Essential oils are amazing mood enhancements. Lakoko Balm has an array of essential oils that can support you during these uncertain times. To uplift and revive you, breathe in the refreshing aromas of mandarin and lime. To ground and centre you, connect with the earthy aromas of cedarwood. For a calming reset of the nervous system, the Queen of Essential oils awaits you in Lavender. A small application of Lakoko Balm on the face, lips of hands with brighten your day. Orders online at
11 weeks ago i had stitches to remove a rodent cell from my ternum the doctors recommend silicone cream I was wanting to check in to see if you would recommend Lakokoi instead? The scar is raised and dark pink ,I tried roeship oil about six weeks ago it may have been to rich as it created a pimple on some area of the skin tissue ,i cleared it out and stopped using rosehip. What do you recommend?
Come see us at the markets this Sunday - Free hand massages for all!

Lakoko is a new brand of natural skincare - a handcrafted oil based balm, its beauty is its versatility. New range of aromatherapy Room MIsts too.

Mission: LAKOKO - a synergy of high quality ingredients , genuinely chemical free, a unisex multi-use balm for all skin types and ages , naturally New Zealand made. Packed with nature's potent anti-oxidants , vitamins and minerals, that rejuvenate your skin, calm your mind and elevate your spirit!

Operating as usual

Merry Xmas 🎄 to you wonderful Lakoko customers. Thankyou for all the support through this difficult year it is because of you that I am still here.
Big shout out to @scarpashoesnz for the collab this December.
Last market just completed and now Lakoko is officially closed for the holidays until Monday 11th January when online orders will begin again.
Launching four new products 6 weeks out from the end of this mad pandemic year was a bit nuts but if we don’t set goals in life, nothing would get done!
I end this year with a quote I found the other day which sums things up beautifully -have a relaxing , restorative holidays and see you in 2021!
“ If we let go of the life we have planned, we make way for the life that is waiting for us”
#cleangreenbeauty #merryxmas🎄 #goodbye2020

Merry Xmas Market this Sunday @ GreyLynn community centre for all the last minute presents, food and festive fun!
Come down and try out the room mists and a chance to grab your last pot of Lakoko goodness for the beach bag!
#supportlocal #nzmade #coconutoil #cleangreenbeauty #xmasgift #roommistspray #aromatherapy #thereisnoplanetb #tropicalescapeinajar

Last two days of online orders before Christmas 🎄to get your FREE 30ml Travel Size Lakoko Balm!
Why not try a new Room Mist from the collection of four to suit every mood and olfactory preference ?
Orders received by tomorrow will be processed Friday!
#supportlocal #nzmade #coconutoil #cleangreenbeauty #xmasgift #roommistspray #kukuinutoil #multiuse #thereisnoplanetb🌍💚🌏

Christmas 🎄celebrations begin @scarpashoesnz stores today with some festive champagne and treats at all of their Auckland stores!
Lakoko was lucky enough to to collaborate with the amazing sisters to send a pot of Lakoko as a gift to their VIP customers along with @coola_nz @sanpellegrino_official
Not to be missed! #nzmade #cleangreenbeauty #supportlocal #xmasgift #supportnzbusiness

We are getting in the Xmas spirit here at Lakoko and would like to brighten up the day with a #giveaway
To enter:- Follow Lakokobalm on Instagram, tag a friend and get them to Follow Lakoko too.
Select the Room Mist you think your friend will most like - Spice, Enliven, At Peace or Woodland and mention this in your tag.🌻🌹
Draw will be held on Friday December 18th at 9 am and announced on Instagram.
Giveaway only open to NZ residents.
Each tag will be counted as an entry.
Good luck! ⭐️⭐️⭐️

2020 has been a tricky year for markets but excitingly I will be making an appearance tomorrow at Grey Lynn Market with my trusty multi-purpose Lakoko Balm and new range of Aromatherapy Room Mists for your to smell. Handmade by me for you.
Look forward to seeing you there #nzmade #supportlocal #cleangreenbeauty #xmasgift #roomspray #thereisnoplanetb

First day of summer today🌞
Are you ready for that beautiful coastline?
Lakoko Balm is gifting a FREE beach bag size balm with every online order between now and Friday 18th December! #xmasgift #cleangreenbeauty #coconutoil #nzmade #supportlocal

A handmade gift from Lakoko is coming your way!
Order online between now and Friday December 18th and get a FREE 30 ml Travel size balm with every order of a 60 ml or 120ml Lakoko Balm.
Share the love with a friend or keep it tucked up in that beach bag for your hair, face, body or lips!

Summer is here and it’s easy to get excited and over-scorch yourself at the beach 🏝
Unless you are a sunflower 🌻, you need to make sure you are well coated in your favourite sunscreen.
I love @essonesun for it’s smooth finish and excellent protection.
However if you fall asleep reading your book and overindulge, Lakoko Balm is there for your full skin recovery.
A thin layer applied after a shower will allow the lavender and Kukui but oil to work its magic and all the redness and heat will disappear!
Absolute guarantee!
Online sale on now with a Free 30 ml beach bag size with every order!

New Lakoko Room Mists and Linen Sprays🌿☘️🌷🌱
For every room, mood and olfactory preference. Available individually or as a set!
Order online for your Clean Green Xmas present- keep it local and support NZ made.
Only $35 per spray - handmade for you in my Auckland studio.
#naturalperfumery #bespokeblends #aromatherapy #cleangreenenvironment #nzmade #handcrafted

New “Enliven” Lakoko Room Mist! 🌱🌱🍀
A herbaceous blend of green botanicals matched with the punchlines of peppermint to keep your mind fresh and awake.

Stimulating and invigorating you will find your mental focus sharpening as well as clearing unwanted odours in the room with the uplifting aromas of Rosemary and Basil.

.Spray 5-6 pumps in the room or on linen for a lasting effect.
$35 plus postage online now! ⭐️⭐️for Christmas.
#naturalperfumery #bespokeblends #aromatherapy #roomistspray #cleangreenenvironment

New Lakoko Spice Room Mist💃🏼🔥
Inspired by the evocative aromas of Spices and Woods of the Far East, this sensual blend of Black pepper and Sandlwood promises to stimulate the senses.
Delicate floral aromas of Jasmine and Neroli underlay this robust blend and Cassia gives a hint of cheekiness to the final nose
Spice up your life !
Spray 5-6 pumps in the room or on bed linen for a lasting result.
Available online now $35 plus postage 😃
#naturalperfumery #bespokeblends #aromatherapy #roommistspray #cleangreenenvironment

New At Peace Room Mist! 🌱🌱🌼

A grounding and centring blend evocative of meditative resins and calming herbs, to ease your fractured nervous system and soothe you into a deep and peaceful sleep.

A citrus undertone to balance and restore happiness to all.😀
Spray 5-6 pumps in the room or on your pillow for a lasting effect.
$35 plus postage available online now !
#naturalperfumery #bespokeblends #aromatherapy #easentialoils #roomistspray

New Lakoko Kanuka and Cedarwood Room Mist.

Uplifting green botanicals are matched with woody Cedar, reminiscent of a walk in the bush of Aotearoa.
The grounding scent of vetiver grass balances the nose.
Use to clear the odours of the room, revive, revitalise and refresh.
Imbued with anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties to create a healthy living environment.
Spray 5-6 pumps for a lasting effect.
Available online now $35 😍
Handmade by Lakoko for you.
#bespokeblends #aromatherapy #naturalperfumery #roommistspray #christmaspresents #handmadeinnz #supportlocalbusiness

A Handmade Gift from Lakoko For you for Xmas!
2020 has definitely been a year to remember!
I am so proud to be a Kiwi and to have had the support of our team of 5 Million to keep safe.

Lakoko Balm would like to thank you for your loyalty and for supporting a locally owned Kiwi business with a gift to you.

Buy a 60ml or 120ml Balm online from Monday 16th November to Friday December 18th and receive a FREE 30ml balm to gift to a friend or pop in our beach bag worth $25.00.
One free balm per order and it will be automatically allocated when you order online.


Lakoko Room Mists - coming soon to the website.. available @dalstonclothing Grey Lynn now!#aromatherapy #bespokeblends #naturalperfumery

[11/01/20]   Great Weekend @ Go Green Expo - so proud to be part of Biddy and May Clean Green Store - the quality of the products is second to none! Thanks to Yasmin Farry, Founder , we had a few laughs in the mix too!!

Looking forward to Lakoko joining our friends @biddyandmay at this years Go Green Expo (6 months later than planned )😄this weekend @ASB Showgrounds - learn how to transform your life with Clean Green Beauty. Come and join us for a chat and a little Lakoko hand massage! #cleangreenbeauty #naturalskincare #organicoils #tropicalescapeinajar #supportnzbusiness

Come and join us this weekend for the Go Green Expo with Biddy + May Clean Green Beauty Collective.
A great chance to learn more about how to care for your skin and the environment and to discover new brands.
Look forward to seeing you there!

"If you don't make time for wellness, you will have to make time for illness."
What are your wellness goals for the week?

Lakoko Balm will be joining Biddy + May Clean Green Beauty Collective at this years Go Green Expo to share the knowledge of the benefits of these amazing products which are good for your body and the environment. Look forward to seeing you there! #gogreenexponz #cleangreenbeauty #organicskincareproducts #thereisnoplanetb #tropicalescapeinajar

Excitingly, the Auckland Go Green Expo will finally happen the weekend of Saturday 31st October to Sunday 1st November @ ASB Showgrounds.
Lakoko will be part of the BIddy + May Clean Green Beauty Collective - watch this space for more details!

How are your hands coping with all this sanitisation?
Red, dry and cracked?
A travel-size Lakoko balm in your car means you can dab a small pea-sized amount on your hands in between sanitiser.
Offer ends tomorrow of a Free 10ml Size that you can keep in your handbag too.

Summer is coming and our beautiful Aotearoa awaits.
Lakoko Balm is the ultimate multi-tasker for the outdoors.
We are offering a Free 10ml Sample Size with all orders from today till next Tuesday 6th October so you always have a balm handy for the car or to pass on to a friend or teenager.
Order online at

[09/23/20]   "Emma, your Lakoko Balm is amazing!
I have lived in the tropics of far North Queensland, Australia for many years, and have a few sun-damaged blemishes, and other tropical skin ailments (on my face, arms and legs).
The Lakoko Balm has helped enormously, particularly on my face and neck, with reducing the inflammation and high red colouring and markings on the sun- damaged skin and has provided a clear complexion.
I apply the balm after showering, and sometimes before going to bed at night.
The balm only needs to be applied “sparingly” on the affected area/s.
This balm, which has a lovely subtle ‘clean’ scent, certainly packs a punch of goodness into your skin. I think it is simply great!"
Sheara Maidment, Brisbane, Queensland
September 2020

Thinking of heading away as the weather warms up to a campsite, bach or even hit the road with a campervan?
Looking for the ultimate essential beauty multi-tasker?
Lakoko Balm truly is your one-pot stop for all your needs.
Pop is on in the morning as a skin rejuvenator with a touch of sunscreen on top and run the remainder through the ends of your hair to lock moisture in.
Overdid the sun? Massage some on your red areas and let the lavender soothe it instantly.
Mozzies get in your tent? A quick dab will stop the itch and reduce inflammation.
And at the end of the day after a few wines, keep your skincare simple with a light application of balm on the face and drift off to a deep sleep listening to the waves.

Travel size only $25. Order online at

Dear Valued customers,
Lakoko Balm will be having a week break in the winterless North next week.
Please get any orders in online by this week Friday 11th September or you will have to wait for your balms to be sent out after Monday 21st September.
I hope everyone is keeping safe and well -
Emma x

[08/28/20]   Dreaming of a bubble with Rarotonga in the near future?
In the meantime, there is always a pot of Lakoko Balm - your tropical escape in a jar!
Available in three sizes even in lockdown - order online for you or a friend who may need a boost.

On my last night in Grey Lynn, after raising my family here over 13 years, I grab takeaways @wiseboysnz, and glance through the darkened window @yolkstore where I leave behind my little pots of goodness as a memorial.
Lakoko now begins it’s next adventure in pursuit of a life close to the land and with respect for the great Mother 🌍
#sustainablelifestyle #backtonature #renewablenergy #thereisnoplanetb #naturelifestyle #natureskincare #cleangreenbeauty

All-Natural DIY Hair Mask by Lakoko Balm

Dry Hair Winter Rescue

Warm 4 Tsp Of Lakoko Balm in a small pot until molten.
Massage into the roots to the ends.
Cover with a shower cap or towel and let it sit for up to 30 minutes.
Rinse well with shampoo and your hair will be deeply nourished and shining again!

School holidays adventures await in magical Queenstown. The air is dry and cold so it loves the protection of Lakoko's nourishing oils. Travel size only $25.00

Check out the Serial Box which offers a nicely curated selection of new NZ made natural products each month - so glad to be included in the June offering!

B O T A N I C A L 🌾
Lakoko is going into our essential skincare toolbox! It is the the most amazing multi purpose balm, a fusion of exotic oils & packed with anti-oxidants, vitamins & minerals
I have been using this on my face as a treatment for eczema bought on by the cold weather & as an primer to prevent my make-up from settling into my smile lines... aka wrinkles....because 40 is awesome like that 😅
Judith has been using as a massage balm for tired shoulders & it works a treat
The possibilities for this balm are's great for your skin, hair, aching joints, rashes, stretch marks....head over to their page to check out it out & if you missed out on our June Box you will be able to pick up some for yourself from our Serial Store from tomorrow
📸 @staceybrierleystyled

Hi everyone, I just made a fresh batch of balm today - I wish my customers could smell it when it is molten and the oils merge in a delicious explosion of Citrus, Lavender, Coconut and Cedarwood oils, and then the sweet sensation that is beeswax.
Happy Winter Soltise - we welcome back the light into our lives, letting go of that which does not serve us and invite the new moon to bring new intentions. What would you like to welcome?

New Stockist💓
Heading North for the weekend and want to pick up some beautiful curiosity or handmade NZ product? Check out @josephtaylorhomewares in Mangawhai Heads where all the curating has been done for you. Thanks to the talented Angela for taking Lakoko Balm on board 😄
#nzmadeproducts #cleangreenbeauty #naturalskincare #nzdesign #keepitlocal #multipurposebalm #organicoils #supportsmallbusiness

It was so great to be approached by @serialboxme and be included alongside some other bespoke beauty products😍for their June Offerings!

B O X • R E V E A L
How amazing does our June Box look 🙌 We designed this box to keep you well & pampered as we come into the colder months
Featuring Peppermint & Manuka Body Bar by Doubtless Bay Botanicals , an Aromatherapy Eye Pillow by @anointskincare Relaxing Soak by Saltandoil , Germ Defence Cream by the herb farm & a gorgeous all in one balm by Lakoko

Photo credit to the amazing @staceybrierleystyled

Want your business to be the top-listed Beauty Salon in Auckland?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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Aftershave care for legs
Lakoko balm Facial Application



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