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We provide tailor priced bookkeeping, taxation, budgeting and management consulting services. Individuals and SME's.

The corporation is engaged in the financial services sector with a particular focus on providing full scale turnkey bookkeeping, taxation, budgeting and reporting services. These services are tailor priced for current and emerging small and medium size enterprises throughout Namibia.

Mission: DC Hostadt Bookkeepers CC is committed to accountable, transparent and responsible accounting for the growth of prudently managed SME's in Namibia. The corporation strives to be the service provider of choice in the SME sector.

We are hiring....Senior Bookkeeper....email your detailed CV and certified documents to [email protected]. Due date is Monday, 18 May 2015 at 13h00.

[04/30/15]   SAAA(South African Accounting Academy) IFRS seminar:
Online learning and assessment programme – Jun 2015

Who: preparers of annual financial statements in terms of IFRS
When: June 2015, various dates and towns
Accredited programme with CPD points

Whats in it for the entrepreneur?
Fully compliant annual financial statements which can be used
-by the government (receiver of revenue) for income tax return submissions,
-by entrepreneurs for financing from banking institutions/family/friends
-by entrepreneurs for internal operational tracking and monitoring purposes
-consistency of data maintained from year-on-year for comparative purposes.

Sounds too complex...contact your bookkeeper for an informed choice.....or contact DCHB and sms the word "BOOKKEEPING" to 0812238920

[04/30/15]   Tax Indaba 2015 – 7 to 11 September – Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg


Special times for bean counters..............coming soon

This is "TAX INDABA" by Hauke Digital on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.


25 Jokes That Only Accountants Will Find Funny

Accountant joke for the week:

What do actuaries do to liven up their office party? Invite an accountant.

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/jokes-for-accountants-2014-5#ixzz3Qnu006wG

businessinsider.com On National Accounting Day, be audit you can be.

Upcoming Events: Power Hour Bookkeeping Seminars

Our first mini seminars on bookkeeping and financial management for individuals and SME's will be taking place in February 2015....Check out our page for time,venue. You do not want to miss out on free tips from best practices.

In the meantime, sms "BOOKKEEPING' to 081 223 8920 and get a free consultation with our accountants while the hours last. We want to help you free up your time for bigger and bolder entrepreneurial ideas to flourish.

We never left and we want to wish all of our already prosperous clients an even better year of growth ahead. May every blueprint of your entrepreneurial desires be achieved to the best of if not beyond human expectation...Welcome to 2015...you draw your own level of success, irrespective.

[12/09/14]   Bookkeeping tip of the week:

The dreaded but crucial decision of when to appoint a bookkeeper or an accountant is this week's tip.

Bookkeeper or Accountant (Kill two birds with one stone and find a Bookkeeper who can also provide financial analysis of your company data)

You should preferably appoint a Bookkeeper as you start trading to avoid extra fees when the documentation gets too much to organise.

Bookkeepers charge a per hour rate, find the one who offers affordable and quality work by speaking to previous clients before signing anything. Over a long-term relation, discuss preferential fixed rates with your Bookkeeper for doing your processing, taxes, annual financials, management accounts and operational management services and advice. This will save you costs as your entity will grow and a variable rate per hour based on the volume of transactions will be costly in the future before deciding to hire in-house.

So, why appoint a Bookkeeper? Of cause you can DIY but the expert advice from a affordable/quality service orientated Bookkeeper will save you thousands if not millions by correctly looking after your finances in line with Generally Accepted Accounting Practices/IFRS etc.

If you are looking for a Bookkeeper, sms the word "BOOK" to +264-81 223 8920 and let Dc Hostadt Bookkeepers cc "keep you organised for growth".

We moved to Unit 27L, 1st Floor, Old Power Station, C/O Nobel & Armstrong Street, Southern Industrial Area, Windhoek, Namibia.

[12/04/14]   Notice Board:

We have moved to Unit 27L, 1st Floor, Old Power Station, Southern Industrial Area, Windhoek, Namibia.

Pop in and have a cuppa with us on bookkeeping, budgeting and taxation tips for SME's and individuals. Ignorance is no bliss, rather know than not.

[12/03/14]   Bookkeeping tip of the week:

Bookkeeping is the day-to-day struggle up the mountain (financial year) till you reach the summit of your business or individual goal(s)! Below are 5 tips to keep you organised for growth:

(i) Do not mix business with pleasure (keep separate bank accounts)
(ii) Organise your paperwork (keep envelopes for each type of expense for ease of filling and processing by your bookkeeper). This tip will save you thousands of dollars in accounting and audit fees!!!
(iii) Cash is king, keep track of who paid you and when
(iv) Do not procrastinate points (i) - (iii) till your returns, good standing certificates or tender applications are due :-)
(v) When in doubt, seek professional advice (accounting can be stressful if you do not know how to balance the books)

Entrepreneurship is driven by great ideas and a bookkeeper will free up your time to create great opportunities for new businesses backed by sound financials.

For bookkeeping assistance:
sms "BOOK" to +264-81 2238 920 or fax your bookkeeping needs to 0886555689 or mail to [email protected] or visit as at Unit 27L, 1st floor, Old Power Station, C/O Noble & Armstrong Street, Southern Industrial Area, Windhoek, Namibia.

Be organised with Dc Hostadt Bookkeepers cc

[11/04/14]   Bookkeeping tip of the week:

Bookkeeping is like learning the piano, hard to learn but easy to master! Below are 8 tips to keep you organised for growth:

Use the right software -
Automate your recurring invoicing -
Do not mix business with pleasure -
Keep it simple -
Schedule important routine reports -
Customise your routine reports -
Use an affordable payroll service -
Hire a bookkeeper to make sure points 1 to 7 are done correctly:-)

The peace of mind and time a bookkeeper saves you to man yet another crucial task with your limited time is vital for the success of your enterprise.

Entrepreneurship is focused on the bottomline and bookkeeping will tell you exactly how low/high your bottomline is.

For more: sms "BOOK" to +264-81 2238 920 or mail to [email protected] or visit as at Unit 27L, 1st floor, Old Power Station, C/O Noble & Armstrong Street, Southern Industrial Area, Windhoek, Namibia.

[10/30/14]   Bookkeeping tip of the week:

(A) Start off on the right foot - make a habit to review your books on a weekly and monthly basis (daily is a very good habit:-)
(B) Learn the lingo - yes, debits and credits are there for a reason and you should know it (ask your bookkeeper for a crash course, accountants love to teach)
(C) Find software that fits your business needs - no need for SAP if pastel, quick books, or excel will do (avoid being too manual, it is the 21st century)
(D) Value good advice - if you are an entrepreneur, focus on your talent to expand your business and let your accountant keep you organised for that growth

For more tips on keeping you organised for growth:

sms "BOOK" to +264-81 22 38 920 or contact us at +264-61-219 836 or mail to [email protected] or visit us at Unit 27L, First Floor, Old Power Station, C/O Noble & Armstrong Street, Southern Industrial Area, Windhoek, Namibia.

[10/07/14]   Bookkeeping tip of the week:

Significantly increase your profits;

1. Make effective business decisions -
properly allocated financial data will enable quick decisions

2. Cash flow control -
accurate bookkeeping gives you insight on the in and outflows of your business.

3. Time to grow your business -
if you are not a bookkeeper, get one and free up your valuable time to grow your business which only you can do best.

4. Save money on potential audits -
regular bookkeeping and a good filling system will save you time and money when the Receiver of Revenue wants to audit your accounting records for VAT of related taxes.

5. Save money at tax time -
regular bookkeeping and a good filling system will save you time and money when you hand in your annual tax returns before their due dates.

for more tips: watch this space...and our upcoming "FREE" interactive flash events in your area.

DC Hostadt Bookkeepers CC

Good News for the current, up and coming entrepreneurs...get your accounting records in order with our special offer on the booking service deal of the year! Our bookkeeping services are delivered across Namibia...call us today at 081 22 38920 or mail at [email protected] and let us "keep you organised for growth".

Hurry...offer is valid till 28 February 2014.

[02/11/14]   When it comes to your finances what is most important to you in the short-term:

1. How you will spend it?
2. How it can grow? or
3. Does not matter as long as I have a job?

1, 2 or 3 which is most important to you?

[01/23/14]   Tax update: Provisional tax returns (individuals)

Individuals registered as provisional tax payers are reminded to start preparing for their submissions by 28 February 2014 for the 2014 assessment period.

Need assistance with your taxes...contact us now at [email protected] or 081 22 38 920 or simply inbox us on FB and we will get you organised.

DC Hostadt Bookkeepers CC
"Keeping You Organised For Growth".

[01/17/14]   Do you need assistance with the following for yourself or your business (currently operating or to get off the ground)?

Bookkeeping up till trail balance (creditors, debtors, GL, etc),
VAT (normal & import), Income Tax, PAYE, Social Security registrations and return submissions and
CC registrations/amendments/conversions.

Well, there is good news for you...Contact us @0812238920, [email protected] or comment on this page and get our turnkey bookkeeping service package from as little as N$ 2 875 pm.

Now you can afford professional accounting solutions to get your daily/weekly/monthly/annual operational reporting, annual tax returns or simply your budgetary control in order with less the effort.

T&C apply...offer valid till 15th February 2014.

[01/03/14]   Welcome 2014...thank you 2013 and seasons greetings to all DC Hostadt Bookkeepers' valued clientele.

We wish each of you and your staff a prosperous new year with grant favour in every diverse industry you trade in.


[12/10/13]   How many do not like reading annual financial statements or financial data for that matter?

[12/10/13]   Did you know?.... that the fields of financial accounting and management accounting are two distinct spheres of accounting that provide you as the owner or individual with the power to track your discipline on compliance to laws (financial) and to improve internal efficiency (management).

Get both these services at an affordable and tailored package for a holistic balance of your current and future operations or plans.

Contact our offices to spearhead your success with these tools at [email protected] or simply inbox or post your comment here.

[12/05/13]   The results of your success or failure is the heart of your financial repoting. How best are you tracking your success?

Contact us for simple, effective and practical bookkeeping solutions that fit your needs....

[11/18/13]   Do not miss opportunity knocks on NBC (20th November 2013 at 18h30) with a focus on the importance of getting your business organised with BOOKKEEPING...

Get prudent, get knowledgeable and take calculated risks.

[11/18/13]   Tax calendar for November 2013:

PAYE submission due by 20th for 2013/10 period
Import VAT submission due by 20th for 2013/10 period
1st Provisional tax submission due by 30th for May year-ends
Normal VAT submission due by 25th for 2013/10 period
Social security submissions for 2013/10 period

Do you need assistance with your individual or corporate taxes?......inbox us for a hassle free tax service consultation at your convenience.

[10/09/13]   Remember that the definition of trade in the Income Tax includes EVERY profession, trade, business, employment, occupation, venture, property letting, right to use any patent, copyright, design, trademark or asset similar in nature which from case law can be a once off or repetitive action with a profit motive.
i.e. that when you are "trading" as stated above, remember that the Income Tax Act of Namibia will apply to you as well.

[10/09/13]   The Income Tax act of Namibia applies to ANY company, corporation or association whether legally registered under any law in Namibia or elsewhere (deemed from a Namibian source).
i.e. that it applies to registered sole proprietaries, partnerships, cc's, private and public companies, unit trusts, benefit associations with certain exclusions.

[05/07/13]   Except for profits on the sale of mining licenses/rights, there is no tax on capital gains nor on donations in Namibia as opposed to the South African tax regime. i.e that the profit you make on the sale of property (house,car,etc) is not taxable. Similarly for cash or cash equivalent you in/voluntarily give away (donate) is also not taxable.

[04/23/13]   Namibia enjoys a source-based tax system versus residency that taxes the income of taxpayers from or deemed (assumed) to be from a Namibian source.

Juristic person (company) taxes range from 13.6%, 18%, 34%, 35%, 37.5% and 55%. Long term insurers pay the least tax of 13.6% while diamond mining pays the most tax of 55% to the kitty of the receiver of revenue (ROR).

[04/12/13]   There is vast difference in having a business generate profits during a specific period and still have insufficient funds to meet their daily or monthly supplier/employee payments.

Sound control of the working capital cycle is key to the success of businesses trading in goods while service sectors manage their client satisfaction levels more stringently, in addition.

Contact DCHB on working capital management techniques.

[04/09/13]   Tax alert 2013/2014:
1. New training levy imposition
2. Increase in Social Security benefits and contributions
3. Tax relief for individual tax payers

Watch the space for Tuesday tax alerts...

[03/28/13]   Another day of budgeting at the office....!nice

[03/26/13]   Finally, the rush of VAT returns has been meet...till the next 25th.

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