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Founder of Zaza Bajouk Cosmetics Owner of Zaza Bajouk Beauty Center Zaza Bajouk was born in Lebanon in 1989 and was raised in Beirut, Lebanon.

She was surrounded by a diverse and creative culture in Lebanon, equipping her with cunning traits that helped her pursue her passion into a very successful career. After studying the different aspects of makeup from her mother and at the Lebanon college. She went on to pursue her love for makeup as a career. She tried to study project management degree, but she didn’t continue because she didn’t find herself in that way, she continued in the makeup domain instead. Zaza Bajouk is a multifaceted artist who became evident at 14 years old. Even at this young age, the beginnings of her makeup artistry career were apparent. As Zaza was applying makeup to all her friends and family for their weddings or any event in her company, including herself. At 15 years old, she expressed her artistic talents through painting, later in high school. She enrolled in art school where she found her passion. When Zaza turned 18 years old, she got married and moved to Qatar launching herself into a makeup artist career. She was amazed by the world of high fashion, she tirelessly studied her environment and all the processes, makeup techniques, then she decided that she should start a new journey. Zaza became a mother at 19 years old with her first son, Ali. Zaza decided to take care of her newborn for a year. Zaza started as a freelance makeup artist in 2012. She started to be very well known in the Gulf area. Zaza has been featured in prestigious magazines such a Snob Hiya & How , Layalina, and a lot more. Her celebrity clients are, singer Balqees Fathi, singer Shaza Hassoun, singer Diana Hadad, singer Jamila Lbedwi, singer Assma Lemnwar, singer Arwa , singer Amal Alanbari, Yousra Saouff, actress Ameera, actress Najwa Alqbaisi, and more from Doha film festival and Dubai film festival in 2011 like Tom Cruise, Nadine Labaki, Nishan, actress Yousra, Omar Sherif, and more. Zaza has been fortunate to work with wide variety of the Royal families in all gulf areas, she has also worked for several international events like Roberto Cavali and Karen Millen. She has given a lot of master classes in different countries like Qatar, Oman, Aman, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Maldives and Georgia. Whether it be for commercial, a private event or weddings. Zaza prides herself on her bespoke and professional ability to enhance and bring out each person’s individual beauty. Zaza took her vast industry experience and knowledge on makeup to the next level, that resulted to designing and launching her own line of technologically-advanced luxury makeup products which is the Zaza Bajouk Cosmetics. As a professional makeup artist and the Creative Director of her own brand, Zaza is able to curate trend-setting shades and edge cutting products that modern women had only dreamed of. Zaza Bajouk consistently brings the world of high-end makeup artistry into the global market place in an exceptionally user- friendly way. In other words, Zaza Bajouk makeup is the ultimate living form of art. She has always had a profound love of aesthetics and uses her innate creativity, and technical skills to produce amazing work of art. Zaza believes makeup should be extremely personal, and totally unique depending on each individual’s features. This means that the application of makeup should always enhance the face and should never dominate or obscure an individual’s unique features. By following her philosophy, makeup adds edge, glorifies skin tone, and creates the most beautiful work of living art. As a technical artist, she had an observation to the crucial first step of any high-quality makeup application. Zaza took time to carefully observe and connect with her subject to develop the overall strategy, first mapping out corrective techniques, shades, and formulas to optimize the client’s appearance. This planning step is one of the elements that sets Zaza apart and allows her for a complete capture of the client’s personality, style, and even the mood at that moment. Zaza’s modern makeup vision along with the principles of truly studying the face to create the most aesthetically pleasing result, since 2011 this method has been practiced among professional and growing makeup artists. It is also the fundamental building block of learning for those students who are attending her prestigious Academy. Today Zaza Bajouk’s unique perspective is the driving force behind the creation of her stunningly modern line of luxury cosmetics. Each product has been meticulously designed to allow each person to express their own creativity and appreciate their own unique beauty. As a working professional makeup artist and the creative director of the brand, Zaza is able to create trendsetting colors, textures, and combinations, and invent ideal formulas, to produce line of products that modern women had only dreamed of. Zaza Bajouk is the founder of Zaza Bajouk Beauty global which is head of Zaza Bajouk Beauty center, Zaza Bajouk Cosmetics & Zaza Bajouk Makeup Academy, looking forward to reach the top level of the successful business woman that she is. Words by Zaza: • Makeup is my passion. • Makeup for me is more than a job but it is an art. • Ladies for me are not customers! • There is a special language between my colors and inspiration. • Strong women are always beautiful. • Love beauty then the beauty will love you. Zaza’s Advice for modern ladies, search always for your career and once you find it never stay in founder position, grow and grow and never give up.

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[09/16/20]   this is the previous video from take me out palette
I used
#zaza #zazabajouk #makeupartist #makeuptutorial #makeuplooks #earthcolors #warmcolors

[09/09/20]   Is one of my favourite summer makeup look!!! Using from #take_me_out palette @zazabajoukcosmetics
Tempting and bronze eyeshadow
Lashes Sophia #31

Zaza Bajouk Series - Bridal tips-3 - نصائح للعروس

A new episode of "Zaza Bajouk Series " الحلقة الثالثة من سلسلة الويب الجديدة . You can now watch all the tips I personally recommend to all of my beautiful b...

I have no words. it was a nightmare, a nightmare we are living. I don’t even know what can be done at this point. Everyone has been hit by this explosion, almost all homes have been completely shattered to pieces.
I am heartbroken for my city and the families who have lost a family member in this devastating catastrophe.

At this point I feel it is important to Try and raise funds from abroad to help rebuilt what we can, together we can make a difference, I urge you all to donate and to help Beirut, Our Beirut.
My country needs your help., my people needs your help.
For all the residents in Doha, i added a link my bio in order to directly donate through Monoprix, or you can download Talabat and donate. #lebanon #beirut #lebanon_beirut

Zaza Bajouk Beauty Center

Follow our beauty center page..💕💞

Zaza Bajouk Beauty Center, Located in Alkheesa Near to Kahrmaa, serving all beauty services also selling retail cosmetics products and Zaza Bajouk brand.

For booking contact +974 70088084

[08/05/20]   قلبي معكم! المشهد والوجع في بيروت
اكبر من اي كلام ينوصف !حبيبي يا لبنان 💔 الله يرحم الشهداء 🙏🏻
ويصبر اهاليهم و الشفاء العاجل لكل الجرحى 🙏🏻
My heart with you 💔 to all my family, brothers and sisters I hope you all are safe and good, may the dead Rest In Peace 🙏🏻and may god bless the victims I wish they get well soon 🙏🏻
#prayforlebanon #prayforbeirut 💔

I’m officially a Tiktok holic🥵🤭🙄 Quick and easy tutorial using ALL BY ZAZA BAJOUK COSMETICS 💄 I personally love the look, what do you girls think?
Products used by yours truly 🤍🤍

Zaza Bajouk

I just love this look and i hope you girls liked it too 💚 Here’s another shot of my “Daring Wildlife Green Makeup Look” 💚
Products used :
Hair by @zazabajoukbeauty
Black Gel Eyeliner from @zazabajoukcosmetics
“Dare You” lipliner @zazabajoukcosmetics
“Old Rose” lipstick @zazabajoukcosmetics
#ZazaBajouk #ZazaBajoukCosmetics #Makeup #HairAndMakeup #MakeupCosmetics #Eyeshadow #Lipstick #Lipliner #SummeryMakeupLook

Serving you GLAMOUR in the first look of my latest photosession !! I am using my new black gel eyeliner @zazabajoukcosmetics 💚
Celebrating and inspired by the wildlife and nature 💚 i hope you girls like it !! I’ll be replying to all of your comments down below and picking a random #ZBproducts winner !! Comment as much as you want 💚 #zazabajouk #zaza #zazabajoukcosmetics #zazabajoukbeauty

“Take Me Out” palette combines 12 different rich colors divided between velvet buttery textures and sparkly metallics 💥✨ All shades are user-friendly and can be applied for a natural day glam and/or an evening daring glam ✨ All “ T M O” shades are suitable for every skin tone 🔥
S O O N by Z A Z A B A J O U K C O S M E T I C S.

I’m so happy to finally reveal all shades from my new “TAKE ME OUT” palette designed exclusively by Zaza Bajouk Cosmetics 🤍
Let me know in the comments below the name of your favorite shade color 😍👇🏻 I’ll let you know which one is my favorite on my stories tomorrow 😊
و اخيراً صار فيني اكشف عن كل الوان باليت ظلال العيون المنتظرة من منتجات زازا باجوق الخاصة 🤍 شاركوني بالتعليقات اسم اللون الي فضلتوا 👇🏻😍 انا بخبركن ايّ لون فضلت بالستوري بكرا 😊

“ I’m on my way 🚶🏽‍♀️” ... FEAR ME 💥
Take Me Out by Zaza Bajouk Cosmetics available soon ✨

#ZB #ZazaBajoukCosmetics #ZBCosmetics #ZazaBajouk #TakeMeOut #Palette #EyeshadowPalette #Eyeshadows #Makeup #MakeupAddicts #MakeupHolics

1 more day left until the launching of my “Take Me Out Palette” 🎨 The wait will finally be over⌛️!! How excited are you girls ?🤍
يوم فقط لإصدار المنتج المنتظر "لوحة ظلال العيون"! ادي محمسين صبايا؟💥🤍

DARE YOU #7 lipliner #Repost @zazabajoukcosmetics with @make_repost
Shop now our TOP SELLING PRODUCT OF THE MONTH through the link in our bio🤳🏻👆🏻 Our #ZB girls seem to love our "Dare You #7" lipliner 💄👄

تسوقي الآن المنتج الاكثر مبيع لهذا الشهر عبر الرابط الموجود اعلى الصفحة 🤳🏻👆🏻

As promised, here is the full makeup tutorial of my “Black Gel Eyeliner” foxy eye makeup look 🤍 I’m so happy with all the feedback i got on yesterday’s teaser 😍 I’ll be answering all your questions down below 👇🏻🤍
‎متل ما وعدتكن مبارح هيدا التوتيريال المكياج كامل 🤍 كتير حبيت ردود فعلكن على الفيديو😍 🤍 ورح جاوب على كل اسئلتكن بالكومنتس تحت 🤍👇🏻
#zazabajouk #zaza #zazamakeup #blackgeleyeliner #eyeliner #makeuptutorial #makeup #foxyeyes #foxyeyesmakeup #foxy

ايّ لون مكياج حبيتوا اكتر؟ المنتجات المستخدمة لتطبيق هاللوكات من مجموعة زازا باجوق الخاصة 💄👇🏻
Vote for your favorite makeup look created by Zaza Bajouk using Zaza Bajouk Cosmetics 💄👇🏻
#ZazaBajoukCosmetics #MakeupAddicts #Makeup #MakeupTutorial #SummeryMakeup #Summer2020Makeup

Tag a bride to be and ask her to watch my “Bride Tips” on my Youtube Channel 👰🏽🤍 Did you girls like the look? Let me know in the comments below 👇🏻🤍
‎تاغ عروس رح تتزوج قريباً 👰🏽🤍 حبيتوا اللوك 🤍👰🏽 بنات؟ خبروني بالكومنتس

Tag a bride to be and ask her to watch my “Bride Tips” on my Youtube Channel 👰🏽🤍 Did you girls like the look? Let me know in the comments below 👇🏻🤍
‎تاغ عروس رح تتزوج قريباً 👰🏽🤍 حبيتوا اللوك 🤍👰🏽 بنات؟ خبروني بالكومنتس

Zaza Bajouk Series - Bridal tips - نصائح للعروس

You can now watch all the tips I personally recommend to all of my beautiful brides for a stunning yet simple BRIDAL MAKEUP LOOK, exclusively on my Youtube Channel.
I will be reading all of your feedback down below and i’ll be replying to all of your questions 👇🏻
صار فيكن تحضروا كل النصائح الي بقدمها لكل عروس كرمال تشع جمال و نعومة و بساطة يوم عرسها، حصرياً على قناتي عاليوتيوب
رح اقرأ و جاوب كل تعليقاتكن و اسئلتكن 👇🏻

A new episode of "Zaza Bajouk Series " الحلقة الثالثة من سلسلة الويب الجديدة . You can now watch all the tips I personally recommend to all of my beautiful b...

First Bridal Summer Campaign Reveal 2020 👰🤍All products used to create this look are by Zaza Bajouk and are now available to shop 🤍 Let me know what you girls think in the comments down below 👇🏻 Stay tuned for the FULL BRIDAL MAKEUP LOOK TUTORIAL on my Youtube Channel #ZazaBajouk #ZazaBajoukCosmetics

[06/20/20]   And share with me your thoughts what would you like to see by the next Vedio 🚨Using the “Take Me Out Palette” @zazabajoukcosmetics
Coffee bean lipliner @zazabajoukcosmetics
Pulm lipstick used as eyeshadow
to serve up some CLEOPATRA vibes 🧿 What do you girls think of this daring makeup? 🧨 Would you ever go for such a show stopper look? 🤍 I hope you girls are loving my IGTVs.. you’ll see more of them
#ZazaBajouk #ZazaBajoukCosmetics #TakeMeOutPalette

Zaza Bajouk

Zaza Bajouk

How irresistible is this high-end set of cosmetic products ALL BY ZAZA BAJOUK ? 😍💄
We honestly can’t get over our new “Take Me Out Palette” and we can’t wait for you to see its gorgeous packaging and try out its buttery texture ‼️😱
Order your fav products through the link in bio :
- Eyebrows Pencil
- Carmen #022 Eyelashes
- Coffe Bean Lipliner
- Passion Lipstick
- Call Me Classy Nail Polish #ZazaBajoukCosmetics #ZazaBajouk #Makeup #MakeupAddicts #EyebrowsPencil #eyelashes #lipstick

Which shade of lipstick do you personally prefer? Vote for your favorite one💄
(1) Soft spoken by Zaza Bajouk Cosmetics
(2) Rosy Brown by Zaza Bajouk Cosmetics
ايّ لون حمرة بتفضلي شخصياً؟ صوتي للونك المفضل 💄(١) او (٢)؟

Order your Zaza Bajouk cosmetic products through the link in bio 🤳🏻
🌍 Worldwide Shipping Available Soon 🌍
#ZazaBajouk #ZazaBajoukCosmetics #Makeup #Lipliner #Lipstick

Swipe left to find out which products i’ve used to apply this full look makeup 💄 - All by ZAZA BAJOUK COSMETICS 🎨

- Eyeshadow created from the unreleased “Take Me Out Palette” blending both the “Swiss Chocolate” on crease and “Mirage” on the lid and on the brow bone
- Carbon Eyeliner
- Amanda #32 eyelashes
- Coffee Bean lip liner
- Rosy Brown lipstick

Order your Zaza Bajouk cosmetics products through the link in bio 🤳🏻

🌍 Worldwide Shipping Available Soon 🌍

[06/14/20]   Another TEASER ALERT 🚨 Using the unreleased “Take Me Out Palette “ 🎨 by @zazabajoukcosmetics
How excited are you guys for the release of my new palette ? 🤍 I hope you’re liking these teaser videos i’m shooting for you girls 🤍
ادي محمسين على اصدار الباليت الجديدة من منتجاتي الخاصة؟ 🚨 بتمنى تكونوا عم تحبوا الفيديوز يلي عم سجلكن ياهن 🤍

Which eyelashes would you rather?

Which eyelashes would you rather be wearing for a night-out ? 🧚🏻‍♀️
Bredget #09 or Naomi #13 ?


ايّ رموش بتفضلوا تستخدموا للسهرة ؟🧚🏻‍♀️
#٠٩ او #١٣؟

Order yours now through the link in bio 👆🏻
🌍 Worldwide shipping available soon 🌍
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Beautiful nails don’t happen by chance, beautiful nails happen by using Zaza Bajouk Gel Polish Collection💅
Order your Chameleon Holographic Pigment Gel Polish by contacting us through the link in bio 💅

يمكنكم طلب طلاء الأظافر من مجموعة زازا عبر اللينك الموجود في البايو 💅 .
🌍 Worldwide shipping available soon 🌍
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[06/11/20]   مين محمس يحصل على الباليت الجديدة من منتجاتي الخاصة يلي بعد ما تم اصدارها؟ 🚨😱 عم بستعمل هون الوان انغرمت فيها شخصياً و كتير متشوقة انكن تجربوها كمان 🤍 بعد عندكن الفرصة انكن تربحوا الباليت و تكونوا من اوائل البنات يلي بيحصلوا عليها 🤍 كل يلي عليكن تعملوا انكن تعيدوا تطبيق المكياج يلي موجود باللينك بالبايو 🤍
خبروني بليز شو رائيكن بالفيديو، اذا حبيتوا بصير نزل اكتر توتوريال عالانستغرام 🤍
TEASER ALERT 🚨 😱 I’m using the unreleased “Take Me Out Palette “ by @zazabajoukcosmetics and I can’t get over it🤍 Can’t wait for you girls to try it on 🌈 The palette will be out in store soon, but I’m giving you girls the chance to win the #ZazaUnreleased competition and be amongst the first ones to put hands on it 🤍 All you have to do is check out the link in my bio and remake the #ZazaUnreleased makeup look competition 😍
PS: Let me know what you think of the full IGTV, i might be doing it more often if you girls like it 🤍👇🏻
#zazaUnreleased #ZazaBajouk #takemeout #takemeoutPalette #makeuppalette #zazachallenge #zazabajoukcosmetics #makeuptoturial

‎مع كل الظروف الراهنة، بتمنى تكونو قضيتوا العيد مع كل الناس يلي بيعنولكن و بتحبوون🤍 ان شاء الله السنة الجاي تحمل معها راحة البال و نرجع نقدر نحتفل بأيام العيد متل ما منحب🤍هيدي صورة تانية من "لوك العيد 🌙"، فيكن تحضروا التوتيريال بالكامل على صفحتي باليوتيوب 💥#عيد_فطر_سعيد #مكياج_العيد
Given the current situation, I still hope you’ve spent the Eid with the people you love and care about🤍Hopefully next year we’ll be able to spend the Eid like we’ve used to 🤍 If you haven’t watched the “Eid Makeup Look 🌙” tutorial, head to the link in my bio #ZazaIsBackOnYoutube #HappyEid #HappyEid2020 #MakeupTutorial #EidMakeup #EidMakeupTutorial

Have a fabuLASH weekend girls 🤍Shop now these fearless “Amanda” lashes by @zazabajoukc —> Attitude determines success 🥰
صبايا.... رموش ولا احلى! .

#ZazaBajouk #ZazaBajoukCosmetics #lashes #amanda #eyesmakeup #lipstick #youtube #makeuptutorial #youtubetutorial #boldmakeup #sexy #classic #beauty




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Which eyelashes would you rather?



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