Equine Bodywork by Kimberly Sussmilch

Equine Bodywork by Kimberly Sussmilch

Equine Sports Massage for the Maintenance and Management of your Equine Athlete.


Light Therapy: Why Putting Red Light Up Your Nose Can Increase Strength - BarBend

Ok here is where I get a bit excited - when 2 of my interests converge! Any of you who have spoken to me about my favourite equine massage therapy treatments would have heard me talk about red light.. but did you know I use my torches more on myself after weightlifting than I do on the horses?! * not sure about sticking it up my nose though - I think I'll stick to the torch and infrared/red light pad delivery method!
Anyone wanting to know more about red light therapy feel free to ask - I'm always happy to babble AT LENGTH about the science of the therapy 😜

barbend.com Shining red light through your nose sounds like pseudoscience, but many studies suggest it can improve strength, hypertrophy, endurance, and more.


3 Steps to Stronger Stifles

Stifles! A joint I am often asked about... Similar to the human knee, it is a joint that requires special consideration and strengthening to keep it working without problems. Stretching and supporting correct biomechanics are crucial to keeping the stifles healthy. Read on for some stretches to add to your routine;

practicalhorsemanmag.com Progressive stretching and strengthening exercises that target specific muscles and ligaments can keep this important joint in peak condition.


5 Ways Your Seat Can Screw Up Your Horse Without You Even Noticing - The Horse's Back

Have you ever found yourself carrying an unbalanced load, or one that doesn't move in time with you (-think squirming child!)? How did that make your whole body feel? Heather Moffett shares her summary of how rider balance and behaviour impact the horse's body-

thehorsesback.com International Classical Trainer and authority on the classical seat, Heather Moffett looks at how the rider's seat can block the horse's free movement. Heather explains why it's fine to work your horse in balance from the ground, but a good seat is essential if you’re to maintain a true connection w...


How To Relieve The Tightness In Your Hips From Riding -

To keep our horses balance, it's important to keep our riders balanced! Here are some tips to remain supple and even in the saddle;

dressageridertraining.com   There are lots of muscles that make up your hip flexors,...

Badminton Horse Trials 2017

That is some amazing physical effort!

This video is about Badminton 2017


Saddle Pads Endorsed by Veterinarians Horses with Kissing Spine Disease

Kissing spines causing your horse pain? Here's a summary of the disease:

thinlineglobal.com Saddle Pads Endorsed by Veterinarians Horses with Kissing Spine Disease. English and western saddles. Endorsed by veterinarians and equine chiropractors


Modifying Muscle Patterns to Build a Better Equine Athlete

Make the most of your time in the saddle!

dressagetoday.com Understand why and how you should activate a greater range of muscles in your horse’s body.


Anatomy of a Tendon Injury

Hopefully you won't find yourself needing to support your horse through a tendon injury, but if you do, it will help to understand what is going on and how you can give your horse the best chance at recovery;

holistichorse.com × Expand tendon_january.jpg Beware: when the shoulders get tight, tendons and ligaments of the leg could be in danger! The number one cause of sports injury (or pleasure injury) is muscle fatigue. The same is true for injury to tendons. Bowed tendon, stretched tendon or stretched ligament are colloq...


Equine care 101: Complementary therapies for horses - Horsetalk.co.nz

So many complementary therapies! Have you had the vet out and want to help your horse recover as fast as possible? Or don't need a vet, but want to give your horse the edge for the last half of the season? Check out this handy complementary therapies guide to choose the right one for you and your horse:

horsetalk.co.nz Many of complementary therapies can help your horse feel more comfortable or speed up their recovery when they’re not feeling so good.


What conformation feature do four-star horses have in common?

Ever thought about what makes some horses better at their job than others? Confirmation can have a lot to do with it! Check out this article and pictures focussing on top event horses!

eventingconnect.today   What conformation feature do four-star horses have in common? In 2012, I attended the Wednesday jog at Rolex with a particular miss...


Meet Spinalis, the Forgotten Muscle in Saddle Fitting - The Horse's Back

Jane Clothier shares her observations of Spinalis and its relationship with saddle fit -

thehorsesback.com This overlooked muscle is highly involved in the effects of bad saddle fit, as it mobilises and stabilises the base of the neck, deep between the shoulders.

Balanced Horse Services

I have recently returned from QLD where I had the opportunity to attend a week-long course in Equine Body Articulation with Stuart McGregor, Osteopath. It certainly has opened my eyes and given me a whole host of new non-invasive techniques which I will be integrating into my assessment and care of your horses. I'm finding I am looking at horses with 'new eyes', with an even greater focus on the joints that the muscles are moving. Without healthy joints, the muscles will always revert back to tightness or imbalances. Looking at the whole horse, every component, is critical to maintaining a healthy and high performing athlete for the future!
The learning never ends..

Equine Body Articulation + Canine Body Articulation, Nov 2016
"We move joints, rather than pushing bones."
Over the past 10 days, Stuart McGregor DO has led 20 Australian equine and canine bodyworkers through a non-invasive, non-force approach to body articulation. As an animal care professional and instructor, Stuart displays immense knowledge and experience, highly advanced skills, a huge passion and desire to share what he knows, and the subtle ability to bring about change in the animal's body simply by touching them. After some intensive learning, we have come away refreshed, inspired anew, and with the desire to use our new skills and understanding in helping our own and clients' horses and dogs by restoring functionality to the body.
Here are just a few images from an amazing 7 days of CPD for equine and canine tactile therapists.
(NOTE: These images show moves, not adjustments. There is no force involved. While the moves are therapeutic in effect, they are purely about mobilising joints and restoring motion through enhanced proprioeption.)


RVC makes myopathy breakthrough

Some very exciting research is emerging regarding PSSM1 (a genetic form of 'tying up') in horses, which will help us better manage equine athletes suffering from this myopathy.

vettimes.co.uk The molecular mechanisms that underpin a common genetic form of “tying up” in horses have been discovered by RVC scientists. Scientifically known as type one polysaccharide storage myop…

Equisports Massager

Here is an interesting little clip about music, or beats, influencing humans and of course horses. As a massage therapist, I learned very early on how important it is to move to the horse's (or human's) 'beat' - which is usually similar to the breath or craniosacral rhythm during deeper work. We talk about rhythm in riding, and we all know that great feeling after a showjump round that maintained a rhythm from start to finish - the same goes for massage! Anything you do with your horse, keep a calm rhythm, and you are more likely to be on the same page :)

Music for Horses and Humans w/ Geary Whiting of Equine Massage Therapy School


What Makes a Jumping Horse "Careful"?

Interesting article about what traits are important in jumping horses!

horsenetwork.com The most important aspect of show jumping performance is the ability of the horse to keep all of the rails in the cups. Horses that have a relatively low percentage of rails knocked down are termed ‘careful’, while those that always seem to have a few rails may be termed ‘lumberjacks’. One of the ce...


A Thought for the Horse... : Licking and Chewing; What Does It Really Mean?

Why do we use licking and chewing as a key indicator during bodywork? Because it signifies a transition to a relaxed state. Read on for more science!

avivas-thoughts.blogspot.com I've noticed that Quarter Horses might do this lick and chew thing after "Join Up," but my warmbloods don't do this at all. Even Linda Parelli noticed that her warmblood didn't respond or react to the normal classic Horse Whisperer cues. He simply responded to treats, just like my warmbloods. Why? S...

Equine Bodywork by Kimberly Sussmilch

Equine Bodywork by Kimberly Sussmilch's cover photo

Mischa in heaven - wearing the red light therapy pad over her poll and enjoying a nice dinner!

Finding the fluff button! With Sharon May-Davis - Craniosacral Professional Therapies Workshop

Timeline Photos

Equine Bodywork by Kimberly Sussmilch's cover photo

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