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Insights and expertise from the Wealthsmiths at Sanlam to help you live your best possible life.

As leaders in the creation and protection of wealth, Sanlam has the opportunity to make a positive difference. Ours is a heritage of believing that everyone and everything can be worth more, and from this comes a sincere desire to help people live their best possible lives. What we do goes above and beyond expertise, insight or intelligence. Ours in an approach that embraces an underlying ethos of respect for what we are entrusted with as a financial partner. It’s a respect for our clients’ money, but also for what went into earning it and what can be made of it. We see ourselves as stewards of a life’s work and don’t take this lightly. We’re committed to creating lasting value and determined to do what we do very, very well. We are Wealthsmiths.

Mission: To grow shareholder value and provide financial peace of mind to our stake holders through:Trusted advice; wealth creation; sustainable profitability; corporate social investment; and empowered and motivated employees.

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Meet our new Wealthsmith!

Meet our new Wealthsmith!

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We are hiring!
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Thank you to everyone we met in Luderitz. Let us continue to promote, preserve and celebrate our rich Namibian cultures. #SanlamMyCultureMyLife #Sanlam #Culture

Day 5 of the Sanalm My Culture My Life. We had so much fun and learned a lot in Luderitz. Thank you all for teaching us more about the Nama Culture. Let us continue to promote, celebrate and preserve our rich cultures. #SanlamMyCultureMyLife #Sanlam #Culture

Today our team is in Luderitz and will be visiting Agra Pequena Senior Secondary School.

Day four of the Sanlam My Culture My Life was amazing. Thank you to the people of Bethanie who made it possible. #SanlamMyCultureMyLife #Culture let us promote, preserve and celebrate our rich Namibian Cultures

Today our team was in the beautiful town of Bethanie and explored more about the Nama culture, its people and history. #SanlamMyCultureMyLife #Culture promote, explore, celebrate and promote culture.

Keetmanshoop was a blast. We learned so much from everyone we met. Celebrate, promote and preserve cultural.#SanlamMyCultureMyLife #Culture #Sanlam

We had so much fun in Keetmanshoop at museum and at Suiderlig Senior Secondary School. Celebrate, promote and preserve our rich cultures. ##SanlamMyCultureMyLife #NamaCulture #Culture

Today our team is in Keetmanshoop and will be visiting Suiderlig Senior Secondary School. Watch this space for more updates. Promote, Celebrate and preserve our rich Namibian cultures. #SanlamMyCultureMyLife #Culture

A big thank you to the people of Mariental for the warm welcome. #SanlamMyCultureMyLife #Culture #HardapRegion

Day one in pictures.Thank you Mariental. It was good it was real. It was a true cultural celebration. #SanlamMyCultureMyLife #Culture

The Sanlam My Culture My Life team is heading to Mariental. Watch the space for more exciting updates. #Culture #MCML

Huge shout out to Nancy Zatjirua for being our top contributor and Gerry Hotspot for top #IAMAHERO photo.

Thank you to all the heroes who donated clothes, blankets, and cash towards the Winter Knights initiative. You are someones hero this winter. #IAMAHERO

Sanlam Graduate Internship Programme

The Sanlam Graduate Internship Programme provides our university graduates and students an opportunity to gain work experience, harness the skills, knowledge and apply their theoretical knowledge into real world situations at one of the leading financial Institution in the country.

For more information on how to apply contact us on 061 294 7607.

The Sanlam My Culture My Life Roadshow was launched by Chief Petrus Simon Kooper of the Nama Traditional Leaders Association in Windhoek yesterday. This year, the team is travelling to the Hardap and /Kara region to promote and celebrate the Nama Culture. Watch this space for more exciting information.

Effective Financial Planning to get you where you want to be financially

Mario Kasemba, FinMan (Hons), Financial Adviser with Sanlam.

Anyone who has ever watched an episode of Air Crash Investigation will agree it is fascinating to see how the drama unfolds. It is often a series of seemingly unrelated events that can trigger a crash, and just like a flight that should have been routine and mundane can end in disaster, so too can your financial planning, or lack thereof.

According to Mario Kasemba, who is a Financial Adviser at Sanlam, an effective holistic financial plan can help you keep your journey to financial freedom on track. He further adds that it is important to communicate frequently with your partner, children, and financial planner to maintain and update the financial plan on a consistent basis. Kasemba emphasizes the relevance of following the financial plan and adjusting it when necessary in order to mitigate unforeseen circumstances. Mario further highlights the need for adhering to tax and retirement fund regulations as crucial in financial planning.

When quizzed on what the necessary fundamentals are that constitute a holistic financial plan, Kasemba lists the following: Firstly, it is imperative to have an emergency fund to provide for unexpected events. Secondly, a Will and Testament are essential to dispose of your assets according to your wishes. Thirdly, a life cover to settle the debt and provide for your family is essential when drawing up a financial plan. Fourthly, you should draw up a concise savings plan for your children’s education, a car or deposit on a house in advance. Finally, a retirement plan, which entails saving enough money throughout your career to provide for sufficient income on retirement, is pivotal in your journey to financial freedom.

Circumventing financial misfortunes is much better than dealing with the consequences afterward. There are control measures that one should put in place to prevent financial misfortunes. Kasemba, advises that it is important to periodically review your Will and Testament; re-evaluate your insurance policies; update your short-term insurance; analyse your company benefits and lastly, constantly inquire about your medical scheme benefits.

Kasemba, concludes by saying that it is important to arrange a meeting with your financial planner to discuss the progress of your financial plan and how it may need to be adjusted.

A certified financial planner, like Mario Kasemba, is your most valued partner in all your financial matters. He or she could play an important role in helping you to plan your financial journey and to make the necessary adjustments along the way to ensure you stay on track.

Mario Kasemba is a Financial Adviser with Sanlam. He holds an Honours Degree in Finance Management and Financial Planning one and two accredited certification. Kasemba has a plethora of experience as a Financial Advisor, which spans over four years in the financial industry. He can be contacted on (+264) 612947568 or emailed at [email protected] for professional financial advice.

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x1 Legal Consultant

Sanlam officially launched a fully-fledged office in Outapi last week. Located at Outapi Shopping Mall, shop no. 32. The new Sanlam Outapi office, offers all the services offered at all major Sanlam offices around the country. The office was opened by the Omusati Regional Governor Hon. Erginus Enjala, and the Sanlam Group CEO Mr Tertius Stears.

Day 2 of #SanlamTakesOverOutapi kicks off!

Come join Sanlam in Outapi at the shopping mall. Lots of fun and give aways. Bring your children for face-painting. #SanlamTakesOverOutapi

Fun for everyone. Come have your face painted too. #SanlamTakesOverOutapi

Even the bakers at a local supermarket decided to trade in their pots and pans for dancing shoes as Sanlam shakes Outapi town. #SanlamTakesOverOutapi

Sanlam is shaking things up in Outapi. Great start to the weekend. #SanlamTakesOverOutapi

We are hiring!
x1 Branch Manager- ELM - Otjiwarongo
x1 Client Service Advisor - Windhoek

We are proud to announce that Sanlam has opened a Client Service Center in Katima Mulilo.

Visit us at Hage Geingob Street, Zambezi Shopping Centre for any inquiries and assistance.

In honor of Mother’s Day the mums at Sanlam chose to celebrate through their action by collecting essential items and donating to the next generation of mums at the Katutura Maternity Ward.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Women in our lives!

Sanlam is a proud sponsor at the first ever NUST Charity Golf Day. Tega Shiimi ya Shiimi, Chief Executive of Sanlam Investments also participated in support of this great cause.

Thank you to Donovan Zealand (Director, Student Sevices at NUST) and his team for a very well organised event.

Wealthsmits stand together to make a difference in Namibia.

#Wealthsmiths #NUST

We are proud to announce that Sanlam has opened a Client Service Center in Katutura.

Visit us at Zambesi Street, Woermann Brock Luxury Hill Shopping Complex, Wanaheda for any enquiries and assistance.

Sanlam would like to celebrate and encourage all Workers! We wish for continued unity, social and economic advancement of all laborers.

#WorkersDay #MayDay

Sanlam Namibia's cover photo

As Wealthsmiths we recognise your act of responsibility and selflessness in taking care of loved ones, therefore, we want to say thank you on their behalf with 20% cashback on premiums paid, every 5 years.

Introducing SanFuture Life plan brought to you by Sanlam,
where you can get 20% Cashback on premiums paid every 5years. Plus free cover after the age of 65.

SMS “cashback” to 50199 or speak to your broker today.

T&Cs and standard SMS rates apply.

Sanlam is a licensed financial services provider.

Sanlam thanks every individual who contribtubed to make another Sanlam Cancer Challenge event successful, this time round in Oshakati.

Since its launch in 1993 the Sanlam Cancer Golf Challenge has made great strides in creating awareness and raising funds for cancer.


Three Financial Lessons Worth Noting

Kerrie Mostert, Certified Financial Planner®, Sanlam

With the 2019/2020 Namibian Budget being tabled in parliament on the 27th of March 2019 many waited to see what the latest held in store for an economy that has been under strain for the better part of the last two and half years. Many observers also, however, knew that given that the Honourable Minister of Finance Calle Schlettwein had little room to manoeuvre, he had an unenviable task.

One the more exciting and long overdue announcements made during the budget speech was the proposal to increase the tax deduction benefit of retirement savings, which has been stuck on N$ 40,000 per annum for a considerable period. The new proposal puts forth that taxpayers can enjoy a deduction of 27.5% of income to the maximum of N$150,000 per annum as a taxable deduction for the contribution to retirement savings.

Not only does this provide investors with a greater
incentive to save for their retirement. But it also means that the investment industry in Namibia receives a boost and allow for greater investment. The Minister should be commended for taking this step and one can only hope this will be the start of further amendments that will stimulate investment.

The National Budget Speech is an important day on the annual calendar of the government, as it not only depicts the state of the finances of the country for the coming year and over the medium term, it also provides a glimpse as to the policy direction of the government. However, each year the question many ask is; “has enough been done with the budget?” With so many stakeholders and participants in the
economy, it is almost impossible to appease everyone and cater for all needs, especially given the constraints of the country’s resources.

Nevertheless, the budget is not the only instrument at the disposal of government to assist in economic growth and prosperity in Namibia. Policy making and execution is just as important as the actual spending on resources. A policy that seeks to encourage investment, create jobs and foster entrepreneurship; The policy creates the environment
which let both public and private sector businesses either
flourish or stagnate.

An environment which encourages and stimulates investment, is an environment that is conducive for economic growth. Sustainable economic growth should be the end goal, creating and enshrining lasting economic benefit rather than quick-fix solutions. The introduction of the limitation on LTV’s (Loan to Value) whereby
the percentage of deposit required is determined by the number of properties is already being financed by the applicant has been debated since its inception. The intention of this limitation was to attempt to discourage speculation with property and halt the possible
formation of a bubble in the price of property.

The recent troubles in the Namibian property market are well documented and one can argue that the LTV restriction played a role in this. Nevertheless, one should take a step back and rather look at the access to credit and what that
credit is used for. Private Sector Credit Extension remains worryingly high in Namibia and consumer credit remains one of the challenges we as financial advisers face when conducting business with our clients. Purchasing consumer items on credit as a rule should be discouraged

This form of credit is expensive and often creates further financial difficulty by consumers overextending themselves. However, with that said, not all debt is bad, and if used correctly can form an important part of the client’s financial planning model. Purchasing of a property is an
example of this where an asset can grow both in capital value and in income received through rentals.
Debt that encourages further economic growth in the country should be encouraged and should be based on the client’s ability to repay the debt (affordability) rather than a one-size limitation aimed at the entire market.

Access to credit in a developing market economy remains a key cornerstone to encouraging economic growth but credit providers should be empowered to assist in this task rather than be curtailed. The ever changing global markets and the pace with which the global economy moves demands that Namibians should move the same speed and agility if we want to remain relevant. Regulators play an important role and are tasked not only with protecting the consumer
but also creating an environment within which the consumer not only has quality choices but also the ability to further grow their wealth.

Financial service providers should encourage and assist our policymakers in creating an environment in which the consumer is both free to grow and remain well protected. It is perhaps easier said than done, but for now, the first step on this journey is to take advantage of the increased tax
deduction in retirement savings so that one day you can sit back enjoy your golden years.

Having said that, should you be the lucky one to enjoy your golden years, how will you cope if you live to 100? You are probably going to live longer than you expect and that is why you must make sure to live as well as you can for as long as you live. Many of us will not only see 80,
but 90 plus or even 100 plus is possible. One is never too old to learn, and if you have the chance to learn from pensioners, they will advise you to start saving from an early age, that you have to start retirement planning at an even earlier age and save as much as possible.

It’s advisable to revisit your financial plan frequently, as it can save you from a poor retirement outcome. It is not the government’s responsibility to let you retire comfortably. The government provides some tools as mentioned to motivate you to save for retirement. Did you know
that about 45% of pensioners have a monthly shortfall? This shortfall means they must cut back on non-essentials, dig into savings, or ask family or friends for help. They are even forced to keep working.

Don’t make poor decisions, preserve your pension fund at resignation. Don’t fall into the trap of inadequate pension fund contributions. Therefore, there are important lessons to take note of:

Lesson one: Investment is a long-term game. The eighth wonder of the world is compound interest, but you’ll never enjoy compound interest unless you give it time. You need to spend time in the market to enjoy the fruits of investing. It’s not about timing the market, it’s about time in the market.

Lesson two: Chopping and changing your investment portfolio on a regular basis doesn’t score points. It very seldom enhances your investment.

Lesson three: You should sit down with a financial adviser well ahead of your retirement date and agree on what I call a long-term, strategic asset allocation. That means to allocate your investment portfolio to the different asset classes like cash, property, equities as well as fixed-interest investments such as bonds. Investment planning or retirement planning is just one small part of
your financial plan.

Talk often to your financial planner. Make sure you cover topics such as making provision for your family at your death, or in the event of you becoming disabled, or that you are adequately covered in case of a dreaded disease, and make sure that you Will is drafted and signed. So, just
like Government presents a budget and has policies in place which are revisited and have funds allocated to certain activities, so should you as an individual. This makes for good planning and peace of mind in the long run.

For more information SMS "Budget" to 50199 or speak to your Sanlam Financial Adviser or Broker today

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