IAAF Doha 2019

IAAF Doha 2019

The official page of the Host City for the IAAF 2019 World Championships. Connecting the world of athletics. #IAAFDoha2019

Doha will be hosting the IAAF World Championships in Athletics in 2019. The event will be hosted in Doha’s Khalifa Stadium, the centre piece of the Aspire Zone and home to the 2006 Asian Games. Held every two years, Beijing will host the 2015 edition and London will play host in 2017.

Mission: To connect the world of athletics to new markets, new ideas and new opportunities.

Episode 18 of our #KnowYourAthletics series: Decathlon

Kevin Mayer is the reigning world champion and the current WR holder. Read more here 👉 https://bit.ly/2Vtm1rF

Brooke Stratton on her experience at the #DohaDL! We would love to see you back in for #IAAFDoha2019 and show you around this September #AimBeyond Athletics Australia

"I'm excited about being able to go in and make a name for my self and keep pushing my name forward" Christian Coleman 🇺🇸


One to keep your eyes on for #Doha2019

The 22 years old Gina Lückenkemper 🇩🇪 has an impressive 100m PB of 10.95, which makes her the fastest woman in Germany!!

Read more on our #KeepYourEyesOn series here 👇

Yaroslava Mahuchikh 🇺🇦 is the youngest athlete ever to win an IAAF Diamond League event at the age of 17!

"I was so surprised that I won because I am the youngest competitor here, so I am extremely happy to take the win and to jump a personal best of 1.96 m. It is my first time in Doha and I would love to come back for IAAF World Championships but I cannot get carried away."


Which high jumper are you excited to watch the most at the World Championships? Check out episode 17 of our
#KnowYourAthletics series!

👉🏻📄 bit.ly/2WFhiVi

Donavan Braizer 🇺🇸 “I’ve been doing workout set for the relay so I’m hoping that it will pay off”


Great advice to all female athletes in Qatar from 4-time World and 2-time Olympic champion Dame Valerie Adams 🇳🇿


Who said athletes don’t have fun!! The 🇺🇸 trio Sharika Nelvis, Christina Clemons and Donovan Brazier had a blast off the Doha track last week. Get your tickets to the #Doha2019 today to watch athletics and #DiscoverQatar this September ✌🏻🐪🇶🇦

شاهدوا الرياضيين حين يستمتعون بوقتهم خارج مضمار التنافس! تعرف الرياضيين على جانب من طبيعة قطر الأسبوع الماضي! اشتروا التذاكر لتتعرفوا على عالم ألعاب القوى ونجومه في بطولة العالم الدوحة في سبتمبر المقبل!

World and Olympic champion Wayde van Niekerk 🇿🇦: “I am exactly where I need to be!” We can't wait for you to be in Doha this September!

بطل العالم والأولمبي وايد فان نيكريك: "أنا الآن مستعد كما أريد للمنافسة!"
ونحن مستعدون للترحيب بك في الدوحة في سبتمبر المقبل!

After his win at the Doha Diamond League, Elijah Manangoi of 🇰🇪 said:

“My target for the year is to successfully defend my title in #Doha and it is good to start with a win at the same venue where the World Championships will be held. The stadium is beautiful and I love the turnout and the support from the fans!”


‪Keep Your Eyes On: Dina Asher-Smith 🇬🇧 for #Doha2019‬

‪Here’s why 👉🏻📄 https://bit.ly/2VfJSQx‬

We live and breath #Athletics for moments like these! #motivationmonday 😍🙏

It’s #WorldAthleticsDay! How else can we mark this occasion than connecting to the heritage of the greatest sport ever 😉

بمناسبة #اليوم_العالمي_لألعاب_القوى تعرفوا على تاريخ وإرث هذه الرياضة الذي يمتد لأكثر من ٣٠٠٠ سنة في أكبر معرض لمقتنيات ألعاب القوى على مستوى العالم!

Testing for Doha 2019

This time last week, we hosted the 23rd Asian Athletics Championship at Khalifa International Stadium 🇶🇦

This marked the official test event for the IAAF World Athletics Championships Doha 2019 which starts in September.

Like our athletes, we know practice makes perfect 💪- we go again tomorrow with IAAF Diamond League taking place in our home which is always open to the world of athletics 🏠

IAAF World Athletics Club

“I have a great history with Doha - it has been good to me over the years." Thanks Tianna T. Bartoletta😍, you've been good to us too! Cannot wait to see you in action at Doha Diamond League this Friday at Khalifa International Stadium, home of Doha 2019 🇶🇦

Double for Kenya 🇰🇪 at the London Marathon!
Kipchoge races to take the men's in 2:02.38, with fellow Kenyan Kosgei racing home to take her maiden women's title in 2:18.20

Keep your eyes on 👀....Michael Norman 🇺🇸
Here's why he is one to watch heading into #Doha2019 https://bit.ly/2GzWDMO

The IAAF Heritage World Athletics Championships Exhibition is now open in Doha City Center Mall. Six global champions from the past and present helped cut the ribbon on a display of athletics history, which includes notable items from the world's best athletes.

The exhibition will be open up to 7th October. Make sure to visit it!

Abderrahman Samba 🇶🇦 🦁 wins gold 🥇at the 23rd Asian Athletics Championships setting a championship record and a new world lead in the Men’s 400m Hurdles. The event serves as the official test event for IAAF World Athletics Championship #Doha2019

Michael Norman 🇺🇸 just ran the fastest 400m season opener by anyone in history today 43:45 😳 Will he go faster at #Doha2019? He tells us he “can’t wait to go out there and showcase the hard work” he’s done. The hard work is already showing Michael🔥🔥🔥 USA Track & Field

#FunFact: NYC marathon champ and USA Track & Field 🇺🇸 long-distance runner Shalane Flanagan's parents both met at the IAAF World Cross Country Championship in Glasgow 1978 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Top Qatari 🇧🇭 sprinter Abdalelah Harounn, raced to 400m victory 🥇at the London Stadium.

“This picture brings back some of the best memories of my life. It is the first time I won a medal on the global stage, and it makes me very happy.” China’s 🇨🇳 200m record-holder Xie Zhenye‘s #storybehindapicture after their 4x100m silver 🥈medal performance at the #IAAFWorlds in Beijing 2015

Sandra Perkovic talks ahead of Doha 2019

"I am so happy 2019 is the year of Doha" 😍
We caught up with reigning World & Olympic Champion in Women's Discus Sandra Perković 🇭🇷 on defending her title in Doha and her message to the future female athletes of Qatar


#HappySiblingDay 👬👭Athletics clearing runs in the family! Here’s just a few sibling stars who we might see in Doha this year 🇶🇦
Tag your sibling to share the love ❤️ #siblingsday IAAF World Athletics Club

Six global champions confirmed for series kickoff of IAAF Diamond League in Doha. Find out who 👉🏼 https://bit.ly/2ONMaQq


Know Your Athletics Episode 7: Marathon | Doha World Championships 2019

Do you know what was the inspiration behind the introduction of marathon to the Olympic programme? 🤔

📰 Read here to find out 👉https://bit.ly/2NHI4sj


iaafworldathleticschamps.com Marathon, the longest race on the Olympic programme, can be traced back to the Battle of Marathon in 490 BC when a Greek soldier named Pheidippides ran over 42 km from the scene of the battle to Athens to deliver the news of a military victory over the invading Persians.

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IAAF: Kipchoge wins Laureus Exceptional Achievement award| News | iaaf.org

"I believe that a running world is a peaceful world, a sporting world is a healthy world". - Eliud Kipchoge

iaaf.org The IAAF’s World Male Athlete of the Year Eliud Kipchoge has been recognised at the Laureus Awards in Monaco on Monday (18) for his extraordinary performances in the past year.

‪Episode #5 of our Know Your Athletics series 👉🏻 #ShotPut‬

‪📄Read and share your thoughts on this throwing event! https://bit.ly/2DKobwn‬

‪#AimBeyond ‬

‪We can’t wait for you all to meet Falah the #IAAFWORLDS mascot in person!‬

‪Here’s the story of how he was picked and what he means to us 👉🏻📄 https://bit.ly/2S0XmJp‬

Meet Falah, the official #IAAFDoha2019 mascot! Isn't he awesome? Let us know what you think Falah can do in the comments below! #AimBeyond

نقدم لكم "فلاح"، التعويذة الرسمية لبطولة العالم لألعاب القوى الدوحة ٢٠١٩! ما هي صفات فلاح باعتقادكم؟ شاركونا تعليقاتكم #طموح_بلا_حدود

Worked as a strong team, Qatar's schoolchildren completed the puzzle pieces of the official #IAAFWorlds mascot and helped us reveal him to the world! IAAF World Athletics Club

إليكم التعويذة الرسمية لبطولة العالم لألعاب القوى الدوحة ٢٠١٩! التي جمعها طلاب المدارس!

IAAF #KidsAthletics introducing the basics of running, jumping and throwing to the schoolchildren in Doha! IAAF World Athletics Club

يتعرف الطلاب في الدوحة على رياضة الجري والوثب والرمي من خلال ألعاب القوى للأطفال!

Over 400 schoolchildren are getting ready to rule athletics and reveal the official #IAAFWorlds mascot today!
IAAF World Athletics Club

أكثر من ٤٠٠ طالب يشاركون في رياضة ألعاب القوى ويكشفون عن التعويذة الرسمية لبطولة العالم لألعاب القوى #الدوحة2019 اليوم!

The official #IAAFworlds mascot is loyal and honest. He is the best friend to have!🤗 #AimBeyond

تعويذة بطولة العالم لألعاب القوى الدوحة ٢٠١٩ هو أفضل صديق لأنه مخلص وشجاع! 🤗 #طموح_بلا_حدود

He is helpful and gently looks after others. By the way, his name starts with an F. Do you have any guesses? 👀#AimBeyond #iaafworlds

متعاون ويتفاعل مع الآخرين، واسمه يبدأ بحرف الفاء، فهل يمكنكم تخمين اسمه؟ 👀

He is passionate about new adventures and sport! It's so much fun to be around him 😜#AimBeyond IAAF World Athletics Club

شخصية مرحة تحب الرياضة والمغامرة!😜 #طموح_بلا_حدود

Episode 4 of our 'Know your athletics' series: Long Jump

📄Read here 👉🏻 bit.ly/2BrZ9BP


He doesn’t fear heights, he bravely flies over stadiums and he’s got your back! 😎#AimBeyond #IAAFWorlds IAAF World Athletics Club

لا يخاف المرتفعات، يطير بشجاعة فوق الملاعب ويعتمد عليه!😎 #طموح_بلا_حدود

📣 Raise your hand if you're excited to meet the #IAAFDoha2019 official mascot 🙋‍♂️🙋. Have to warn you though, he's very competitive💪🏻! #AimBeyond

ارفع يدك إذا كنت متحمساً للتعرف على تعويذة بطولة العالم لألعاب القوى الدوحة ٢٠١٩🙋‍♂️🙋! للعلم، هو شخصية تنافسية جداً💪🏻

Can French 🇫🇷pole vaulter Renaud Lavillenie #AimBeyond and grab a World Championship Gold 🥇for his daughter at #Doha2019?

هل ستشهد الدوحة تحطيم الرقم القياسي للعداءة ماريتا في ٤٠٠م والذي ما زال صامداً منذ ١٩٨٥؟ #طموح_بلا_حدود

Marita’s 400m record set on 1985 still stands! Can it finally be broken this year in Doha? #AimBeyond

📣 "Kenyans 🇰🇪 in Doha! Let's make Qatar a running nation" World record holder Eliud Kipchoge is excited about the Doha 2019 midnight marathon! #AimBeyond

العداء الكيني الموهوب صاحب الرقم القياسي العالمي إيليود كيبتشوجي متحمس من الآن لسباق الماراثون الليلي الدوحة ٢٠١٩! #طموح_بلا_حدود

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Testing for Doha 2019
Sandra Perkovic talks ahead of Doha 2019



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