Come and experience Mexico with a premiere guide service at the forefront of rock climbing South of the Border.

Come and experience Mexico with a premiere guide service at the forefront of rock climbing South of the Border.

Misión: SouthernXposure is building a base of eco-tourism that will provide sustainable jobs for Mexican families local to the areas we guide. From sun up to the moment you lay your head down to sleep everything is localized to the towns we inhabit. The artesian artwork purchased in Bernal is made in Bernal. The cheese, wine, and pastries in Aculco are produced from cows, grapes, and bakeries in Aculco. The climbing area in Jilotepec is Ajidal. It is owned by a farmers union that dates back to the second revolution of Pancho Villa. We as a guide service promote land stewardship and are working with El Ajido de Jilotepec to develop the area sustainably, while providing an income stream for these farmers to use for future improvements which include erosion control on the climbing and hiking trails, improvements on the roads leading to the cliffs, and a fund to change out aging gear on original lines. Climbing with SouthernXposure is more than a yearly climbing trip. Spending time with our guides is an excursion into the future of climbing as we know it. We are at the forefront of sustainable activities between land owners and climbers. We are building a future for the next generation of locals to take pride in what they do to prosper, while embracing their local heritage. We are proud of the work we do with local communities and it shows. Come and experience all the beauty Mexico has to offer with the professional guides at SouthernXposure.

What a great place to climb and spend time. Perfect weather every day.

¡Siéntate al borde de una cascada a menos de una hora de Querétaro! 😍💚 O puedes seguir un sendero para llegar al fondo 👏🏽 Este maravilloso lugar es en Las Cascadas de la Concepción, en el pueblo mágico de Aculco, perteneciente al Estado de México. Disfruta de estas vistas y después come en la cabecera a municipal 😛

(Créditos en las fotos)

Yeeeeeee doggie!!! Another fantastic day on the Monolith!
Can you name the route??!!!! One photo gives it away completely!
#mexico #rockclimb #chichidho #southernxposureguides #bernal

La Cascada never ever disappoints.
Medusa 5.10+
So beautiful you will turn to stone.
#bluecollarbrawl #rockclimb #mexico #aculco #southernxposureguides

What makes a great town even better??? Homemade ice cream!!!
Delicious!!!! From pulling down all day to pulling down on a tasty cone.

Three World Class Areas within an Hour of One Another??!! Picture yourself climbing the overhanging volcanic tuff of Las Peñas de Dexcani (pictured above). Petzl toured Mexico in 2010 and filmed the majority of their Rock Trip here. Why? The climbing is astounding, that's why. Peñas de Dexcani or also known as Jilotepec is home to Mexico's hardest r...

Beautiful weather, stellar climbing and great food.
Can you ask for more?

Another fantastic adventure. Peña de Bernal never disappoints!

Aculco, el pueblo mágico favorito de los escaladores | México Desconocido

Again Aculco gets recognition well deserved. El Pueblo Mágico de Aculco, en el Estado de México, es un destino pintorescos con áreas naturales únicas, entre ellas el Cañón de Aculco, una referencia para los escaladores profesionales.

Secretaría de Turismo del Estado de México

Aculco. A beautiful place to climb, and a beautiful place to visit.

Conoce el #PuebloMágico de #Aculco y déjate cautivar por sus peñas y cascadas. ¡Vívelo! #TanMágicoyTanCercaDeTi
#SomosTurismo #SomosEdoméx

Another great day at Peña de Bernal. Perfect weather, and a fantastic route. What could be better?!
¡Viva Mexico!

Big day at Chichid’hó.
Installed eight new anchors and bolted two new routes with Luis Carlos García Ayala.
Huge thanks to Sue Kligerman for donating the hardware. A few more anchors to go, but for today? Huge progress.
#cragsafety #givingback #routedevelopers #chichidho #rockclimbing

Hello all! As a huge heads up, and a proper invitation to each of you! I will be doing a slide show on climbing in Mexico at The Gravity Vault in Flemington this Friday night November 9th.
This will be my last stop before heading back to my home in Aculco.
If you want to know anything and everything México, climbing, my guide service, and having the vacation of a lifetime, this will be a great opportunity.
Please join me for a night of beautiful photos, lots of key area beta, and of course climbing afterwards!

Esquites! Otherwise known as Mexican ‘snack food’ is something you just need to try for yourself.
I have the “Gringo Combo” going: two types of corn with chili and mayo stacked in between.
¡Muy, muy, muuuuuuuuuy delicioso!

Another fantastic day in México!
Peña de Bernal truly is a magical place to visit.
Life is so good!

Climbing in stormy weather. #aculco #tradisrad

It is said that if you love what you do for a living it will never feel like work.
Well, today was another day in paradise. The Blue Collar Brawl never disappoints.
Aculco de Espinoza; La Cascada. The best crack climbing on the northern continent.
#aculco #tradclimbing #mexico

Center for Biological Diversity


A pair of bobcats on a winter's day in Colorado.

Footage by Michael Forsberg

Another fine day to climb La Peña de Bernal.
Taking an adventure route to the top while taking notes on needed upgrades: c/o of dangerous mank still used, and protecting the second. Of course still enjoying every pitch, sharing climbing stories, and daydreaming about climbing cracks in Aculco (episode 2 “The Blue Collar Brawl” to follow).

Another fantastic day of guiding. Peña de Bernal never disappoints!
How can you go wrong in a place where the weather is always 100% perfect??!!

La Cascada. A really nice place to hang.

Framing a few pictures for the house.

Getting ready to climb some of the best cracks on the Northern Continent.
#Aculco #tradclimbmexico #vivamexico

Neil getting ready for the blue collar brawl.
#blackdiamond #climbing #crackclimbing #aculco #tradclimbing #southernxposure

Another great day of guiding. Las Peñas de Dexcaní never disappoints.
We are a guide service committed to providing ‘Experiences of a Lifetime’
Mac is not only a world class guide, but also a great teacher.
Always look for a clear view of the SouthernXposure.

New photo by SouthernXposure Climbing Guides

The million dollar view. Making a climber drool like one of Pavlov's Dogs. #climbing #mexico #southernxposureguides #outdoors #sportclimbing

New photo by SouthernXposure Climbing Guides

Beautiful climbing, with an equally beautiful mountain town. The never ending adventure of #mexico #climbing

New photo by SouthernXposure Climbing Guides

Hardware. There is always another route to be developed somewhere...... #climbing

New photo by SouthernXposure Climbing Guides

The Crushing Crew after a long day. With a cameo by Crag Dawg! #climbing #aculco #climbing_is_my_passion

New photo by SouthernXposure Climbing Guides

It's a fine way to spend the day. Or a lifetime.... Mexico is a never ending goodness. #climbing #southernxposureguides #sportclimbing

New photo by SouthernXposure Climbing Guides

The tools of the trade. #routedevelopers #penadebernal #climbing

New photo by SouthernXposure Climbing Guides

Another fine day in Mexico! Crack climbing, tres leches, and a fine sunset!! #aculco #southernxposureguides #tradclimbing

New photo by SouthernXposure Climbing Guides

It's like that carnival ride you can just stay on over, and over, and over again. What a magnificent place to climb! #mexico #southoftheborder #climbing

New photo by SouthernXposure Climbing Guides

Developing new routes in Peña de Bernal. What a fantastic climbing area, with an equally impressive town.

New photo by SouthernXposure Climbing Guides

Most likely my favorite photo of La Cascada. So many classic routes.... so little time. The cliff off to the right.... yeah, its fifty meters tall. Best bring your A game.

2 new photos by SouthernXposure Climbing Guides

What a magnificent place to spend the day. Fantastic climbing, and beautiful people. This is Jesus (a local dairy farmer) moving his cows to pasture. #Mexico #Aculco #SouthernXposure

Talk about romantic!!!! Asking your love to marry you up top of Peña de Bernal! The monolith is pure magic.
Mac guided their day and it sure turned out to be extra special.

New photo by SouthernXposure Climbing Guides

A photo of El Chico National Park in the State of Hidalgo, Mexico. This was the first National Park in Mexico dating back to 1898.
This photo doesn't even come close to glorifying the true majesty of this mountainous region. Many of the standing towers seen in this photo have never been climbed. Absolutely worth a visit if you find yourself anywhere near Central Mexico.

Sierra de Órganos National Park, Zacatecas Mexico

Sierra de Órganos National Park in the state of Zacatecas, Mexico.
This National Park is absolutely incredible to say the least. A bit of backstory as well; this National Park was the location of seven John Wayne films.
The Sons of Katie Elder, The War Wagon, The Undefeated, Chisum, Big Jake, The Train Robbers, and Cahill: U.S. Marshal.
John Wayne loved this place so much he donated money and oversaw the construction of many of the picnic areas inside the park. He believed that everyone should be able to sit and enjoy such a magnificent place. I wholeheartedly agree. Thank you John for making such a place user friendly for visiting tourists. 18 new photos added to shared album

8 new photos by SouthernXposure Climbing Guides

On such a rainy Saturday it is nice to spread some climber joy. Here are a few photos of a past excursion we went on in Mexico.
Sunny skies and incredible rock make this place a "must see" if you find yourself in this region of the country.

Presa de Linares outside of Fesnillo, Mexico. Some of the most incredible rock that I have personally climbed in the Nation.
Volcanic flow stone.

Michael and Mexico

It is all about life's experiences. What a true pleasure to spend time with such fine people.
Life is all about loving what you do, and continuing to live every day like it was your last.

Another satisfied client talking about the beauty of Mexico, and why SouthernXposure


SouthernXposure doing what we do best.

What a fantastic group of fine people.
"Local's Day" is one I will not soon forget.
First time climbers that grew up looking at these beautiful cliffs got a chance to tie in and throw fist'i-cuffs vertically.
Crack climbing is where it is at!
El primer día de lo que serán muchos. La roca para ti nunca volverá a ser igual.

You have to love a town where cows wonder around loose.

Don't let the smile fool ya'...... Christy was all business in the pull-up contest, and when it came time to hang on.
This girl can pull down!!!

Keeping it real when learning how to belay from above.
Beka was the perfect student.

The Climbing Adventure of a Lifetime.

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