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[09/03/19]   Hello everyone - a call for toiletries - you know - the type that you get at hotels and motels, etc.

Everything - soaps, lip balms, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hand wash, body lotions, hand lotions, etc... These have been recently all re-packed into little bags to add to the BIG Bags for "I Got Your Back Pack". These are for people all around NZ who need to leave their homes in a hurry... and off to a Safe house.

We have recently collected enough for over 100 bags!

The IGYBP team is based locally on the Hibiscus Coast and North Shore....and packs and sends the Big bags all around NZ. It's time again to make another call for travelers, airline crew, business people etc who have the opportunity to collect these items -

We will also take larger bathroom items - they will get packed into larger packs.Drop off at North Shore Massage Therapy and Osteopathy at 9c Apollo Drive. If you need a Pick up...let us know.

Thanks Hibiscus Coast and North Shore team!

Two highly trained , qualified and experienced midwives manage the Group Practice at 9c Apollo Drive. Leila Li and Jenny Liu with the expertise of Sherlyn Goh supporting as a back-up supporting Midwife.
Leila and Jenny graduated with Bachelor of Health Science in midwifery at AUT University. Between them they have been providing maternity care since 2015 and managing births at Auckland, North Shore and Waitakere Hospitals.
They take a manageable caseload each month to enable them to provide professional, safe and quality care. Leila and Jenny have a true passion to provide the highest quality maternity care to their clients. They both speak fluent Mandarin and English.
Their clinic is at 9c Apollo Drive, North Shore (Tuesdays).
Leila - 021 132 4157 [email protected]
Jenny – 021 041 8280 [email protected]

Two highly trained and experienced midwives manage the Group Practice at 9c Apollo Drive.

Working with our Osteopaths and Massage Therapists.

Leila Li and Jenny Liu with the expertise of Sherlyn Goh supporting as a back-up supporting Midwife.
Leila Li and Jenny Liu graduated with Bachelor of Health Science in midwifery at AUT University. Between them they have been providing maternity care since 2015 and managing births at Auckland, North Shore and Waitakere Hospitals.
They take a manageable caseload each month to enable them to provide professional, safe and quality care.
Leila and Jenny have a true passion to provide the highest quality maternity care to their clients.
They both speak fluent Mandarin and English.
Their clinic is at 9c Apollo Drive, North Shore (Tuesdays).
Leila - 021 132 4157 [email protected]
Jenny – 021 041 8280 [email protected]

[08/13/19]   Albany Medispa - has been based on the North Shore for over two years at 9c Apollo Drive.


Strong working relationship with a top NZ plastic surgeon which allows us to provide a complete specialised treatment care plan. Using only the best researched based products on the market to ensure longer lasting natural results. Free 15 minutes consultation with an experienced and qualified cosmetic nurse.

Susan Durney BHSC (NSG), Post grad Cert (NSG)

Susan Durney graduated with a Bachelor of Health Science (Nursing) from the Auckland University Of Technology and later gained a Post Graduate Certificate in Nursing.

Susan has a strong background in all aspects of surgical nursing, having worked in a private medical/surgical hospital, including plastic surgery and other specialties.

More recently, Susan has provided clinical assistance alongside Plastic Surgeon Dr David Crabb as a Cosmetic Nurse Specialist, consulting with patients and providing all the injectable treatments such as Botox® and Juvederm® dermal fillers to enhance facial appearance. Susan is also experienced in providing advanced Botox® techniques including treatment of hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) and migraines.

Susan takes great satisfaction in the challenges of plastic surgery nursing, welcoming the varied nature of the work and enjoying close contact with patients while providing continuous patient care.

Susan is a member of the New Zealand Nurses Organisation and keeps up-to-date with research and current changes in this dynamic industry by attending clinical forums, workshops, webinars and conferences.

Susan is available for consultation at the Albany Medispa at 9c Apollo Drive, Mairangi Bay,(Or Warkworth Medispa and Rodney Surgical Centre,) enquiries by phone on 0800 4 277 633 or by e-mail to [email protected]

Food For Thought Nutrition
Stephanie Mount is a degree qualified nutritionist working from North Shore Massage and Osteopathy at 9c Apollo Drive, just off Constellation Drive.
It is hard to believe what are the right nutrition messages as there is so much out there. Stephanie can give you reliable information that is based on science and research so you can be confident and feel safe that you are getting the correct advice.
Stephanie will work with you to identify your goals and form a plan to get you there. She will look at your current eating pattern and lifestyle to find out what nutritional changes will work for you as an individual.
Stephanie uses a non-diet approach to food that is sustainable for long term health, both physical and mental. She promotes a healthy relationship with food that is not strict and ridged but healthful, nourishing and enjoyable.
Stephanie can help you with:
• Your overall health and wellbeing
• Sports nutrition
• Disease prevention (Type 2 Diabetes , Cardio Vascular Disease, Osteoporosis)
• Intuitive and mindful eating
• Nutrition for pregnancy
• Child and teen nutritional health

Email Steph at [email protected] for information and to discuss your needs, and ask any questions.
Bookings can be made on - using North Shore Massage and Osteopathy - Steph Mount, or call her on 021 292 2334

Sharedspace > Office Space > Health/ Professional Offices in Apollo Drive

Two of our rooms are available for your business.
One room is available full time - up to 7 days. Either a Health Professional (or group) or, if anyone needs a room to run their business from. (We can take out the treatment table if you move into that room.)
The second room is currently used just on a Tuesday and Thursday, and has a second door with access to the bathroom and kitchen. The treatment table will remain in there, so would suit a Health professional, psychotherapist, beauty therapist, etc. Two large rooms currently used by Health Professionals.


We are open during the School Holidays - for Massage Therapy and Osteopathy. Professional, Quality Therapists who work with Integrity.
It is easy to book online at , or call the office direct on 4791379

[04/29/18]   Overuse does not always mean too much exercise – postural imbalances place just as much or more strain on muscles over the long term! We will explain how Trigger Points (TrP)
develop, what they are and how to get rid of them. Another common name for trigger points is “knots”.

A Trigger Point is a palpable, painful nodule in a
taut band of muscle and literally feels like a hard knot. Anyone can get TrP’s but if nothing aggravates them they remain latent. A latent TrP does not hurt unless pressure is applied, however if they are left untreated they will remain and could develop into active TrP’s. A latent TrP restricts movement and prevents full lengthening of the muscle and over time will also cause it to
weaken. An active TrP usually causes referred pain (pain that is felt in another area away from the active TrP) as well as localized pain. Pain from an active trigger point can range from mild discomfort to torture! Nerves can also become trapped in the muscle and can cause a burning or sharp pain. Over time
if trigger points are left untreated, weakness and shortening of the muscle can occur, and this then can lead to limited range of motion.

How do Trigger Points develop?
•Acute and/or chronic muscle overload examples
could be: Postural imbalances; repetitive movements; tension.
•Direct trauma to the muscle.
•Emotional distress.

So how does a latent TrP become an active TrP?

•When a muscle that is forced to work despite
feeling pain.
•Another stressor e.g. Accident; injury; emotional
triggers or even infection can stress the muscle further.

How can professional focussed massage therapy help?

By releasing the tension in muscles and assisting the
muscle fibers to stretch to their normal length can prevent the development of trigger points and help to eliminate the latent trigger points so they do not develop into active trigger points. Regular massages – approximately once per
month to once every 6 weeks can greatly assist in keeping the muscles in top condition. If you already have some active trigger points, often a course of massages will be recommended, usually one to two weeks apart. Working on the trigger points during the massage can help alleviate the pain caused from them and prevent them spreading to other muscle groups.

[01/27/18]   Our Professional Massage Therapy and Osteopathy Rooms were one of the very first based on the North Shore over 20 years ago. We worked 5 days a week - 8 am til 8pm. Saturdays until 3pm. Our name very highly regarded in Auckland.
We now have available - two practitioner/therapist rooms with a quality electric therapy table in each room - one has Monday, Wednesday , Friday and Saturday availability. The other has Monday, Tuesday, Friday and some Saturdays. We are based on the North Shore, in Apollo Drive - off Constellation Drive.
We own 4 client parking spaces.
Rent covers an online Booking system, clean and tidy bathroom facilities with individual cloth towels for every client, a staff kitchen with quality facilities,filing cabinets, really good storage for all your supplies and equipment, PO Box, reception desk and waiting room for your clients with quality up to date magazines - and more benefits that others don't provide. Owner provides reception assistance and service over 3-4 days a week.
These professional Rooms are ideal for a Midwife Service, Podiatry, Bowen Therapy, Counselling, Acupuncture, among other Allied health services.
Currently we have filled Osteopathy and Nutrition services. Our Massage therapists cover general therapeutic, however if you are focussed on Sports , Neuro-muscular etc do let us know.
Contact Jessica at [email protected] to talk details.

[01/27/18]   We are back fulltime now for 2018 - and alongside Shore Osteopaths, we provide a One Stop shop for structural soft tissue issues... Our Massage Therapists provide Monday to Saturday appointments, and the Osteopaths Monday to Friday.

The staff had a planning meeting during a breakfast prepared by Jessica and Jo ... Healthy fruit , cereals, milks, selection of yoghurts, gluten free yummy things, and then demolished by the hot ham and cheese croissants .
This was followed by a Professional Development session focussing on specific stretches. Always great to meet up with the team - we all are great friends!

Wellness By Jessica

Wellness by Jessica...(not Jessica Cooper!) We love our 'other' Jessica's fabulous posts...

NEW BLOG: Real Life Tips to Eating Real Food
We have all read the articles where celebrities or Instagram babes share their real food diets. Starting their day with fancy smoothies made from; coconut, mushroom powder, five different herbs you have never heard of, and three types of kale, or they have a fancy food delivery service for every meal. This is not the only way to eat real food. For most people this situation is not real life, most people have some sort of budget to consider when buying food, they have other people to feed, and have limited time to source and cook their food.

Click here to read my top 8 tips for creating a real life real food diet:

It's that time of year again...many of the oils in this blend have been studied for their abilities to open and soothe the tissues of the respiratory system and also for their abilities to combat airborne bacteria and viruses that could be harmful to the system.
Breath can be applied on the chest, the back and the soles of the feet, diffuse or inhale directly.

Shore Osteopaths

Welcome to our newest Osteopath - Sara Milovik - to the team at North Shore Massage and Osteopathy. Sara joins Taz Darragh and we provide Osteopathy services Monday to Saturday.

Shore Osteopaths are an established practice. We can help with back and neck pain, as well as many other areas that you may be suffering from

Had our annual Christmas breakfast at work this morning... Champagne, berries and coconut yoghurt with a full cooked breakfast and pastries...

Ella wrapped all the staff gifts and put up the Christmas tree- assisted by mum Jo . Thank You !!!

North Shore Massage Therapy & Osteopathy

the massage room and dōTERRA essentials

Renowned as one of the most prized and precious essential oils, Frankincense has extraordinary health benefits.* In addition to its notoriety in the New Testament, the Babylonians and Assyrians would burn Frankincense in religious ceremonies and the ancient Egyptians used Frankincense resin for everything from perfume to salves for soothing skin. This centuries-old knowledge contributes to the modern uses of Frankincense today.

12 Things A Massage Therapist Knows About You After An Hour

Most of this is absolutely true. 12 Things A Massage Therapist Knows About You After An Hour

What to Expect from Pregnancy Massage - MASSAGE Magazine

... and massage with a professionally trained, experienced Registered Massage Therapist is even better, and safer for the mother. Prenatal massage with a certified therapist can be one of the most pleasurable experiences a mom-to-be can have while awaiting the birth of her child.

3 Ways Massage is Like a Marathon - MASSAGE Magazine

For the staff... I’ve run marathons for years, and I can’t help but notice how similar my work as a massage therapist is to training for these events.

[10/08/15]   In 1 week, we warmly welcome back Taz Darragh of ‘Shore Osteopaths’ to the team at 9c Apollo Drive.
Initially there will be appointments on Mondays and Thursdays , and then Taz plans to have another Osteopath join us in the New Year with extended days and hours.
For bookings with Taz, call us at 479 1379, or go on to ‘Shore Osteopaths’ .

Incorrectly Treated Frozen Shoulder - Science of Massage Institute

Reading for the staff... Last week we had a patient with left shoulder pain and ROM restriction. Two months ago the patient started to feel pain in the shoulder, which eventually caused severe restriction of motion. He wasn’t able to raise his arm or even slightly put his left arm behind his back. The patient was diagnosed…

Mati Baig


Must watch and share
Please like Mati Baig for more videos

4 Exercises for Relieving Shoulder Stiffness

For both therapists and clients Massage therapists can practice targeted self-bodywork techniques to help relieve work-related shoulder stiffness.

For our therapists and clients... Good reading on a Friday after work!

What do we know about the iliotibial band? It is a thick band of fibers that originates at the anterior superior iliac spine and the anterior aspect of the inferior lip of the iliac crest, and inserts on the lateral condyle of the tibia and Gerdy's tubercle (which is slightly distal and anterior to the lateral condyle) on the tibia. The main job or action of the IT band is to stablilize the knee or tibiofemoral joint. It also stabilizes the iliofemoral joint and keeps both the knee and hip from dislocating.

This seems pretty straight forward. The IT band, as a thick band of connective tissue, is supposed to be taut. This allows it to provide stability to the knee joint. Two muscles attach directly to the IT band. They are gluteus maximus and tensor fasciae latae (TFL).

Recognized disorders of the IT band, such as iliotibial band friction syndrome or iliotibial band syndrome, arise from the fibers becoming overdeveloped or too tight and rubbing against the knee and hip bones during movement.

My question would be why do the fibers become overdeveloped or too tight? What happens when gluteus maximus and/or TFL become facilitated or hypertonic? Since the fibers of gluteus maximus and TFL blend into the IT band, excess tension in either of these muscles will cause excess tension in the IT band.

Okay, so what causes excess tension in gluteus maximus? Since gluteus maximus originates at the inferior posterior sacrum, the posterior coccyx, and the posterior iliac crest, a shift of these bones can cause additional tension in the gluteus maximus they shifted toward. These bones can shift in response to tension in the pelvic floor muscles, external oblique, internal oblique, latissimus dorsi, the erectors, lordosis, scoliosis, lumbar or sacral misalignments, or tension in the posterior hip muscles.

Gluteus maximus inserts on the IT band, but it also inserts on the gluteal tuberosity of the posterior femur. This means that the position of the femur can also create excess tension in gluteus maximus. The position of the femur is influenced by the balance of the muscles in the thigh and hip. For example, the tension of vastus lateralis and vastus medialis needs to remain balanced to keep the femur from shifting. If, for example, vastus lateralis is holding more tone than vastus medialis the femur will likely shift lateral and possibly into lateral rotation, creating more tension in gluteus maximus.

The excess tension in vastus lateralis, which inserts on the tibial tuberosity through the quadricep tendon and patellar ligament, also has the potential to pull the tibia into a position of lateral rotation. If the tibia, where the IT band inserts, is in lateral rotation, the posterior fibers of the IT band are likely to become tightened further. These are the same fibers that initiated from the gluteus maximus insertion, so this will create more excess tension in gluteus maximus.

Let's look at two different possibilities of what would happen to TFL in our scenario. One possibility is that TFL will become inhibited or have less than normal tone. In this scenario the lateral rotation of the femur at the iliofemoral joint would be enhanced. One of TFL's actions is medial rotation of the thigh at the hip. This counterbalances the lateral rotation of the thigh at the hip performed by gluteus maximus. So when TFL is inhibited, gluteus maximus becomes further facilitated or hypertonic, which creates more tension in the IT band.

The second possibility is that the tension in gluteus maximus has pulled the femur head proximal into the acetabulum and shortened the superior aspect of the iliofemoral joint. In this case, TFL may feel very shortened and tight. This does not mean that it is facilitated. The muscle may still be inhibited and unable to fire properly.

Now this is getting more complicated. Further complicating our understanding of the IT band is the knowledge that the gluteal aponeurosis adheres to and blends with the IT band. The gluteal aponeurosis originates from the posterior iliac crest and inserts on the IT band. It covers the most anterior fibers of gluteus medius. It also gives rise to the uppermost fibers of gluteus maximus. If we follow this line into the lower back and onto the posterior sacrum we see that gluteus maximus and the gluteal aponeurosis blend with the thoracolumbar fascia of the lower back and sacrum.

Instead of going higher up the body, let's go back to the IT band. We now know that at the level of the greater trochanter, the IT band takes fibers in from gluteus maximus, TFL, and the gluteal aponeurosis. To add to this knowledge, it should be noted that the IT band actual begins as three distinct layers. The layers are the superficial, the intermediate, and the deep. These layers merge and insert on the lateral condyle of the tibia and Gerdy's tubercle.

Although there is a solid case to be made for excess tension in the IT band stemming from a shift in the hip, sacrum, or coccyx bone, and just as much of a case to be made for excess tension in the IT band stemming from muscle imbalances in either the hip or the thigh, I am always drawn to the lower leg as the possible cause.

This would be because the anterior fibers of the IT band connect into the tibialis anterior muscle, which originates from the lateral condyle of the tibia, the proximal 2/3 of the tibial shaft, and the interosseus membrane. After crossing the front of the ankle and moving along the medial side of the foot, tibialis anterior inserts on the base of the first metatarsal.

For me, this means that the position of the foot at the ankle and the intricate workings of all the intrinsic muscles of the foot have quite a bit to do with tension in the IT band. Just this week I had a client come back in after a 90 minute massage session where I had talked him into letting me work on his feet and lower legs to alleviate his hip pain. He looked me straight in the eye and very seriously said, "you were right, that foot work really helped my hip pain."

Part of me really wanted to explain that this was due to the oversupination of his right foot causing a lateral shift in the tibia and excess tension in the tibialis anterior muscle, which results in excess tension in the IT band, which happens to thicken at the greater trochanter - right where his pain generally is - due to a convergence of two muscles and an aponeurosis, but I just smiled and nodded.

Full Circle is running a special right now on SMRT continuing education videos and free textbooks. This special runs through August 7, 2015. Please use code FREEBOOKS at checkout. More information is available at

Additionally, I will be teaching live SMRT: Thigh & Knee and SMRT: Lower Leg & Foot seminars in Lake Elmo, MN from August 7-9; in Oceanside, CA from September 25-27; and in Pittsburgh, PA from December 4-6, 2015. Register at

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9c Apollo Drive, Mairangi Bay

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