Nam-mic Payment Solutions

Nam-mic Payment Solutions

Your Nam-mic Account is a safe and secure way to pay for goods & services, saving you money through low transaction costs and pre-negotiated discounts.

Nam-mic Payment Solutions (Pty) Ltd was established in 2010 to offer a cost affordable transactional product that not only saves money because it is cheaper than traditional banking, but which offers loyalty incentive opportunities. This equates not only to tangible savings but cash back earnings through account usage. The Nam-mic Account works like any other debit card but only lets the holder spend what credit has been added to the card. It is a reloadable prepaid card that provides a secure, convenient, low cost alternative to traditional debit card products offered by banking institutions. The employee’s wages / salary are direct deposited into their own individually-owned account where they have access to it 24 hours a day. Nam-mic account holders are able to use their Mobile, Card and Internet to perform cost effective bank type transactions, while having access to various points throughout Namibia for cash withdrawals and deposits through our participating merchant infrastructure Network. Cash deposits below N$1000.00 are free for account holders ensuring you get the full value of your money available to you in your account. The Nam-mic Card can be used as an ATM Debit Card on the Bank Windhoek ATM Network to do Cash Withdrawals and Balance Enquiries while also being able to pay for products and services on the Bank Windhoek Merchant POS Terminal network. This makes it perfect as an affordable Payroll Card for Employers and Employees especially for previously marginalized unbanked and under-banked persons by offering a viable low cost bank type product. The Nam-mic solution incentivizes the account holder by providing discounted products purchased via Mobile & Card making sure you not only save but get cash back. This makes us unique because our product has been designed to SAVE you money ensuring that you can give / get more. There is a monthly fee of only N$ 3.75 which is deducted off your available balance at the end of the month. If you do not have money in your account your account will still remain active. You only pay for your account when you use your card and when there is money in your account. This is ‘pay as you use’ bank type transactions suited for your pocket. The monthly fee is deducted off discounts earned during the month. Then, for some of the transactions, there will be a small fee but we have made it the lowest fees that you will have to pay for a similar bank type account in the market today. This is affordable banking – compare our fees and you will see how much you will save. Because you receive discounts on many of your purchases, most of your transaction fees are paid for by discounts earned when you swipe to pay. The Nam-mic Account is the easiest way to spend, save and budget.

Good Day all Nam-mic clients and stakeholders please take note of our new address we have moved to new improved offices.situated in the street just behind our old building

[12/06/18]   Good Day all esteemed Nam-mic Payment Solutions customers please note that we will be closing business for the festive season from the 24th of December 2018 and our doors will open again 2nd January 2019...May you have a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year

New and Exciting MTC AWEH Products Available on Nam-mic Mobile Banking Chanel.

Steps to Buy MTC AWEH Airtime

Dial *140*575#
Select Number 2 Buy Pre-Paid
Select Number 1 Buy Airtime
Select Number 2 Airtime Token
Select Number 4 MTC AWEH

N$15.00 AWEH GO

Choose your prefered AWEH Product and be connected to MTC AWEH AWEH!!!!

#Tuesday Special Tip

[11/13/17]   #Tip of the Day

Remember to be able to access funds on your Nam-mic NSFAF Payment card you must 1st allocate funds from your Upkeep Pocket to your Personal Pocket.

Select Number 4 Allocation Withdraw and send.
Select Number 1 Upkeep Pocket and send.
Amount From 0-2000
Enter Pin.

After the allocation process is done you can access funds at any Bank Windhoek ATM or Speedpoint.

#Remember always select savings account when withdrawing at the ATM.

[11/13/17]   Good morning NPS family its Monday new week new opportunities,please note if you have any difficulties with your Nam-mic Card or Mobile Banking please feel free to visit any of our offices with your card and copy of your i.d.


Be Money wise!!!

# Tip 1
Swipe and pay for goods and services instead of doing ATM Withdrawals.

Scenario: You need to pay for goods to the value of N$ 2000.00

Option One: Pay at Nam-mic Payment Solutions POS device = N$ 1.50

Option Two: Pay at Bank POS device= N$ 3.00

Option Three: Withdraw Funds through Nam-mic Payment Solutions = N$ 18.00

Option Four: Withdraw Funds at Bank ATM = N$ 29.50

Which of the above options are more feasible?
Be Money Wise!

[03/28/17]   Have your application for study loan/grant been approved by NSFAF?

Kindly visit the nearest Nam-mic Payment Solutions office with your approval letter, ID and proof of residence to receive your NSFAF account and card.

You can immediately start to use your account to buy Airtime and Pre-paid electricity.

Also swipe and earn cashback at participating retailers...

New Vending Presentation

EXCITING!Hey, I wanted to share with you somethingSUPERmanaging airtime stock vouchers and sales?Are youFED UP WITHAnd isdaily cash upsTOO MUCHof your time?taking upWE HAVE JUSTthe solution for youNow it’s time toin a more effective waychange to virtual airtime and pre-paid electricitybe in control…

BEWARE!!! Fraudsters are selling these devices claiming association with Nam-mic Payment Solutions...

Please note NPS do not sell vending equipment. Please contact our office at 061-234 895 with details of the perpetrators.

Its quick and easy to deposit funds into your NSFAF Student/ Nam-mic Account...

1. Write your Reference number (300...) and your name and a Teller will do the deposit.
2. You, Your employer, Family and Friends can do an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to:
Nam-mic Payment Solutions
Bank Windhoek
Acc: 800 304 2771
Main Branch
Cheque Account
Reference: (your Ref - 300... or Active Mobile or ID)

See most affordable fees.

To Send/Receive funds to/from another account user via Mobile is FREE.
Deposits less than N$ 2,000 = FREE
To buy Airtime or Pre-paid Electricity = FREE (Receive 5% Cashback on Airtime purchases)
Receive Cash Back on your account when buying at participating Merchants.

[02/23/17]   NSFAF MARKETING MANAGER is answering student questions on Afrikaans Radio 88.6. regarding NSFAF

Tel: 061-291 2007

Please always keep your Nam-mic Card and Card PIN safe at all times. Do not give your Card PIN & Nam-mic Card to anyone.

If you suspect fraudulent activity has taken place, please contact us at 061 234 895 immediately.

Have a blessed day.

Please always keep your Nam-mic Card and Card PIN safe at all times. Do not give your Card PIN & Nam-mic Card to anyone.

If you suspect fraudulent activity has taken place, please contact us at 061 234 895 immediately.

Have a blessed 2017!

Do you know you can check the balances in your Nam-mic Account and assosciated Pockets from your Mobile? Please follow the below steps. If you need assistance, contact us at 061 234 895 or [email protected]

Do you know you can check the last 3 transactions on your Nam-mic Account from your Mobile? Please follow the below steps. If you need assistance, contact us at 061 234 895 or [email protected]

NSFAF Students, do you know how to Withdraw funds from your Upkeep Pocket? Please follow the below steps. If you need assistance, contact us at 061 234 895 or [email protected]

[08/18/16]   Please note that NSFAF have implemented transactional limits that are applied on all NSFAF Card accounts with immediate effect. The NSFAF transactional limits are to promote controlled usage of distributed funds to students:

- Withdrawal: Max Withdrawal Limit: N$ 2,000.00; Daily Limit: N$ 2,000.00; Monthly Limit: N$ 6,000.00.
- Transfer: Max Transfer Limit: N$ 2,000.00; Daily Limit: N$ 2,000.00; Monthly Limit: N$ 6,000.00.


Dear Clients,

Flexitrade have launched their website recently and would like you visit the site at
Follow the link and find knockout specials for the week.
For your convenience we have included a recipe link on the website.
Place your orders via e-mail or the website.

EARN 3% cashback when paying with your Nam-mic Card!

Please always keep your Nam-mic Card and Card PIN safe at all times. Do not give your Card PIN & Nam-mic Card to anyone.

If you suspect fraudulent activity has taken place, please contact us at 061 234 895 immediately.

Make your business a one stop shop... vending of all airtime and pre-paid electricity...

Kindly send me your details via an application form directly through the web:

Thank you!


Message to Continuing Students (UNAM, NUST and IUM)

Dear Students.

This is to inform you that Namibia Students Financial Assistance Fund (NSFAF) has reviewed its funding model. The new funding model is compulsory for all 2016 new intakes studying at University of Namibia (UNAM), Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) and International University of Management (IUM).

However for continuing, in order not to breach the contract entered between the students and NSFAF, the student have an option to indicate whether they prefer to remain on the old or move over to the new funding model. Students can indicate this option by signing the new contract (if a student sign a new contract, then it is an indication that student have opted to migrate to the new contract and will be paid according to the new funding model).

The NSFAF wishes to advise that in summary, the new structure comprises of tuition and non-tuition fees, which is structured as follows, namely –

1. Tuition fees will be paid 100% of curriculum based subjects as prescribed by Institutions of Higher Learning, (excluding outstanding/extra-curricular subjects).
2. Non-tuition fees is categorised as follows:
2.1. Boarding students will receive 80% financial assistance towards accommodation and meals, and N$ 3000 allowance for books.
2.2. Non-boarding students will receive a flat rate of N$ 12 000 for accommodation and meals allowance, N$ 6600 for transport allowance, and N$ 3000 as book allowance.

Please note that NSFAF will be visiting Institutions of Higher Learning as 11th -15 July 2016 to administer the signing of contracts for students who may prefer to move over to the new funding model.

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[05/17/16]   All NUST - NSFAF beneficiaries:
Please be informed that NAM-MIC will be issuing NUST – NSFAF CARDS to NSFAF beneficiaries again on THURSDAY, 19 MAY 2016 from 7:30 -16:30 at the Engineering Basement.

Feedback from a workshop held between NSFAF and Student Leaders of UNAM, NUST & IUM. Please contact SRC's of these institutions for more information if required.

Awards 2016 - NSFAF

The Namibia Students Financial Assistance Fund (NSFAF) is pleased to announce the initial Award Results of 2016.

Continuing & New Award NSFAF Students can go to Nam-mic Offices in the Regions to request their NSFAF Payment Card.

If students do not have an existing Nam-mic account, the NSFAF Beneficiary can open their NSFAF Account by dialing *140*575# and select 8. Open NSFAF Account, select from menu the Institution they are studying from& follow the menu prompts to enter their personal information.

The student will need to take an ID photo & complete an Application Form at the regional Nam-mic Office, noting the NSFAF Account Number and Nam-mic will send the NSFAF Payment Card back to the Nam-mic Office for collection by the student on presentation of their ID. In regard to students who work, they will be subject to pay their loans with interest (the percentage to be determined by the NSFAF)

Telecom Namibia

[04/16/16]   ATTENTION: UNAM Students who received funds from NSFAF in March, but whose funds are still on hold, please provide the below information in our inbox for us to assist you further with your query:

Mobile number:
ID Number:
Student Number:

We will follow up with NSFAF on your behalf to try and resolve this outstanding matter.


JOHANNES NDAPANDULA SHILONGO - Swipe and Pay for more than N$100 using your Nam-mic Card
RAKKEL NELAGO ANDIMA - Buy Electricity for more than N$100 using *140*575#
ROSETTA MARIE JANSE VAN RENSBURG - Buy Airtime for more than N$100 using *140*575#

Buy AIRTIME, ELECTRICITY or Pay at Nam-mic or Bank Windhoek retailers with your Nam-mic CARD for more than N$100 & you could be next!!!

Use your Nam-mic card to purchase at Pick n Pay Wernhill and qualify for awesome prizes...

If you make a purchase of ANY amount at Wernhil
Park this Easter, kitchenware worth N$30 000 can
be yours! Come to Wernhil Park for entertainment,
great giveaways and lots of Easter fun every day! :)



Nam-mic Financial Services Holdings (NFSH) launched its Social Investment Fund on Wednesday, 9 March 2016.

The launch event coincided with the announcement of the first beneficiaries of the fund.

NFSH was established in 2001 with the main aim of empowering previously disadvantaged Namibians and is a truly broad-based black economic empowerment company with more than two thirds of its shares owned by unions affiliated to the National Union of Namibian Workers (NUNW).

“It is the vision of NFSH to economically empower Namibians by creating opportunities for both our main stakeholders, the unions, and ultimately for their members. We believe that by doing this, we contribute to the economic development of Namibia in general,” said Mr Walter Don, Chief Executive Officer of NFSH.

“It is in line with this vision that Nam-mic Financial Services Holdings decided to re-invest in the community it operates in by founding the Nam-mic Social Investment Fund that we are launched yesterday (9 March 2016). What you see happening here is the workers investing in fellow workers. This initiative came from the union leadership who wanted to give back to their members,” Don said.

The NFSH Social Investment Fund has four focus areas, namely education, training, sustainable employment and health.

“Under education we will fund organisations that will provide training to the members of the NUNW and its affiliates. The main focus here will be the retraining of workers to improve their chances of finding a job in the ever changing job market. We want to teach them additional skills to make them multifaceted in the workplace. For instance - a welder should not be limited to only being a welder, but should learn another skill so that if his job as a welder becomes redundant, he can find another job with the additional skill.”

NFSH will also make bursaries available to children on union members studying accounting or finance and information technology at Namibian universities.

The Nam-mic Social Investment Fund will support organisations working towards the creation of sustainable employment by funding projects aimed at job creation and entrepreneurship.
The fourth focus area is health and in particular HIV/Aids and related diseases. The NFSH Social Investment Fund will fund awareness campaigns and counselling for union members living with the disease.

“I would in particular like to thank the NUNW and its affiliates for the support they have given to this project. We trust that they will make use of NFSH’s renewed commitment to the members and their dependents and that they will nominate the right people to benefit from this opportunity,” Don said.

The two beneficiaries that NFSH identified are Women at Work and the Labour Resource and Research Institute (LaRRI).

Women at Work will provide training to domestic workers who are members of the Namibia Domestic and Allied Workers Union (NDAWU) in home management, sewing, cooking and office maintenance. The aim of this training is to improve the skills of these workers and make them better equipped for the very competitive market that they work in.

LaRRI will be responsible for the training of the union leadership and shop stewards and will assist with retraining opportunities to workers who lose their jobs and who need to learn different skills to make them re-employable.

LaRRI will also run awareness campaigns on HIV/Aids and related diseases and will support workers living with this disease with counselling.

NSFAF Cardholders Earn Cashback** when you swipe and pay for goods and services at:

#VanSchaikBookStore (Main & Oshakati Campuses - Books and Stationary)
#IndependenceCafeteria (Main Campus - Meals)
#DiningHallCafeteria (Main Campus - Meals)
#TheGrub (Main Campus - Meals)
#NovaCambios (Main Campus - Foreign Exchange)
#BeukesSpar (Groceries)
#PicknPay (Wernhill, BPI, Katutura, Swakop, Walvisbay, Ongwediva, Oshakati - Groceries)
#Metro (Hyper and Southern Industrial - Groceries)
#Super11 (Groceries)
#MultiSave (Groceries)
#ChickenCity (Wernhill and Khomas Groove Mall - Take Aways)

Ask in store!

Dial *140*575# and Buy
#Airtime (Receive 5%)

**Participating merchants

Use your Nam-mic Fuel Card to fill up your tank or pay for Tyres and Services.

You can now load funds on
1.Fuel pocket.
These funds cant be withdrawn at an atm, and can only be swiped at Nam-mic merchants to pay for Fuel and Spares and repairs.

2. Upkeep pocket
you can swipe on a Nam-mic or Bank Windhoek pos device or withdraw the funds.
Idealy used to pay for S&Ts of workers.

This is ideal for Courier/Transport businesses and for Delivery vehicles of your company.

Contact Nam-mic today at
081 825 0644 to get your business fleet cards.

Goeie nuus vir motoriste in Namibië.

Die brandstofprys in Namibië daal eerskomende Woensdag. Harald Schmidt Hoof Uitvoerende beampte van die Sekretariaat van Namibiese Oliemaatskappye in Namibië het bekendgemaak dat petrol met gemiddeld 50 sent per liter daal en diesel met gemiddeld 30 sent per liter.

NSFAF Students please note the below dates and campuses where Nam-mic Staff will be visiting to issue NSFAF Cards. NSFAF Beneficiaries in Windhoek can visit us at Nam-mic House, corner of Hosea Kutako & John Meinert Streets.

Please note a few changes to the below schedule:
- 29th February: VTC DAPP & Nakayale
- 1st to 4th March: UNAM HP Campus
- 7th March: UNAM Jose Engineering Campus, Ongwediva
- 14th March: UNAM Rundu

Campuses & Institutions not listed below can go to Nam-mic Offices in the regions to request their NSFAF Cards.

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Opening Hours

Monday 07:30 - 17:00
Tuesday 07:30 - 17:00
Wednesday 07:30 - 17:00
Thursday 07:30 - 17:00
Friday 07:30 - 17:00
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