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Pepi Penapena - Cherish Babies

Our tūpuna believed everyone is born with mana atua, mana from the gods, and mana tūpuna, mana from our ancestors.

Mana atua is flowing through you and your whanau. We’re all descended from the atua, and different gods have different personalities, strengths and skills that we can see in ourselves.

And then the mana from our tūpuna flowing through us from our parents, and our grandparents, and their parents and their grandparents. Generations of them standing strong, and proud, and loving, and supportive behind us. Their mana, their power, their influence and spiritual force flow through us, and through our tamariki, and through our pēpi. This is what whakapapa meant to our tūpuna - not just who our whānau are, but who we are because of them and our tūpuna.

We're all familiar with mana tangata, the mana we earn during our life for leadership or service to our community. And it's our job as parents and whānau to help our pēpi and tamariki learn how to earn their mana tangata too.

So, take a deep breath, and feel your mana. And look at your whānau and see theirs. That's what our tūpuna would see whenever they would kōrero and whakarongo, talk and listen, to their pēpi and tamariki.

Tihei mauri ora.

Beerly Drunk Life Hacker

AmoMama Nostalgia

The man who claims to be the love child of Charles and Camilla from their teenage years 💞 also claims that he might be partly responsible for Harry and Meghan's leaving 😮 #PrinceCharles


Stem Curiosity Day got kids to solve problems "from the ground up". 🧒🏾🔬💕

Full story ▶️ http://bit.ly/lf887


Best Songs Of E.m.i.n.e.m 2020 - E.m.i.n.e.m Greatest Hits Full Album

youtube.com Best Songs Of E.m.i.n.e.m 2020 - E.m.i.n.e.m Greatest Hits Full Album Best Songs Of E.m.i.n.e.m 2020 - E.m.i.n.e.m Greatest Hits Full Album Best Songs Of E.m...

X Factor Global

Bravery isn’t just saving a cat from a burning building, it’s also about believing in yourself and accepting that it’s fine to have days where you’re ‘not ok’.

Kellimarie’s original song ‘You're Not Alone Any More' is the song we all need in our daily lives. It’s a stunningly beautiful song with a positive message that we can all relate to.


A kuia in one of Aotearoa’s most expensive suburbs has been on the receiving end of racial abuse. Potaka Maipi with the story.


Petition of Kiri Mckee: Suspend all sodium fluoroacetate imports to New Zealand indefinitely - New Zealand Parliament

parliament.nz Petitions are addressed to the House of Representatives and ask that the House do something about a policy or law, or put right a local or private concern.


This is worthy of all parents on earth to complete. I back this professional Advanced development! #NZODP

getintoneurodiversity.com Fintan introduces us to support structures, from Mood Management to Policies, Expectations and Strategies, and the importance of Flexibility, including how to support children with ASD, ADHD and ODD. He walks us through strategies to build rapport, enhance communication and nurture relationships. Th...


Welcome to letsBfree

letsbfree.com LetsBfree is a social media platform based on freedom of speech and diversity. Created by concerned citizens in response to increasing censorship of Facebook by state and other interests. LetsBfree seeks to encourage different perspectives on freedoms, wellbeing, education, food and body...

Sustainable Human

This video is dedicated to all the children of the world.
Let us end the cycle of trauma that prevents the healing of our species and the world.



Group calls out art exhibition of neo-Nazi flags, white nationalism symbols

rnz.co.nz Opponents of an Auckland art exhibition which featured neo-Nazi flags and symbols of white nationalism have received an apology from one of the exhibition's co-facilitators, but say it doesn't go far enough.


Napier flooding: Elderly people rescued from their homes, Mayor declares local state of emergency - NZ Herald

nzherald.co.nz Widespread downpours have affected more than 90 homes.

Escape Mate

Be a special agent for an hour, take your team on a puzzle-solving mission, untangle mysteries, interact with high-tech, tactile puzzles, find clues and save the world from total destruction.
Escape Mate is the ultimate team building activity, a life-sized, goal-oriented, puzzle-solving adventure game with electronic puzzles, immersive storylines and a nonlinear game structure in a themed, movie-like environment.



Veteran nurse who complained of racism: 'It exists, it's rampant'

rnz.co.nz The woman who blew the whistle on a New Plymouth nurse for making comments online about her Māori colleagues, including that they 'sit on their fat asses all day', is urging others to be brave and speak out.


"The doctor said to us cannabis doesn't belong in a baby and I said, cancer and chemotherapy don't belong in a baby." Ahurewa Rapira is one of the first babies in the country to be treated with medicinal cannabis. As Shilo Kino reports, it’s controversial.


"The racism here is evident and it's huge."

Midwife Jean Te Huia is the whistleblower at the centre of a case where Oranga Tamariki attempted to remove a newborn from its whānau at Hawke's Bay Hospital last year.

She's been giving evidence to the Waitangi Tribunal's urgent inquiry into the government department.

It's not OK Campaign

Speaking up takes courage but we must all do so if we want to rid our country of family violence. Speak up to let others know it is OK to ask for help. Speak up to offer help. Speak up to let others know that this behaviour is not acceptable EVER.

Got Talent Global

🛑 B-U-L-L-Y-I-N-G! 🛑

We can't get enough of this powerful (and super catchy) performance from Class Dynamix! 🎵🙌🎵


Te Ao with MOANA

#WATCH Despite numerous appeals, David Tamihere remains a convicted double murderer. His brother John Tamihere says "David is a good suspect, but is he a guilty suspect?"

JT says Justice is about fairness and can't just be about upholding the justice system. What do you think?


Midnight Oil will perform 'First Nation' alongside THE MAKARRATA PROJECT collaborators Jessica Mauboy and Tasman Keith in the Season 2 series premiere of The Sound, 6:00pm next Sunday 1 November on ABC TV.

Pre-order THE MAKARRATA PROJECT now, out October 30: https://MidnightOil.lnk.to/TheMakarrataProject


Doctors Urging People To Stop Taking Ibuprofen Immediately

healthy-holistic-living.com Are you prone to neck pain, arthritis pain, or just good old fashioned headache pain?

Uncle Tics

Kia ora everyone here is a really good yarn with one of my mates The Buzzy Kiwi and about how the medical side of this helps me alot.

Have a watch and a comment maybe even a share.
Shes a lengthy one but enjoy.

Chur Uncle Tics.


Thursday 15th October 2020

Three-point plan to Conquer COVID in as little as 30 days.

During this election campaign the Outdoors Party have become increasingly concerned about the level of censorship being exercised, particularly around the debate on COVID-19; and the flip flops from the World Health Organisation that now states that lockdowns are not the best way of handling the pandemic, when a recent study from Scotland suggests they may actually prolong the epidemic.

To address this problem, and to have a productive and open appraisal of all the evidence from around the world, the ODP propose that a COVID Panel be convened, with experts from diverse fields of public health, as well as a wide cross-section of the community, and including dissenting voices, to formulate the best way forward, because the government has painted New Zealand into a corner, with the only way out being through a vaccine that may never materialise.

None of the present parties in government have a plan B, despite Winston Peters acknowledging that after 40 years there is still no vaccine for HIV-AIDS, another RNA virus. Not only are coronaviruses notoriously difficult to produce vaccines for, but in the case of COVID, the most vulnerable group, the elderly, generally do not have an effective response to any vaccine.

Dr Simon Thornley, and other experts do have a COVID Plan B, and thousands of infectious disease epidemiologists and public health scientists from all around the world have signed The Great Barrington Declaration recommending an approach they call 'focused protection' with the goal being to minimise mortality and social harm until herd immunity is achieved.

The Outdoors Party 3-point plan to conquer COVID goes one step further by proposing to mobilise an army of helpers to boost the immune systems of the whole team of 5 million, starting with those working in high risk areas, such as the border, and those most vulnerable, being the elderly and immuno-compromised, while the COVID Panel consider the options and deliver their considered conclusions within 30 days. Not only would the Outdoors Party require the Ministry of Health to provide suitable supplementation of vitamins, and minerals such as zinc, and advice for other measures to enhance people's resistance to infections, but they would also lift the GST of all organic produce, to make these natural immune-boosters more accessible and affordable to every New Zealander.

The COVID Panel may well come up with what Gary Moller calls in his Great Escape Plan, the 'careful Swedish model', with the intention to gently waft COVID-19 into and through New Zealand, among the fit and healthy, to build increasing viral resistance and achieve good herd immunity, as Sweden now appears to enjoy. 'This would be best done through the Summer months when the transmission of viruses is seasonally low and weak', he says.

Moller goes on further with a battle-plan the Outdoors Party claims makes perfect sense:
'The way we strengthen our immune system, other than feeding and equipping it, is to exercise it and to exercise it constantly. We do this by exposing our bodies to everyday bugs including minor infectious diseases like the common cold, soil, animals and even seasonal influenza. One caveat: we expose ourselves to these when we are fit and well, not when we are stressed and run down.'

Sweden's chief epidemiologist, Dr Anders Tegnell, courageously stuck to his guns, despite mounting criticism, to follow a similar plan, which looks promising, and, in light of this apparent success, it is hard to understand why Helen Clark has not included Sweden in the comparison of the responses of eight different countries to the pandemic. This underscores the need for an independent COVID Panel to assess the data dispassionately, even if it does result in a criticism of the way NZ has handled the crisis.

According to the Outdoors Party, the strategy of supplementation and public education is in itself a no-brainer. After a month of boosting the populations resistance to infections, the country would be ready for a roll out of a careful Swedish model, if the COVID Panel found that to be the favoured option, and, if nothing else the increase in health would potentially save billions of dollars in reduced sickness, without any downside.

Jane Goodall has claimed we have brought COVID on ourselves by disrespecting nature. The third part of the plan to conquer COVID looks at long term provisions to minimise the risks of any future epidemics. Here the Outdoors Party have a raft of policies that recognise that our best interests as human beings are served when we align ourselves with Nature. They call for the adoption of organic regenerative agriculture: localism rather then globalism to empower rural communities: and to have integrative health centres where people have a choice of therapies, free of the stranglehold the pharmaceutical industry presently exerts, as evidenced by the continued suppression of treatments for the coronavirus.

Co-leader, Sue Grey, standing for the Outdoors Party in Nelson, says that the first step would be to immediately repeal the COVID-19 Public Health Response Act since it violates our Bill of Rights.

The full policy may be found through the Outdoors Party website under their policies for Thriving Communities.
Or directly on the page 'Conquering COVID' at:

Please contact the author:
Tricia Cheel
ODP Candidate for Whangaparaoa
I am presently unable to post on my candidates FB page:
although I can share and comment there.
Our government should not tolerate this interference in our elections
by Zuckerberg and Twitter:
and neither should a free press!!!

15 Woodlands Cres,
Browns Bay
Phone 09 476 7279
Mobile 027 469 2233
Co-leaders of the Outdoors Party:
Sue Grey LLB (Hons), BSc
pH +64 22 6910586

Alan Simmons
President & Co-Leader. NZ Outdoors Party
99 Grace Rd. RD2. Turangi. New Zealand.
Phone. local 07 386 7576 | mobile 027 4980 304
Book - Born ToThe Outdoors. http://www.alansimmons.co.nz/book
Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/gunangler
Fishnhunt: http://www.fishnhunt.co.nz/forum/YaBB.cgi

# 1
COVID Plan B sign up to The Great Barrington Declaration:

Gary Moller - ex-ACC - How to Escape from our COVID-19 Prison:
The Great Escape Plan ~ Gary Moller

The great forest fire that was Sweden:
Dry Tinder in Sweden ~

Is this why Dr Anders Tegnell of Sweden stuck to his guns?
- knowing that a rushed vaccine is likely to cause even more severe problems?
Pandemrix in Sweden


Stan Walker urges whānau to talk about sexual abuse and family violence

teaomaori.news In his new book released today, Stan hopes to influence whānau to stop intergenerational abuse. He also talks about the challenges he's experienced working...

Wairoa District Council


Mon, 2nd November 2020 - 10am
War Memorial Hall, Wairoa

Wairoa District Council Mayor and Councillors extend a cordial invitation to senior members of the community and kaumatua of the Wairoa District to join them for a morning tea.

Please R.S.V.P. to:
Main Reception, Wairoa District Council Queen Street, Wairoa, Phone (06) 838 7309

COVID-19 alert level 1 precautionary measures are recommended, hand sanitiser available, if unwell please stay home.


'Bureaucracy gone mad': How free school lunches could divide communities


Endless Pursuit - Hunting NZ

If this doesn't make your blood boil nothing will.
Old mate Sage when she was incharge of a eco terrorist group, now she is incharge of DoC. Corruption at the highest level.

See you all at the Tahr Jam this Sunday, 11am lake Pukaki, Mt Cook.
Our chance to stop this lady!


In a few weeks time voters will decide if they're for or against the proposed Cannabis Legalisation and Control Bil.

Former Drug Squad Detective Tim Mckinnel and former Detective Senior Sergeant Dave Pizzini talk about the different views they have on the bill.

Jay Shetty

Mean woman gets taught an important life lesson.

The Project NZ

Has your skin been hating the mask life? Skincare guru Caroline Hirons gave us all the tips we needed!

Find more from Caroline at her website here! www.carolinehirons.com

Check out her book "Skincare: the Ultimate No-Nonsense Guide" > https://bit.ly/2ZIblud

Te Ao

#WATCH Three years ago, Māori TV brought you the story about a Māori mother whose four children including her one-day old baby were removed from a provincial hospital by social workers and police. Tonight we look at the alleged “toxic culture” at the Oranga Tamariki site that dealt with Mary, including allegations that her social workers were bullied by their supervisor and claims that internal investigations by Oranga Tamariki did nothing to address their issues. Iulia Leilua with this report

The Project NZ

Cousins Atareta Milne and Te Haakura Ihimaera-Manley are only 8 and 10 years old, but that hasn't stopped them from creating a banger of a waiata!

Check out their music video for #Peke > https://bit.ly/3iQtGwA

We have teamed up with Te Māngai Pāho for Te Wiki o te Reo Māori! Ko te reo te take.

Te Ao

#SHARE Martin Cooper played many roles in the Black Power gang. He's now a visible community figure in South Auckland. Sisters Raewyn and Biddy are from Ford Block in Rotorua and ran away from home to escape physical and sexual abuse. They both eventually ended up joining gangs. Both are using their past experience to help others.

In Part 2 of our transformational special, Reporter Hikurangi Jackson meets with three former gang members to see how they turned their lives around.

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How to create a revolution by making your own homemade products

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