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As a citizen of this beautiful country Papua New Guinea, I want to take this time to thank and appreciate one of the best and supportive manufacturing company who always help and boost our country economy, provide job opportunities, always step in for help in terms of cash and kind when country face critical disaster and diseases that are affecting our country, supporting and sponsoring different types of sports and also providing on job training for the new graduates. The company is none other than Lae Biscuit Company LTD. This year 2020 is one of the critical times that our country faced due to Covid19. One of the major problem I discover is our country economy are mostly affected and most of the employees were lay off. Hence, the unemployment rate in Papua New Guinea is very high. I as a student with some of my colleagues has applied for on job training to other companies in Papua New Guinea and waiting for them to reply, they always gave the negatives feedback. They common responses is “due to Covide19 we cannot except you”. I am gratitude that I was fortunate to accepted with other five students in Lae Biscuit company to do our Industrial training. Even thought our country faced so many problems due to so called Covid19, Lae Biscuit Company couldn’t stop to help and support the Papua New Guinea Government to minimize unemployment rates and also other basic common help that the Company used to assist. Good times or bad times Lae Biscuit Company is always having the heart of people of Papua New Guinea. Not like all other companies who always greed and selfies by making million from people but don’t have heart to give back to the people. Thank you very much to all the hard working management for Lae Biscuit company and the Managing Director Mr. Ian Chow for your kind heart. Our heart is with Lae Biscuit Company. God will continue to bless you Mr. Ian Chow and your company will still continue to grow to the next stages.
Billboard Design Concept for Snax Instant Noodles...
Thank You
For the love of SNAX ❤️
Our snax noodles noodles tape on promotion is still continuing,you buy one six packs snax noodles and get two packets extra,check to the nearest shop in the city,this shop [email protected] antap stoa main market lae city price [email protected] hurry while stock last
THANK YOU LAE BISCUIT COMPANY LTD FOR DONATIONS IN SUCH A TRYING TIMES TO PNG UNITECH ENGA STUDENTS °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° It is our greatest honor and pleasure to take this time to thank LAE BISCUIT COMPANY LTD for donating products to PNG Unitech Enga Students. The Company deserves our greatest commendation and gratitude from the deepest part of our heart. Thank you for such a proactive response and step in at this very trying times. Now the Global Pandemic COVID-19 is spreading like a bush fire and recently our country had reacted to this plague and took an approach towards uplifting the locked down period. Consequently, the University was in lock down and Students were told to take online classes which made most of the students finding difficulties in their budget line. But, the Lae Biscuit Company with the heartfelt support of its Chairman, Mr Ian Chow responded positively towards our call and donated cartoons of Snax Noodles, Wheatmeals, and Toti Biscuits to students. We are very thankful and therefore the company deserves our greatest commendation and gratitude. We believe that looking deeper into the brains of Engan elites here at the University means alot. Hence, we once again thank the Company and its management team to respond proactively in our call. Thank you Mr Ian Chow (the chairman), and also our heartfelt gratitude goes to one of our role model, and the Coach of Lae Snax Tigers, Mr Stanley Tepend for your presence and coming made us all proud. Thank you. Mr. Dominic Komben (Vice president) (Writing on behalf of PNG Unitech Enga Students and Staff Association (ESSA) and its stakeholders 2020) Picture Courtesy: Unitech Enga Students Receiving Donations from Lae Biscuit Company Representatives.
Weekly Bread - 5th Week Edition- 27/4 - 3/5/2020

Manufacturer of Biscuits and Noodles in PNG Manufacturer of Biscuits in PNG

Operating as usual

Out n About this Friday and caught up with this lil fella who bought six packed Snax Noodles for the weekend. Grab yourself a Snax Noodles six pack or a packet or two for that weekend indulgent combo👍. TEIST YAH!BAI YU LAIKIM MOA!
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Thursday Indulgent combination with Snax Noodles, your favourite vegetables & egg. Simple yet satisfying. "Teist Yah Bai Yu Laikim Moa!"
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That irresistible taste and crunch!
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Have a great week!
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The 36x85g Snax Noodles is now available at Foodmart in Lae and going for K30.00.More Noodles! More Value!
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Add alil bit of sweetness to your weekend. The perfect indulgent combination. Happy Friday 👍
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Hon. John Rosso with his delegates visited the Lae Biscuit Company yesterday to show his support to the two franchise teams. He extended his gratitude to the company and especially the CHOW family for providing an avenue for young talents to get recognised and for the development of sports in country. Present to represent Lae Biscuit Chairman was his brother Adrian Chow, he thanked Hon John Rosso for his continuous support to the franchises and their respective sporting coding. Present also to receive the cheques were the Snax Tigers Coach with players and the LCFC Coach with the players.
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The people of Lae are proud minor sponsors of our local sporting franchises Lae City FC and Lae SNAX Tigers under the Lae City Authority.

Lae MP John Rosso and LCA CEO Neil Ellery presented K50,000 each to both teams in Lae yesterday.

Mr Rosso thanked the players,management, coaching staff and franchise owners of both teams who had been grat ambassadors of Lae and Morobe province.

"I would like to congratulate Lae City FC for winning the NSL title for this season and wish the Lae SNAX Tigers all the best in the grandfinal this Sunday," says the proud Lae Open MP.

Mr Rosso also thanked Lae Biscuit Company and the Chow family who have supported community initiatives and being a leader in corporate social responsibility in Lae and Morobe through their various family businesses.



Congratulations to our franchise rugby league club the Snax Tigers for making it into the Grandfinal! Gear up with your Snax Tigers Supporters Merchandises which are available NOW at Trophy Haus outlets!
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Congratulations to our soccer franchise team Lae City FC who are the reigning NSL 2020 Champions! Here they are showing support to our rugby league franchise Snax Tigers with their supporters merchandises. Gear up for this weekend's Grandfinal showdown in Port Moresby and visit your nearest Trophy Haus outlet to get yourself a Snax Tigers Supporters gear! Go Tigers!
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Gear up for this week's Grandfinal with your supporters gear, checkout Trophy Haus in Pom and get yourself one! Get your roar on!
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[10/13/20]   This week is the preparation week for our franchise rugby club Snax Tigers. Lae Biscuit Company has contributed to the development of Sports through each two franchise clubs Snax Tigers and Lae City FC. These are short shout out videos from three of our Snax Tigers players who are our success stories in UK and Australia. Travis Waninara, Jason Tali and Albert Wellington.

Congratulations to our soccer franchise club Lae City FC on being crowned the 2020 NSL Champions! A tough and rough road it has been but the hardwork has paid off. Hats off to the team, the coaching staff and all our fans. Thank you to all our loyal fans. Keeping supporting Lae City FC!
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We would like to congratulate our boys from the LAE CITY FC for securing the 2019-2020 Premiership ! All the hard work has paid off in the end. Thank you again to all the coaching staff and to those behind the scenes for the support. Finally, we thank all our supporters for your passion and belief in your team. OUR TEAM! #LAECITYFC #supportpngmade #pngowned #pngmade #toti

Hey there Lae residents!!if you are not doing anything fun today, head on down to the Botonical Gardens for the Rosso Cup. We have setup a Jumbo Castle as well as Snax noodles and Candies for tasting. #jumbocastle

A sweet and Savory way to kickstart your Thursday!
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Always look for positivity everyday!
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The first pallet of the Snax Noodles 36 x 85g in production today! Soon to hit the shelves of a supermarket near you! Keep an eye out! More Noodles! More Value!

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Out and About in the misty mountains of PNG.
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Easy and fast to prepare! Slurp away with Snax Noodles this lunch hour! Teist yah bai yu laikim moa!!!
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LAE Biscuit Company LTD's cover photo

LAE Biscuit Company LTD

Win wantaim Lae Biscuit!
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Quick way to prepare Snax Noodles.
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LAE Biscuit Company LTD

Hurry for your chance to win great prizes with "Win Wantaim Lae Biscuit" promotion!
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Want to win this September some cool prizes for your home? Well look no further "Win wantem Lae Biscuit!!!" Look out for our weekly In store promotions to win Hundreds of branded merchandise! Terms & Conditions Apply
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That good stuff only honey can give. Get yourself a jar at supermarkets near you!
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Happy 45th Independence PNG from Lae Biscuit and its Staff working to feed Papua New Guineans!! Share a biscuit with your poro over a good cuppa and contemplate on how far we've come and where we are headed as a Nation of diverse culture, traditions and people.
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What better way to start your independence with a spoon full of nature’s gold @pnghani. Our PNG HANI contains all the natural benefits from our local bees 🐝 AVAILABLE AT YOUR LOCAL SUPERMARKETS NOW!
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Monday Sparkle with Snax & Toti!!
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Setting up the prizes for our September "Win wantaim Lae Biscuit" promotion at Raumai 18 Supermarket Mogola Street in Lae.
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LAE Biscuit Company LTD

Check out Raumai 18 Supermarkets in Lae for our Win wantaim Lae Biscuit September Promotion for your chance to win great prices and branded merchandises.
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Want to win this September some cool prizes for your home? Well look no further "Win wantem Lae Biscuit!!!" Look out for our weekly In store promotions to win Hundreds of branded merchandise! Terms & Conditions Apply
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SNAX ON WHEELS coming to you soon ! Artwork done by our talented local resident artist Clement Koys.

In production today 09.09.2020
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Raunraun Wednesday with Snax!
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Lae Biscuit Company Ltd. is a well-known company with some classic brands in biscuits. It has a strong following all over Papua New Guinea. The company has product exports to the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu and foresee to expand its potentials to other Pacific Islands as well.

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