Organic hand made breast massage oil

Our original Nourishing Breast Massage Oil is crafted using only the finest quality essential oils.⁠
We are all about creating products that we can feel proud of, which is why our range is always:⁠
🌱 Free from nasty chemicals⁠
🌱 Not tested on animals⁠
🌱 Free from parabens⁠
🌱 100% Vegan⁠
🌱 SLS free⁠
🌱 Parfum free⁠
Have you heard about our new Limited Edition Massage Oil? It's made from hand-picked wild cherry blossom flowers and is absolutely dreamy! 🌸⁠
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Did you know that the incredible ingredients used in our breast oils are natural + organic? 🌿⁠
It's important to us that we create a formula using only the best ingredients for your body. ⁠
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Using our oil can help with the following:⁠
💗 Apply after breastfeeding to help alleviate any dryness, soreness or cracked nipples.⁠
💗 Rejuvenate and nourish the breasts and nipples after surgery.⁠
💗 Designed to help improve the appearance of scar tissue and stretch marks.⁠
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"Give yourself the same time and attention you give to others and watch yourself bloom."⁠
At Foy, we believe self-care is super important – whether that be making the time in your day to be amongst nature, to get creative, or to pamper yourself (or all of the above!) ⁠
It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is why we want to help more women to take care of their body, their health, and their wellbeing. ⁠
Women have found Foy Breast Oil to be amazing for treating post-surgery scars, to provide breastfeeding relief, for menopause & hormonal changes, and for general skin health & self-care 🌻⁠
📷 @crushes_shop⁠
#BreastOil #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth

This month, it's Breast Cancer Awareness Month 💕⁠
We want women to be able to use our massage oil so that they can detect any sign of breast cancer as early as possible. Through regular massage, you'll be able to keep a check for any unusual lumps as well as boosting the health of your skin. ⁠
If you have any questions about how our range can help you, send us a DM or leave a comment below. ⁠
📷 @pinkribbonnz⁠
#SelfCare #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth⁠

It's cherry blossom season, one of the most beautiful times of the year! That's why we're excited about our brand new Limited Edition range of breast oil which includes hand-picked wild cherry blossom flowers 🌸⁠
Cherry blossom is known for having high levels of antioxidants, as well as having soothing properties. Not only does it have the ability to soothe your skin, but it is also high in essential fatty acids, meaning it can repair the skin's natural barriers to promote smooth, supple skin.⁠
📷 @dlanor_s

It's so important to know what you are putting on your body, which is why all our oil blends are organic and handmade. No nasty chemicals, and cruelty free 😍

We are almost out of our special Limited Edition Spring Bottle, so if you like your boobs smelling like Spring grab your bottle today!

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Breast health and exercise go hand in hand! It's one of the best ways we can help out our little friends.

There are so many studies that suggest a direct link with physical activity and longer survival in women diagnosed with high-risk breast cancer.

Hate the gym? Don't worry you are not alone, instead think about what interest you and pick exercise that you will enjoy! Such as swimming, paddle boarding, skiing or yoga. What's you favourite way to keep fit?


Boobs that smell like Spring? Yes please! 🙋🏼‍♀️

Thank you to everyone that has purchase our Limited Edition Spring Bottle, we've been feeling the love with all your feedback!

Packed with all the goodness you would expect from our normal oil, our Limited Edition bottle has the added bonus of spring blossom. Not only does this look super pretty, but it smells like spring every time we apply some to our breasts!

#lovespring #breasthealth #breastoil

Regular breast massage is the best way to get to know your body. It is normal for our boobs to change over the years due to child birth, hormones, breastfeeding, etc but by regular massage we are able to notice any sudden changes quicker, such as lumps, shape or texture.

Also the act of the massage itself helps keeps your bobbies looking their best! The extra blood flow helps fight toxins, which can decrease things like hormonal tenderness 💪🏼

So what are you waiting for ladies, grab some oil and get massaging!

#wellness #breastoil

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Loving and accepting your body is so important!

The more we practise self care, the more we educate ourselves on learning how to nourish and look after it!

At FOY HQ we practise body wellness by regular massages with our oils, eating right, yoga, beach walks, and giving our body to a few treats, like this beautiful underwear by @lonelylingere 😍

#breasthealth #wellness

Spring is definitely in the air, and we are loving it so much we've just launched a Limited Edition Spring Bottle.

Full of our normal golden goodness for your boobs, with the added fragrance and prettiness of spring blossom. Only available for a limited time, so jump on-line and order yours 🥀

#breastoil #breasthealth #breastfeeding

We were been blown away by the response to our stories poll this week, so we've decided to make it happen! Let us introduce our Limited Edition Spring Breast Oil!

Infused with dried Cherry Blossom, this beautiful spring flower not only looks pretty, but adds a beautiful fragrance to our oil.

Purchase yours via the store now! Only available for a limited time

#essentialoil #breastoil #breasthealth

📸 Peter bucks

Any one else love an outdoor bathroom? 🙋🏻 We couldn't think of a more relaxing place to apply our oils 💫⁠
Our mid winter giveaway has now closed..... and the winner is ..... 🥁 ⁠.... Laura Davies! Congrats!
📸 @villamassilia

There's only a few days left of the GIVEAWAY! If you would like to treat your boobs to a bottle of our oil, simply find the Giveaway post pinned to the top of this page, then:

🌼🌼 Like the post

🥝🥝 Give us a follow

🍩🍩 Tag someone that you think would like to treat their boobs to a little gift!

Winner will be drawn on Sunday at random. Sorry to our International followers, winners need to be based in NZ.

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We love this!! Celebrating all things booby 🥝🥝

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Our boobs are amazing, but they can sometimes go through some pretty tough times. Our breast oil includes the amazing power of frankincense, which helps promote the growth of new skin cells, tighten the skin, and reduce the appearance of scars.

#postbreastsurgey #nzbreasthealth #nzbreastoil

Chamomile is one of our super ingredients. Wondering how it helps your breasts?

💛 It's anti-inflammatory properties helps soothe your sore boobs, making it perfect for breastfeeding and hormonal changes

💛 It's analgesic properties helps reduce pain in the muscle making it perfect for post surgery

100% natural. 100% organic

📸 @kyleeyeephoto

If you would like to try a bottle of your breast oil, don't forget to enter our Mid-Winter Giveaway.

It's easy to enter, simply find the post pinned to the top of my page, like the post, give me a follow, and tag a friend that you think would also like to treat their boobies to a little present!

Winner will be announced on the 31st Aug - Good Luck

*Only open to NZ residents

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When is the best time of day to apply our breast oil?

We recommend making it part of your daily routine, We've found our favourites times are....

🛁 In the evening, when you get out of the shower or bath. You are in a relaxed state of mind, and ready to apply the oil before bed

☀️ Or as part of your morning routine as you get dressed for the day.

Whatever time of the day works for you, the benefits of taking a few moments of time for some self care every day is so important 💛

#breasthealth #nzbreastoil

📸 @villamassilia

We can do this New Zealand! 💪🏼

This week at our Auckland head quarters, we have found ourselves back at Level 3.

At Level 3 we are still able to operate as normal at FOY, with online orders and contactless deliveries. We've been here before NZ, so we know what to do this time! But that doesn't make it any less easier. So take care of yourself, and remember be kind to each other, we will get through this 😘

#level3 #supportsmallbusiness #breastoil

📸 @CassandraSoderstrom Etsy

We love this board! And so true! Our boobies come in all shapes and sizes, it's important we love and care for what we have.

Get to know your shape with regular massage, not only will this help detect any changes early on, but it will help keep those puppies looking great!

#nzbreastoil #nzbreasthealth

📸 @sararene

Each of our little bottles of golden goodness is hand blended. We use only hand picked, organic ingredients, so every bottle that goes out to you is perfect #100%organic

#organic #nzoils #breasthealth

Engaging in regular exercise is good for you for many reasons, but a biggie is that is can lower your risk of getting breast cancer. So find an activity that you love and get moving!

At FOY we love Yoga 🧘🏻 What's your favourite way to keep active?

#breasthealth #nzbreastoil

📸 @mahanayogaloft


Thank you to all the amazing followers that have joined us over the last couple of months. As a small business, we appreciate each and every one of you!

To say thanks, we are giving away a bottle of our amazing breast oil to one of our NZ followers. To enter simply:

💛 Like this post

💛 Give us a follow

💛 Tag a friend you think would also love to win a bottle

Winners will be announced on the 31st August. Good luck!

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Today kicks of National Breastfeeding Week in NZ. This week is all about normalising and supporting women who choose to breast feed, whether it's at home, in the workplace, or in public.

"All women should feel empowered in claiming her and her baby’s right to breastfeed." Wellplace NZ

Photo @lieve.julan

#breastfeedingweek #breastoil

At FOY we are really passionate about only using the finest, organic ingredients in our products. Each bottle is hand blended so we can ensure it's quality and that every bottle out their meets our high standards 🧡

📸 @charlycheer

Did you know applying our breast oil can actually help boost your immunity... gentle, massage strokes can get the blood flowing, eliminate toxins, and help circulate immune cells.


Ladies let's talk boobs! We all know how to make them look great in that certain top, or what bra size to get, but how many of us are really familiar with how they feel? Their shape? Their texture? This is something we should all be aware of.

Breast massage has so many health benefits, but the biggest has to be being aware early of any changes.

Not sure how to massage your boobs correctly?

🥝🥝 Apply FOY oil and use very light strokes sweeping from just below the collar bone all the way down to the nipple, working one breast at a time.

🍩🍩 Then, using the same pressure sweep outward from the nipple in all directions, with the centre being the nipple. Move in straight lines from the nipple out to the sides of the breast working the entire breast.

🍊🍊 Using both hands, cup the breast on either side with medium pressure and gently massage the breast sweeping from the outside of the breast towards the nipples.

🍐🍐 Using the same cupping hands on either side of the breast and with medium pressure gently and slowly rotate your hands while sweeping from the outside of the breast towards the nipples. Do this in both directions at least 3 times.

🍪🍪 Last you can do compressions on the breast. First, slowly compress with fingers on either side of the nipples, and then sweeping from the nipples outwards towards the sides of the breast. Second, Simply cup over the centre of your breast with one hand and put your other hand over top of it, then compress the breast with medium to firm pressure 1-3 times.

That's it! Now get to it ladies!

BTW when will they give us a boob emjoi!

📸 via @etsy

Our breast oil is hand blended, cruelty free and 100% organic 💛

It's important to slow down every now and then, calm your mind, and just breathe.... Self love and mental wellness is something we are really passionate about at FOY NZ


Our boobies are pretty amazing, so they deserve spoiling every now and then right? We are crushing over this lingerie by the talented @lonelylingerie the perfect self love gift 💛

#breasthealth #breastoil #nzmade

Chamomile is one of our wonder ingredients, it's powerful anti-inflammatory and calming properties help soothe your breasts. This can be perfect for hormonal tenderness or post surgery healing. 🌿

📸 @chamomiiillee

Our little bottle of golden goodness 💛 💛


Boobs are pretty amazing - protect and love them ladies!

📸 @ada.chappell

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