House of Angel Beauty Therapy Clinic

House of Angel Beauty Therapy Clinic

Wide range of personalized beauty therapy services from an internationally qualified European cosmetologist. House of Angel's aim is to provide high-quality treatments with natural and organic products.

My aim is to provide warm, personal attention to every client.The goal is to achieve younger-looking healthy skin in a simple-natural way. I am dedicated to my client's pleasure and well-being as they are enjoying my treatments head-to-toe. I can soothe the nerves of even the most anxious wax client.

Operating as usual

Can you feel the excitement!!! Christmas, summer holidays, quality time with family and friends. And a brand new year cos don’t we all deserve it!!! House of Angel has some great last minute gift ideas, contact Dora to discuss. A reminder that HoA is closed from 24th December to 13th January. Thank you again for all your support this year, and always! Have a wonderful summer break and look forward to see you again in 2021. With love, Dora xx

Can you feel the excitement!!! Christmas, summer holidays, quality time with family and friends. And a brand new year cos don’t we all deserve it!!! House of Angel has some great last minute gift ideas, contact Dora to discuss. A reminder that HoA is closed from 24th December to 13th January. Thank you again for all your support this year, and always! Have a wonderful summer break and look forward to see you again in 2021. With love, Dora xx

My darling client Marie won the birthday prize!!

The @coola_nz prize was won by Pauline, and Orshy won the @houseofangel_beauty facial! Thank you all for coming xx

We celebrated House of Angels 10th birthday in style last Sunday. 😇

The weather cleared at our gorgeous waterfront venue, there was face painting and cotton candy for the kids, manicures and bubbles for the grown ups. 🥂It was wonderful to see so many faces who have supported my business for the last 10th years and thank you for all the lovely well wishes online too!

I would like to say thank you for Karen for the cake, Timea and her daughters for face painting and balloons, Toni for doing nails, Ginette for the venue and the yummy food and Ginnaya for being my right hand.

What a beautiful day what a turn out! I can’t wait to celebrate another 10 years!!!

With love as always, Dora xx💕💕

House of Angel turns 10!

HOUSE OF ANGEL turns 10 this week!

Can't believe that I have known so many of you for 10, or even more, years!!!! I would just like to say A HUGE THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOU for being SUPER LOYAL during these first 10 YEARS at House of Angel. IT GENUINELY MEANS THE WORLD TO ME!!!

Let's hope for another fun 10 years. I promise I will always be here to care of you.

Love, Dora xx

Did you know that today is International Dog Day??? Our wonderful supplier Jane Iredale NZ is hosting a puppy beauty competition, I've entered my gorgeous Daisy Dog. Do you think she can win? Pop over to their page and vote for Daisy by liking the post. Love Dora x

My lovelies, here we go again ... I do hope you are all doing well. Daisy has moved back to the backpack, which is super cute and lovely, but all I can do (other than our daily walks!) is remain hopeful that next Thursday House of Angel can open it’s doors again ... thinking of you all, keep safe, be kind, see you soon. Love Dora 💕😇

It's coming up roses! Happy Monday Petals! If your week is looking a little stressful, book in for one of these delicious Egyptian Rose facials. This organic mask is useful to treat skin conditions such as rough skin, surface wrinkles and fine lines because it is high in antioxidants and helps the skin to retain moisture. And it smells like heaven! Love to see you soon. Dora x

It’s almost the shortest day, which means summers not too far away! Even though it’s not beach weather, your winter beauty routine should always include sunblock. UV still gets through a cloudy sky (it’s always sunny somewhere, right?!) and did you know that the blue light from your screen (computer, ipad, phone) can damage your skin? Luckily Coola’s 360 Spectrum Mineral Sun Milk is designed just for that. A ultra hydrating mineral moisturiser that includes 30SPF to protect against UVA/UBA plus blue light and pollution. This little jar really does it all! And of course with Coola, it’s certified organic, vegan, paraben free. They like to take care of the planet as much as they take care of your skin. Have a chat with Dora about which Coola product will be best for your needs. See you soon! Love, Dora x

House of Angel, ready for Level 2! Can’t wait to see you all! Take care out there. Love, Dora x

My darlings. Thinking of you all with Mothers Day coming up. With my dear mamma living on the other side of the world, I appreciate that not being able to celebrate in person is tough, and something that many of you will need to manage this Sunday. Not long until we can hug our loved ones again, until then thank goodness for video calls and phones and waving through windows! If you would like to gift your Mum a beauty treatment voucher or products for home pampering, please contact me directly. Photo is from my mum of the gifts I had delivered (mothers day in Hungary was last weekend). Not long now darlings! Cant wait to see you all soon! Love, Dora x

Hello my darlings!

The final days of Level 4, I do hope you’re doing well. While Level 3 won’t be much different for many of us, and we certainly can’t gather for treatments like my Bear friends🐻🐼🐨❤️, I am able to deliver products to you to top up your beauty supplies before we meet again. Please contact me directly for recommendations of products (change of season x stress = ugh!) or to place your order.

In anticipation for Level 2 w/c 11th May (Fingers crossed!🤞🏻) I am now taking bookings for treatments. But don’t worry, if Level 3 is extended it will just put you first in line for Level 2 appointments, as soon as that happens.

I can't wait to see your smiling faces again, Keep in touch, take care, see you soon! Love Dora😇 xx

Dearest House of Angel enthusiasts😇

Today we step into our 3rd week of forced ‘holiday’. We have been patient, waiting for the storm to pass. The news is giving us hope that this weirdness to end soon. I know lots of us are ‘spring’ cleaning, reading, making the most of family time, playing games, exercise, eating/drinking (too much), and many have been able to keep working.🙏🏼
I know lots of us are taking care of elderly loved ones. It’s a joy for me to grocery shop for my lovely old neighbours, and help when they need us. A couple of nights ago they locked themselves out of their house and I was super proud of myself climbing through a tiny window to save them a locksmith fee. A few bruises, but G&T helped me swiftly forget about them. Since then they call me ‘Mrs Houdini’, I love my new name👍😄

Easter is here tomorrow; the time of cleanse, rejoice and being thankful for the gift of life, love and joy.

Our restrictions will end and then we will see each other again, and we can hug and laugh and life will return to what we would love it to be.

I just wanted to say that I am still thinking of you and sending my warmest Easter 🐣 greetings to you and to all your family.

Please do keep in touch, I love getting your messages and it was a pleasure to see 3 of my darling clients in New World while we were food shop yesterday. What a cool timing! Little things like this make my days these days.
Dora 😇💕🐇🐣

Hi darlings 🤗

It’s been more than a week now since we have been living in our own little bubbles. Most of us are not able to work and taking each day as it comes, some good, some a struggle. I just wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you all! The mums with kiddies at home, my lovely oldies who are really the biggest sufferers of the lockdown, my gorgeous single ladies and handsome men, who need to rely on social media and internet. for connection (thank goodness for 21st century inventions 🙌).

And we just have to embrace our beautiful natural ourselves, even with our drying skin, grey regrowth, disappearing or bushing up eyebrows and chipped nails...nothing last forever! Once we are on the other side of this crazy time, I will be there for you to help enhance your beauty once again. 💆🏻‍♀️

For some of you it’s a welcome change to be more relaxed, for me I know I feel my best, most confident self with a little amour, I put my make up on every day and put on proper clothes (husband can’t stand track pants👖lol) and I even put on a bright lippy today when I went to shop for groceries for my darling senior neighbours who appreciated some brightness 💅🏼💄👄

I want to say a HUGE thank you for all of you who contacted me, letting me know you were thinking of me, THANK YOU IT TOTALLY MADE ME FEEL 👏 AWESOME 💓
I wish you all the best, patience, health. Be safe and we will see each other soon 🙏🏼at the other end of this weirdness.

This photo of my fur baby/old lady, who can’t have her monthly arthritis injection as it’s not an emergency treatment according to the vet, so this is how we do our big walks every day. Someone still travels on business class...
Dora 💋💓😇🥰

As we are preparing to go into lock down and do what is essential for the health and safety of our family and community, I am reminded that for me and many of my dear clients, our beauty routine is essential to feel confident and radiant and positive. While we won't be able to do treatments for the next little while, I encourage you to keep up your beauty rituals, take the time that you need for yourself alongside caring for your loved ones. Many of you have been contacting me to stock up on your products. I will be available tomorrow to take orders and deliver to your homes (from a safe distance of course!). Please contact me directly if you wish to order, or would like advice for the best products to see you through this time. I look forward to welcoming you back to House of Angel as soon as we are able. Take care and stay strong til then. We’ve got this. With love. Dora x

Dear Clients of House of Angel,

I am mindful of the current situation around Coronavirus. I want to assure all of you that I am still open for business and I am taking extra precautions to ensure that the clinic is a safe environment. My clients' health and safety is my number one priority.

During this hard time I am encouraging you to come and have your usual treatments, however if any of you have recently been overseas or are unwell; please do advise me immediately. If you have an appointment scheduled within 2 weeks of your arrival back to NZ; please contact me to re-book.

My heart and thoughts go out to all those affected. Stay safe, stay positive and let's take care of one and other.

I would like to say a huge thank you for all of you who keep supporting House of Angel, your co- operation is much appreciated.

Sending my love, keep in touch
Dora x

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you'll know it’s Valentines Day this week, and you know it’s as much about how you love yourself as how you love others. While pampering is not the only or even the most important part of selflove, taking time out for you, and feeling your best, most confident, most beautiful self can make a world of difference. I’ve still got some appointments available on Thurs 13th and Fri 14th this week, come feel the love. Happy Valentines Day Lovers. Dora x

[01/30/20]   HoA is closed from 6th-12th Feb. Just a few appointments between now and then, Fri/Tues/Wed. Message me to lock in a time. Dora x

Darlings, have you been looking after your skin this summer? Hmmmm? Lucky for you, the new Vagheggi anti-aging range is hitting House of Angel soon. Perfect for dull, sun damaged skin, at any age. It really is the most gorgeous facial. Keep an eye out for the launch. Love, Dora x

Happy 2020 darlings! I hope you’ve had a magic summer break. I’m officially back at House of Angel for the year, taking bookings for your summer top ups. 2020 is an exciting year for me as we celebrate HoA’s 10th birthday! Keep an eye out for birthday treats all year. I can’t wait to see you. Love, Dora x

All I want for Christmas is Coola. All you need for summer is Coola. Chat to Dora to find out which of this amazing organic suncare range is right for your skin and lifestyle x

More stocking filler ideas, or maybe a special treat for yourself. Check out these beautiful products from Vagheggi, their vitamin C facial fluid (moisturiser) and body lotion. Fantastic for much needed hydration at this time of year, plus it lightens pigmentation and smells divine! Call Dora to order x

[12/04/19]   Waitlist alert! I have had a cancellation for 11.15am tomorrow - Friday 6th. Message me ASAP to book. Dora x

I have one apt left for the year - 2.30pm Tuesday 10th. Message me now if you want to book in! Taking names for waitlist too.

Dora x

Stuck for a stocking filler? This magic little product from my favourite organic sunscreen brand, Coola, is a no brainer for EVERYONE! Coola's excellent sun protection, PLUS its an inside sunscreen too! Great for anyone who sits in front of computer all day as it works wonders against blue light. And its perfume free, making it a unisex product for those men in your life who need to start taking care of their skin too. Only $65, contact Dora directly to purchase xx

🌞 Bring on Summer (is it here yet???) 🌞

My summer newsletter with summer specials, Christmas gift ideas and more. See you soon! Dora x

[10/21/19]   Hi House of Angel enthusiasts.
Xmas is only 9 weeks away!
Have you booked your last 2019 appointments yet?

Book an appt in the month of October with the team @ Loft and we will donate $1 for each completed appt this month to breast cancer and you will go into the draw to win a deluxe pamper package that consists of a European Signature facial, hair treatment and cut and blow wave.

Yoga, meditation, a diary, walking, time in nature... a facial? What are the little things you do to take care of you?!

#selfcare #lookafteryou #hoabeauty #houseofangel #booksometimeforyou

Various studies have shown that lack of sleep can result in extra fine lines, puffy eyes 😱 and uneven pigmentation on your skin! Essentially your skin needs your sleep time to get busy and repair itself.
Sleep well everyone 💤
#sleeprepair #easybeautytips #forthehealthofyourskin #sweetdreams #hoabeautytherapy #houseofangel #beautysleep

Winter is the best season to book your course of Environ cool peels.

If you want a more youthful look or to get rid of sun-damage, age spots or fine lines and wrinkles, choose either a safe biological lactic acid cool peel or a TCM white mask peel.

Ask Dora about the difference.

Environ peels safely remove layers of excess dead skin cells and leave you with hydrated, refined, tighter and more youthful looking skin.

Book in for 6 peels and only pay for 5.
Just $65 for a half hour treatment.

Or your peel can be an add on with your Environ facial for just $30 with your 5th add on free.

Cool peels for cool results.

#houseofangel #hoabeautytherapy #morningsideauckland

Hey lovelies

I’m on holiday from August 17th and back September 12th.

Make sure to book your appointments in advance before I go.

Plenty of spaces available next week, less the following, and only one space the week before I leave. Let’s get you booked in!

Dora xx

NZ Hair & Beauty Expo

The NZ Hair & Beauty Expo is on this weekend.
I’ll be there checking out all the wonderful stands and suppliers...and lush products!
Tickets are available on the website

Dora xx New Zealand's showcase event for the Hair and Beauty Industry. 13th and 14th July 2019.

Want your business to be the top-listed Beauty Salon in Auckland?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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House of Angel turns 10!




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