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My exciting lightbulb moment is realising you can become alot more efficient by keeping things super simple. And life get's alot easier.

That is why we are sticking with ONE page that covers our why and the values we bring.

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Is it safe to have a massage during pregnancy?

Absolutely. Our prenatal and maternity massages are perfect at any stage of pregnancy. It’s an incredible time for changes, and let me offer our congratulations to you and your family.

There is a lot of fear amongst massage establishments about how massage can cause miscarriage, but these statements are false and unsubstantiated and it is more because they don’t have the appropriate training or expertise.

We do.

Our sessions are for you to unwind and relax or address any specific aches and pains you have throughout each trimester. Safety is paramount, so you are treated in a very safe and comfortable side lying position which places no strain on your body.

We understand pregnancy affects everyone differently. Some deal with the changes relatively easily and others will find it difficult dealing with existing health conditions, any complications or discomfort.

If you experience discomfort with your pelvis, lower back, neck or shoulders, we can help. We can also help with many other concerns like sciatica, swelling, sleeping, leg cramping, sciatica and anxiety.

If you or anyone you know would benefit from booking in with us, do get in touch with us today by calling 09 212 8753 or book online.

Recover faster and quicker with our sports therapy sessions.

Our sports massage is extremely beneficial for your recovery after exercise. We help to reduce any muscle soreness that you typically will feel after exercise. Imagine that you can move properly without cringing every step afterwards. We help to keep your body moving better. When you feel less achy and sore, this massage also helps you to feel better, relaxed and recover mentally after a grueling workout, training session or event.

You have worked hard putting your body through your sport or choice of activity, we can keep you free from injuries and niggles that may hinder your ability to perform. And we know you need to maintain that level of performance.

So we deliver the right techniques for your sport and activities, providing you the benefits required to keep you performing at the level you need. Our sports massage sessions are a vital part of your training, recovery and performance management.

If you or anyone you know would benefit from this type of massage therapy session.

Get in touch with us today call 09 212 8753 or book online

Need tricky issues sorted?

Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) and Therapeutic Massage can help with common injuries, long standing tightness and tension issues, headaches & migraines, jaw pain, neck pain, whiplash, shoulder injuries, sciatica, tendinopathies, plantar fascia, swelling, pain and inflammation.

If you have any conditions such as asthma, heart or lung disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, diabetes or hormonal issues to name a few, our NMT therapist can work with these conditions.

Our NMT's know what is safe to treat and what is not. They also know how to modify your treatment such as putting you in positions that work for you or adjusting pressure and techniques to your comfort.

In these sessions you get to know what is going on and why this is occurring. Followed by a treatment to improve your issue. At the end of the session you will also get to understand what you can do with take home advice.

If you or anyone you know would benefit from this type of massage therapy session.

Get in touch with us today call 09 212 8753 or book online

Sciatica and Running

Wave goodbye to winter!

Down on the farm Mum said the baby calves and lambs are playing all over the place! In the urbs at my place, flowers are in full bloom and so spring is definitely here ☀️🐣🐑

I Love Daylight savings. Gives that extra bit of light to play with.

Not so ideal circumstances - that C word has put a spanner in the exercise department and so, we have a tip!

Ease in 🧘‍♀️

When we ease into our exercise and give the body time to adapt, injuries can STAY AWAY.

Read more here: Getting sciatica with running. Ease back into running with injury prevention

A lovely sunny warm day here in Auckland, compared to what the south has had - QTown you guys had bucket loads of snow! I think you noticed we all came down these holidays! ❄️☃️⛷🏂.

Heat and cold contrast is something we advocate for injuries as a helpful tool with aches and pains, and it’s really simple to apply.

The cold compress, like a bag of frozen peas, reduces the blood flow. The body feels the cold and retracts the blood away from the area, and pain signals reduce.

The heat, using a wheat bag or hot water bottle, encourages the blood flow. The body feels the warmth and brings blood to the area, and relieves pain.

There are many ways to apply heat and cold therapy. We advise applying 2 minutes of cold, 3 minutes of heat and repeat this three times (which takes you 15 mins). Do this at least once a day, if you can twice max.

Not seeing any improvements, come and see us for help.

Last week, I saw Judy* at Parnell. Judy was having some issues after her shoulder surgery and was not able to lift or reach up over her head. With a lot of frustration about how she could not get simple things done, she wanted to know if we could help.

After an assessment, it was clear Judy had a few tight shoulder muscles that were stopping her from doing these movements.

For Judy, her muscles were tight because they were STILL wanting to protect the shoulder from any more pain or discomfort. The pain and discomfort that she had suffered long term BEFORE and then after surgery.

So what I did was a couple of treatments that concentrated on using specific techniques to help decrease the tension and also used gentle movements to her shoulder joint and ligaments to increase her range.

This was Judy's feedback:
“Just one session and my shoulder problem (after an op last year) was noticeably better. Thank you for the advice on my posture! After two sessions, I am already able to get back into doing activities I have not been able to do. I look forward to my next session. Thanks Sophie!”.

Are you or anyone you know struggling with post operative recovery like Judy was?

I would love to help you because with neuromuscular massage therapy you may be just a few treatments away from feeling comfortable and moving bettter.

I am available at Parnell or our Massey clinic. Book online with me today or call 09 212 8753.

Sophie x
Bach Neuromuscular Massage Therapy

*Judy - not her real name

Welcome Back!

We have had our first day back! Such a great vibe and excitement today within the team. I've put together a short video to show our clients how we operate under Alert Level 2.

Win with us! It's super fun!!! Come and join in on the tunes! We are jammin!👩‍🎤💃🎶

🤍 Mother’s Day Giveaway 🤍

We love music 🎧
We love mum 💖

But boy is this Mother’s Day a bit different this year?! So we’ve thought of a really cool way to celebrate our mums from together!

🎶 With music! 🎶

All you need to do is share your favourite mum inspired music with us. It could be something your mum loves. Or something the mum in your bubbles loves to listen to.

To enter:
Add a screen shot, the name or even a link to a song (or ten?!) into the comments. Make sure to follow the page and join in on the celebrations.

Winner can choose from either a full 60 minute massage or full osteopathy session for when we open.

Things we need to tell you:
Each comment is an entry. Enter as many times as you like. Closes Sunday 10th May at 9pm. Giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by or associated with Facebook

Head over to Instagram for another go by 9pm tonight and we'll pick a song at random to announce tomorrow.

Have fun and Happy Mother’s Day! 🎶

Hello from our bubble to yours

Just a sweet wee video from the team - from our bubbles to yours xx

We want to let you know we are thinking of you all during this time! We can't wait to get back to seeing you all in clinic soon.

Get your desk ergonomics back

Is it time to re-evaluate your desk set up :)

Hello hello hello! Missing you guys x

What’s on your agenda for this week? ⠀

We have massage on the mind of course and we’re all for anything that reduces your heart rate and BP.

If you were thinking about treating yourself to some down time today with a massage, we have appointments available TODAY at 2pm with Sophie.⠀

Give us a call or book online to snap them up quick. See bio.

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Stop. Collaborate & Listen.

Alot has changed since 1991, when Vanilla Ice hit the airwaves. However these trend setting words are relevant to you and how you can top up your wellbeing bank account.

STOP putting yourself last. High stress, workaholic, deadlines, niggles, juggles, struggles. Reach out. Get a massage or an osteopathy treatment in place. This will give you some time to download, reset and give that 'on-the-go' system a break. It's time.

COLLABORATE with us because we LISTEN. We understand the body and you're living in your body every single day. In listening to your story and what is happening for you, we make sense of what is truly going on and how best we can provide you with long term solutions.


We are seeing more and more of the overworked, and they love what we do and how we help them.

We are commonly hearing the struggles of getting to sleep 🤬 when your mind is going 100%. Pssst....We have some successful remedies for that!

We understand that when we are reacting to multiple things this may affect your breathing, it's shallow, shortened muscles that are being overused --> which then cause symptoms like headaches, jaw issues, neck and upper back pain.

If you can relate, book in because if there was a problem Yo, we'll solve it! 🙏

P.S. Actually, there are many who are stopping in this valentines day for us to collaborate with and listen to - check out the attached 🙂.

"Word to your mother" 🤦‍♀️😂😂

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Vitamin B-12 Deficiency: The Serious Health Problem That’s Easy To Miss

Down in the B12 - could this be you? One woman’s health saga sheds light on a condition that is all too common and often goes undiagnosed by doctors

Get those gifts sorted for Christmas! Vouchers available from our clinics or online

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Christmas Hours 2019! 🎅🏽
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The team had a lots of laughs and great day out at @Pins Bowling! Some sneaky sneaky undercover bowlers in there #supercompetitive! Finishing the day off at @Goode Brothers for drinks and a good feast! They have best pizza and generous seafood platters ever!

Top Notch Bodyworks

Let’s not be so afraid of a meniscal tear 😊
Tears in the meniscus and the rotator cuff muscles are often just normal age-related changes and nothing to worry about.
Sometimes, surgery can be the best option of course.

Great post by @movementpainpt! 😊👍
“There's interesting article cited in Dr. Ian Harris' book "Surgery, the ultimate placebo" • The small inconsequential benefit seen from interventions that include arthroscopy for the degenerative knee is limited in time and absent at one to two years after surgery. Knee arthroscopy is associated with harms. Taken together, these findings do not support the practice of arthroscopic surgery for middle-aged or older patients with knee pain with or without signs of osteoarthritis. (

Credit: @clinicalathlete and reposted from @trustmephysiotherapy

I can't say this time around to enjoy that sleep in! With clocks going forward, it's up a wee bit earlier. And we gain back a bit more daylight to do those evenings! Ahhhh bring on the kiwi summer....this year is pounding through fast! It's nearly the C word!

Before bed tonight - put your clocks forward.


Rellllaaa###xx you must. Massage you shall have.

Father's Day 01 September. Gift Vouchers available.

Just a friendly reminder it's one week til celebration of....DADS! Dad, Dadda, Poppa, Nono, Opa, Papa, Ye Ye, Lao Lao, Grandpa, old man, grouchy, pop, Koro.

Get Dad a gift voucher fo the 01 September. Gift Vouchers available online and instore.

It's not far from the truth to say that when your body isn't healthy, your wellbeing suffers. The kiwi way "It'll be right soon", will stop you from getting it better, quicker. So come and get sorted with us!

In today's world, we all have a lot on our plates- caring for kids, homes, pets, spouses and possibly parents while juggling our own careers.

Massage needs to be considered a NECESSITY, not a LUXURY!!!

The benefits of massage are endless, reduces stress, you sleep much better, you get to recover and rest from exercise, reduce anxiety and depression. So it should form a critical part of your personal healthcare regime, as let's face it, it's much better when we feel healthy.

Book a massage today by clicking on the link below:

Make massage a regular part of your well being routine.

To make a booking click on the link below:

Are you suffering from gnarly headaches.
Grab a massage with us so that we can ease that tension away.
Book now by clicking on the link below:
or call us on :
021 181 8380

This literally can be a pain in the ass 🤣🤣🤣

This ladies and gentlemen is your sciatic nerve! It can be as BIG as your own pinky finger!


This is how thick the sciatic nerve is!
Pretty thick, right? :)

Woah!!! There is going to be some tired Kiwi's tomorrow! Over the wickets.....😶🙏 slice of heaven Martin Guptil 🎶

New Look, Cosy and Warm.

The best place to come and get a Top Notch treatment that is 100% results-based and get you feeling rejuvenated ❤

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Located inside Be-Physio & Health
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Whether your expecting, an athlete or your behind a desk! We have you sorted.

For all your aches and pains ❤

👇 learn who we are and what we can do for you 🤗

Top Notch Bodyworks

Our thoughts on Pregnancy massage :)

Anj discusses the top concerns of safety with pregnancy massage and the benefits of pregnancy massage

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Get your desk ergonomics back


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