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The #MediaMajlis at Northwestern University in Qatar is the first museum in the Arab world dedicated to exploring media, journalism and communication.

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Yasuomi Sawa is a Japanese journalist and deputy editor for investigative and in-depth reporting with Kyodo News, Japan's largest news wire service. Among his recent investigative work are reports on the sex exploitation of teenage girls in Tokyo, the government's failure to track the school enrollment of more than 10,000 immigrant children, and overpopulation of public shelters (up to 150% of their capacity) for abused children in Tokyo and China.

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Since the onset of COVID-19, people’s attitudes towards how news organizations, government and other institutions are responding has fundamentally changed. How much misleading information have have you seen about COVID-19?


Did you see this happening...? Wonder what happens next...? Visit our current exhibition 'Breaking News? how the smartphone changed journalism' to find out what happens to the hero and where the ginger cat disappeared to.

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Next week we will be hosting Phil Rees from Al Jazeera's I-Unit, who will be talking about all things misinformation. He will share with you how the smartphone has been instrumental in breaking news stories as of late.

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Here Rich Ling talks about the impact of confirmation bias in light of the smartphone. He talks at length about the distribution and dissemination of information from pasts, presents, and futures perspectives. Ling explains how catalytic innovations, such as the printing press, allowed for the increase in literacy and the spread of knowledge.

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Yusuf Omar writes for our publication and states that: "Joseph P. Overton described the ‘Overton Window’, the range of subjects that the mainstream media deems publicly acceptable to discuss. Social media shattered that window. But it is not just the types of stories we see on timelines, but how they’re delivered. And we believe the best stories are delivered by a collective of people into one narrative— multiple perspectives."

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Angela Oduor Lungati is a technologist, community builder and open-source software advocate who is passionate about building and using appropriate technology tools to create an impact in the lives of marginalized groups. She has over 10 years’ experience in software development, global community engagement, and nonprofit organizational management. She currently serves as the Executive Director at Ushahidi a global non-profit technology company that builds tools for democratizing information, increasing transparency and lowering barriers for individuals to raise their voices. She is also a co-founder of AkiraChix a non-profit organization that nurtures generations of women who use technology to develop innovations and solutions for Africa.

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In the last 10 years, the smartphone has become an instrumental research, communication and documentation tool, allowing journalists to reach and engage with more sources—instantly, discreetly, remotely and simultaneously—all over the world. This expansion has created opportunities for the democratization and plurality of voices within and beyond journalism, with more people than ever before authoring information in the public domain. On digital platforms, the voiceless can express themselves and audiences can become empowered as citizens and creators.


From selfies to citizen journalism, kittens to tsunamis, billions of videos and photos are posted to social media daily. Smartphones now contribute to all aspects of the way news stories unfold. We believe there is always another side to any story.

Visit Breaking News? and watch the animation we created with Nexus Studios and Mighty Nice

Making the Change: Mining Misinformation!

False information has many culprits from social media to biased bots. One culprit is ignorance. If you are experiencing information overload, you are not alone. Make the change by taking control over your media literacy. In this talk, we speak with Phil Rees, Director of Investigative Journalism Directorate at Al Jazeera's I-Unit, about his extensive career as a journalist; writing, presenting, and producing more than sixty documentaries, and winning 20 international awards. His book, Dining with Terrorists, is described as ‘outstanding’ by The Guardian and ‘a tour de force’ by Noam Chomsky. We hope that after listening to Phil’s experience you will be equipped with more tools to dispel false information.

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Here professor of journalism Angela Phillips talks about the importance of photojournalism and shares insight on how journalism is all about timing. She sees the smartphone as an enabler however disagrees with the idea that ‘citizen journalism’ is a form of journalism.

Angela is featured in our current exhibition #BreakingNews, and you can watch the full video on the Explore Content section of our website.

Martin 'Marty' Cooper—the inventor of the mobile phone—writes the Foreword for our exhibition Breaking News' publication. He says: "A radically improved version of the smartphone is imminent. You will, in your lifetime, see three dimensional images delivered to your eyes in full size. They will be accompanied by high quality audio. Far more importantly, the ‘phone’ (what an archaic and inaccurate term it is!) will include an artificial intelligence that will continually configure itself to serve you, the user, with minimal effort on your part."

Purchase a copy from the Northwestern University in Qatar Bookstore or online from Amazon. Available in English and Arabic.

Mark Kaigwa is a social media expert. He is the founder of Nendo, a strategy and storytelling consultancy firm based in Nairobi. Kaigwa has a multidisciplinary background with experience in marketing, communications, design thinking, screenwriting, film production, directing, and creative direction in advertising. He has spent the last decade helping global and African businesses, brands and nonprofits use technology to connect.

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In a world of relentless change, our current exhibition explores how the smartphone that over 3 billion people have access to has changed journalism.

Full details on the exhibition & programs our website.

As a museum, we believe there is always another side. How many sides do you think this story has?

Visit the exhibition #BreakingNews and find out.

Making the Change: Finding your MOJO! Social media has fundamentally changed journalism. The smartphone has accelerated this change putting social media in the hands of people on the go. We must ask ourselves, how is journalism different today? To prepare for the journalism of the future, journalists need to act now. Find out how in this interactive seminar led by Sumaiya and Yusuf Omar, co-founders of Hashtag Our Stories The Omars’ will explain how they are using their platform to talk about COVID-19 stories and inviting others to join the discussion. This program will be introduced by Marcela Pizarro, assistant professor at Northwestern University in Qatar.

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Reserve your virtual seat for our program on Tuesday where we speak to Yusuf Omar and Sumaiya Omar about their business Hashtag Our Stories

Here is a glimpse of an interview we did last year with Yusuf who shares his experiences of enabling people from all around the world to use a smartphone to tell a story that might otherwise remain untold.

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“Technology will evolve, further improving the smartphone and its eventual replacements yet to hit the market. Images will continue to get smaller in file size, and thus become easier to share, even as they become more detailed in quality. Videos will be in even higher definition and quality using even the smallest, most affordable devices.”

The words of Mandy Jenkins who contributes to our publication, Breaking News? Voices and Conversations.

Purchase a copy online from Amazon or from Northwestern University in Qatar's Bookstore.

James E. Katz is an American pioneer in examining social consequences of mobile technology use in everyday life. He speak with us about how mobile technologies affect our social interaction and what their uses reveal about human nature and organizations. He is the Feld Professor of Emerging Media at Boston University’s College of Communication, where he directs its Division of Emerging Media Studies.

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In the past decade, the smartphone has reached more than half the world’s population and has changed the way news is consumed, distributed and produced. This device now lets us participate, question every assumption, and fact-check every story—allowing us to share, amplify and create news. Yet there is a puzzle. As we face a world awash with information, the profession best skilled to help us make sense of the noise, finds itself at breaking point. Could the smartphone be responsible?


Breaking News? how the smartphone changed journalism.
Exhibition now open at #mediamajlis, Sunday–Wednesday.

Book your own private visit to the exhibition through our website, where you will find more information on the exhibition and museum. Also available online—tickets to our series of programs which accompany the exhibition, taking place in October and November.

What is journalism in a world of relentless change and innovation? A world where 2.7 billion people have smartphones, enabling them to participate in sharing, amplifying, and creating news? A world awash with ‘fake news’, where ‘deep fake’ images call video evidence into question, and truth itself is a questionable commodity?

Explore these narratives and more in our exhibition currently on show. Bookings can be made via our website.

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We are pleased to introduce Nic Newman who will be joining our discussion tomorrow evening. Newman is a Senior Research Fellow at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism where he is lead author of the annual Digital News Report, the world’s largest on-going study of consumer behavior around news. He authors an influential annual report on media and technology trends and has published recent research on trust, paying for news, video, podcasts, and the rise of voice technologies. Newman was a founding member of the BBC News Website in 1997 where he led international coverage. As Head of Product Development and Engineering for BBC News he helped introduce innovations such as apps, blogs, and podcasting. Previously, he spent 15 years as a senior radio reporter, presenter and editor with the BBC and has a particular interest in the enduring value of audio formats. If you haven’t reserved your ticket, do so now:


Angela Oduor Lungati has dedicated her life to empowering communities by using technology. In this interview she shares insight on how people in Kenya get their news, and how media organizations have used Ushahidi an open source software application and a non-profit technology company, of which she is the executive director.

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In an interview with historian and curator Annika Turkowski, Hendrik Lehmann, a reporter for Tagesspiegel and co-founder of the paper’s digital platform, Digital Present, explains that, "the smartphone has brought about an extreme democratization of journalism. People who do not have access to a computer can now participate in the production and distribution of knowledge."

Purchase a copy of Breaking News: Voices and Conversations from Northwestern University in Qatar's Bookstore or online via Amazon.


Sumaiya Omar, a former banker, is the co-founder of Hashtag Our Stories a media company that mentors citizen journalists globally to help tell their stories in video using a smartphone. Omar is also a contributor for the International News Media Association and Thomson Foundation. She spent five years experimenting with emerging news platforms like Snapchat and Instagram in South Africa, India and the UK and has conducted mobile journalism workshops with broadcasters across Europe.

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Have your say! Visit The Media Majlis at Northwestern University in Qatar; explore content, hear different opinions, and engage in questions.


Is journalism a craft—the lone work of an investigative reporter, who seizes on a story and doggedly compiles evidence to flesh it out? Or is journalism an architecture, with actors, organizations, practices, and technologies all collectively contributing to the generation of truth?

Explore these questions and more at #BreakingNews currently open at @TheMediaMajlis at @NUQatar.

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“Hey Alexa, tell me the news.” Have you said this to any smart speaker today? Interacting with voice assistants and smart speakers has become the norm over the past couple of years, and it seems as though they keep getting smarter with each update. If you’ve ever wondered how this technology has impacted news consumption, join our online program “Making the Change: Smart Speaking” on 13 October to hear from Nic Newman, a Senior Research Associate at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, as he provides his professional insight on this topic! Get your free tickets from this link:


Hasit Shah is a journalist based in London and a Research Affiliate at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University. For twelve years (2002–2014), Shah was a journalist with BBC News in London, working as a news editor, a digital media strategist and as a foreign affairs producer. He has covered major breaking news stories and events across the world, including the Mumbai attacks; riots in France; violence in Indian-administered Kashmir; the London bombings; elections in the UK, France and India; regime change in Egypt; and an earthquake in Japan.

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حسيت شاه صحفي مقيم في لندن وباحث تابع في مركز بيركمان للإنترنت والمجتمع بجامعة هارفارد. لمدة اثني عشر عامًا (2002-2014) ، كان شاه صحفيًا في أخبار بي بي سي في لندن ، حيث عمل كمحرر إخباري واستراتيجي للإعلام الرقمي ومنتج للشؤون الخارجية. لقد غطى الأخبار العاجلة والأحداث الرئيسية في جميع أنحاء العالم ، بما في ذلك هجمات مومباي ؛ أعمال شغب في فرنسا ؛ العنف في كشمير الخاضعة للإدارة الهندية ؛ تفجيرات لندن. الانتخابات في المملكة المتحدة وفرنسا والهند ؛ تغيير النظام في مصر. وزلزال في اليابان.

شاهد الفيديو كاملاً في قسم استكشف المحتوى على موقعنا.

الرابط في السيرة الذاتية.


Breaking News? how the smartphone changed journalism

Now open at #mediamajlis, Sunday–Wednesday.
In support of social distancing measures, you can book your own private visit to the exhibition through our website, where you will find more information on the exhibition and museum.

Kyodo News' Yasuomi Sawa writes: "The digital news sector has been long concerned about filter bubbles, or the trend for people reading only the stories that conform to their own online habits and preferences, rather than information that is well-balanced and fundamentally important."

You can find more from Yasuomi in in his contribution to 'Breaking News: Voices and Conversations' from @NUQatar's Bookstore or online.

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