Justice For Martyr Ahmed Yousaf

Ch. Amhed Yousuf was an honest, sincere, determined and committed Muslim who left Qadianiat when He discovered the lies/falsehood of this horrendous cult.

In the night between 4th and 5th October 2011, Choudry Amhed Yousaf, father of six was brutally martyred by the hands of some unknown people. He was alone at his residence in Chenab Nagar District Chiniot Punjab, Pakistan, because he had discovered the lies and falsehood of this horrendous cult (Jamaat Ahmadiyya). Although murderers have been nominated evidences have been provided, his murderers have not been arrested.
Finding the people behind this assassination is getting harder day by day because local authorities and individuals of significant social importance are causing hindrances especially officers of this cult in Punjab Police. Your opinion and help is required through this source so the culprits are brought before the Court of Law, for due trial.
Beloved Choudry Ahmed Yousaf was an extremely kind, humble, lovable and hardworking social worker, he was an honest, sincere, determined and committed personality, who served the humanity and spread the message of peace and love throughout his life. He was known for his hospitality, kindness, wisdom, steadfastness and loving attitude. He was perceived as the most honest person and a blunt critic on the social evils, hypocritical activities, immorality and corruption prevalent in all spheres of life.
He raised his strong voice against social injustice and hate campaign against poor by the local administration of Jama'at Ahmadiyya. While he was gathering information and evidence against the rapists of a Muslim girl, together with his close fellow, Rana Abrar, a journalist who was murdered by the member of this cult.He raised his voice against this heinous crime, for which he received enormous threats by both the officials and local members of the Ahmadiya Community. He was told to refrain from trying to get justice for the innocent but he refused to compromise on justice and truth. The martyred Ahmed Yousuf was a firm believer of the Pakistani judicial system and opposed the Ahmadiyya court called "Dar-ul-Qaza" the court of Jama'at Ahmadiyya own laws and regulation based on "Fiqa Ahmadiyya" parallel to the judiciary of Pakistan. the members are forced to present their matter to Dar-ul-Qaza instead.
In the night of his murder, he was found lifeless with multiple signs of brutality and the reason for his murder was his noble cause of serving humanity and singling out the perpetrators of such hideous crimes.
Following the investigation based on circumstantial evidence, successors of deceased were able to trace the murderers’ phone calls which were made while the incident took place and after the incident had happened. The family of the deceased has also found other evidence, based on which the following people were identified as murderers:

1. Mirza Khurshed Ahmed (Nazir Aala Ahmediya Community at Chunab Nagar)
2. Saleem-ud-Din (Nazir Ummor aama , Ahmediya Community at Chunab Nagar)
3. Major (Rtd) Saadi (Naib Nazir Amma, Ahmediya Community at Chunab Nagar)
4. Allah Bux Sadiq (Sabiq Sadar Ammomi, Ahmediya Community at Chunab Nagar)
5. Soobedar Abdul Sattar, (Nusrat Abad, Chunab Nagar)
6. Abdul Hannan Butt (Secretary Umoor ama, Nusrat Abad at Chunab Nagar)
7. Zeeshan Ahmed Alvi (Murrabi) s/o Mukhtar Ahmed Alvi, (Chunab Nagar)
8. Three anonymous culprits.

Sons and daughters of the martyr Ahmed Yousuf were successful in launching an FIR with the local Police Station at Chunab Nagar, Punjab – Pakistan but despite lapse of a significant time, the police have failed in taking any solid step in capturing the perpetrators. Not only that, they are reluctant in initiating any legal proceeding against the culprits as the above mentioned individuals are related to some highly influential and and high profile officials of the Ahmadiyya Community. It is evident that the police are being bribed by the Ahmadiyya Cult Members for securing the murderers’ safe flee from Pakistan.

Please help us in supporting the cause, so justice for the brutal Murder of Ahmed Yousaf can be served and other individuals do not have to suffer the fate that Ahmad Yousaf had to undergo.

Justice For Martyr Ahmed Yousaf

Please sign the petition for providing justice with Shaheed Ch. Ahmed Yousif.

[06/17/13]   investigation changed 4th time
1st when Rai Arshad investigation officer asked the Qadiadis leadership to explain what sort of action they take on intimation about danger to his life by ch.Ahmed Yousaf, and that who was on special duties on the murder night, the investigation was chafed immediately.
2nd when mobile phone of our beloved father was recovered, and the culprits were likely to be arrested, investigation was changed
3rd when Master Abdul Qudoos name the murders before Police, he was also killed by the Qadianis in their private Hospital and Police official was arrested on high level interface for murdering the one important evidence "Master Qudoos" invistigation was changed
4th when Mr. Ashar Hameed after 9 months hearing was going to conclude the investigation, he was transferred and investigation was changed.
the newly appointed I.O has started afresh. Let's see the next trick of Qadianis

Whole the World: I want them to see the contents of PETITION and signed it


Whole the World: I want them to see the contents of PETITION and signed it http://t.co/egpmtBZO via @change

change.org I hereby submit a petition about what is true and what is just a HATE Campaign against Pakistan and Islam concealing the facts from World, when we see...

HATE Campaign against Pakistan and concealing the facts from World


Justice To Ahmed Yousaf http://t.co/9o5fcBCe

justice2ahmedyousaf.org Respected fellows, I am standing here to share my heartiest grief and sate of helplessness with all of you. My father who was residing in Chinabnager (known as Rabwah) was brutally killed in a midnight of 4-5th October 2011.

An application to Chief Minister Punjab by Ch. Ahmed Saifullah Khatana (Adv) for Justice.

[07/02/12]   HATE Campaign against Pakistan and concealing the facts from World
Respected fellows, I am standing here to share my heartiest grief and sate of helplessness with all of you. My father who was residing in Chinabnager (known as Rabwah) was brutally killed in a midnight of 4-5th October 2011. He, so many times before murder informed the president of local chapter Mr. Qudoos about the risk to his life from some “Khuddams” (Ahmadi young ones), but fails.

The harassment was increasing day by day to the peak he appeal about the attempts of killing and risk to his life to the next in rank the President of Rabwah, and Head of Jamat Ahmediyya Pakistan both without any support and response till the murder.

My brother in law, Dy. President of the local chapter see Mr. Saadi, major (R) another responsible head of the Jamat and inform about the risk to his life, but in response he say “he should be murdered now” He report this to Mirza Khursheed Ahmed who hold enquiry in his office without any result.

Beside the above facts, no one of the locality told the Police what happened in a house beside Ahmediyya Baitul Zikr, a place where “Khuddams” (Ahmedies Young ones) remain on duty 24 hours. (under the supervision of Master Abdul Qudoos who also denied the same even four months after the murder)

After the murder a single line statement about this demise, hassle and brutal murder was not given either by the local or by the Supreme Head of Jamat Ahmediyya.
Following four months summons, Police arrest, Master Abdul Qudoos, for investigation, now he gives the relevant information to the police and he was released on 26-03-2012. to conceal the fact, this was posed death In a hate campaign against the Ahmadis when he was under investigation strategy of complete silence was adopted by the Heads of Jamat Ahmediyya that is why:

• No statement against arrest of master Abdul Qudoos was release,
• No report for his illegal arrest was lodge before any authority at any forum or court of law

Soon after the release by the police, he makes a mistake and repeats the story he told before police. Knowing this he was admitted in “Tahir Heart Institution”. Where he was accurately moved to death in five complete days 26th “he released by the police, moved at his own feet to hospital” 27th in hospital 28th in hospital 29th in hospital 30th in hospital dead at 14:30 hours

• Gentlemen, same practice of not lodging any application as adopted while Master Qudoos was in the custody of Police, no FIR no application no statement, about police torture on 26th 27th, 28th, 29th, till 14:30 the murder time 30th march 2011. when he was alive and counting his last breathe in “Tahir Heart Institution” a private hospital in the hands of private Doctors, in custody and observation of the Jamat forces.
• If Master Abdul Qudoos was admitted in a Civil Hospital the success the murderers who are now sure that “no evidence exist against them” was simply impossible. This is simply to kill another to dump the earlier. The murder of master Abdul Qudoos is a great loss for our family and a hurdle for Police to reach the murderers.

Respected fellows!
Now the silence of murderer broken, as they have achieved their target, start crying to label the murder of Mr. Qudoos as death by torture and as you can see in the Support AHRC's Urgent Appeals Programme “ AHRC-UAC-057-2012” under heading PAKISTAN: In a hate campaign against the Ahmadis the police tortured to death an innocent school teacher and in many other articles. With this tact the murders killed two birds with one Stone

i. Police who was ready to arrest the murderers pointed out by Mr. Qudoos and
ii. Mr. Saif the petitioner of F.I.R 392 about murder of our beloved father was also nominated as motivator in the F.I.R against Police, on the grounds that: -

• They (who were lodging F.I.R) saw the police torturing in Police Station many time and on 17th and 22nd March 2012 and
• That Mr. Saif was asking the police for torture in their presence
• And that due to torture he was admitted in Tahir Heart Institution of Fazle Umar Hospital for treatment.

Apart from the story in F.I.R torture within Police Station the Jamat Ahmediyya is dynamically claiming it as

o A hate campaign against Ahmedies in Pakistan at different forums
o Mirza masroor in his speech state that the Police take him away from the Police Station out of City for Torture (whereas F.I.R says torture within the Police Station before Mr. Saif petitioner of F.I.R No. 392 son of Ahmed Yousaf murdered in chinabnagar on 4-5 October ) what is the motive behind this claim is clear to make the Pakistan’s reputation more degrade among foreign Countries
o All the National / international Organizations of Jamat Ahmediyya were motivated to highlight the incident as much as they can
o Human right Organizations were intimated / reported about the incident by concealing the facts of the case vigorously to have the support of these Organizations that are really Human friendly and do not understand the bad motives behind these struggles.

Dear friends, and justice loving fellows, my father was also an Ahmadi but killed on wishing change in the bad attitude of Ahmediyya bigwig nobody care this and care the requests he made. Is this act of Jamat Ahmediyya is based on Justice? Why nobody allowed pointing a finger on bigwig even on his bad character.

Honourable, fellows we wrote several letters to Mirza Masroor with no attention and action. We believe in truth and hope human right and justice loving countries will find the fact.
This is in response to the baseless propaganda of a Jamat posing to be harmless justice loving and claiming “Humanity First” & “Love for all and hatred for non”

With a strong hope of justice from all

Ahmed Hasan Anis S/o Ahmed Yousaf (Late)

[07/01/12]   The patron hands of murderers of Shaheed Ahmed Yousaf, has transferred the Investigation station from Chenab Nagar to Sarghodha. Because the DIG Police is Ahmadi & near and dear of Ahmadiya Jamat. They want to demolish the whole case as they want. We strongly condemned this illegal act to protect the culprits. Please raise your voice for proper justice. Thanks
(Please share this status for raising the voice)



Chenab Nagar, Punjab