Ohakune Ski Bach

Ohakune Ski Bach

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Te Puke Karanga Hauora
Te Puke Karanga Hauora
22 Seddon Street, Raetihi


Wow! Who's going to head down?!?
Here's a really good price if you're looking at getting season passes next year!
Oh em gee, this is really beautiful!
FYI everyone!
Love this place Kate Hellstrom

Great accommodation in Ohakune. Our favorite place to stay and play! Comfortable, warm and inviting.

Operating as usual

Photos from Mt Ruapehu's post 05/09/2021

Yay for our fabulous dads!

Photos from Mt Ruapehu's post 11/08/2021

Man, that's A LOT of ice stuck on the high noon!!! Looks cool though! (Pun intended, sorry not sorry 😁)


For all the mums! Couldn't have said it better myself. 🧡🧡🧡

We have an epic bunch of mountain mums, both past and present, who have supported us constantly.

Today we celebrate them, and all they do for their kids, and our whānau.

These amazing women take us on our first snow adventures, and patiently wait out our tantrums. They teach us to ski and ride, and encourage us to chase our passions. They support us to work in this unique environment. These mums are the quiet force behind us all, allowing us to take pride in our accomplishments, but also teaching us to learn from every fall. They do it all with style, while still finding time to shred for themselves.

So here’s to all the past, present, and future mountain mums - thank you, thank you, thank you, and never be less rad!

#happymothersday #mtruapehu #mountainmums #ourmumsarerad #oumumsshred #weareTūroa #ridethemaunga #ridethedarkside #whakapapawhānau #whakapapaskiarea #tūroaskiarea #neverstopbeingrad


Thanks again Kings Ohakune for your neat shots with our little house in the distance. 😍🤩

Epic full moon on New Year's Eve Eve... countdown is on... #junctionohakune


Mountains to Sea NZ

Great news for Ohakune!

Fantastic news - thanks to the hardwork from the communities of Ruapehu and Ruapehu District Council, thanks to announcements from Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment and the Regional Economic Development Minister Shane Jones, we will be starting work soon on new trails. Imagine riding through the forest along the new #TeAraMangawhero trail from Turoa to Ohakune. Loop across to Horopito from half way down. Connect Ohakune Old Coach Road to National Park Village riding through Pōkākā and Makatote valleys – on hidden old State highway paths and the popular Marton Sash and Door tramline trails.

Couple this with the fantastic work that Department of Conservation is doing on the #Mangapurua (#Bridgetonowhere) and #Kaiwhakauka this summer... and the new Bridge at #Upokongaro across the Whanganui river... The Mountains to Sea - Nga Ara Tuhono cycle trails with our significant historical and cultural connections really are must do multi day adventure ride on the do more now bucket list!

#ruapehunz #zoomtoruapehu #discoverwhanganui #nzcycletrail #backyourbackyardnz #nationalparkvillage #ohakunenz #nzadventurerides #NZmountainbiking #greatrides #tearamangawhero #doctgovtnz



Mt Ruapehu providing an imposing backdrop behind the bright lights of Paraparaumu beach on a rare calm and clear night in Wellington, as captured from Paekakariki Hill lookout.

As always feel free to like, share or comment.

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Ruapehu NZ

How beautiful this is!

There's some jolly clever people out there, check out this timelapse video from Bevan Percival and enjoy 49 seconds of wow 🌌😮 #RuapehuProud #ZoomToRuapehu

📹 www.instagram.com/primalearthimages


Ohakune Ski Bach's cover photo


Mt Ruapehu, Whakapapa & Tūroa Ski Areas

A bit long, buts here's some more info about the new parking regime...now let's see if it works!

The season kicks off tomorrow! We will have an update on that shortly and in the meantime here is Jono with more information on bookable parking which you will need to know before visiting this winter. More here https://help.mtruapehu.com/hc/en-us/categories/360000132455-Car-Parking




New car park booking system for Mt Ruapehu
Queuing for a carpark is set to become a thing of the past at Mt Ruapehu's Turoa and Whakapapa Ski Fields.

A new parking booking system is being introduced this season to help ease traffic congestion at the mountain during peak times and to ensure a sustainable level of visitation can be managed.

Why are we introducing capacity management via parking?

- To improve and optimise the visitor experience in accessing the national park and ski areas and to match this access to an enjoyable on ski area experience.

- Congestion management is now a necessity to sustainably preserve the Tongariro National Park environment and enjoyment of this taonga into the future.

- To ensure fair and equitable access to all user groups.

- To influence and educate visitor behaviour by prompting visitors to think in advance around the time and day of their visit.

RAL CEO Jono Dean says, “This means that visitors can book a park in advance and put an end to waiting in frustrating queues and being turned around at the last minute”.

“We’ve listened to the frustrations about queuing for parking and general volumes of visitors to the ski areas and we’ve come up with what we believe is a good solution that will ensure fair and equitable parking for everyone.”

Jono is hoping that the booking system will also encourage visitors to plan their trip in advance and avoid busy times, like weekends. “While weekends will always be busy, skiers need to consider going up the mountain mid-week to avoid crowds and queues. The new booking system will show live availability so people can easily see when is the best time to visit.”

Visitors will be able to book online at mtruapehu.com on a Wednesday which will include availability for the week ahead. Car number plates will be scanned on arrival to match to the booking at a controlled entry point on the Bruce Road or Ohakune Mountain Road.

“Visitors will also be asked how many people will be in each car, which will help us to manage the reduced safe and comfortable Carrying Capacities in place for both ski fields this season.

He adds that besides driving, there are other options to get up the mountain.
“While RAL isn’t operating a shuttle service this season there are a number of great local shuttle operators who transport visitors up the mountain from local towns.”

The booking system will be open to the public by Wednesday 8 July and in operation by Saturday July 11. The process to book and secure a carpark is free of charge to customers this season.

This week heralds the official start of the 2020 winter season. Whakapapa ski area will open on Wednesday July 1, but due to Mother Nature not delivering enough snow yet the offering will be limited.

“Our snow machines are pumping snow but we’re lacking a good base of natural snow.

The Sky Waka will be open next week for sightseeing and also Happy Valley for learners. We’re also hoping to have the tobogganing slope up and running for the school holidays but it very much depends on snowfall,” Jono says.

Before heading up the mountain visitors should check the Mt Ruapehu website for the latest updates, snowcams, weather conditions and to book a carpark. This is a mandatory component on visiting Mt Ruapehu this season. Further information about the new car parking booking system is also on the website mtruapehu.com and the Help Centre linked below.
Ngā mihi,

The Mt Ruapehu Team


I love being able to see the train station out our windows. Lucky us!

Take time out from your snow dance to see more moments like this in Ruapehu. Just before the sun dips under the horizon ✨ 💛 #Ruapehu #OurGreaterOutdoors

📸 : Colin Vickery

doc.govt.nz 17/06/2020

"Altered transport options for Whakapapa ski field this season" - DOC and RAL

Putting this here for future reference!

doc.govt.nz Altered parking and shuttle arrangements will help address traditional issues with vehicle congestion and safety near the popular Whakapapa ski field this coming season.


Mt Ruapehu, Whakapapa & Tūroa Ski Areas

We've been hoping for the go-ahead from the powers that be, here it is! If you are thinking about heading to the snow this season, get in touch! Plenty of dates still available to rent our cosy batch; close to the mountain AND the best bars in town! First in, first served!

This is the one you've been waiting for! We thank you for hanging in there with us as we waited for the green light to be able to make these announcements.

We are super excited to announce we are planning to open Whakapapa AND Tūroa on July 1st! (subject to snowfall obviously❄️❄️❄️)

Things will look a little different this year as we've said before, but here's Jono with an update and if you missed the email, here it is! https://bit.ly/MtRuapehu2805

We'll continue to update you as we move closer to our opening date, and you can also have a look at our Covid-19 Help Centre on our website here - www.mtruapehu.com/help

Again, we really do appreciate your patience and we're excited to welcome you back to the maunga soon. Start doing your snow dances everyone!!!


Frosty start in Ohakune today. Thanks Simon for the photo. Wish I was there!


Ohakune back in the day.

Colourised image. "Showing buildings in the main street of Ohakune East, including with the Ohakune Railway Station to the left (background) and a billiard room and the Ruapehu Boardinghouse to the right, with pedestrians and horses and carts in the street." Radcliffe, 1900s-1910s. Auckland Libraries Heritage Collections 35-R1214, original in the comments.



Looking good with the winter coat on. Fingers crossed for good news tomorrow #mylockdownview #kingsohakune #junctionohakune


Here we are again! Stay healthy and safe everyone!! 🧡🧡🧡 ###

Grey days have cleared during lockdown to reveal some of the good stuff.... Stay strong nz #weareallinthistogether #kingsohakune #mylockdownview #nottoobadatmyplace #junctionohakune


Lets play spot our house! Thanks Kings Bar for photographing it for us! What a gorgeous view! Julie Blanks, Bridget Koller, Graeme Wrack

Cannot get over that view #myviewisbetterthanyours #kingsohakune #ruapehubrewing #junctionohakune #ohakune


Mt Ruapehu, Whakapapa & Tūroa Ski Areas

Check this footage out!

This is one of the results of our controlled avalanche work Thursday morning at Tūroa. Travelling down from above the ski area & through Big Bowl and Why Not, ending past the lower elevation of the ski resort.

Both Big Bowl and Why Not are incredibly fun parts of our ski area to ride and avalanche control work such as this helps make sure all our guests and staff remain safe, with smiles on their faces from a good days skiing.

One of the reasons the avalanche was of this magnitude is because a persistent weak layer was buried far down in the snow pack over two weeks ago due to the ongoing storms we've been getting. When first releasing the avalanche slab was in dry snow and was moving incredibly fast, as it travelled lower it began picking up wetter snow and became the slightly slower, heavier mass you see in this video.


They also get a good view of our lovely house! The upper mountain must opening as soon as the weather improves, hope you're coming to Ohakune soon!

Hello beautiful, looking good Mt Ruapehu #myviewisbetterthanyours #kingsohakuneview #mtruapehu #junctionohakune #comeoutandplay


Sweet, this new RAL shop is beside the Powderkeg, easy walk over the tracks from the bach!

NOW OPEN! Welcome to the brand new full-service Snow Depot at the Ohakune junction!

This is the spot to purchase your Lift Passes, lessons, rentals & programmes before your head up the maunga to enjoy the snow. ❄️❄️

We also offer a full workshop service including boot fitting AND if you’re looking for those new skis or snowboard we carry a full range of hardware to help make your day riding EPIC! 🤩

Pop in now to check out what we have or head to www.mtruapehu.com/info for current open hours.



A decent amount of ❄️❄️❄️ fell over the weekend at Mt Ruapehu, building an excellent base for Tūroa, which opens at the end of this month. #ohakune #skiruapehu



Yeti has woken from summer slumber for the Fresh Direct Ohakune Carrot Carnival tomorrow!⛄️Yeti will be handing out Mt Ruapehu STICKERS & joining in the fun! 🥕😋

We’ve donated some delicious carrot cake to Ohakune Primary School, so go & taste some of the scrumptious home cooking you will expect to see on the maunga this season YUM! 🍰🍰 #LoveWinterLoveRuapehu #WinterIsComing



How about this for an epic sunrise!!

Thanks to @drobinson1411 at Kings Ohakune for catching it so we can all enjoy! 🌄


Wow, this looks great! I'm surprised at how close it is to the cafe though. I guess that is so sightseers don't have to get cold from all that nasty, freezing stuff called snow?!?

Morena from 2,020m above sea level ☀️❄️ This is the return station of the new Sky Waka Gondola at Whakapapa under construction. Mother Nature is giving us a taste of the winter to come! #new #gondola #winter2019 #hukarere


Life pass anyone?!?

Life Passes are back! Enjoy a lifetime of skiing and riding at Mt Ruapehu’s Whakapapa and Tūroa ski areas😍

Head to www.mtruapehu.com/lifepass2019 to join the Ruapehu whānau⛷ 🏂



Mt Ruapehu, Whakapapa & Tūroa Ski Areas

We're pleased to announce that after a great effort between lift manufacturers and core maintenance staff, The High Noon express chairlift at Tūroa is READY to go! 🙌🙌

Having completed the haul rope splice during the season, the Doppelmayr NZ crew recently installed a brand new Tower #15 and remaining repairs to tower #14.🤩

We're Looking forward to an EPIC season at Tūroa and will be celebrating our 40th winter!❄️✊ #WeAreTuroa #turoaturns40


Mt Ruapehu, Whakapapa & Tūroa Ski Areas

Kia ora! Here's the latest on the gondola project from Steve here at Whakapapa. The Leitner crew have been working right through the holiday period and there's lots going on. For more photos and videos, make sure you're checking in at www.mtruapehu.com/gondola #winter2019 #gondola #thisistheone


Hello all, we've just received a last minute cancellation for THIS WEEKEND if anyone wants to head to the mountain? Let me know if you can sneak away! Julie Blanks, Caroline Taylor, not sure why I can't tag you Naomi? Disclaimer: this photo is not today!


Mt Ruapehu, Whakapapa & Tūroa Ski Areas

Video update from the High Noon. #weareturoa


Shivers! Sounds like the bowls might be a bit fuller than they were! Not sure what time the avalanche happened yet but sounds like it was early so no one up there skiing And no injuries - lucky timimg!

We here at TCB would like to send all our love to the Mt Ruapehu, Whakapapa & Tūroa Ski Areas staff that were involved in the avalanche that occurred at Turoa this morning. We are so grateful that no one was hurt and all our friends are ok! This is just a stiff reminder that we are not in control of mother nature and especially in the mountains. BE safe out there guys!


Visit Ohakune

Luxury! When will it be Turoa's turn???

More great news for the region, the Government has announced a financial commitment to assist with the $25 million gondola project for Whakapapa ski field.


Ooh yeah!

OHH YES Tūroa! Looking primo 🙌❄️🌨️


📷 Renee Holton


Liquid Snow Tours


Who know's someone that gets up the mountain like this?😂

Via: FreestyleXtreme.com



Turoa Maintenance fellas headed up today to check it all out after the storm. It was too cold for any real ice, just big pockets of powdery goodness... 🎿🛷❄️☃️🔥



27 Railway Row, Ohakune
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