Family Haircare Schinnen

Family Haircare Schinnen

Happy easter everybody🐣! Normal openening times accept closed 27th april for Kingsday 👑

[03/13/19]   Sorry i can't respond on pm. My Facebook is not responding! Please call (+31) 046-4437312

Im January 😂😂😂😂 and you????

Deals.....its in the same building!!!

Merry christmas 🎅🎄& happy new year everybody 🌟


This week Tree Lighting Schinnen 🎅

Hi everbody tomorrow is a official day off but we dicided to stay open for you from 10.30 till 17.00!
Cleaners and alterations
Family harare
The commisary is open to! 😉

New in the shop#so in love#best product ever#for sale now 😍😍😍

Make sure your color or highlights are bookt for christmas!!! Its only 4 weeks away 🎅

My daughter has Halloween in scool today so here is my creative way of working whit spiderssss....

Germany and Belgium have the 1ste and 2the of November HOLIDAY....But we don't so come in for a haircut 🤗😉😛

Hello hellooo....we are back for business !!! Color...highlights....wash...masks everything!!! Normal opening hours 🤓 Call us or send a message or walk in for appointments 😉😉

[09/26/18]   For the upcoming 2 weeks the opening hours:
Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 11:00-17:00
Saturday 10:00-16:00
Monday, Thursday & Sunday CLOSED

These hours will be till i have green light that the water problem is solved!!!!

Thank you 😊😊😊 came the people of dpw with the results and they told me that i can not use any water for the upcoming 3 weeks. So if you have a color appointment and i dont have youre number to cancel it, we are really sorry it is out of our can always call me and see if we find a solution for you 😊😉!!! HAIRCUTS I CAN DO EN THE SHOP IS OPEN SO PLEASE WALK IN...

Hi everybody...there is still no answer from base for opening. They say this week thursday!!! But for today and tomorrow im open from 12.00 till 17.00. Only for hair cuts without washing. We hope after thursday normal hours and washing again??? 😉😉😉

[09/14/18]   Pffff still closed...
I slowly start to get
Bored at HOME!!!

Im soooo sorry the base told me that i need to stay closed for another week. Please call me if there are any questions or desperate hair cuts!!! 0649148389

Sorry but the base decided that the shop stays closed because of the water problem. Some people have appointments for this week and i dont have there number so please call me private to make a new appointment or if you want a appointment for upcoming weeks. Call 06-49148389. Thank you and im so sorry 😔

Sorry everybody but we are closed for today and maybe longer. I will keep you all updated when we are open again. There is a problem with the water so its out of my control.

[08/06/18]   Wednesday 8th august closed!!!
Open Tuesday, Friday & Saturday...

For upcomming
2 Weeks!!
Tuesday 10:30 - 18:00
Wednesday CLOSED
Thursday CLOSED
Friday 10:00 - 18:00
Saturday 10:00 - 17:00


ONLY this week 20% discount products and accessoires on the picture...

SO WALK IN...💄💎💟

New events....🌞

At your service at 10.30 today!!!!

Tomorrow (Tuesday) 22 May CLOSED!!!
See you all Wednesday again at 10:30? 😊

Today its closed!!! Have a great Kings Day everyone....🎉🎊

Closed next week friday!!! KINGSDAY...27th April 🎉🎊

Frist block head at the barberschop 💪


Yeahhhhh 😊😉😍

Come over this Spring Break whit your kid(s) and they get a haircut for €10🌞🌟👫 this is only till saturday the 7th of April....😎🐣🐰

I wish everybody a merry christmas and al the best for 2018!! 💋

Tonight lady's night at Mel's Place Brunssum Base.. Come over free to walk in... Allot of bisnes en different women en girl stuff... 😍

Hello everybody, next week is Kids vacation so come in en Pay for two kids til 13 years €20 instad of €23 😉

Three New colors arrived Fuxia.. Dark purple and Dark bleu 😍😍

Hello everybody.. I want to invite you for the ladies night. Im there to whit goodies and discounts. Hope to see you there 😍

Today a balayage whit out bleach.. The before and after picture 😍

Today this little girl sooo happy whit here six colorful extensions 🌈... She is ready for scool 😍

Back to scool 🎒📕
This week is very bizzy at the slaon and I now a lot of Kids go back to scool next week so remember there could be a waithing line if you wanna make sure you or your kid('s) get there haircut than call me at the shop friday and saturday!!! Thank you 😊

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Thanda betekent: liefde voor mens, dier en natuur. Vervolgens rust Thanda op drie pijlers, welke staan voor Voeding, Gezondheid en Leefwijze. KOM BEWEEG en

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Care for Comfort is een service-organisatie voor het lenen, huren en kopen van medische hulpmiddelen aan particulieren en zorginstellingen.

Hand & Footcare Yvonne Hand & Footcare Yvonne

De dagelijkse zorg voor uw uiterlijk is heel gewoon... maar hoe zit het met uw handen & voeten? Krijgen zij de verzorging die ze verdienen? Bij Hand & Footcare Yvonne bent U in goede handen en na de behandeling kunt U weer goed uit de voeten.

Pedicurepraktijk Tineke Schinnen Pedicurepraktijk Tineke Schinnen
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U heeft een stap in de goede richting genomen, u bent hier namelijk op het juiste adres voor goede voetverzorging.