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Ear Health Auckland is an experienced team of Audiologists and Ear Nurses located in Birkenhead, Grey Lynn and Devonport. We specialise in hearing products and services, and gentle and safe earwax removal by microsuction.

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Can Hearing Loss Shrink Your Brain?

With almost ten years of studies indicating a link between hearing loss and dementia, brain shrinkage is considered to be a significant correlating factor of these two disorders.

Read on to learn more and answer the question, can hearing loss shrink your brain?


earhealth.co.nz Over the past decade, a growing body of evidence has revealed that hearing loss is strongly associated with decreased functional brain tissue volume and cognitive decline. That leads many people to the question, can hearing loss shrink your...

If you would like to visit us before the holiday season time is running out.

There are still plenty of appointments left, but it won't be long before we are fully booked in the week leading up to Christmas Day.

Please note we are closed on the following dates:

Christmas Day: Friday 25 December
Boxing Day: Saturday 26 December (closed Monday 28 December)
New Year’s Day: Friday 1 January
Day after New Year’s Day: Saturday 2 January (closed Monday 4 January)

We will otherwise be open during our normal business hours Monday – Friday, including Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve.

If we don't see you before, celebrate, be merry and have a safe holiday season!

Getting around Auckland during this busy time of year can be a wee bit stressful.

Stress less when you visit Ear Health in Birkenhead, Devonport or Grey Lynn.

There's plenty of free parking and space for easy drop-offs and pick-ups.

You'll need to book ahead though. We get busy in the lead up to the holiday season.

Book your audiology and earwax removal by microsuction appointment today!


Can Hearing Aids Help Tinnitus?

Tinnitus can be disruptive and uncomfortable, but hearing aids can help make symptoms manageable.

Learn more:


earhealth.co.nz People with tinnitus often wonder, can hearing aids help tinnitus? While more research is needed, the benefits are clear. Hearing aids make it easier to hear actual sounds above the roar of interruptions, easing the stress on the brain and...

[10/13/20]   Our new clinic is now open in Devonport 🥳


Congenital Hearing Loss

According to the Ministry of Health, the newborn hearing screening detects significant hearing loss in 135-170 babies per year, representing an incidence of about 3 per 1,000 births.

Only 1.43% of children with hearing loss have a positive family history of congenital hearing loss. Having your baby screened is therefore pretty important.

Learn more here https://earhealth.co.nz/congenital-hearing-loss/

earhealth.co.nz Hearing Loss Present At BirthWhat Is Congenital Hearing Loss?Congenital hearing loss is hearing loss that you’re born with. It might be due to a hereditary condition, an infection at birth, or something that happened during...


Hearing Loss

In 2016 there was estimated to be 880,350 people in New Zealand with hearing loss or almost 19 per cent of all people.

And like people, hearing loss comes in many shapes and sizes.

Learn more https://earhealth.co.nz/hearing-loss/

earhealth.co.nz Hearing LossWhat Is Hearing Loss?Hearing loss or hearing impairment is the inability to hear and it can be total or partial, and present in one ear (unilateral) or both ears (bilateral). Hearing loss may be present at birth, gradually...


Tinnitus Test

Complete your online tinnitus test and gain a better understanding of how much tinnitus might be affecting your lifestyle.


earhealth.co.nz Tinnitus QuizTinnitus Test OnlineComplete your online tinnitus test below and gain a better understanding of how much tinnitus might be affecting your lifestyle. Tinnitus sounds different to everyone. It can be high or low, loud or quiet...

[09/04/20]   Impromptu tinnitus survey time!

Hit the corresponding button to your answer.

👍 Like - if you've experienced tinnitus before, but it was temporary.

❤️ Love - if you have tinnitus some or most of the time, but it doesn't worry you too much.

😢 Sad - if tinnitus is noticeable almost all of the time, and sometimes it gets a bit too much.

What is your experience with tinnitus like? Are you looking for ways to treat or manage it more effectively?

[08/20/20]   What is exostosis of the ear more commonly called?

[08/12/20]   No doubt you have all heard the news that we will enter COVID-19 level 3 as of midday on Wednesday 12th of August.

For Ear Health in Auckland, this means we are closed from 12-noon today.

All things going well, we will re-open on Monday 17th August at 8:30AM following the 3-day shutdown.

From reopening our level 2 protocol using personal protective equipment and social distancing measures will be in place.

Please stay home and stay safe.


The Cost of Hearing Aids in NZ: What Makes a Hearing Aid Good Value?

What makes a hearing aid good value?

What about cheap hearing aids?

How can you be more satisfied with your hearing aid purchase?

Do you have any questions on this topic? Write them in the comments below.

We answer all of these questions and more in the following blog article: https://earhealth.co.nz/cost-of-hearing-aids-in-nz/

earhealth.co.nz Like most Kiwis, we’re keen on a fair go and good value hearing aids for all and sundry. Understanding the cost of hearing aids in NZ is something we can help you with. We think everyone who needs hearing aids should have the support and...


Frogs and Cocktail Parties: Finding a Cure for Hearing Loss

Frogs and Cocktail Parties: Finding a Cure for Hearing Loss

Although we have an intricate understanding of how the ear works there is still much we don’t know, and unfortunately there is no cure yet for hearing loss.

There is hope however as scientists have long been researching other animal species, in particular frogs, in an effort to uncover new ways to treat and even cure hearing loss.

Learn more here https://earhealth.co.nz/finding-a-cure-for-hearing-loss/

earhealth.co.nz Hearing is a highly complex task performed by your ears. They can distinguish between several thousand different sound frequencies and enable the brain to locate where a sound is coming from. Although we have an intricate understanding of how the...

Did you know frogs’ ear glands are sensitive only to the frequencies of sounds they need to hear to survive?

All irrelevant noise is tuned out.

For female frogs, for instance, the most important sound is the mating call of a male. Their ears are so finely tuned that they will select one mate from a chorus of hundreds of male frog calls.

This ability, and their similar hearing range frequency to humans, have made frogs of particular interest to researchers looking for novel ways to treat and even cure hearing loss.

More to come...


How Often Should I Have Earwax Removal?

Do you wonder, “how often should I have earwax removal?” The answer is often dependent on your ears and how they behave.

Your ears are constantly producing earwax. As a result, many people need to have their ears cleaned on a regular basis.

The amount of earwax you produce, the physical characteristics of your ears, the environment you typically work or live in, and even the weather can influence how often your ears need cleaning.

A discussion with your ear health practitioner during your first visit will help to establish a time-frame for your next appointment.

Learn more: https://earhealth.co.nz/how-often-should-i-have-earwax-removal/

earhealth.co.nz Do you wonder, “how often should I have earwax removal?” The answer is often dependent on your ears and how they behave.Your ears are constantly producing earwax. As a result, many people need to have their ears cleaned on a regular...

Have You Ever Wondered How You Hear? 🤔

Like most people you probably take your hearing for granted. But have you ever wondered how you hear or how your auditory system captures, transmits and deciphers sound?

Your auditory system is one of the most complex and delicate sensory systems in your body. Click through to learn more.


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Ear Health | Professional Ear Care

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earhealth.co.nz Professional Ear Care

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