Qatar-Finland International School

Qatar-Finland International School

Qatar-Finland International School is open for boys and girls 5-16 years (Grades 0-11)

Qatar-Finland International School is a unique state-of-the-art school, a safe environment, and a supportive community for learning and growth enabling all children to reach their full potential. At the QFIS the success, wellbeing and growth of the learners is the starting point and the goal.

Mission: Qatar-Finland International School: Provides high-quality teaching in Qatar through encouraging each student to take an active and responsible role as a learner Creates learning opportunities, which support every student’s educational needs as an individual, a member of the community, and a conscious global citizen Offers a motivational, inspiring, and secure environment with future technology and versatile learning materials enhancing academic achievement and creativity Models an exquisite combination of educational excellence and support of holistic well-being of QFIS students, staff and parents Establishes a forerunner institution which serves key Qatari stakeholders committed to achieving educational excellence according to the SEC Outstanding Schools Program

Happy 102 independence day Finland (Hyvää itsenäisyyspäivää)! On December 6th Finland celebrates it's independence day. Our school had its own celebration yesterday, where the whole school community participated in this glorious occasion. Our students sang the national anthems of Qatar and Finland, our choir performed a lovely song and high school students performed a song called “sandstorm".

These wonderful Q.F.I.School educators graduated from the ECF - JAMK University of Applied Sciences Finnish Pedagogical Studies Programme today. The whole school celebrates with you! 🤩

Crafts ❤️ Soft materials and hard materials for every student. Look at these amazing hand-made products. And remember all the hard work done to get to this point!

Why do we do crafts?

In the Finnish school system, all artistic and practical subjects are seen as a very important part of the personal growth of the students. Subjects like music, art and crafts balance the school day, they build up the self-esteem for especially those who are not performing well in academic subjects and for most students these subjects are fun. “I am so proud of myself for making this.” ”My mum is so proud of me when I showed my craft project”. This is what is often heard.

We do learn many craft techniques in crafts, but it doesn’t mean that we actually need those in the future. One can always take clothes to the tailor to be fixed, right. But by practising craft techniques students learn fine motor skills, designing skills, how to read and follow instructions and working safely with different machines. Also, the work process in crafts resembles the project work in real life today. It starts with planning, which is followed by implementing the plan, evaluation and documentation as it proceeds. And project always needs a report at the end. And most of all crafts build up patience and persistence, because the projects or the skills don’t happen in an instant.

“This is the best thing I have ever made” said one of the student in G6 when the Worry -
Eater project was finished.

Going Green for Real: Qatar Finland International School - Marhaba l Qatar's Premier Information Guide

Going Green for Real! Since Qatar Finland International School (QFIS) hosted the Young Ambassadors Academy provided by Sustainable Qatar earlier this year, there has been a buzz amongst the students to do something for the environment – not just saving the planet but to really act and do concrete things. What was decid...

Crafts at Q.F.I. School

“The task of the subject of crafts is to guide students to manage a complete crafts process. Crafts is a subject in which multiple materials are used, and its activities are based on craft expression, design and technology”. This is one thing the curriculum states about crafts. What does it really mean then?

Historically, crafts, like other artistic and practical subjects, have been an important part of the Finnish curriculum as long as there has been a basic education system in Finland. In an agricultural society it was very important that boys and girls also learnt practical skills useful in everyday life. For decades it meant woodwork and metal work for boys and textile work like sewing, knitting and crocheting for girls. Soon the students were given a choice which crafts they wanted to study and it wasn’t gender based anymore.

The biggest change came with the present new curriculum in 2016 when crafts became one subject, still including textile and technical work, or hard and soft materials as we call them. Both boys and girls now have an equal opportunity to learn a variety of different craft techniques and work with a wide range of materials. This is how we do it also at QFI School.

But back to the opening statement. What and how? The students study crafts 2 lessons a week. Normally one term for technical work, one term textile work and then a combined project. The emphasis is on student’s own design and planning and how they implement the plan. The teacher’s task is to guide the student and teach the techniques needed. Of course, for the younger students the designing means to choose the colour of the paint or fabric or print their own fabric. But as they get older, they can have more freedom on designing. Grade 8 elective class is actually designing their own chairs or stools with cushions.

Greetings from Dukhan. Our U9 & U8 Lynxes football boys played well yesterday. U9 team made their way to bronze medal game and finished 4th place. U8 boys team succeeded even better and brought home silver medals! Congratulations! 🥈🥉

A group of our students participated in the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) today, and some had the privilege to meet HH Sheikha Moza bint Nasser.

QFI School reading buddy program for Grade 0-4 students is a wonderful cross grade level lesson held weekly, where older students are assigned to read to younger students. There has been extensive research into buddy reading programs which has concluded that peer-to-peer reading has a number of benefits for younger and older students. We have received fantastic feedback from both the parents and students since this program began in September. Feedback has shown that students are happier, more engaged in reading, have higher motivation, show improved social skills, have better self-esteem, and more confidence when reading as well as show increased cognitive awareness.

The grand opening ceremonies of the first ever Finnish International High School were held today at Qatar-Finland International School.

تحضيرات الطلاب المشاركين في فعالية لها نغني

Congratulations to Qatar-Finland International School students for reaching the final stage in the Choir competition in Qatar National Day's events.
تهانينا لطلاب المدرسة القطرية الفنلندية الدولية لوصولهم للمرحلة النهائية في مسابقة الكورال ضمن فعاليات الاحتفال باليوم الوطني القطري

للمزيد، تابعونا عبر:

What would be a better way of learning than hands-on? Grade eight had a practical biology lesson of dissecting cow’s heart in the science lab.

الجزيرة – هذا الصباح

Our school was introduced in Al Jazeera's mornig show yesterday!

تم امس عرض برنامج عن مدرستنا في الجزيرة هذا الصباح

في فنلندا.. لا يوجد امتحان نهائي.. واجبات منزلية أقل.. والماجستير شرط أساسي لقبول المعلم

Our International Day was a success again, thanks to all families and volunteers. We let the colorful pictures speak for the wonderful event, Global Village 2019! ❤️

We are getting ready to go. Global Village opens at 10 am. You are warmly welcome!

See you all tomorrow! We’ll start at 10 am with our Global Village of 24 countries 👍

Getting ready for the International Day on Saturday! Such amazing clothes and colors today representing different countries!

Reading buddies, what a perfect way of starting a Wednesday morning at school! We all enjoy it!

NCUK visited Q.F.I. High School

Yesterday Qatar-Finland International High School hosted NCUK team who met with our grade 9 and 10 students. The NCUK team delivered a presentation and an engaging discussion about the various opportunities for our students to pursue their university studies in the UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand. The high school Guidance Counsellor, Mr. Bouakir, explains that it is high time students started exploring different options from now that would enable them to plan their future ahead of time, and therefore fulfil their dreams and study either locally or abroad at some of the best universities.

Our School canteen, Jazz Café in Qatar Finland International School, achieved the highest score of Best Hygiene Practices for September 2019 among all Boecker Q-Platinum clients in Qatar. Congratulations!

They don’t only commit to hygiene and food safety, but also deliver us daily with delicious and healthy meals, both warm ones and a fresh salad buffet.

Today our school had visitors from 18 different universities. Our grade 10 and 9 students had a great opportunity to approach them and think about their possible future studies abroad.

Qatar Finland International School Hosts Young Ambassadors Academy! - Marhaba l Qatar's Premier Information Guide There's an article in Marhaba about the sustainable development ambassadors program that our school is participating in. On 30 September 2019, Sustainable Qatar organised its first Young Ambassadors Academy at Qatar Finland International School with 127 students from grade 7 to 9 participating. QFI School did a very impressive Ramadan project on climate change in 2019. Karin Scholtz-Barth, the President of Sustainable...

Fusion camp is starting on Sunday the 13th of October. To sign up:
[email protected]
Ms. Jade +974 7797 8856

Grade 1 has spent this autumn around a cross curricular theme “Super me and us”. Today they celebrated in a sporty way, connected with the Doha World Athletics Championships. Everyone is super hero!

Star struck! 🤩 @annimarikk came to greet a bunch of us Finns from #qfischool in the stands. Well done Annimari, great run!

Q.F.I.School in the Finnish news (YLE)

Our school was visited by the Finnish public service media company YLE. They made a very nice video about our school which was broadcasted in the main evening news on Monday 30th of September. Unfortunately it's only in Finnish but it's worth the watch anyway! 🙂

Kindness week is in full speed! Today the 7th and 8th graders were reading to 0 graders. #kindnessweek #qfischool

#kindnessweek continued today with Buckets of positivity. Keep following our social media accounts and share our posts to spread kindness around you! ❤️ #youmatter #compliments

The kindness week is finally here! The week was launched officially at the school with the kindness video and a fun pet adoption for the 0-graders!

Kindness week at QFI School

This week we are having a Kindness week at the school. There are several daily activities arranged that are connected to the theme:

- Pet adoption: Students in the lower grades are each adopting a donated stuffed animal that they are reading to daily.

- Kindness challenge in Social media: 7th graders make Kindness challenge videos from which three are chosen to be shown in all classes the following week.

- Story book reading: 8th and 9th graders visit the lower grades and read to the students.

"Be positive!" Is a program launched today with grade 8A. Objectives for the program are to create a positive atmosphere and to develop 21-century skills. Today's agenda was to arrange meetings and discuss about strengths.#chatclock

Studying the insides of a computer at ICT elective! 🤓#educationaltechnology

Mr. Joonas and his students were singing Puff the magic dragon today. ❤️😊

QFIS Kindness

During our upcoming kindness week we will focus on what being kind really means and why it's essential for the wellbeing of the whole community.

Learning a language is best done by talking as much as possible. These stick characters were helping 3rd graders discuss in Spanish in Ms. Nadine’s lesson. 😀❤️

Knitting is sooooo much fun! #handsonlearning #finemotorskills

Reading buddies from 3A came to read with 1B today - what a fantastic start for a morning 😊!!

What a super exciting day we had today! Al Jazeera news channel visited our school and interviewed teachers and students about the Finnish approach to education. #aljazeera

In Ms. Tiina’s class students start the day in a very caring way. They get to choose between a hand shake, fist pump or a hug. Of course most go for the hug. ❤️

Here are the five values that lay the foundation for our education. This year the main focus for the whole school will be on RESPECT. But what does respect mean in practice, in everyday life? What are your thoughts? Comment below!

At Q. F. I. School safety always comes first. Today we practiced evacuating the whole school to our assembly point in a fire drill. We are glad to report that everything went well! 👌

Are you a are a parent trying to find the best possible education for your child in Doha? Do you want to see Finnish primary and secondary education, or the first ever Finnish high school in action? If so, book your place on our school tour and see for yourself why Finnish education is considered to be one of the best in the world!

First day of school 2019

It was such a wonderful feeling to see all the students back at the school yesterday. There was a huge amount of positivity in the air. On behalf of the whole staff: Welcome back to school! It will be a great year! 🙌👌

Many of our returning staff started their academic year today by finding new perspectives to assessment in their pedagogical studies module.

Meanwhile this year’s new recruits were getting used to the heat and enjoying their first day in Doha on a sightseeing tour. 😅 ☀️

Only eight days until the start of a brand new school year! 🙌

These uniforms look a little empty without any students in them. Luckily the start of the 2019-2020 academic year at Qatar-Finland International School is getting closer by the minute! 🎊🥳

A lot of fresh new school uniforms were bought by enthusiastic students and parents today in the Noble house pop-up shop at the school. The next one will be on the 21st of August in the school assembly hall. Don’t miss it!

See you on the 25th of August!

ShanghaiRanking's Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2019 - Education | Shanghai Ranking - 2019

Congratulations to the Universities of Jyväskylä and Helsinki! ShanghaiRanking's Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2019

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