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Wil Fnb tel as on this plaform weather half of us that didnt get yesterday wil our government grand today or only monday?....
N$750 for covid19
I thought FNB Namibia removed all the bank charges amidst #COVID2019 pandemic? Why are they still charging clients even if they are using FNB app?
FNB... I have been struggling the whole day to do payments online. Your phones are also not being answered. Please don't blame Corona. Can you at least communicate with your clients.
FNB please fix your system to buy airtime and electricity. It's down for a while now.
Fnb Namibia you sending us away for deposits less then $5000.But your ATM's at your branches are not compatible for deposits.This is a big inconvenience.
Ek is gatvol @fnbnamibia julle eet my ma op met bank kostes. Sy is hoeveelkeer al na jul toe om dit af te probeer bring. Moet sy n ander bank soek of het jul n fee structure vir seniors.🤬
Dear FNB, why dont you increase the withdrawal limit to N$ 5000 for ewallet. Sometimes the queues are delayed by those who continuously request pins while at the ATM.. Please consider my humble request.
https://www.facebook.com/groups/616819348371856/permalink/2771576069562829/ Is FNB getting to the bottom of the linked post? Since I use this ATM I have personal interest in ensuring this matter is attended to. As such I will continue to follow up...
I just wanted to say that I have received the best service ever from this gentleman and he's name is Brezhnev Gonteb from retail Credit Windhoek
Accounts department has no regard for insurance taken out on loans
I never realized how expensive FNB was until I was forced to get a NSFAF Bank Windhoek account. I am definitely closing my FNB Account very soon and switching to Bank Windhoek Permanently. Adios and I'm never looking back.

True to our FNB brand promise of "How can we help you?", we want to hear from you. Business page hours: 08h00 - 16h00

FNB Namibia Ltd. provides a full range of banking services to individuals, while our Business and Corporate Divisions offer services and solutions that meet the needs of enterprises - both large and small - throughout the country. Our extensive countrywide branch and automated teller machine (ATM) networks, as well as FNB Namibia Online Banking, ensure that you have access to your accounts around the clock. Investing in the community and future of our country is a priority. The FNB Namibia Foundation is the vehicle through which we support non-profit organisations and institutions working towards the development and empowerment of the broader community.

Mission: "How can we help you?"

Freshfm Namibia

We had a lovely lunch treat from FNB Namibia today to celebrate us an essential service.

What a treat 💕

Please note that routine maintenance on our digital platforms is scheduled for today, 18 April from 22h00 to Sunday 06h00, 19 April.
Some functionalities may be affected during this time and request that any urgent banking be done before or after this period.

For qualifying customers who have received social grant pay-outs by the Ministry of Finance via Ewallet, FNB would like to remind customers that Ewallets can also be withdrawn from enabled retail and shop outlets across the country. We urge customers to remain calm and where possible, to visit ATMs during non-rush periods, as cash will be available. Crowds should be avoided at this time to stop the further spread of COVID19, and social distancing should be adhered to at all times.

FNB Investment account holders can self-manage their 32-Day and Flexi-Fixed Investment Accounts via Online Banking.

Online self-management includes:
• Viewing investment transactions captured
• Withdrawal of funds
• Closing your investment account and transferring remaining funds paid to your transactional account
• Managing interest to be paid out or reinvested
• Reinvesting your funds or instructing for a portion to be paid out

For more information view the how to video https://youtu.be/XSKbJ28cpdk or call 061 299 2222.

All branches will continue to operate from Mondays to Fridays during normal banking hours, but will be closed on Saturdays to curb branch activities due to the COVID-19 lockdown period.
This measurement will be in place until 5 May 2020.
For withdrawals and deposits, please make use of the ATMs and Advanced Deposit Taking ATMs.
Our 24/7 digital solutions allow you to transact with limited human interaction and we urge you to make use of the FNB App, Cellphone or Online Banking.
Should you require assistance kindly contact us at 061 299 2222

Need to pay someone or receive money without having to add their bank account details?

If they are within 50m of you and have the Banking App on their smarthphone, #GEOPayments allows you to do the transaction safely and conveniently from one device to another.

Hashtag Media Namibia

Will Covid-19 trigger a financial crisis in Namibia, or is that an overreaction? Find out more in the interview with Ruusa Nandago, Economist | Treasury at FNB Namibia
#Namibia #Economy #Covid19 #economicImpact

Our WesBank team have adopted flexible working arrangements. Some staff members will be available via telephone and email only.
We urge you to contact our team members during office hours on the following contact details.

Our Home Loans team have adopted flexible working arrangements. Some staff members will be available via telephone and email only.
We urge you to contact our team members during office hours on the following contact details.


FNB Namibia

Our Cashflow Relief interventions across some of our products are available from April – June 2020 via our new applet on the FNB App for qualifying personal and business banking customers:


FNB Cashflow Relief on the FNB App

Cashflow Relief is now available on the FNB App. Visit the COVID-19 icon on the App to apply.

Read more here: https://bit.ly/CashflowReliefSolution

[04/09/20]   COVID-19 Cashflow Relief from FNB Namibia

Need to deposit cash during lockdown?

For your safety and convenience, you can deposit cash at FNBs deposit taking ATMs. #RealHelp

FirstRand Namibia establishes HOPE; a Health Optimisation Pandemic Emergency Fund: Leveraging the group’s capacity and capabilities to assist with Namibia’s response to COVID19.

An anchor investment of N$10 million has so far been allocated to HOPE, funded by the banking arms of the group, FNB Namibia and RMB.

Read more here: https://bit.ly/FRNHope

[04/08/20]   FirstRand Namibia establishes HOPE; a Health Optimisation Pandemic Emergency Fund

Activate your FNB App or Online Banking profile at your nearest FNB ATM, and start banking from the comfort of your home.
Here's how 🙂

[04/07/20]   FNB Unit Trusts, managed by Ashburton Unit Trust Management Company, recently informed its unit trust investors that it would increase its minimum investment balance from N$5,000 to N$75,000 and that it would contact impacted customers within the next few months to discuss alternative investment options.

FNB Unit Trusts has had subsequent engagements with Namfisa on this matter, and it is to be noted that the proposed minimum investment limits for existing unit trust investors are not included in this business change. The minimum investment limits apply to new investors only.

There is no action required from affected unit holders at this stage, but we will communicate once we have completed our engagements with Namfisa and have consensus on the way forward.

As we escalate our efforts to help customers, we are pleased to announce that from 7 April – 30 Jun 2020 we will implement measures to provide relief to individual and business customers whose financial stability has been impacted by COVID-19. Our interventions will assist customers who demonstrate sound banking behaviour, one of which is having honoured their repayments to the bank on a consistent basis prior to COVID-19, as well as other criteria,” said Erwin Tjipuka, CEO FNB Namibia.

Over and above the concessions FNB Namibia has made to date with discounting transactional fees and increased digital access, for those customers that qualify, our COVID-19 interventions will be for all term products with us, and will be available for a period of three months and cover the following:

Instalment cashflow relief, during which part or no instalments/repayments will be due for a specific period;

No fees will be charged for any repayment relief granted over the period;

Assistance with processing credit insurance claims, where relevant (typically retrenchment cases only, but not definitive).

The new concessions include a three-month payment holiday to all student loans that are in good standing as at the end of February 2020.

RMB Namibia, through the FirstRand Namibia Foundation Trust, has donated N$ 500 000 to assist a COVID-19 emergency response programme directly targeting the informal settlements in Windhoek.

“The programme supported by RMB is implemented by the not-for-profit organisation Development Workshop Namibia (DWN) in collaboration with the Namibian Chamber of Environment (NCE). Together we aim to assist in setting up more than 10 000 hand washing units, known as tippy taps over the following 20 days thereby reaching approximately 40 000 families. There is a real chance to reach out to the majority of informal settlement households (approximately 65,000) within a short period of time”,said Conrad Dempsey, CEO of RMB.

Activities on the ground were initiated last week and teams of DWN staff and local volunteers already set up more than 500 tippy taps within a few days. By early April, four teams with 60 volunteers will be setting up between 300-400 tippy taps per day across the informal settlements of Windhoek. As teams become more practiced, the rate may increase to 130 units per team per day.

As of the 1st of April until the 30th of June 2020 FNB will be making all transactions done on the FNB App free, at a 100% discount.
Read more here: bit.ly/RealHelpOnFees

[03/29/20]   FNB Supports Customers with #RealHelp on Fees

To our valued clients, please take note of the below;

FNB Namibia has come out in support of FNB Customers impacted by COVID19.
Read more here: https://bit.ly/RealHelpFromFNB

[03/26/20]   #RealHelp from FNB

Enjoy the convenience of being in control with our safe and secure banking transaction channels. Banking from the comfort of your home makes managing your finances easier.
Download the FNB App or dial *140*321# to register for Cellphone Banking.

FNB Namibia has cut its Prime and Home Loan Base Rate, effective 25 March 2020.

In addition, our investment and savings rates were cut at different levels for different products.
Many of our customers are dependent on interest income (such as senior citizens) from our investment products to fund living expenses, and as such FNB has taken the decision to cut at less than 1% for these products so that senior citizens and our customer base with 32-day investment accounts, for example, do not see a reduction on investments, as it may impact their disposable income during these difficult times.

Namibian Broadcasting Corporation

The Namibian Broadcasting Corporation, in its efforts to inform and educate the Namibian nation, has translated COVID-19 information sheets to provide Namibians with an opportunity to better understand the ongoing pandemic. The following document is available in Oshiwambo, Otjiherero, Silozi, Rukwangali, Damara/Nama, Afrikaans, German, Setswana, Rumanyo and Thimbukushu.

#StayAware #StayHealthy

Today we are celebrating our independence, today we are celebrating our freedom, today we are celebrating continuity, today we are celebrating the joy of a better tomorrow.
Happy Independence Day, Namibia!🇳🇦

Transacting on your FNB App is easy, safe and secure. #RealHelp



Dear FNB Customer,
FNB Namibia is closely monitoring developments relating to the global CoronaVirus (COVID-19) outbreak. We want to assure you that we are dedicating significant resources to keeping our approach up-to date as we prioritise customer and employee health and safety at our premises; and our ability to continue an uninterrupted service to our clients in the markets where we operate.

Customers are encouraged to make use of our wide range of digital banking opportunities available via FNB Namibia: FNBApp, Online Banking, Pay-to-cell, Geopayments, Cellphone banking - USSD options, Ewallet, ATMs and ADTs and cash at preferred retailers. Digital transactions should be considered for health reasons and also for the cost saving this delivers for customers.

We have increased the frequency of cleaning our premises and also ensured that where relevant, all our respective environments undergo deep-cleaning, including regular ATM/ADT cleaning.
Our offices are equipped with hand sanitisers, and we have rolled out sanitisers, gloves and masks to our branches as a precautionary measure, for customer and staff safety and to aid against any contagion.

A calm, reasoned approach to managing business relationships is paramount, and we are committed to extending our very best support to the nation.
Please report any infections on toll-free number 0800100100, which is available 24 hours, seven days a week.

Visit https://www.who.int/ for more information, and look out for our healthy FNB banking tips in newspapers and on radio.

who.int Promote health. Save lives. Serve the vulnerable.

[03/15/20]   To our valued customers,

Due to a scheduled routine maintenance on our systems, the use of our self-service channels may be disrupted during this time. We sincerely apologize for this brief interruption.
For card cancellations, please call 061 299 2999.

[03/13/20]   Namibia has no confirmed coronavirus cases at this point and rumours of a coronavirus case testing positively at FNB Namibia are entirely incorrect.

With FNB Rewards, you can earn Cash Back whenever you swipe with your FNB Debit/Credit Card and stretch your money a little further.

[03/11/20]   FNB Unit Trusts is making changes to its operating model:

FNB Unit Trusts, managed by Ashburton Unit Trust Management Company Limited (a subsidiary of FirstRand Namibia), will require a minimum opening balance of N$75,000 with effect from 10 March 2020.
This minimum balance is aligned with other Unit Trust Fund requirements in the Namibian market.
Existing customers currently invested below this level will be contacted over the next few months to discuss our wider range of investment and savings opportunities available in this category.

FNB Namibia

Draw cash with your purchase at Shoprite, Checkers, and Usave outlets countrywide.

Our Cash at Till service is now available at Shoprite, Checkers and U Save
outlets countrywide.
This means you can skip those loooong ATM queues and withdraw cash from shop tills with your purchase.
Here's how: http://bit.ly/CashAtTillVideo

Understanding your credit score, and tips on how to maintain your credit worthiness and have a good credit rating.
Read more here: http://bit.ly/2PEesyq

The offshore investment process is often seen as unwieldy and complicated, but this assumption is far from true.
Read more here: http://bit.ly/OffshoreInvestments

FNB Care video

Be heard with FNB Care

[03/01/20]   Understanding your Credit Score

[03/01/20]   Offshore investing, a valuable tool for all

Your FNB Student Account helps you access more of your money for less. Switch to FNB today and save - simply visit your nearest FNB branch with a valid ID/passport and proof of registration to apply.

Tough times call for smart saving techniques - and every cent helps!
With FNB's Bank your Change feature, you can automatically save some cash in your FNB Savings Pocket every time you swipe with your debit card. Check your Savings Pocket balance on the FNB App.

[02/24/20]   Dear Customer,

While we can confirm that as of today there are no skimming devices at any of our Windhoek ATMs, and that we do continuously inspect our ATMS countrywide for criminal attacks. Please do call us on 061 299 2222 to report any suspected tampering of your preferred ATM. Your safety and financial wellbeing is very important to us. Let’s work together to fight crime and ensure your hard-earned money works only for you! Lodge any complaints at [email protected], or post on our FB wall to keep the conversation, and everyone’s eyes and ears, open.

FNB Namibia scooped four business sector PMR Awards, ranking the highest in all four categories.

FNB Namibia received awards in the following categories:

• Business Sector: Banks - BUSINESS BANKING (Diamond Award)
Highest rated in sector

Highest rated in sector

Highest rated in sector

Highest rated in sector

Mid-month cash blues?
With FNB Rewards, you get Cash Back every time you swipe with your card - thus helping you pay for groceries when you most need them.

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