri king takes the name of King Rama.

The current King is H.M. King Rama X.

[03/22/20]   Due to the covid-19 virus outbreak, Sandyindee Travel Thailand stop all kinds of travel services and to comply with the policy of the Thai government to prevent epidemics in Thailand. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you Khun Seangphet and family to use our service and hope to see you again ^^ #happytour #happythailandtrip #sandyindeetravel

Wonderful! Bangkok Cycling one day tour.Beautiful cycling trip at Bangkoknoi is the west part of Chaopraya river or Thonburi side.The asmophere at Thonburi or Bangkoknoi is very big difference from the east part of Chaopraya river the local people here are still living slowly as use paddle boat for short journey, vegetable or fruite farming, children jumping in the canal etc..which lovely experience for sightseeing especially by cycling. So you can enjoy and get wonderful experience like this in Bangkok.#Bangkokcyclingtour #bangkokbiketour #bicycletour #thailandlocallifetour #sandyindeetravel

The old women with her Mortar-toasted pastry #khanomklok #thaidesert #locallifestyle #localthailand #sandyindeetravel

Welcome to Thailand with travel profressional team service and you will get impressive memories, happiness time and various experience that will make your simple holiday beyon to special memories holiday. When you come to travel in Thailand please recognize to us Sandyindee Travel #travelthailand #profressionaltravelservice #thailandtourservice #thailandpackage #onedaytourbangkok #thailand #sandyindeetravel

Amazing! Wat Pho by night.Wat Pho or Wat Prachetupolvimonmongklararam and famous name is Reclining Buddha Temple is the one important in Thailand.Wat Pho is beautiful temple with alot of unseen as original Thai massage, first university in Thailan, age more than 400 years and the most pagoda in Thailand then become to famose temple. Moreover Wat Pho in night time very stunning beautiful and charming the asmophere very relaxing and feeling like beyond to 17 century.#watpho #recliningbuddhatemple #bangkok #thailand #sandyindeetravel

Halloween at Khaosan Road is very popular in Bangkok for Thai people and foreigner.Every year on Khaosan road will be a campaign to attract tourist to join and have the Best Halloween Contest of the year which this year have attention from many contestants and the tourist who did not participate in the contest still dress up for Halloween and the asmosohere look fun and jolly.#holloween #halloweenbangkok #halloweenkhaosanroad #khaosanroad #bangkok #thailand #sandyindeetravel

Visit Thai local lifestyle stay along with canal and visit attractive place as Royal Batge Museum,Taling Chan Floating Market,The Artist's House.The program start from mininmun 2 paxs.

Price:Exclusive Bangkok Noi Tour 3,850 baht/pax
:Bangkok Noi Tour 2,850 baht/pax
If you intetesting in our trip you can cantact us by E-mail or massage inbox in Facebook. #klongbangkoknoi #tourklong #bangkok #thailand #sandyindeetravel

Wonderful time Ayutthaya at night 1 day ! Enjoy Ayutthaya ancient city night time and visit beautiful temple and heritage park as:
- Wat Yai Chai Mongkon
- Wihan Mongkok Borphit
- Wat Prasi San Phet
- Wat Mahathat
- Sightseeing Ayutthaya with twilight sunset
- Sightseeing Ayutthaya city at night time

Price: 2,750 Baht /pax (Mini. 2 paxs)

If you interesting please click at the link below. #ayutthaya #ayutthatnighttour #ayutthayatemple #ayutthayaonedaytour #thailand #sandyindeetravel

Experiences to enjoy much more than a normal tour. Taling Chan Floating Market is surrounding by the areas of outstanding natural beauty. There are a lot of villagers boating to sell a variety of goods on boat. Involve insights into the traditional way of life of villagers along the canal. Taling Chan floating market is a place not to be missed. See the links below for full details.#Talingchanfloatingmarket #Bangkokfloatingmarket #klongbangkoknoi #klongbangkoknoitour #bangkokcanaltour #bangkok #thaialnd #sandyindeetravel

Artist House Bangkok
Do you love art, want to hang out and chill out? If you want that, Baan Silapin, two-floor-old house where located by Klong Bangluang riverside, is your answer. At first it is goldsmith clan’s place that turned to be gallery and community where welcome everyone from everywhere to learn and see about Thai art especially puppet theater. Its daily showtime for free is about 2 P.M. but Wednesday. #artisthousebangkok #klongbangluang #klongbangkoknoitour #bangkoknoicanal #bangkok #thailand #sandyindeetravel

The Royal Barges Museum, under the care of Bureau of the Royal Household and the Royal Thai Navy, houses the famous Royal Barges. This Museum is where you can discover 8 of the country's most unique and stunning vessels: The Royal Barges. These boats a reserved for auspicious ceremonies and state occasions like the very rare Royal Barge Procession. #royalbargemuseum #bangkoknoicanal #klongbangkoknoi #boattourbangkok #bangkok #thailand #sandyindeetravel

Exclusive! Klong Bangkok Noi - Sandyindeetravel

Klong Bangkok Noi is used for travel and tourism. The both sides of the canal are lifestyle of Thai people as children swimming, local people sitting in front of them house, an ancient European wooden house or Thai house style. This become to charming and attraction for Thai tourists and foreign tourist visiting. #Klongbangkoknoi #Bangkoknoicanal #bangkok #tourklongbangkoknoi #thailand #sandyindeetravel

Ayutthaya Thailand or the person called. "Ayutthaya" Ayutthaya Ayutthaya, the ancient capital of Thailand, about 400 more than last year. A beautiful temple with more coming. But besides that, things to do one more thing when visiting Ayutthaya. A boat trip around the island of Ayutthaya evening. This will take you to experience the lifestyle of the local people, who still has a unique tradition which highlights the boat trip around the island of Ayutthaya evening is to watch the sunset. Wat Chaiwatthanaram With atmospheric lighting guard sunset. After touching Prang Just a minute to take you higher during the Ayutthaya period, when more than 400 years ago.
#Unseen #sunsetboat #ayutthaya #ayutthayanighttour #thaialnd #sandyindeetravel
Link :…t-sunset-by-boat/

Wat Chaiwatthanaram was Built in the late Ayutthaya period by King Prasat Thong His Majesty in the year 1630 for commemorate the victory over the la-vag city (Phnom Penh) and was the last address before the death of his mother. The most remarkable thing in Chai Watthanaram temple is architecture similar to Khmer art from Angkor Wat temple. Wat Chaiwatthanaram is Thai Historical Park was registered as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1991. Wat Chiwatthanaram is located on the west side of the Chao Phraya River.#watchaiwatthanaram #ayutthaya #ayutthayanighttour #thaialnd #sandyindeetravel

Wat Phanan Choeng an ancient temple in Ayutthaya since before the establishment of Ayutthaya era.The temple is located on the east side of the river south of the city. Originally established to measure is the respect of the Chinese people to trade in a number of Ayudhya called " Sum Por Kong " or Thais people generally known as " Luang Pho To " or " Luang Pho To Phanan Choeng ". In the past, in front of temple is Chao Praya river was whirlpool causing passenger ships past have frequent accidents. So Chinese merchants traveling by boat come to temple and pray for the safe escape of the trip with Buddha then people called “Sam Po Kong Ehud" or " Luang Pho Sum Por Kong " #watphananchoeng #Ayutthaya #Ayutthayanighttour #thailand #sandyindeetravel

Wat Mahathat is another old temple in Ayutthaya province. Created in the year 1917, the highlight of the temple is the head of a Buddha statue carved in a tree. It is said that a large Buddha statue was discovered after World War II. The head was large and looked good, was laid against the tree roots. Now Wat Mahathat has been honored as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site in 1991.Inside the temple there are many architecture. Waiting for everyone to visit and study the history. #watmahathat #ayutthayatemple #ayutthaya #ayutthayanighttour #thaialnd #sandyindeetravel

Wat Phra Si Sanphet, one of the most important temple in the history of the Ayutthaya period was builted around 1448 is a former royal temple of the ancient Ayutthaya palace. Inside Wat Phra Si Sanphet, there are 3 important pagodas that resemble a magical pagoda. Lined up beautifully as a symbol to contain the royal relics of the monarchs and the relics of the royal family.
In addition to the 3 pagodas, the temple also has ruins of other important buildings, such as Phra wihan, belfry, chapel, etc., all of which are very old and beautiful.
If you come to visit Ayutthaya Historical Park. You wouldn’t miss to see the beautiful night scene here. The park will turn on the light from 18.30-21.00 hrs. The golden light will illuminate around the temples beautifully.#watphrasisanphet #ayutthayanightour #ayutthataya #thaialnd #sandyindeetravel

Wihan Mongkhon Bophit is an active temple compound, and throughout the day many people visit and worship the Buddha image. Interestingly it lies adjacent to Wat Phra Si Sanphet, and therefore both the ruins of Wat Phra Si Sanphet and the more contemporary Wat Mongkhon Bophit can be visited the same morning or afternoon. The main feature at Wat Mongkhon Bophit is the large bronze (gilded) Buddha image, named Phra Mongkhon Bophit, which is 12.45 meters height and 8 meters width, assumed to be built in the reign of King Chai Racha around 1538 A.D.#wihanmongkonboephit #ayutthaya #ayutthayanighttour #thailand #sandyindeetravel

Wat Yai Chai Mongkhol located in Ayutthaya province older than 400 years and is also an important temple in the history of Thailand. The point of interest and attracting people to visit Wat Yai Chai Mongkol is the largest pagoda in Ayutthaya province which was built in the reign of King Naresuan the Great to declare victory war with Burma. Wat Yai Chai Mongkhon is also a temple that is popular with both Thai and foreign tourists.
#Ayutthaya #Ayutthayanighttour #Ancientcity #Thailand #sandyindeetravel #WadYaiChaimongkol

One Day Miracle in Ayutthaya - Sandyindeetravel

One Day Miracle in Ayutthaya..
The old capital city with the longest history of Thailand.

Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya or Ayutthaya province lasted for 417 years have a wide array of priceless heritage, architecture and historical sites such as Wat Yai Chai Mongkhon which has the largest pagoda in Ayutthaya, Wat Phra Sri Sanphet is the most important temple in the Ayutthaya period, Wat Mahathat with the head of a Buddha statue covered with roots is more than 500 years old, sightseeing the local lifestyle by a boat trip around Ayutthaya island or floating market which is still local of Ayutthaya people lifestyle. This is just some parts of Ayutthaya waiting for you to experience.

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Well renowned as the old capital city with the longest history of Thailand, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya or Ayutthaya lasted for 417 years have a wide array of priceless heritage, architecture and historical sites. Ayutthaya, once the 2nd capital city of Thailand, is full of ancient relics and historica...

Welcome to Bangkok Hop On Hop Off 1 day tour.First ,We are start from Sathon pier Hob on to the boat and enjoin with stmophere on both side of the Chaopraya river.Then Hop off at Pakklong Taland is the biggest flower market in Bangkok that you can see alof of kind Thai flower as orchid, merigold, rose and jasmine aftherthat we take Tuk Tuk which one of Bangkok symbol sight seeing around old town.Finally, we Hop off to Wat Pho is the one of most famouse place in Bangkok this temple have big reclining buddha and the science of Thai massage occurs here. So welcome to Bangkok and let's create a memorable experience with us 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

Amazing ! The wall painting present to the local people join with charity day which the artist painter Draw a picture of all the people that gathered on that day at Wat Khun In Pramoon Angthong province.

Greating beautiful Bangkok and amazing one of wonderful place in the world❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️

Welcome to Asiatique Night Market the biggest night market in Bangkok and you can enjoy with shopping as clothes, souvenie, food etc.. Moreover,here have famous show in Bangkok as Calypso Cabaret Show, Thai Boxing Show. There have alot of activities you can enjoy all night.😉🎉😉📸😉💃🏽😉🕺

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Beautiful Re-Honeymoon Trip




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