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A yoga and wellness centre right above Little Bird raw food cafe in Kingsland

Operating as usual 30/10/2020

Conversations around breast cancer are important | Ensemble Magazine

As Breast Cancer Awareness month draws to a close please read this important story on Ensemble about three friends (me, Centre founder Rebecca Wadey, along with Delaney Tabron and Sarah Gandy) who have all survived the disease, and the significance of each breast cancer diagnosis upon the others. Being breast aware and having these discussions saves lives.

And please if you aren't following Ensemble please pop over and like/follow us - there is much happening over there than there is here now. Thanks so much for your support ### It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month: your annual reminder to check your b***s. Three friends share their connecting breast cancer story.


Seane Corn

Great to see leaders in the wellness community taking a public stand against this

Wellness Community Statement:

We want to have a heart to heart with you about the group QAnon. Some in the wellness community have joined this group and we are greatly concerned. This statement is to warn you about the dangers of this group, which is utilizing tactics that resemble cult psychology. QAnon is taking advantage of our conscious community with videos and social media steeped with bizarre theories, mind control and misinformation -- don’t be swayed by these messages!

We are aware that QAnon originated in the dark web of hate and white supremacy, and have re-packaged their message to appeal to spiritual communities. Don’t be fooled - the true intent of QAnon is to spread misinformation, blame, conflict, and sow racial division in our country.

WE ARE CLEAR - QAnon does NOT represent the true values of the wellness community. We care about your mental and emotional wellbeing and we are here to say, “Beware. Stay in your body. Use discernment. Be skeptical of the real motives behind QAnon. And, most importantly, stay in connection with your friends and family.”

Our hearts are breaking from the rampant misinformation that is dividing our community. We are asking you to join us by sharing this message, and take a stand against QAnon.

***this statement was written in collaboration with many folks in the wellness community. Please don’t credit any single person to its creation as it’s a joint effort. Feel free to share widely. ❤️

#qanoncult 31/08/2020

Why you should be crazy about…. Puzzling! | Ensemble Magazine

Hi all! I have been woefully absent on here but have never stopped missing y'all.

I've recently co-founded an online platform Ensemble showcasing the best of fashion, health and beauty. From the intelligent to the whimsical, we aim to be a fresh, purposeful voice on women's issues

Please head on over and like the page, I'd be eternally grateful to see you there.

In the meantime you can read about my obsession with Puzzling and why I love it as an active meditation. Rebeccax A puzzle enthusiast and connoisseur explains how jigsaw puzzles can act as a metaphor for life and be a conduit of self-care. 24/06/2018

Sign the Petition

My ten year old and one of his besties were compelled to take action after being horrified by the lack of sustainability practices at EVENT Cinemas - St Lukes recently. PLEASE sign and share their petition below. We will be trying to get it in front of their management this week and the more signatures the more powerful it will be (duh). Imagine if this petition results in the cinema phasing out straws, or installing recycling bins, what a cool message that will be to the younger generation to get off their PlayStations and actually MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Thank you in advance ### [email protected]: To Reduce Landfill At Event Cinema 02/05/2018

22 May Event - Evening

The gang is getting back together again!!!! Kind of. Join the amazing Nellie and Megan, plus other special guests, at this amazing talk on ageing with grace. I'm hosting! And very much looking forward to learning practical, helpful tools to keeping vibrant energy and glowing good looks. Ageing is weird! Power is knowledge! Power up! (There is also an extensive daytime event for those wanting an immersive experience, details also on Nellie's website. See you there ###x Have you ever had that feeling of time speeding up? Another year passes, another year older. Where does the time go? Regardless of your age, now is a great time to put into place some... 16/08/2017

Getting your s**t together: yoga as a survival tool

I have been woeful at sharing on here since we closed our physical doors just over a year ago. However I do love the idea of continuing to share stories that resonate with me with a likeminded community. This is one of those stories. Enjoy! x**t-together-yoga-as-a-survival-tool/ Getting Your S**t Together is a monthly column on everyday mental health from Auckland mindfulness educator Kristina Cavit. This month she’s talking about the effect yoga has had on her own life, and on those of the prisoners and children she works with. Growing up in New Zealand's ‘toughen-up’,


The Rockstars for your Health Issue No. 3 - Tracy Anderson | A revolutionary fitness method, created by Tracy Anderson, providing customized training, DVDs, and more.

This series by Tracy Anderson Method (BFF to my imaginary BFF Gwyneth) is really interesting, especially this week's breast cancer issue. Highlights include Dr Cliff Hudis, who is researching 'the complex interplay of obesity, inflammation and cancer risk'. He explains that while obesity is associated with an increased risk of many cancers they are yet to definitely prove that losing weight (or restricting calories) will help prevent it. I love this paragraph:

"But very few women with breast cancer can ever really know why they as individuals were diagnosed and we never want to create a false sense of personal responsibility for this diagnosis"

Further on, Dr Lisa Ann Newman, when asked for her top three tips on breast cancer prevention states lifestyle as #1 (maintaining a healthy weight, watching alcohol intake and being fit and active), regular mammograms and checks is #2 and #3 - be an advocate for breast awareness.

This is something I've felt a huge responsibility for ever since I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 26 with no family history or warning. It can happen to anyone. Early detection remains the best tool in beating breast cancer. Please check your breasts this weekend. Ask your mum, sister, friend, niece, daughter this weekend about the last time they checked theirs.

Have a great weekend x Categorized under Blog 19/07/2016


All The Feels. (Thanks so much for the friend who recommended this to me on a cold and wet school holiday afternoon) A new original comedy series about the "underbelly of the yoga world."


The Spinoff

This afternoon the boys and I took a carload of food and clothing out to Te Puea Memorial Marae Manaaki Tangata. That was so easy for me to do. This journalist spent a whole week volunteering there plus she negotiated with The Warehouse for a donation matching program (see story) which, in tandem with their woman's refuge privacy program is making the red shed one of my favourite socially responsible companies of late. Please help where possible x

“If this is what you guys are doing, what is the government doing?” – a portrait of the people who run Te Puea 05/07/2016

Lipstick Heals, OK • Metro Magazine

As we head into Feel Better Month I thought it worthwhile to re-read this article I wrote for Metro magazine NZ a few years back, about the great work Look Good Feel Better NZ do for those with cancer. It's not too late to organise a Feel Better Friday for your place of work this month. x Bald, battered and bereft, cancer sufferers at Look Good Feel Better workshops find a little pampering goes a long way. It’s not about the disease. That’s what strikes me most about Look Good Feel Better. And, yet, of course it’s all about the disease. There’s no escaping the C word when you first w...



Breast Cancer Foundation NZ

I too was 26 when I found a lump in my breast. No family history or any reason to think it sinister. Early detection is still our best tool in combatting this dumb disease. Please be breast aware, no matter your age.

Young women get breast cancer too. Take some time to learn the signs of breast cancer at, and talk to your friends about it. By spreading the message, you could save a friend’s life. 22/06/2016

Comvita and the Business of Making Honey - Viva

As an eager home beekeeper I jumped at the opportunity to go to Comvita HQ and then go explore the remote location of some of their hives. Their love and respect for and knowledge of these beautiful creatures was very evident and inspiring. Read all about it Wellbeing editor Rebecca Wadey visits the headquarters of Comvita and discovers the business of making honey. 20/06/2016

Jess Quinn on Fighting Cancer, Instagram and Positivity - Viva

I had the pleasure of meeting Jess Quinn when she came by The Centre last year. I've been itching to sit down and have a proper talk with her ever since and, with the announcement of her involvement with the Child Cancer Foundation, I finally got a chance. I love my work so very much The Child Cancer Foundation's inaugural Wig Wednesday campaign launches tomorrow — give generously to those brave enough to wear a wacky wig or don...


That Sugar Movement

This is very cool and a great palate cleanser from the other story I read on the Herald this morning about breakfast cereal becoming increasingly high in sugar. (I'm not too strict on anything around food in our household EXCEPT packaged cereal which is not allowed in the house. I figure if we can set them up well for the day what follows will be ok. And porridge is cheaper). Anyway there's great excitement in my house about the All Blacks tonight and after having had the pleasure of interviewing Kieren Read (and his lovely wife) at the Swisse tent at Cup Week and again for Viva - The New Zealand Herald even I'm excited to watch them play!

Another terrific plug from the NZ All Blacks Rugby World Cup winning team: "Under the influence of strength and conditioning coach, Dr Nicholas Gill, the All Blacks have moved to a low sugar diet. "The movie 'The Sugar Film' has influenced the players quite a lot I think. Most of the guys now understand that we need to get the sugar out," explained Gill last year.


The New York Times

I love this

"If I can be authentic for a moment: Nobody wants to see your true self."

Read on in The New York Times Opinion Section. 23/05/2016

Theatre: Talk about taboo - Entertainment - NZ Herald News

My incredible, talented, dear friend Jodie Molloy has written (and self-funded) a one woman play about abortion that opens tonight at the Basement Theatre and which I HIGHLY recommend people go and see. It's only on until June 4 so book now as once word gets out about how good it is I imagine it will be hard to get tickets x The Voice in my Head could be one of the most controversial theatre productions seen in Auckland this year, but its writer and solo performer want us to talk more openly about the - New Zealand Herald 19/05/2016

my darling lemon thyme: raw chocolate fudge with cacao nibs + sea salt

For those of you who attended my talk with Nellie Pigot at the Seafarers Members' Club tonight.... Here is the fudge recipe that takes two minutes to make and is full of amazing goodness like calcium and magnesium. (Just remember it takes a bit longer than two minutes to set.... Hence why after patting myself on the back for making it for you I was unable to serve it... But it is truly DELICIOUS) And make sure you follow My Darling Lemon Thyme if you don't already! Thursday, July 17, 2014 raw chocolate fudge with cacao nibs + sea salt Over the years, I've had many conversations with people about the very limited amount of dairy that we consume. Inevitably the question always comes up at some stage 'but where do you get your calcium from?'. I'm really no expert... 17/05/2016

Rebecca Wadey & Nellie Pigot Present: Eating For Busy Lives - Seafarers & Ostro

Nellie Pigot Holistic Nutrition and I are really looking forward to this talk at the Seafarers Members' Club Thursday night. Hope to see some familiar faces there! Join Viva wellbeing editor Rebecca Wadey and acclaimed nutritionist Nellie Pigot for a talk on, Eating for busy lives. With over 20 years experience in nutrition, many of those spent working with the wellbeing of the staff of large corporates, Nellie is well-versed to advise on this subject. She wil...


Xanthe White Design Ltd

I would LOVE a design consult with the amazing Xanthe White and I would love to tackle homelessness. Wouldn't you?! Check out this wonderful PledgeMe campaign and help however you can x

We're getting behind this awesome project Gimme Shelter which could help to tackle homelessness in Aotearoa, check out the amazing rewards including a design consultation by XWD. If you know someone who needs some garden advice this is a great way to do it and support an important cause at the same time! 11/05/2016

John Oliver Took on Junk Science Last Night, and It Was Glorious

This is utterly brilliant, I urge you to watch it if you haven't already. And remember to question everything you read or see! Half these 'studies' we see quoted daily are incomplete, are funded by people with a vested interest or are skewed to read a particular way. I've always thought I'd love to write a story where I find completely conflicting scientific studies to back up EVERYTHING. But I'm too scared of what would happen to my brain if I spent that long on the internet...
"In science you just don't get to cherry-pick the parts that you were going to do anyway, that is religion!" “Science is … hugely important. And it deserves better than to be twisted out of proportion and turned into morning-show gossip.”

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