Trustco Insurance Ltd

Trustco Insurance Ltd

Trustco Insurance Ltd is the flagship company of Trustco Group Holdings and offers quality short and long term insurance products.

Legal Shield covers you and your family against legal costs resulting from Civil, Criminal, Matrimonial, Labour and Administrative matters for up to N$ 300 000 per case. Legal Shield is the Premium Legal Insurance provider in Namibia.



Staff Reporter
A term loan facility of NAD345 million to Trustco by DEG, a development finance institution based in Germany, is an extraordinary gesture towards Namibia and Trustco in extremely challenging social, economic, and political times with Covid-19 devastating face-to-face-education.
THE Group Deputy CEO of Trustco, Quinton Z. Van Rooyen unpacks the German loan to Trustco and the benefits to Namibian education.

4 June 2020 – SENS Announcement Extension on Posting of Circulars on Transactions 4 June 2020 – SENS Announcement Extension on Posting of Circulars on Transactions4th June 2020 4 June 2020 – SENS Announcement Extension on Posting of Circulars on Transactions

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Staying indoors can cause some friction and tempers to flair! However, should there be any domestic abuse, Legal Shield can assist with protection orders and domestic matters. We are here to assist you during this #lockdown. Make sure you have the protection you require, email us at [email protected], call our emergency number or send us a WhatsApp.

Child support is a serious matter, especially in times of a global crisis. Should you as a Legal Shield member be struggling with any maintenance matters, let us assist you. Contact us today to register your claim. Email us on [email protected], call our emergency number or send us a WhatsApp.

Legal Shield can assist any of its members with bail applications during this #lockdown period. We’re available via: email on [email protected], call our emergency number or send us a WhatsApp.

Most pending matters are on hold with the courts, however, certain matters are still being heard. Should you require any #legal assistance with any of the matters listed below, remember you can call, SMS, WhatsApp or email us [email protected]

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Legal Shield is available for any emergencies such as urgent bail applications. If you need us, we are a phone call away. Kindly make use of our emergency number during this #lockdown.

Legal Shield is here to #Assist U while you’re in lock down. Should you need any legal advice or have a claim you need to register, our whats app line is open or alternatively send us an email at [email protected]

Say hello to #Assist U, proudly brought to you by Legal Shield. During the lock down, we’re still on call to service the needs of our clients. Should you have a query, need legal advice, or simply want to register a claim you can send us an email to [email protected] or use any of our other channels of communication.

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Trustco Insurance Ltd's cover photo

Trustco Insurance Ltd's cover photo

Stay #Safe this #Festive season, but if you land in some hot water, remember to make use of our our emergency number: 0811285117

Trustco Insurance Ltd's cover photo

Constantia Insurance poised for growth through its acquisition by Trustco Group Holdings | Insurance Chat

Exciting times ahead. Johannesburg – Trustco Holdings (Trustco) announced on 9 December 2019 that it has made an offer to purchase the insurance and related business operations of the Constantia Group (Constantia) from

Trustco Group Holdings


TRUSTCO is once again expanding its investment portfolio by offering to acquire all the shares and claims held by Constantia Risk and Insurance Holdings and Conduit Ventures for ZAR 2 000 004 232 (Two Billion Rand), making it one of the biggest cross-border acquisitions by a Namibia company in recent years.

Trustco Group Holdings (TGH), through its subsidiary Legal Shield Holdings (LSH), planned to expand its insurance business regionally, which will now be achieved through this transaction. Significant synergies exist between the two entities - Constantia services traditional insurance markets in South Africa while LSH services the micro insurance market in Namibia.

As such, numerous opportunities exist for the newly combined entity to consolidate their respective skillsets and create cross selling opportunities. Furthermore, the strength of the LSH balance sheet will enable new growth prospects for Constantia. Both entities have attractive business models and high growth potential, and it is envisioned that as a collective they can create even more substantial sustainable value.

The Managing Director of TGH, Dr Quinton van Rooyen, described the transaction as a huge vote of confidence in the capabilities of Namibian businesses, even in a challenging economic climate. With the economies of both South Africa and Namibia in a perceived state of paralysis, austerity seems to be the preferred political choice of growth, but Dr Van Rooyen remains convinced that austerity does not equal or ensure prosperity.

“Only by going on the investment offensive -- especially in the face of economic adversity – will sustainable growth be ignited, and wealth creation secured in such a way that it will trickle throughout all layers of society.”
Dr Van Rooyen said, “It is a reminder that Namibians will have to work their way out of challenges and that having the best policies will not be enough. The best policies must be implemented and pursued vigorously if we are to improve services and enable wealth creation for all. Only then will we have the sustainable development that feeds the various economic streams and needs of the people, both in Namibia and South Africa.”

LSH is the flagship Trustco subsidiary, with Trustco Resources flexing its muscles with diamond assets in Sierra Leone and Namibia. LSH is a diversified financial services provider in Namibia with a client base of more than 280,000 members. Its clients consists of individuals and small businesses.

LSH currently holds both a short and long-term insurance licence, and a commercial banking license is held by the banking segment within TGH. LSH recently applied to the Bank of Namibia to acquire the banking segment of Trustco, after which it will be able to provide a full spectrum of services across the financial services value chain in Namibia. It is also the owner of over 4,000 hectares of high-quality real estate assets in Namibia.

The LSH Investments portfolio consist of among others the distance education unit, the well-known Institute for Open Learning (IOL) as well as several high-profile property developments, namely Lafrenz, Farm Herboths and Elisenheim, in and surrounding areas strategically located in the economic heartland of Namibia’s capital, Windhoek.

Constantia offers a range of niche insurance and risk management solutions in South Africa, covering areas such as medical malpractice cover, primary health insurance and medical gap cover products, funeral and life insurance, guarantee and indemnity solutions, medical evacuation insurance and niche motor and property lines. It operates both in the short term and long term insurance markets and has access to substantial growth opportunities if capital is made available.

At the end of its last reporting period, Constantia held assets of ZAR 2.1 billion, Capital and Reserves of ZAR 699 million, recorded Revenues of ZAR 2.1 billion and a Loss after Tax of ZAR 582 million.

Conduit Ventures owns a number of subsidiaries that offers insurance adjacent services to Constantia, as well as other insurers. These services include software solutions, risk management solutions and claims related services.

At the end of its last reporting period, LSH (including the proposed Banking and Finance segment acquisition) held assets of NAD 5.8 billion, Capital and Reserves of NAD 2.1 billion, recorded Revenues of NAD 1.5 billion and Profit after Tax of NAD 900 million.


Trustco Group Holdings Ltd to Webcast Live at Virtual Investor Conferences on December 4th

Trustco Group Holdings Ltd invites individual and institutional investors, as well as advisors and analysts, to attend real-time, interactive presentations on

WINDHOEK, Namibia, November 29, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Trustco Group Holdings Ltd (TSCHY), based in Windhoek, Namibia, focused on Financial Services and Resources, today announced that Quinton Z van Rooyen, Group Deputy CEO, will present live at on December 4th.

DATE: Wednesday, December 4th TIME: 3:30 pm Eastern Time - New York, USA LINK, 22:30 CAT pm for Namibia
This will be a live, interactive online event where investors are invited to ask the company questions in real-time. If attendees are not able to join the event live on the day of the conference, an archived webcast will also be made available after the event.

It is recommended that investors pre-register and run the online system check to expedite participation and receive event updates.

Learn more about the event at

Recent Company Highlights
▪ Meya Mining’s Large Scale Mining Licence approved and issued with effect from 26 July 2019
▪ Trustco became the first Namibian company to qualify to have its American Depository Receipts (ADRs) trade on the OTCQX Best Market
▪ Shareholders approved the Warrant Agreement and Transaction with Evo Fund
▪ Winner of Deloitte’s annual “Best Company to Work For” survey in Namibia and also earned a Gold Seal of Achievement. The seal is a demonstration of the attractiveness of the organisation and commitment to its people, enabling the organisation to market itself as an employer of choice

▪ GCR Credit Rating upgraded to B+ (NA) and B (NA) (long-term/short-term)
▪ Need and Desirability for Township Establishment approved at Farm Herboths, outside the capital of Namibia, Windhoek
▪ Founder, Dr Q van Rooyen, writes off USD 71.4 million loan to the group to deleverage the balance sheet

Trustco Group Holdings Ltd

Trustco is a diversified triple listed majority family owned and operated business, with a culture and sustained track record of creating long-term sustainable growth for all stakeholders. Decisions are biased towards long-term value creation and short-term hurdles are viewed as catalysts to drive success. Trustco operates from two business segments namely Financial Services and Resources underpinned and supported by the Shared Services segment.

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Trustco Group Holdings Ltd
Neville Basson
Head: Public Relations and Corporate Communications
Phone: +264 (61) 2754000 Email: [email protected]

Virtual Investor Conferences
John M. Viglotti
SVP Corporate Services, Investor Access
OTC Markets Group (212) 220-2221 [email protected]

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To all Law students who have successfully completed their 1st year at the University of Namibia, #Legal Shield #bursary Applications for 2020 are currently open.

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Apply for a #bursary from #Legal Shield. Applications open to all Law students who have successfully completed their 1st year at the University of Namibia.

How to apply:
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4. Application deadline: 20 December 2019


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14 October 2019 – SENS Announcement: Write-Off of the NAD1 Billion Loan by Dr Q van Rooyen and Associates 14 October 2019 – SENS Announcement: Write-Off of the NAD1 Billion Loan by Dr Q van Rooyen and Associates14th October 2019 14 October 2019 – SENS Announcement: Write-Off of the NAD1 Billion Loan by Dr Q van Rooyen and Associates      

For only N$ 143 per month, avoid any legal drama.

Trustco Group Holdings

Dr Quinton van Rooyen, Managing Director of Trustco Group Holdings, says that amongst the many accolades and international breakthroughs that Trustco achieved, none makes him more proud than the Deloitte “Best Company To Work For” award. Shortly after the announcement, Dr van Rooyen spoke to Informanté Radio from the Group’s headquarters, in the Namibian capital Windhoek. He encouraged companies to enter the Deloitte “Best Company To Work For’’ survey as it objectively evaluates the state of the workforce which is most important for sustainable success.



Staff Reporter
Trustco Group Holdings is Namibia’s 2019 Best Company To Work For according to the respected and internationally recognized Deloitte’s Best Company Survey. The results were announced at a prestigious event this morning in Windhoek, the capital of Namibia.
This makes it the sixth consecutive year that Trustco ranks amongst the top three Namibian employers after the company won consecutively in 2015 and 2016.
FirstRand Namibia came in second in the large company category behind Trustco, while in the small/medium company category, the Road Fund Administration was victorious as the only company to achieve the required scoring threshold in this category. All the winners achieved a gold standard of excellence.
The Group Head of Corporate Affairs, Elmarie Janse van Rensburg, dedicated the award to the more than 900 staff members of the group and expressed gratitude to the Boards of the different Trustco segments whose guidance and support to management contributes to overall sustainable success.
In a statement at the event, Deloitte pointed out that “The Best Company Survey” has been a Deloitte initiative in Namibia for almost a decade, continuously undergoing review and re-design to ensure best practice research methodology in order to gauge both employee attraction to and engagement with an organisation.
This year the survey was conducted under the theme “maximising the power of your people”, with the survey delivering strategic insight for increased effectiveness centred around a company’s employees. It offers the ability to understand how employees perceive the current workplace environment in an effort to determine where improvements can be made and equally, what attributes can be celebrated.
According to Priscilla Husselmann, Human Capital Lead for Deloitte, the new approach to change allows for faster decision-making; it is dependent on information (data) and provides reliable and insightful trends and patterns as the change journey advances.
With a strong brand amongst HR professionals, the Best Company survey remains a reputable source of comparable data for companies and the competition remains an esteemed annual event attended by Managing Directors and HR professionals across sectors and industries.
Deloitte Country Managing Partner, Ramsay McDonald, explained that the survey acknowledges that attraction and engagement are intrinsically linked and are necessary in gaining a complete picture of what attracts and retains an employee, versus how it impacts and affects levels of discretionary effort. Therefore, the survey is comprised of two parts:
The survey provides comprehensive and insightful reports, with dynamic reporting through access to the Deloitte Portal, which allows participants to take immediate responsive action. The survey also includes 100% coverage of employees broken down in five demographics, including job role, tenure, age, race and gender. The survey is conducted in Afrikaans, English and Oshiwambo to ensure good comprehension levels.

Pictured: (L-R) Ramsey McDonald (Deloitte Country Managing Partner), Neville Basson (Trustco Public Relations), Mignon du Preez (Deloitte & Touche Senior Manager Clients & Industries and Elmarie Janse van Rensburg (Head Corporate Affairs, Trustco)

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