Pilates with Theresa

Pilates with Theresa

Group/Private Pilates by Theresa in Doha, Qatar BASI Comprehensive: Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Ladder Barrel, Arc Mentor / Master Program

Pilates Matwork at Body Control Pilates Cape Town - April 2013 Intermediate Pilates Matwork with Body Control Pilates UK - January 2014 Pathologies and Injuries with BASI Pilates - November 2013 Pilates for Pregnancy I and II - January/March 2014 Myofascial Release through Feldenkrais and Pilates - May 2014 Psoas / Optimum Shoulder Function / Healthy Necks - Workshops with Cameron Angus at BCP UK - July 2014 Innovations in Pilates (BASI Pilates) - Workshop with Anthony Lett - November 2014 Comprehensive Course with BASI Pilates in Cape Town - Feb - Nov 2015 Pilates for Athletic Performance - BASI Feb 2016 Athletic Reformer - STOTT Feb 2016 Back4Good training - Body Control Pilates UK Oct 2016

The Pilates exercises are based on 8 principles: concentration, relaxation, alignment, core strength, breathing, co-ordination, flowing movements and stamina. Body Control Pilates breaks down Joseph Pilates’ exercises so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of Pilates safely and effectively. What will I gain by doing Pilates exercises? • Improve strength, flexibility and balance • Tone and build long, lean muscles without bulk • Challenge deep abdominal muscles to support the spine • Engage the mind and enhance body awareness • Reduce stress, relieve tension and boost energy • Restore postural alignment • Stronger, more flexible spine • Promote recovery from injury • Improve circulation • Enhance mobility, agility and stamina • Improve the way your body looks and feels.

Teaser in the desert!
#teasertuesday #pilatesanywhere #teaserpilates #zekreetdesert @ Zekreet

After cycling in the desert one does the Open Leg Rocker! 😅
Zekreet is on the west coast of Qatar close to Dukhan. A sandy, rocky desert with many rock and limestone formations. Four huge standing steel plates mark East West/West East by Richard Serra... not many places where you can find public art in the desert.

What an adventure! #openlegrocker #goodtimeswithfriends #desertlife #cyclinginzekreet #qatardesert

Besides offering Pilates to anyone with pathologies and injuries, pre and postnatal, scoliosis, triathletes, the elderly and basically any body, I also offer the LYNO ®️method, a myofascial release technique originating in South Africa. Benita Kropman developed this method and teach it worldwide (www.thelynomethod.com).
In LYNO ®️ we focus on chronic injuries and pain, where there is no more acute pathology but where the brain still thinks there is potential danger. Assessments are done and the “locked” compensation patterns are released to restore natural movement. It is a superficial stroke on the skin, stimulating the superficial nerve endings, while the client actively or passively moves the muscles under the area. Once normal movement is restored, clients are encouraged to do certain exercises to maintain the mobility and to strengthen the normal movement patterns.
#thelynomethod #injuryfree #sportsinjury

Side Bend on the Mat.
#raelisacowitz #sidebend #pilatesonthemat #obliques #basipilatesinstructor

My clients will recognize this. I like to add stability exercises on the Reformer. These are just a few from the quadruped abs position- press out and pull back (shoulder extension/stability), if this is successful try abduction with arm and leg, then pulse up or curl elbow to knee - anything that are usually done on the mat. Light spring
#shoulderstability #reformerpilates #stabilityonreformer #pilatesinstructor #lovepilates #correctingposture

Whether you want to improve flexibility, strength, stamina, coordination, breathing, alignment or just want to be pain free... Pilates has your back!
Create goals from your principles (let’s say exercise more because health is important to you, or phone your mom regularly because family is important to you). Don’t just follow what you see on social media, instead decide what is important to YOU.
#pilatesnerd #pilates #pilatesindoha #alignment #breathing #flexibility #strength #stamina #coordination #drcarolineleaf

My first Pilates for the year and what better way to do a class with fellow instructors @pilateswithtom and @inge_livinglifepilates in the beautiful @livinglifepilates studio. @feeeeee_b made us work hard 💪🏻Feeling strong (and happy and tired😅) #pilatesinstructor #pilatesinstructorclass #pilatesincapetown #lovepilates #teasertuesday @ Living Life Pilates

Pilates Nerd

Post holiday feels 😂
Shake it off with Pilates! ❤️💪
Kauffer Pilates

I love working with VIP clients but most won’t allow a photo... today I had the privilege of having @dr.niloofarrezai and @claire.delange in my studio for a shared Pilates class. Always loads of fun with two people and especially with their sense of humor! Not everyday I see a homeopath and chiropractor at the same time 👯‍♀️
#friendsdopilates #friendsdopilatestogether #pilatesreformer #pilatescadillac #pilatesindoha #pullingstraps

Sunny winter days are for spinal articulation. I agree wholeheartedly with Joe Pilates about a healthy spine...
“A man is as young as his spinal column.”
@lamer_pilates was my inspiration to try Pelvic Curl in the Ladder Barrel. I added Shoulder Bridge. #spinalarticulation #pelviccurl #shoulderbridge #ladderbarrelpilates #pilatesinwinter #lovepilates

Happy National Day Qatar🇶🇦
It has been my privilege to live in this fast expanding, safe, beautiful city for 11 years. So happy to see the growth and sustainability throughout the blockade. I’m looking forward to 2020 and continuing my service as a Pilates Instructor to the warm hearted kind people of Qatar. #iloveqatar🇶🇦 #happynationalday2019 #nationaldayqatar🇶🇦

Pilates Nerd

You’re one session away from REfreshMINT.
Stay tall this holiday season! #REturntoLife 🎄♥️

artist:unknown/ Instagram cred whitehousepilates + newportpilates

Double Leg Stretch with the Roll Up Bar. Not from the BASI repertoire but a great way to throw the double leg stretch into a different direction!
I often teach this to my clients as it feels great on the shoulders (blue spring). Breathing out as the arms and legs extend and inhale to starting position.
#doublelegstretch #reformerpilates #abdominalwork #shoulderextension #lovepilates

Pike Side Single Leg. I learned this exercise at the BASI Mentor Program last year. My Mentor and Master in Pilates, Rael Isacowitz, makes it look effortless but believe me, it’s a struggle to keep the shoulders square and the leg high! #lateralflexionrotation #masterpilates #pikesidesingleleg #wundachairwednesday #basipilatesinstructor

Knee Stretch Reverse Single Leg is not a favorite as I haven’t mastered it but it’s a work in progress and I definitely feel the abdominal connection, shoulder stabilization and hip flexor work! (Definitely nicer with a BASI reformer as the F2 system has handles for this exercise.)
#fullbodyintegration #advancedpilates #kneestretchgroup #masterpilates #basipilatesinstructor #abdominalstrength #shoulderstabilization #hipflexorwork

My photos and videos won’t be perfect because I’m not. And that’s okay 😁
Do you find yourself comparing to the perfection we see on Instagram? Are you pushing yourself from a place of fear (being average or not fitting in) or from being driven because of what others expect, or from a continuous drive for perfection?

Madonna is not my role model but I like her drive, and honesty- she admits to being driven to achieve.
“I have an iron will and all of my will has always been to conquer some horrible feeling of inadequacy... I’m always struggling with that fear. I push past one spell of it and discover myself as a special human being and then I get to another stage and think I’m mediocre and uninteresting. And I find a way to get myself out of that. Again and again. My drive in life is from this horrible fear of being mediocre. And that’s always pushing me, pushing me.”
Extract from Madonna - a biography by Mary Cross
#gettingbetter #abdominalsonthebarrel #ladderbarrelpilates #roundaboutabdominals #letgoofperfection


Teaser Variations!🙌🏻

#Teasers on the Reformer are not as easy as they appear. Merrithew™ Instructor Trainer Lisa Kaye is demonstrating how using the Reformer straps can be a great modification in order to build up the confidence and strength for a full teaser. Great work, @lisakayepilates!

Photo 1 was my rollover after completing the Body Control Pilates Matwork Training (March 2013) and Photo 2 is my Rollover today (BASI Master and many workshops done).
Still one of my favorite exercises and looking back I realize there has been growth in knowledge, intuition, wisdom, flexibility and strength. In love with PILATES😍 #lovepilates #basipilatesinstructor #rolloverpilates #keeppracticing #movementheals #loveyourjob

@stevemazichpilates posted a similar video and it make me think of something that might help with my Paddleboarding skills (or lack of it😂) Surf Monster is the name of the song. It should be fine on a blue spring but the struggle was real 😓🤩#obliqueworkout #instagramfun #trynewthings

Back extension with lateral flexion. More ideal on the Arm Chair Barrel set as it is taught in the BASI Master program.
Adjusted to mimic the exercise on the Reformer.
Scoop to curl over the box to keep the abdominals engaged, lift from the mid back into extension.
#backextension #lateralflexion #advancedpilates #lovebackextension #reformerpilates #lovepilates #pilatesinstructor #desigualsport

@alignpilatesjh was my inspiration to try #sidesplitspilates with #rotationdiscs
Two reps with parallel feet, two reps with turnout🔥
Just when you thought you got the hang of an exercise, it turns into a new challenge 🙈 it’s obvious I need to get confidence with this one as I didn’t take the carriage out wide. #practicemakesperfect #sidesplitreformer #basipilatesinstructor #adductors

Thinking back to last Thursday afternoon with these lovely ladies. Renee Watson from Cape Town educated us (Gluteal Impact Workshop) and gave a feel good fascia release Pilates class. So good to had her visiting Doha!

Hanging Back Rows with Extension (from the Pilates for Men BASI workshop)
After Hanging Back, progress into Rows while in extension. It challenges Back extensors, Latissimus Dorsi, Biceps and grip strength.
#pilatesformen #hangingbackrows #backextension #latissimusdorsitraining #bicepstrength #basipilates #cadillacpilates #advancedpilates

BASI Pilates

Here's a quick reminder on how to properly perform Hanging Back on the Cadillac.

See Rael cueing every exercise from the Comprehensive Program just like this on BASI Interactive. Get 30 days free at www.pilatesinteractive.com

#basiinteractive #basipilates #mybasilife #pilates

Step Down Side. Only a true Master can say this exercise is easy 😅 It’s a constant challenge to keep the pelvis stable while pressing the pedal!

I share something that made sense to me today... James Clear said it’s terrible advice to tell someone to never give up.

“Successful people give up all the time. If something is not working, smart people don’t repeat it endlessly. They revise. They adjust. They pivot. They quit. As the saying goes, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
Life requires both strategies. Sometimes you need to display unwavering confidence and double down on your efforts. Sometimes you need to abandon the things that aren’t working and try something new.”

#stepdownside #legwork #masterlevel
#basipilatesinstructor #wundachairpilates #controlandbalance #afterlungeside

Bird Dog is an exercise I like to teach and do as it focuses on stability and strength while maintaining alignment of the pelvis and shoulders.
#shoulderextensors #tricepsonreformer #pilatesformen #basipilates #basipilatesinstructor #stabilityonreformer #armwork #shashisocks #lululemonaddict

Practicing the Grasshopper from the BASI Mentor program. Trying to get the shins parallel to the floor but feel I still overshoot from the back before returning over the barrel 🤔 #keeppracticing #lovepilates #backextension #grasshopper #masterlevel #basipilatesinstructor #afterachievinghandstand

Flying into the week with the Magician Series.
#advancedpilates #hipwork #cadillacpilates #magicianseries #lovepilates #pelvicstability #froghipwork #circleshipwork

Saw with Rotation Prep.
#legwork #advancedpilates #basipilatesinstructor #reformerpilates #innerthighworkout

Swimming into the weekend.
#wundachair #pilatesfortriathletes #swimmingpilates

Flying Eagle 1 has my arms shaking 💪🏻and my core burning 🔥
#backextension #flyingeagle1 #advancedpilates #legacyprogram #lovepilates #basipilatesinstructor

F2 Push Up Pectorals Single Leg.
The F2 Chair has handles on the side that can be set ip for pec push-ups or tricep push-ups. Challenging with one leg lifted...
#fullbodyintegration #advancedpilates #pushup #lovepilates #basipilatesinstructor #wundachair #f2basisystem

Upstretch 2: Full Body Integration, Master level.
You might ask why some exercises are graded so high... in order to do an Upstretch with control and precision, the Upstretch on Mat and Reformer should be mastered first. Then find a flow using the Chair on a light spring (1-1 or 4-0 on @basisystems )
For me all the Highest graded exercises are work in progress and should follow on the fundamental exercise leading into more advanced/challenging work.
#advancedpilates #lovepilates #legacyprogram #basipilatesinstructor #basipilates #fullbodyintegration #upstretchgroup #wundachairpilates

Pilates Mat class with @nancycastiglioni at @pilateswithmaggie this morning. I shared the class with with my friend @fairygod_aga and other pilates instructors! #lovepilates #pilateslovers #pilatesmat #pilatesinstructor #funonthemat

Pilates and You

We met in Qatar, helped each other by recommending clients... my wonderful colleague Theresa Lombard from South Africa, an amazing pilates instructor has made me the honor to visit me in my pilates studio on her way from Paros island to Qatar. Have a safe trip back home Theresa!!! We’ll meet soon again!!!

Pilates Class with @miriamfriedrichhonorio 🙌🏻
#lovepilates #pilatesretreat #pilatesmat #matpilates #pilatesinstructor @ Okreblue Yoga Retreat Center Paros

Pilates class in Okreblue’s shala. Thank you Miriam!🙌🏻

Morning meditation and waking up at the beach, followed by a movement class in the shala

“Keep close to nature’s heart and
break clear away once in a while,
climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods,
wash your spirit clean.”
John Muir

I’m in Greece for a retreat with @ourlifeinmovement
Love spending time in nature.
More photos will follow soon! #selfcare #metime #parosgreece #movementpractice #oceanlover #naturelover #pilateslover #pilatesinstructorslife

High Bridge practice on my client’s BASI Cadillac. #basisystems
Need to work on more spinal articulation...
🔹Pull into flexion
🔹Curl under into neutral spine
🔹Pelvic Curl
🔹Lift into straight diagonal line
🔹Lower down as you look back
🔹Articulate to neutral spine and pull back to sitting
#highbridge #backextension #masterlevel #cadillacpilates #lovepilates #pilatesinstructor #lovebasisystems

Prone 1, Prone 2, Prone 3
#lovebackextension #cadillacpilates #advancedpilates #backextension #basipilatesinstructor #loveyourback #shouldermobility

Single Arm with Rotation
#eccentricobliques #concentricobliques #master #armskneelingseries #armwork #basipilatesinstructor #reformerpilates

Lunge Forward to Lunge Kneeling. A great Stretch originally taught by @rael_isacowitz
#stretches #advancedpilates #originalraelexercise #hipflexorstretch #hamstringstretchgroup #legacyprogram #basipilatesinstructor

Yoga with Dav Jones this morning. I haven’t done yoga in years but heard from a friend that Davin gives a great class and I can confirm! It was challenging and yet great Core and Breathwork with a Balance challenge towards the end. Loved it and feel stretched and open 😁🧘🏼‍♀️#yogainpearl #niyayoga #yogaonfridays @ Niya Yoga

Warmup on the Cadillac.
🔸Pelvic Curl with overhead arm raise
🔸Hundred (or I this case 50 😉)
🔸Teaser with the Rollup Bar
#cadillacpilates #cadillacfun #cadillacwarmup #pilatesinstructor #pilatescadillac #basipilatesinstructor #pelviccurl #pilateshundred #teaser

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