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Mavis and Osborn Established 2011 by Tamzin Hawkins Mavis & Osborn is a New Zealand made & owned lifestyle brand, led by fashion designer Tamzin Hawkins.

Located in Kingsland Auckland, all products are made with the finest materials right here in NZ.

Operating as usual

We have a few kids hats available. $59 - olive and light blue denim - Nīkau wears the 12 - 24month size DM if you would like one

A recent job for my sister - @pilatesflow_nz

Olive green firewood carrier heading off to a new home.

When I’m feeling Klein blue..

Mavis & Osborn's cover photo

Mavis & Osborn

End result.

Making some custom laptop covers today in this beautiful donkey grey leather. If you want one send us a pm.

The beautiful Hayley from @kamiandkindred with her potters apron handing in her studio. Some words on her up

Waffle waffle waffle and a beautiful bathroom from the home of @alexandcorban

These have yet to be loaded to our website! But we are gearing up for some serious NZ adventures this summer! Picnics a plenty!

Just a little reminder to fit some time in for play!

There are more of these natural linen laundry bags are currently being made, so if you missed out on the first batch, we can put your name down for the next one.

We recently made some removable liners to go inside our laundry bags for @feel_lifted_massage and we thought other people might be interested in them too. It means you can transport the contents of your laundry bag to the washer, then to the washing line and leave the bag / frame behind. You can also easily throw it in with your washing. Thoughts??

Our waffle towels are already super absorbent when they arrive in your home. There’s no need to prewash or salt wash to make them dry you or your dishes.


Our new Mustard waffles on some lovely hooks from @frances_nation_shop

Our carriers are back in stock for winter! $125 - free shipping NZ wide. Black or olive green. These double as a flower bag / weed mat.

Beautiful packaging @ingridstarnes

We hope you all had a lovely weekend and to all the mothers out there you are incredible and precious - be kind and look after yourselves . Nikau says if you haven’t got your garden going yet.. dig dig! (Or no dig method in our garden) Our ultimate Mother Nature deserves to be cared for too x

Kua hoki mai nei ki te ūkaipō

Return to your spiritual and physical nourishment

Good Morning sunshine! We are back in the studio today along with a lot of our suppliers across the country. 🙌 things will be different but I think overall it’s a good thing. With time to slow down, reflect and appreciate the little things that really matter we can see how what we do how we choose to spend our time and money affects others within our community. I’m not that active on here, as I am better at making things. But I just want to say thanks for all your support for our little local business over the years . Nothing you see in our collection would be possible without your support and by supporting us you are also supporting all the other businesses behind ours that help make it happen. Our fabric / leather suppliers, cutters, graders, machinest, buttonholers, fusers, dyers, thread supplier, elastic suppliers, cotton tape supplier, the powder coaters, the steelworkers, the couriers, the box makers, the list goes on and on, we love all the people we work and they each share an important role within our little business they are all linked by the gold thread that connects our community! He aha te mea nui o te Ao? he tangata, he tangata, he tangata. X

Arrived home to find a beautiful Easter surprise from our friends @cultivatenelson tasty oyster mushrooms in our mailbox today. So we made some pasta! We have been busy working from home during this lockdown so it’s been nice to have a few days off over the Easter weekend. Hope you are all doing ok. Have been seeing so many wonderful creative projects and incredible dishes!

When there’s time, and your hands are free let your mind and body wonder into the kitchen and fill up with creative goodness. We are all in this together, please be kind and share.

Our concrete path has taken on board our gardening efforts!

Mm mmm here’s some lunch time inspiration for the weekend!! Our oven mittens are available @sowgoodstore, or you can DM me if you aren’t in the Nelson region thanks for this beautiful shot @alifeunstyled I will happily come for dinner at your place!

This heat is hanging around so we are making more hats we are back in production next week if anyone wants to order one. We have been making them to order - big heads / little heads / baby heads / toddler heads we will make one to fit you.

Hello laundry day @paperplanestore

Our Laundry baskets looking beautiful along side natural tones thanks to our Mt Maunganui stockist @paperplanestore

Arrived home today to find the council has been round, our boy Banty has been told to leave the city. If anyone with a rural property near Nelson would like a tame little bantam rooster. Let us know.. and we will bring him to his new home. We didn’t choose him he chose us, he arrived on our deck as a little guy with baby feathers followed by a cat, so I think someone else realised he was a rooster and dropped him off down our road. We didn’t realise until his feathers grew and he started to practice his cocoroo then the penny dropped, but he eats the bugs and keeps some of the sparrows from the vege garden, he sleeps in the grapefruit tree and has a gentle cocoroo, he comes down for breakfast and dinner and he’ll eat from your hand. Nikaus first pet and we have to say bye cos someone complained about a little crow.

Back at work, our little shop is open again 10-3 Tues to Saturday. Come say hi @sowgoodstore

Made some new styles for the shop @sowgoodstore - our Corokia wrap - garden jacket in natural Linen $275 PM if you would like one - this size is S and fits 8, 10, 12

A wee summer gifting steal. Any 3 Tea towels for $65 - free shipping within NZ PM if your keen.
Colours listed from the top! Turmeric, Klien Blue, pumice grey, Kawakawa Green, Rust, Mustard, light blue! Today only!

Our Laundry baskets available in Black Linen and Cream Canvas are now available through @kept.home in the U.S.A. We worked together with there team to have the frames made in the U.S with a local manufacturer, the bags are made in Nelson NZ and the frames are made in Michigan USA.

All your pretty hat orders in the making!!

Our Story

Mavis & Osborn, is a small lifestlye brand located in Nelson New Zealand, all our products are hand made with the finest materials sourced both locally and from overseas, and proudly made in New Zealand.

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