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Maxwell Clinic

We specialise in Traditional Chinese Medicine for injury recovery and fertility. Treatments include Acupuncture, Natural fertility, massage, cupping & more

Justin Dwen is an ACC registered acupuncturist holding a New Zealand Degree in Health and Science majoring in Acupuncture. Justin specialises in injury recovery and Natural Fertility. He holds a Diploma of Chinese Massage, a Certificate of Fitness Management and is an accredited Natural Fertility educator. He is currently the secretary of the New Zealand Chinese Medicine Acupuncture Society and a council member of the World Federation of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Justin gained an interest in holistic health through witnessing his father’s natural recovery from a life threatening terminal condition. As an acupuncturist working within the Traditional Chinese Medicine (“TCM”) model, Justin applies these ancient techniques to complement our modern lifestyle. Justin appreciates the TCM model’s consistency, with particular regard to the diagnosis and treatment principles that have been developed over thousands of years. He has seen first-hand the true value of TCM and is passionate about working alongside conventional medicine and treating the root cause of disease.

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

[03/16/17]   Acupuncture is an effective and safe way to promote optimal health during pregnancy. Apart from being used to treat many pregnancy related symptoms, Acupuncture can have significant effects in regulating hormone's and the immune system. This may be important in reducing the risk of miscarriage in the early stages of pregnancy


#Bromelain is a Protein-digesting enzyme that is found in #pineapples. It is thought to be help with Implantation of a fertilised egg . This can be help support #natural #fertility, #conception or during a #IVF #embryo #transfer

#Maxwell Clinic recommends Bromelain to our #Natural #fertility clients or #IVF clients during their course of #treatments. For further information, contact Maxwell Clinic today.

#Propolis is a compound that is produced by bees. This is used to treat #wounds, Cold Sores, Genital #Herpes, mouth #surgery and even #cancer.

Propolis has been traditionally used for centuries for it's medicinal properties. There are more than 300 compounds identified by researches.

#Maxwell Clinic recommends Propolis as a solution for most viral, bacterial and immune deficiency conditions. For further information, contact Maxwell clinic today.

At #Maxwell Clinic we love bees, here are some of the wonderful benefits they can provide us from one of the many substances they can produce.

#Royal #Jelly is a substance that is used for many different ailments. Some #benefits are.

1. Increase #fertility of men and support #fertility of woman
2. Increase Sperm motility
3. Promote Healthy #Digestion
4. #Weight control
5. #Immune system support and function

Are you going through enough trouble to get some good night #sleep due to various discomforts and #pain? Let us help you through the best practices of #Acupuncture to treat you. For further details about our treatments,please contact #Maxwell Clinic today.

Are you suffering from #Migraine? Do regular #headaches keep you away from your work and play? Suffer no more! Are you aware that there are methods that could help you out of this misery? We can treat you with our best #acupuncture and #cupping methods. For further information, contact #Maxwell Clinic today.

Are you feeling nervous about an #acupuncture treatment because
it involves needles?

You ask, will the #needles hurt?
Most patients are not aware of the #acupuncture needles once they have been inserted, and describe the feeling of the needles being inserted as “a small scratch”, “mosquito bite” or “pin prick”.

Are they safe and #hygienic?
Yes. The needles we use are extremely fine, single-use needles, which are disposed of at the end of each treatment.

We are sure you may have many more questions like this. Feel free to visit this link below or contact #Maxwell Clinic today.

#Tuina #massage is a special massage that can be used for #relaxation, injury #recovery.This is a thousand year old #Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)and this treatment is highly #effective and a non #invasive way to maintain health. Tuina is well known for its effectiveness in treatment of muscular and skeletal conditions, headaches, anxiety, and circulatory problems.

For conditions such as # injury rehabilitation, #relaxation, #detoxification, #pain relief, common cold and #depression, #Cupping,is a useful, traditional pain-free Chinese therapy where glass cups are applied to the skin to create a mild suction which promotes blood and lymph flow.

This is recognised as a safe and relaxing #treatment globally.

For more details contact #Maxwell Clinic today

Maxwell clinic specialises in #Acupuncture. We offer a wide range of #treatments to cater #Maxwell Clinic to your needs. Our services are provided by an #experienced ACC treatment providing

For further details Contact us to make a booking or visit our website below for more info..

Athletes get #injured often due to their active lifestyle. If you face such an event, the first thing you seek is a #speedy #recovery.

#Acupuncture #treatments can help you speed up your recovery. We have a variety of treatments that will bring you back to #action sooner than you expect.

Read more about what #Maxwell Clinic can provide.

#Smoking is an addiction most people #struggle to seek a way out.
Did you know that Addiction #withdrawals can be greatly reduced with #Acupuncture? Acupuncture is a very effective #withdrawal treatment for many addictions. For more information, Contact #Maxwell clinic today

#Induced #labour # past your due date? #looking for a safe way to help induce #labour? #had enough of later #pregnancy? Looking for natural# Labour# induction # Acupuncture can provide a safe method to help induce #labour for more details contact #Maxwell #Clinic today.

Are you suffering from Back #pain? or is it a #back #injury or you simply want to release the #tension that bothers you? #Maxwell Clinic offers effective #Acupuncture #therapy for your needs. Contact #Maxwell Clinic today.

#Pregnancy #Acupuncture is safe and drug free and can also be used to relieve many #common #conditions that occur during pregnancy. Such as nausea, heartburn, fatigue and exhaustion, reducing swelling, relieving pelvic pain and so much more. For more details, Contact #Maxwell Clinic today.

Looking for some effective ,#experienced #Acupuncture treatment in #Auckland? #Maxwell Clinic provides a variety of #treatments for you. For further information, feel free to contact Maxwell Clinic today.

Acupuncture and Natural Medicine

Traveling for the human body through the acupuncture meridians. Point location, orientation and his path through the body. These meridians used in traditional Chinese medicine and other Oriental medicines. 3D animation

Viaje por el cuerpo humano a traves de los meridanos de acupuntura. Localizacion de los puntos, orientacion y su camino por el cuerpo. Estos meridianos se usan en la Medicina Tradicional China y otras medicinas Orientales. Animacion 3D

Cursos intensivo de Acupuntura y Tecnicas Manuales Inscripcion Abierta. Tambien en linea

Reservar Plaza Tel-Washaaps.+34 633321939
email: [email protected]

Taller practico de Acupresion y Respiracion en linea y presencial

Curso de Acupuntura y Medicina Natural Estetica Inicio Enero en linea y presencial

Curso - Modulo Abierto Electroacupuntura para el dolor y Tratamientos sintomaticos puntos Ashi y gatillo.

Organiza: Asociación de la Unión Internacional De Medicinas Complementarias.

+ info:
Tel-Washaaps.+34 633321939
email: [email protected]

#Acupuncture and #Natural #Medicine




If your baby remains in the #breech position during #pregnancy, we at Maxwell Clinic have a 75% success rate of turning your baby in a safe and painless manner using #acupuncture and #moxabustion . Make sure this is done by a specialised #professional. For further information contact #maxwell clinic today.

Are you facing any challenges in #pregnancy? Let our #Acupuncture methods help you to #increase your chance of conception# and reduce any discomforts regarding your #pregnancy. For more details, contact #Maxwell Clinic today.

"Are you suffering from discomfort caused by #pregnancy? Or is your due date in the near future? Try Acupuncture! #Maxwell clinic is here to help with our safe form of treatment for your mums-to-be! Book 6 #Acupuncture treatments for the special price of $350 and save $130 off our standard #consultation fee!

There is a large body of scientific data from studies that seeks to explain the mechanisms of #acupuncture.

Current data shows that acupuncture promotes the production of “endorphins’ that #relieve #pain, improve the immune system, regulate blood flow and hormones, is anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic and improves well being.

Would you like to witness the wonders of #Acupuncture? Contact #Maxwell Clinic today to know more.

Auckland Acupuncture

#Acupuncture is an ancient system of healing that has been continuously refined during its 4,500 year history.
It uses fine needles inserted into specific points in the body to balance the body, mind and spirit.

#Sterile needles are inserted into the body at carefully selected points to stimulate the body’s own #healing processes.

The needles we use are extremely fine, single-use needles, which are disposed of at the end of each #treatment.

We offer you #Acupuncture treatments in #Auckland. Want to know more? Contact #Maxwell Clinic today.

The health of the #sperm is important for the health of the embryo and therefore the pregnancy success. #Fertility #Acupuncture has been shown to improve the quality, quantity and motility of sperm.

Want to know more about #male #fertility? Please contact #Maxwell Clinic today.

Following years of research, it is now a well known fact that using #fertility #acupuncture during In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) can increase the success rate of the #IVF #treatment. Undergoing IVF can be a stressful time, mentally physically and emotionally,so it’s important to be in the best possible health before beginning the IVF treatment.Want to know more about #IVF? Contact #Maxwell #Clinic today.

#Pregnancy #Acupuncture is a safe and drug free procedure that can be used to relieve many common conditions such as nausea, heartburn, fatigue and exhaustion, reducing swelling, relieving pelvic pain, turning breech #babies and induction / promoting #labour during #pregnancy. For more details, contact #Maxwell Clinic today.

Do you suffering from muscular or painful skeletal conditions? Severe #headaches, #anxiety, circulatory problems or hormonal imbalance? We provide a special ancient Chinese #massage called #Tuina. Contact our experts today for further details.

Are u another victim of that seeks for a solution for your arthritis, #detox, chronic #pain, skin disorders and many more other disorders? Fear not. We have a treatment option. #Moxibustion is a traditional Chinese medicine #therapy that has a history for thousands of years. For more details contact our experts today.

Looking for an easier method of #detox? #Cupping is the answer for you.
Cupping not only detoxifies you, it, relaxes muscles, it relieves pain, colds and coughs.

Tired of watching the scale and counting calories? We can help you! #Acupuncture Therapy has proved to be an effective weight-loss treatment. Follow the link and book an #appointment with us. We can change your life.

Now you can shorten and promote an efficient #labour with #Acupuncture! Read more here

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