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Morninside Laser Studio in Morninside Drive, Morninside/Sandringham, Auckland. We provide QSwitched Yag laser tattoo removal, Laser hair removal and carbon facials.

Morninside Laser Studio is based in Morninside Drive, Morninside, Auckland. We provide QSwitched Yag laser tattoo removal.

Operating as usual

Deal good for February

It can be quite embarrassing having your ex's name tattooed on you. Not to mention a bone of contention when your current partner is not happy about it.
Contact me for an appointment 021-905990 ($50 deposit required, I am sick of no-shows!) Deal good for February.

Merry Christmas. Open most days over the break

thank you, thank you and I wish you all the best for 2021

deINK Tattoo Removal on Google

You dont have to live with bad brows. CAN I GET MY BAD BROW TATTOO REMOVED? Tattooed brows are now popular with some talented artists offering microblading. Unfortunately, there are also less talented brow artists resulting in people wanting their brow tattoos off. Removal of microblading is not always straight forward. Laser eyebrow ta...

Got a bad brow job? Come and see me, I might be able to help

GOT BAD BROWS? I can help with that...
These brows are not really that bad, I have seen much much worse. My client had them done about 20 years ago and it is very likely that they were done with tattoo ink.
We did a test patch 2 weeks ago and in the area I tested the ink basically disappeared so I knew it was going to be great. She came back yesterday and contacted me today to say how happy she was after one day. This means the ink should come out in two treatments. Yaaa. It was very easy though, as tattoo ink comes off brows quickly. The inks that are used in brows now days dont always make it so easy.


Yaaaa we really should make this National Tattoo Removal Month!

Book and pay for your next laser tattoo removal before 6pm on the 14 September and get a free First Aid Kit worth $15
Just so you know that there is even a day for your laser tattoo removal!

deINK Tattoo Removal on Google

Important that you know the answers before you commit.
BTW, the answer is no 🤓 CAN LASER TATTOO REMOVAL CAUSE CANCER? People have asked me if laser tattoo removal can cause cancer. The answer is no, not directly. A tattooist once told me that his boss developed liver cancer after laser tattoo removal. It’s not possible that the cancer was caused by the laser, because we are ...

we will contact you as soon as we are open again

Are you also sitting around looking at your now unwanted tattoo during lockdown?
Message us now to get on our email list for notification of when we will be open again
#lasertattooremoval #safetattooremoval #aucklandtattooremoval

George? Michael? Betty? what should I name my new tattoo removal laser?
#lasertattooremoval #tattooremovalauckland


It is kind of a tradition that I name my tattoo removal lasers. My new tattoo removal laser is HUGE! (and fast and effective)

Whoever comes up with a great name for this new beast will get a free tattoo removal treatment.

You can even gift it to a friend or family member but they do need to use it before the end of October. Also REMEMBER, I am in Auckland so you need to be able to get to me, as this beauty is definitely not portable 😂

#lasertattooremoval #tattooremovalauckland

deINK Tattoo Removal on Google

Fast and furious is one way to think about it :) Does laser tattoo removal hurt? Does laser tattoo removal hurt? The truth is yes, laser tattoo removal hurts. There is good news. Laser tattoo removal is very quick so unlike getting a tattoo, you are not experiencing the pain for long. When the laser stops, the pain stops. Numbing gel can be used a...

We have noticed that some of our clients are worried that their laser hair removal process has been interrupted by the lock down.

They have also noticed that their hair is growing back.

As well, there are some information on the web that say that any break in the treatment program means that all the treatments you have had in the past are wasted. This just doesn't make sense. Once we have damaged a hair follicle with the laser, it does not repair itself. Other hair follicles do develop hair on or near the treated area. These hairs would have developed anyway.

Please don’t panic! This hair growth just means that you currently have a lot of anagen hair (the hair in the active growth phase). This is the hair we target with the laser so once you resume treatment, you should have a really good clearance after your first session back 😊

You can shave (daily if needed), but avoid plucking, waxing, epilating or hair removal creams.

Also take some photos of the hair growth (so we can compare the before and afters in the future. Also shave on the day you come to me, so there is absolutely no stubble.

If you want to make an appointment then call or text me 021-905990

I look forward to seeing you all soon.

[05/20/20]   Success! Danielle had 8 IPL treatments with absolutely no reduction in hair. She was really worried about wasting money again so we agreed that she would try just one treatment in one area and see how it went.

"The hair started sliding out after about a week, so I knew it was working". I am very pleased and keen to start working on other areas".

Deink Tattoo Removal

Hair removal? Winter is the best time to start your treatments


Gosh, I hope you have gotten through the last weeks relativity unscathed. Seriously, I have missed you. While I work from home most of the time except for my prison runs, I still have lots of people coming to my office so I always have company. The last 6 weeks in lock down and now I really know how my incarcerated clients feel! Locked up 24/7 although I have to admit that I had wine and a comfy couch, so probably not quite as bad a prison

Fortunately this madness is nearly over. We have just heard from the PM and Ministry of Health that beauty therapy professionals, and as an extension laser operators, are allowed to reopen their doors to the public once we are in level 2, however, there are rules that really do need to be adhered to.

MoH and WorkSafe have not released specifics yet as they are still being fine-tuned...

However, the PM has reiterated the following:

Not treating sick people
Anyone with a sore throat, coughing or feeling unwell stay home and get tested
Staggered work time to avoid too many people in the workspace (not a problem as it is just me)
Extra care and attention to hand washing/sanitising
Disinfecting work surfaces, car keys, phones, door handles etc
Use of PPE- review from past bulletins correct application and removal of disposable gloves and masks
Client tracking system

Once WorkSafe releases more details I will be able to put a proper plan in place to keep us all safe. Most of the Ministry of Health's guidelines are what I have been doing since I started wearing masks a few months ago.

As a result of being able to start work again I will be taking bookings from Thursday 14 May. Feel free to contact me or go onto my booking system and make a booking. I do reserve the right to move your booking slightly if the bookings come in too close. I am thinking about having 90 minute appointments setup that way I have plenty of time to wipe things down and get prepared for my next client.

If you have any questions or concerns please get in touch. 021-905990

Also and this is a bit random... but if you are feeling stressed or anxious, you are welcome to book a free 30 minute hypnotherapy consultation with me. We are almost at the end of this, but feeling anxious and worried for 6 weeks is almost enough time to form a habit (of worry etc) so if you need some help, please allow me to have the privilege of serving you in this matter. Call me or email me and we can setup a Skype or Zoom meeting.

Please note you are receiving this email because you are or have been a client of deINK. If you don't wish to be contacted by me in the future then please just send me an email and I will remove you off my list immediately.

LIKE us?

Kind regards


deINK Tattoo Removal on Google

Will Laser Tattoo Removal Remove Hair
#tattooremoval #lasertattooremoval #laserhairremoval WILL LASER TATTOO REMOVAL REMOVE HAIR? Are you worried about your hair being removed while you are getting laser tattoo removal? Tattoo removal lasers and hair removal lasers are very different. The standard for laser tattoo removal is the QSwitched laser and the new standard for laser hair removal....

Deink Tattoo Removal

Procrastination is definitely not going to get you where you want to go when it comes to laser tattoo removal. The sooner you start, the sooner your tattoo will be gone...although not that soon :)
#safetattooremoval #deINK #lasertattooremoval

I make sure that all my clients understand the laser tattoo removal process. If you dont understand the issues then you are at risk of being permanently scarred by an either unscrupulous or uneducated tattoo removal operator

Tattoo removal lots to know...

Tattoos on fingers, toes and ankles are slow to come off. Here is one of my lovely clients who fortunately understands the process.
When I first saw this tattoo to be removed it looked black but at a closer look and after some of the black ink had faded you could see the purple and yellow.
These colours are not going to come off with a QSwitched Yag laser but we have some other options up our sleeves a little further down the track, such as dermal pen treatments.
This is $75 per treatment.

Our Diode laser is awesome! Photo 2 is BEFORE the second treatment. Only $150 per treatment. Private studio in Morningside/Kingsland

Who is excited that summer finally seems to be here... and who is mortified that they have a hairy back? Still time to get one laser hair removal treatment in before Christmas.

ONLY $150 for back and shoulders (per treatment) and + $50 if we have to clipper you so get your significant other to help you out the day before you come :)

Want to start your laser treatments before Christmas... we still have appointments available, and it will be far less painful than this :)

The reason you need to have several laser hair removal sessions is because the laser only works on hair that is in growth phase and at any one time only approximately 20% of the hair is in growth phase.

Carbon is applied to your face. The carbon is allowed to dry, and is absorbed by the superficial dead skin cells. Our laser is then used to vaporise the carbon along with the dead skin cells. The skin will appear fresher, the pore size will reduce, often black heads and white heads are also removed. A series of treatments will produce new collagen which reduces the appearance of fine lines. There really isn't a more effective treatment that doesn't involve a scalpel. Call now for an appointment 021905990

Deink Tattoo Removal

We are always so careful when doing laser on brows. Clients often want to just get on with it but a test patch and a wait period is imperative.
Come and see us for a consultation. 021905990
#browtattoo #badbrows #micropigmentation

Getting your brows tattooed can give you a wonderful confidence boost. Unfortunately, if you decide that you dont like them then sometimes, because of the ink, they can be quite difficult to get off with laser. This video is a bit waffly but worth watching to the end.

Laser all sounds a bit scary. Fortunately it is not. Some people even find laser hair removal painless. For the others, it is just a bit hot and some describe it as feeling like the flick of a rubber band on the skin. Certainly nothing you cant handle!
Laser hair removal works by sending light to the hair pigment, the light converts to heat which deliberately damages the hair follicle and hair bulb.
It takes 6 to 14 days after your treatment to see a difference and 4 to 12 treatments depending on the treatment area to get full results.

Remember, the hair needs to be dark enough for the treatment to work, but you need to keep out of the sun so your skin does not get darker. The laser cant tell the difference between the colour of the hair and the colour of your skin.
You should shave the day before your treatment as the treatment is only successful if you have the hair in the follicle. This means you shouldn’t wax, pluck or bleach before your appointments because this will prevent the machine from treating these hairs.

You heard it right... deINK now does laser hair removal as well.

so true. sometimes it is hard to take your eyes off someones brows they are so, 'over done'
We can help you if your brows for you if you have brows that look like wedges

Why tattoos are a problem in Japan

too late to get your tattoo off before heading to Japan :( Any visitor with visible tattoos will probably attract stares and obvious signs of disapproval in public places.

Deink Tattoo Removal

White ink, while very trendy at the moment, could become a curse. Hopefully no one ever gets a tattoo with the idea that they can just get it off again when they are over it, the truth is that tattoos are not easy to remove and white ink in particular, is impossible to remove with a laser.

White ink is getting very popular in tattooing lately. Unfortunately if you change your mind about your tattoo or the tattooist does not deliver what you were expecting, the white ink is not going to come out... and this video tells you why.

Deink Tattoo Removal

Frosting during laser tattoo removal... explained

All about frosting! Frosting is the result of the laser beam hitting the ink during the laser tattoo removal process. Frosting is one the the 3 things that a laser operator is looking for when doing the treatment. When there is not a lot of ink, then there is not a lot of frosting... lots of ink, then lots of frosting. Frosting fades after a few minutes (or a few hours) and then the ink/skin goes back to pre-treatment but the ink absorption will be starting and will continue over the next 8 weeks or so.

This is probably not the look you are after for summer... start your laser hair removal program now and embrace smooth...
Laser hair removal for full back is only $150 per treatment. Could be as few as 4 treatments once every 4-8 weeks to see a massive hair reduction.

Never have to shave your under arms again!

Be in to win 4 laser underarm hair removal sessions including your patch test!

To be in to win you need to:
LIKE our page
LOVE this post
Comment 'YES' on this post
There are some things you need to be aware of...
Laser is not suitable for everyone so we will need to have a chat to ensure it is safe for you.
We will be taking photos and possibly videos for our social media.
You need to be able to attend appointments in Auckland.

Sharing is caring so we would love you to share as well.

The winner will be drawn at random on Monday 16th September! And we would like to start asap because winter is the best time for laser hair removal!

You’ve got to be in it to win it!

Brow tattoo removal only $140 per treatment. You may possibly need 4 treatments (once a month) Don't live with bad brows longer than you need to!

Stuff about laser tattoo removal

laser hair removal and laser tattoo removal... we have you covered 😍 Tattoo removal is a complicated issue and even the most seasoned laser operators find that they are learning new things every day. Every time a client comes in for laser tattoo removal a laser oper…

In our studio we do laser tattoo removal, laser hair removal, laser wrinkle removal (carbon facials) come and see us for a free consultation

This is one of my very happy clients. This removal process has not not been plain sailing. After treatment #2 she had an allergic reaction to the ink that was being absorbed. As it turned out, she had the same reaction when she was getting the tattoo done.

We started breaking down her treatment area into four so she would come in every few weeks or so and we would work on another little area to give her body a chance to absorb the ink. This did slow the process down, so we have been working together for about 18 months, but it is now all coming together. It make take at least another 5 or so treatments to get back to bare skin. My client is also getting fit and losing weight so this also helps the removal process.

Very happy client who is referring me to friends which I am very grateful for.

laser everything... hair removal, tattoo removal, fungus removal and wrinkle removal 😁

You dont have to live with your mistakes

Deink Laser Studio

Deink Tattoo Removal

I currently charge between $55-$75 for laser treatments on facial tattoos. You will need at least 5, depending on lots of factors. IT IS PAINFUL!!!

Seriously please dont tattoo your face. You could be the nicest, smartest person around but people will still judge you. You may think you dont care, and maybe you dont, but one day you will. As well, I need to put my prices up!!!

Our Story

deINK (and deFuzzz) is based at our relaxing, comfortable home office in Morningside Drive, Sandringham.

We specialise in light therapies which include laser tattoo removal, laser hair removal, Carbon facials, LED light treatments and dermal facials. We work hard to provide our clients with high quality, effective treatments so that they can see the difference.

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Bertha the QSwitched Laser in Action



3 Morningside Drive

Opening Hours

Tuesday 10:30 - 17:30
Wednesday 09:30 - 17:30
Thursday 10:30 - 17:30
Friday 10:30 - 16:00
Saturday 09:30 - 15:00
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