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Strategic Marketing


A goal without a plan is a wish, focus on the matter of deciding on what things you are going to do💯📊 Invest and monitor account with Cathy. R:1000 - -R5,000 R:2000---R10,000 R:3000---R30,000 R:4000---R40,000 R:5000---R50,000 Within 7days of trade 💯📊 IF YOUR INTERESTED. 👇👇👇👇👇
Need it’s Questions’ answers Soft Drinks and Marketing Mix Strategy Distributing and promoting soft drinks is largely achieved through fairly traditional methods. Promotion is often in magazines and directed towards selected target audiences (usually younger people) although billboard advertising close to schools and colleges is also used. Distribution follows the classical route of wholesaler to retailer with many soft drinks these days being sold direct to large supermarket chains which buy in bulk. The latter prefer on the whole to stock branded labels rather than have their own private label drinks. There are also vending machine operators who buy direct and distribute through thousands of vending machines strategically located in sports centers, colleges, universities and other sites which attract large numbers of young people. Traditionally, Colette Soft Drinks has followed the methods outlined above. However, in recent times it has taken an innovative approach. Six months after launching a fizzy drink called Eau de Nuit, Colette Soft Drinks allowed shops and supermarkets to stock the product. Shop owners expressed surprise saying: ‘It’s really strange—the kids know all about Eau de Nuit,but we’ve never heard of it. Now it’s flying off the shelves by itself.’ Colette’s marketing strategy for Eau de Nuit might seem highly unusual. For the first six months it did no advertising and restricted distribution to a handful of popular clubs. Getting the products stocked in these venues required a strategy all of its own. Colette recruited people off the street to be its sales people. They tended to be scruffy, but knew the music, so the clubs took them seriously. Having convinced venues such as France’s Ministry of Sound to stock Eau de Nuit, the idea was that its reputation would spread by word of mouth. Ten months after the launch, Eau de Nuit is now being advertised, and distribution includes supermarkets. Colette effectively has two marketing budgets. One is the mass market, but to maintain credibility it has to nurture its original people. Credibility is the most important thing. It is important to gain this sort of credibility as a growing number of consumers are both wary of large companies and extremely sophisticated judges of marketing. A senior market researcher working for a company specializing in youth markets commented that at one time firms used to just put an ad on television next to a particular program or in a particular magazine. Now there are magazines for everything and no one can be sure that they have reached the audience. Because of all this there is a move to alternative ways of promotion and distribution and to alternative agencies. 1: Explain how the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) model might be used in this case studies and to assess the health of a firm's production mix and to suggest a strategies. 2: Do you think that marketing mix strategy employed here could be applied equally as well to other products? Why or why not?
Whatsapp your information and logo (we also design logos) to the number provided in the advert for a sample design.

Startup in 1998 our heart and art lies in the successful marketing of pharmaceutical preparations and medical and diagnostic devices.

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Happy Woman’s Day to all the ladies in our lives.💐
We love and honour you!🌹


Over the past few weeks our teams in Canada, Poland, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States donated more than 250,000 units of Systane eye drops to healthcare and other essential workers on the frontline during COVID-19. We recognize their tireless and heroic efforts in making a difference within the global community, and in the neighborhoods in which we work and live. #SeeBrilliantly


We join in celebrating this special day!

Strategic Marketing is the responsible distributor for the Callebaut in Namibia, so if you are in any need of bulk product to make your own creations, please contact us🙌🏼

Today we celebrate our favourite day of the year: World Chocolate Day! Here’s to all artisans and chefs who, even during the hardship, keep providing us with amazing treats. Let’s continue to make our mark while spreading the chocolate love!

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To all the special men... Happy Father’s Day👔

Weight loss programs, for too long, have focused on deprivation.😩
Women are tired of being told they have to give up their:
👉🏻 Favorite foods,
👉🏻 Stop eating out,
👉🏻 Give up carbs,
👉🏻 AND exercise for hours every day.

Slender You, trusted by several well known names, is available at any pharmacy close to you. If you have a hard time finding this product near you, kindly give us a call, or pop an email.

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Bio-Curcumin® BCM95® is the most studied curcumin extract available today, trusted and recommended by healthcare practitioners and used by millions of people across the world.

Bio-Curcumin® with BCM95®, one of the world’s most preferred bioavailable curcumin extracts is backed by over 63 published studies and more than 15 years of global research. This powerful formulation has been proven to have increased absorption and to deliver up 7 x times more free and bioactive curcumin into the blood stream than regular curcumin extracts and remains bio-active for over 8 hours

+ Delivers 7 x more free curcumin than standard extracts.
+ Has enhanced oral bioavailability and retention of curcumin in blood, even after 8 hours.
+ Bio-Curcumin® BCM95® combines micronized curcumin with Ar-turmerone for greater potency and effect.
+ 100 % natural with no artificial additives.

Contact us to find out where to buy Coyne Healthcare's Bio-Curcumin closest to you.

❗Covid19 necessities❗

Sanitizer stands
Infrared no-contact thermometers
KN95 masks
3 ply disposable masks
Sanitizers 5l/375ml/500ml pump/500ml squeeze.

❗POA on all products❗
Please contact: 081 22 333 22

Rise to the challenge with Xcel. Xcel assists in improving everyday cognitive function, recall, brings about a calming effect and also assists with mental fatigue.

Septogard has been scientifically formulated to help bring bacterial and viral infections under control, as well as to boost the immune system.

Available at your nearest pharmacy, or contact us for more information.

Make sure you use Ceflu CiBoost for Superior protection during this time.


💖 The Better Vit C 🏆... And what's more it's stomach friendly 😊 with a neutral PH... Ideal for gout patients.


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Nausea is not a disease itself, but can be a symptom of many disorders related to the digestive system. TravelRite is formulated with natural botanical extracts, to alleviate nausea by, for example, improving digestion. Available form DisChem, Clicks and leading pharmacies nationwide.

#SayNotoNausea #TravelRite #nausea #Gingerol #ginger

From the entire Strategic Marketing Team we would like to congratulate Namibia on the 30th Year of independence!💥

Choose Ester C for the smarter Vit C option!
One daily dose offers 24 hour protection.🛡

This is why you need to choose Ester C fizzy tabs for a full 24 hour Vit C protection.


Ask for AIRBORNE at your pharmacy. COMBAT AIRBORNE VIRUSES. Packed with Vitamins and Minerals to boost your Immune system.

Coyne Healthcare

The field of nutrigenomics has opened up a “whole new world of phyto [plant] chemicals showing that phytochemicals can influence gene expression”, says Dr Christine Houghton, PhD, a Nutritional Biochemist in nutrigenomic research.⁣ ⁣⁣

“What we've discovered is that certain elements in food, known as bioactives, are capable of switching on certain protective genes or switching off poor genes. Thus, you can eat either to switch on protective or disease-promoting genes.”⁣ ⁣⁣

Research shows that a molecule called sulforaphane does the former.⁣ ⁣⁣

Sulforaphane is a natural plant compound derived from many cruciferous vegetables, with broccoli sprouts being by far the highest source.⁣ ⁣⁣

“Although a cruciferous plant does not actually contain any sulforaphane itself, it contains two essential compounds, the myrosinase enzyme and glucoraphanin, both of which are needed to yield sulforaphane under the right conditions,” says Dr Houghton. “When the plant is cut or chewed, the contents of the two compounds combine, producing a chemical reaction that leads to the production of the sulforaphane.”⁣ ⁣⁣

Disease-fighting sulforaphane enhances the body's natural detoxification process, thereby protecting you from environmental threats in the air you breathe, the food you eat and the water you drink every day.⁣ ⁣⁣

Our Bio-Sulforaphane Advanced is a next generation, highly bio-available concentrated source of Broccoli phytonutrients rich in sulforaphane to support the activation of Nrf2. ⁣ ⁣⁣

Available at health shops, @wellnesswarehouse, @dischem_pharmacies and health pharmacies throughout South Africa.⁣ ⁣⁣

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😣😣 Chronic Tummy problems.?? Get Floracare from your local Pharmacy.

Coyne Healthcare

Good Hygiene, Good Nutrition, Therapeutic supplements - Liposomal C, AHCC, D3 , Glutathione, Essential oils, all support your bodies immune system.

This is what should be prevented at all times.

Coyne Healthcare

Sulforaphane is a phytochemical that enhances your natural detoxification processes. #Coynehealthcare #Sulforaphane

Slimming, Energizing and Focus Enhancing Slender You Slimming Tonic is HERE 😍

Drop Unwanted Kilos,
Beat Those Hunger Cravings
and Feel Energized All Day Long!

Ester C Fizzies, The Most advanced form of Vit C. Non Acidic and stay in Body 5 x longer than normal Vit C.

Deovit Caps -Multivitamin Mineral Probiotic Immunbooster

CORONAVIRUS.......... Deovit Multivitamin as well as Deoflora and Ceflu CiBoost contains Pelargonium Sidoides (PS). PS mode of action is protecting cells by inhibiting virusses like Coronavirus to bind to cells

Alcon South Africa

February is Low Vision Awareness Month, and it’s more important than ever to take care of one of your most important senses, your eyesight!


Merry Christmas!🎄
May this be a joyful period!
Be blessed!🔥

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Participating Pharmacies:

Keto Nutrition the right way to go for Maximim. Weigtloss and Maximum Energy with Beta Hydroxy Buterate

Eland Pharmacy hotdog day underway⚕️🌭

Wednesday Madness🤪🥳
come and visit us @elandpharmacy and buy any products from within the pharmacy and receive a FREE hotdog with your purchase🤤and that isn't all we have to offer! We will AlSO be having a LUCKY DRAW where you can stand a chance to win 1 of 20 products from our @deopharma range!🤯
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The festive season is right at our doorstep, and a SLENDER YOU 21 Day Starter Pack (valued at N$1 500.00) is up for grabs.💥🥳

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You can find Slender You products at any of the following Pharmacies Nationwide:

Auas Valley Pharmacy
Badenhorst Apteek - Otjiwarongo
Cuvelai Pharmacy - Ongwediva
Khabuser Pharmacy - Keetmanshoop
Lifestyle Pharmacy
Medicine 2000 - Oshakati
Oshakati Pharmacy
Outjo Apteek
Pionierspark Pharmacy
Reich’ Pharmacy - Luderitz
Sentrum Pharmacy - Walvisbay
Waterberg Apteek - Otjiwarongo
Yeto Pharmacy - Oshakati

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The festive season is right at our doorstep, and a SLENDER YOU 21 Day Starter Pack (valued at N$1 500.00) is up for grabs.💥🥳

All you have to do to qualify and win this amazing prize is to LIKE this page, SHARE the post and tag 3 or more friends. Simple.

We will announce the winner on 10 December 2019, so get tagging😉

You can find Slender You products at any of the following Pharmacies Nationwide:

Auas Valley Pharmacy
Badenhorst Apteek - Otjiwarongo
Cuvelai Pharmacy - Ongwediva
Khabuser Pharmacy - Keetmanshoop
Lifestyle Pharmacy
Medicine 2000 - Oshakati
Oshakati Pharmacy
Outjo Apteek
Pionierspark Pharmacy
Reich’ Pharmacy - Luderitz
Sentrum Pharmacy - Walvisbay
Waterberg Apteek - Otjiwarongo
Yeto Pharmacy - Oshakati

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Pionierspark Pharmacy & Gift Shop



Ask one of our pharmacist about starting a keto lifestyle today 💪

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Pionierspark Pharmacy & Gift Shop

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