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I went to the Baby Show today with my two daughters and Grandson and we purchased some of this yummy food. I had the pleasure to meet with Maja, what a delightful and lovely lady she is. There was a bit of a mix up with our order and Maja without a second thought has offered to send out free of charge the food that we missed. Thank you so much Maja and good luck with your business, it really is the most delicious food 🙂
Great article in today's paper Maja

Foodie Babe creates & delivers fresh, 100% organic food for babies with a culinary twist to shape the palate. The Foodie babe philosophy is to palate train babes with vegetables first so they don't develop a preference for sweet flavours.

THE FOODIE BABE STORY When my daughter Valentina was about to start her food journey, I was determined to pass onto her my love & passion for food. Right from the start, I wanted her to eat real food, with wonderful flavours and a variety of textures. I also wanted to introduce vegetables as her first foods so that she didn't develop a preference for sweet foods. Vegetables need to taste like vegetables, right?! Well, it turns out it's not that simple. I quickly discovered that most of the major baby food brands mix Stage 1 vegetable meals with fruit, alot of fruit, some as high as 60% fruit. It didn’t take me too long to figure out that there isn’t a lot of good quality, real vegetable meals for babes on offer. This is so frustrating for parents, especially when you want a night off the cooking, feel completely knackered or you've never been into cooking and you want to give your babe delicious & healthy food. Due to my sheer frustration with the lack of quality real food options for babes, I thought there must be heaps of parents who feel the way I do, not quite understanding why there needs to be a compromise between real food and convenience. That's why I founded Foodie Babe. Foodie Babe offers a complete service (& support) for busy (and knackered) NZ parents who want to give their babes delicious handmade food made with fresh, organic ingredients. Vegetable meals taste like vegetables, we don't use fruit to hide the flavour. Foodie Babe is all about real food for babies made with wonderful fresh organic produce + ingredients, seasoned with organic herbs, spices and loads and loads of love. We don't add sugar, salt or any preservatives. We officially launch at the Auckland Baby show (18-20 August), and we’ll take pre orders at the show (pre orders will have an incredible launch offer available at the Baby show only). We're on a mission to transform food for babies in NZ and to help create the next generation of healthy & adventurous eaters. Join us! Love, Maja

Operating as usual

Sustainable Business Network

Can’t believe it’s been 3 months since we finished the Good Food Boost mentoring program.

At the mo, we’re doing loads of work behind the scenes, so we can create much needed changes and fiercely disrupt the mainstream NZ baby food category.

2020 is the start of the change - exciting times ahead!

Happy healthy eating for everyone! 🥦❤️🥦

2019 Auckland Good Food Boost wrap! The winners talk about their learnings through the mentoring programme. Hunt and Gather Bee Co. Savour Foodie Babe

My mission is to change the way babies start their food journey in NZ with #veggiesfirst so I’m super proud (and emotional) to announce, that at such a pivotal time, Foodie Babe has won a place on the incredible Sustainable Business Network “Good Food Boost” mentoring programme.

I’ll be joining three other awesome NZ food businesses who also want to make this world a healthier place and like Foodie Babe, need support to grow and scale.

You can read all about it here

Wahoo!! Happy, healthy eating!! ❤️🥬❤️🥦

Fun fact! 💜

We put our heart and soul in our products. Check out our awesome range at

We’ve had a holiday rush. Our Veggie & Lentil Ragu is completely out of stock! We’ll keep you posted on our returning supplies.

We’ve had a holiday rush. Our Veggie & Lentil Ragu is completely out of stock! We’ll keep you posted on our returning supplies.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight! Have a wonderful festive season, lots of love Foodie Babe NZ

Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight! Have a wonderful festive season, lots of love Foodie Babe NZ

Crazy new veggies 101 - here’s another awesome find. Who’s eaten one of these recently?

Can you believe it’s Christmas month already? Is this your babe’s first Christmas dinner? Why not stock up on our scrum Veggies First Palate Training Pack. The perfect Christmas gift for your tiny human - nutrients, health and a great excuse to make a mess!

What am I?

At Foodie Babe, we ALWAYS put veggies first. We believe that palate training your babe starts at the very beginning of their food journey. It pays off too! Pretty soon, your babe will be trying all sorts of adventurous and yummy food. Here’s a weird and wonderful example of adventurous food found from around the world. Who knows what Sicilian fruit is? #italianfood #sicily #fruitsoftheworld #strangeeats #freshandyummy #whatami #green #red #orange #sweet #delicious

There’s so many things that make us so awesome ;) but just so you know, we do all this too!

My Foodie Babe ❤️’s #sushisunday especially when it’s salmon,🥑 + black rice. 😋 I just love watching Miss V devouring it with such gusto. 🥰 What’s your Foodie Babe’s fave sushi combo?

Who’s tried one of these? What did you cook? We’d love to hear your suggestions!

Who’s tried one of these? What did you cook? We’d love to hear your suggestions!

It’s official - Beets can beat your hangover! 😝 #veggiesrule 👊🥦🥦🥕🍠🍠

I feel so grateful to share my story in a super aspirational article which features in the summer edition of @treasuresnz . Thank you so much for the opportunity 🙏. You can check out the summer edition of Treasures from Monday, 5 November. Love, Maja 🥦❤️🥕

Halloween everyone! We love this not-so-scary little salad :’D

Hey, it’s Maja here, founder of Foodie Babe. It was only a year ago, that I started producing yummy organic vegetable baby food from my home kitchen in Grey Lynn, Auckland and now thanks to huge ❤️ for our veggie meals we’re moving to the @thefoodbowlnz - thank you for your support. Veggies rule! 👊🥦🥕🥦

We're getting into the Halloween spirit with these teeny tiny pumpkins!

Did you start off with zucchini or spinach? Carrot or pumpkin?

The Cafe

Wahoo! Laura and I are officially “regulars” on The Cafe. Last Wednesday, we had a lovely (and informative) chat with Mel Homer on the topic of “hidden sugars in food and food labelling”. It’s so awesome to get the opportunity to discuss things we’re super passionate about. 💕

We try so hard to feed our kids nutritional meals but it’s easy to get caught out with hidden sugars. On Coffee Group this morning we talked about getting advice to avoiding those pitfalls with Maja Lee and Laura Tari.

Hello little dude!

When your veggies are organic and pesticide free, sometimes little friends like to say hello...

Mum cheat of the day: Are you trying baby lead weaning but really fancy a pizza?! Why not put together one of these from Yummy pizza crust made from cauliflower and topped with veggie goodness!

Have a cuppa, Mum!

Sometimes the best ideas are formed in the comfort of your own home. Here’s a big shout out to all you Mamas working from home today! We know how it can be with tiny humans running around!

The Cafe

The baby sleep legend Dorothy Waide Baby Sleep Consultant - Baby Help (and my friend) on The Cafe this morning. Great advice. 👌

Babies are so beautiful especially when they’re sleeping. But many Kiwi mums struggle with getting their little one to close their eyes which means parents are often suffering from sleep deprivation as well! Joining us on Coffee Group with some advice is Dr Adeela Afiz and Dorothy Waide.

Educate Inspire Change

Hey mums, this is an interesting read. What’s your discipline style?

At the moment, I’m starting to establish a good balance with Valentina. I think the challenges will come thick and fast, when our babes hit their teenage years. Still 11 years to go for me!😝

Why Strict Mothers Have Better Children, According to Science

#Repost @thebabybagnz with @get_repost

Wow! Pinch me!! Foodie Babe is officially available nationwide. Thank you @thebabybagnz 🙏 What a fantastic launch offer too! 🤩 I love the ethos of The Baby Bag, which is all about making life easier for mums and dads. I’m stoked that Foodie Babe is now a supplier to @thebabybagnz Every day, I receive enquiries from mums & dads all over NZ, wanting their babes to eat my yummy veggie meals. Since our launch in October 2017, we’ve only served Auckland mums and dads, The Baby Bag makes it possible for me to feed babies across the country, filling their tiny tums with Foodie Babe’s nutritious tasty yums. How awesome is that?! Happy healthy eating NZ!! Maja 🥦❤️🥕
It's with huge excitement that we introduce you guys to @foodiebabenz 🥕🥦 Maja creates truly homemade, vegetable-focused meals for babies in her kitchen at home. Her tasty pots are seasoned with nutritious herbs and spices like garlic and turmeric. As you know, we take baby supplies seriously, so we chatted to Maja about her food philosophy and what it is that she thinks sets Foodie Babe apart. Her range is all veges, no fruits. It's designed to encourage young palates to take on bold and savoury flavours right from day dot, so that parents are less likely to have to battle picky eaters further down the track. And anything that saves parents time and energy, we're here for it 👊🏼 To celebrate Foodie Babe joining our little delivery service, we're giving you guys the chance to taste Maja's pots for only $4 (RRP $4.49 - $5.49). Add one to your bag at the link in our profile (and let us know what you think!) ⭐️

“Mum, I found the Cavolo Nero!” I love sharing my ❤️of veggies, especially the green ones, with Valentina. It’s so important to get out in the garden and show our little people what veggies actually look like and where they come from. It definitely sparks an interest and curiosity, which helps with our mission to create healthy and adventurous eaters. If you don’t have a veggie garden at home, you can always do what we did and visit the “Edible garden” @aucklandbotanicgardens Happy healthy eating! Maja 🥦❤️🥕

Foodie Babe loves feeding Auckland bubs truly homemade, healthy, yummy organic food. We also love our local area and because we'd love more local babes to try out our tasty yums, we've got a brilliant offer.

For all online orders, if you live/work in a 5km radius to Foodie Babe HQ in Grey Lynn, you'll get FREE next day delivery* and there's no minimum order.

Use "LOVELOCAL" at checkout, as many times as you like, until 31 May. Happy healthy eating! 🥦❤️🥑

*orders for next day delivery, need to be placed Mon-Thursday. Orders placed Friday-Sunday will be delivered on Monday.

Dorothy Waide Baby Sleep Consultant - Baby Help

Check out this month's "Happy healthy baby" featuring the lovely Kylie Matthews Kai Carrier.

Check out May’s “Happy healthy baby” with Foodie Babe and Kai Carrier. Broadcast live from Farro Fresh Albany.

Don’t forget to tune in on Monday! X


Do you want to know how to get healthy, homemade food into you and your baby or toddler when you’re racing around? Well, our next facebook live session is just for you. This time we’ll be broadcasting live from the demonstration kitchen Farro Fresh Albany – exciting! So, feel free to pop in store and have a coffee with us, we’d love to see you. 😉

Joining myself and Maja Lee Foodie Babe, Foodie Babe on Monday, 7 May at 10:30am, we’ve got the super successful entrepreneur and mum of 3, Kylie Matthews - founder of NZ owned and operated Kai Carrier. In case you haven’t heard, Kai Carrier are the award winning, high quality, reuseable food pouches. They’re the perfect convenient, no mess solution when wanting to have fresh homemade food on the go. There are 8 pouches in the range so are great for the whole family.

Monday’s session will include Maja sharing a delicious winter vegetable meal for bubs. Kylie will demo how easy it is to fill your carrier and how to use the carrier to freeze your homemade food for later. Dorothy and Maja will also be asking lots of questions and we’ll let you know about an awesome Kai Carrier offer.

So, pop in, and ask lots of questions, we’d love to see and hear from you.

Monday, 7 May @10:30am right here on my FB page!


It’s been six months since we launched our tasty yums in Auckland, so I’m excited to announce that you can now find a range of Foodie Babe meals in the mecca of premium foodie brands - Farro Fresh Grey Lynn, Albany, Orakei, Mt Wellington and Epsom.

We’re super proud to be joining Little Angels and Tot's Pantry in the freezer, the only place to find premium, fresh, healthy meals for babies and toddlers.

I’ll be in store doing loads of sampling in the coming weeks, so I’ll see you soon. Happy healthy eating! ❤️🥕🥦🥑

Valentina and I had the privilege to test out the awesome Arc Assistant from ARC NZ BABY and we just love it. For all you foodie mama's who want your little sous chef helping out, check it out. Your kitchen life will change forever xx

What did you have for breakfast?

The wonderful Maja from Foodie Babe made a delicious smoothie with her little one, boosted to help in her Arc Assistant Learning Tower Dorothy Waide Baby Sleep Consultant - Baby Help Foodie Babe

Dorothy Waide Baby Sleep Consultant - Baby Help

Arrgghh first Facebook live for me. Don’t forget to let us know what topics you’d like to hear about. Cheers! Maja

Wow! Can’t believe that 2 years ago I was literally surviving the newborn phase with the book “You can’t spoil a newborn”, and now I’m about to do regular Facebook lives with the author, renowned baby whisperer, Dorothy Waide.

Pinch me!

Please share this post with your baby mama and daddy friends, so they can join the conversation too. Maja ###x


I’m delighted to announce a fresh and exciting collaboration with Maja Lee, founder of Foodie Babe. We want to create positive change in the important space of early life nutrition and well-being. Baby Mama’s and Dad’s, we know that you can’t get enough of this topic. So, with help from some of our expert friends, we will bring you some great conversations, always sprinkled with a bit of fun via Facebook Live.

To get started we need your help so we're starting with a short intro session and we'll be asking YOU things like what we should name these sessions, best times for you on a Monday, what topics you want to discuss and any guests you'd love to hear from.

Please join us live on Monday, 26 February at 2:45pm with your answers ready. We look forward to meeting you and your parent friends 😊

“We ain’t afraid of no veg” – Foodie Babe especially loves the green leafy ones! And even better we don’t sneak in any fruit.

Hi, it’s Maja here from Foodie Babe. I create truly homemade, healthy and yummy organic baby food and deliver it to your door.

As a mum of a two-year-old, like you, I’m constantly frustrated and confused as to why there is such a small selection of good quality vegetable meals in NZ for babies and toddlers.

I also don’t understand why so many of the big baby food brands stay away from green veggies.

So, in October last year I started up Foodie Babe to change that and give busy parents a good variety of real vegetable meals that use organic /spray-free produce, are healthy, nutritious, fresh and delicious with minimal processing. We use gentle cooking methods like steaming and roasting to retain all the vitamins and minerals.

I’m so proud of our vegetable credentials, I wanted to share them with you. This is what makes Foodie Babe stand out from the crowd.

Foodie Babe’s vegetable % in meals:
* Stage 1 vegetable meals contain over 80% vegetables and we
offer green veggies too eg: Courgette & mint - 99% courgette,
Broccoli, potato & garlic – 78% broccoli, 18% potato

* Our “Super greens with roasted chicken” contain 69% green

* Foodie Babe’s “Veggie & lentil ragu” contains over 75%
veggies – wow!!

I believe that every gorgeous babe deserves the very best start in life, so when you’re struggling to find the time and energy to do it all, let me give you a helping hand, by providing nutritious real food for your precious little person.

To give you a little more help, please use “TRIBE02” at check out to get free delivery on your order.

It's time to create a change in the way we start the solids journey for our babies, the first 1,000 days are so critical to a babies development, so if you agree, please share this post with family and friends.

Happy healthy eating everyone!

To create the Foodie Babe vegetable broth and “Veggie & lentil ragu”, I don’t throw in any old mushroom 🍄. I choose the fungi superstar Shiitake (spray-free, of course). Not only are they meaty and packed full of flavour, they’re also a superfood and have many proven health benefits. *Shiitakes provide a decent source of vitamins B and D. *They’re unique for a plant, because they contain all eight essential amino acids, along with a type of essential fatty acid called linoleic acid. Linoleic acid helps with building muscle. *They also have bone-building benefits, improve digestion, and can reduce food allergies and sensitivities. **Food with purpose is critical to your babes diet, especially in their first 1000 days. Happy healthy eating everyone! Maja 🌈🥑🥦❤️

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We’ve had a holiday rush. Our Veggie & Lentil Ragu is completely out of stock! We’ll keep you posted on our returning supplies.
Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight! Have a wonderful festive season, lots of love Foodie Babe NZ <3
What am I?
Who’s tried one of these? What did you cook? We’d love to hear your suggestions!
Hello little dude!
Have a cuppa, Mum! <3



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